100% Pure Saffron Extract Supplement – 60 Pills for Weight Loss – Appetite & Hunger Suppressant for Women & Men – 88.25mg – Natural & Organic Powder Capsules – 100%

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100% Pure Saffron Extract Supplement – 60 Pills for Weight Loss – Appetite & Hunger Suppressant for Women & Men – 88.25mg - Natural & Organic Powder Capsules – 100%

Product description

  1. Avatar

    I love this supplement. It helps curb my appetite and gives me a little boost. I feel healthier taken it and will order it againI also found the company very friendly when sending in the request for the free bottle with the first order! I will definitely’ order again! And will consider other supplements from the same company.

  2. Avatar

    I have noticed the Saffron Extract suppresses my Appetite. I also have seen an elevation in my mood.

  3. Avatar

    I noticed quite the difference compared to some of the other brands I’ve used.

  4. Avatar

    I took one today and ate my dinner, and I usually get cravings late at night for sweets. I was able to make a batch of choc chip cookies for my mother and not have a desire to eat not one cookie lol WoW!

  5. Avatar

    I noticed that after I started taking Saffron my cravings are less and I eat less sweets as well. you feel great once you incorporate this little pill into your daily life!

  6. Avatar

    I highly recommend this product. Daily exercise and Saffron beats depression far better than pharmaceuticals did.

  7. Avatar

    This stuff works great and the price just can’t be beat. Try it you’ll love it! My favorite brand!

  8. Avatar

    Quality product and packaging. Seems to work as an appetite moderator for me.

  9. Avatar

    Works for eyesight no bad taste easy to swallow

  10. Avatar

    I had difficulty losing weight prior to using this product. Now that my cravings are under control I’m concentrating on healthy eating and my weight loss is visible to others.

  11. Avatar

    Helped with moodswing and controlling binge eating!

  12. Avatar

    Increase energy

  13. Avatar

    It has certainly turned out to be a benefit for restful sleep. Also, enables me to maintain a calmer state of mind.

  14. Avatar

    I feel a difference in mood when I take this regularly. I like having a natural option to help my mindset that doesn’t require chemical drugs and is affordable. Will continue to take these daily.

  15. Avatar

    After taking few days I am sleeping well and deeply!

  16. Avatar

    I’m feeling better since I started taking Saffron from 1body. I’m more prone to overeating at breakfast typically, so this has worked well for me.

  17. Avatar

    I have taken this now for about a month off and on….when I take it more regularly I do notice a decrease in my appetite. I have not noticed an energy difference and I have noticed it does help a little with my mood…not alot. Would reccomend to try considering the price.

  18. Avatar

    It was great for improving mood while being a bit of an appetite suppressant!

  19. Avatar

    Not sure how but it works! Curbing my appetite against the unnecessary snacking without the jitters of other supplementsSomehow I feel calmer as well. Its just been 1 week…we will see how this goes.

  20. Avatar

    I have lost 59 pounds since I started the supplement on Jan. 3, 2019. I eat right and besides some cleaning no exercise. Let me stress to you I do eat right along with taking supplement once daily sometimes I take 2.

  21. Avatar

    Great Product, would purchase again, thank you.

  22. Avatar

    This product is very easy to use for me and so far it’s doing a very good job at suppressing my appetite and snack cravings.

  23. Avatar

    Already feeling more energized and mood is get better slowly. Overall I like this product.

  24. Avatar

    Works great! It calms me down. No other natural product has helped with my adhd. I highly recommend Saffron.

  25. Avatar

    Just started this

  26. Avatar

    Many supplements r not. Theres a way to test saffron caps. These r really saffron.

  27. Avatar

    I notice I’m losing my appetite during meals so I’d say it’s working

  28. Avatar

    I have noticed that I am no longer eating between meals and eating a lot less when I do eat a meal. I am pleased with the Saffron Extract and have not experienced any side effects.

  29. Avatar

    It really works.

  30. Avatar

    I used two bottles before giving a review. It definitely supresses my apeptite and it’s also helping improve my eyesight. I just ordered a 3 month supply.

  31. Avatar

    Excellent product! It really works for me! I will definitely order again!!

  32. Avatar

    I have noticed a difference in my cravings and my overall mood.

  33. Avatar

    I bought this for mood improvement, and didn’t think at first it made much of a difference. But then one morning I took it and found myself giggling and smiling which is so not how I’d been feeling before. I kind of forgot all about it for a while and had put the bottle in my supplement covered with a few pills left in it. I found it last night rifling through my supplements for something else and thought hey I’m going to order this again I remember it made my mood better. My original purchase was November of 2018.I was reading the bottle and remembered about their offer of a free bottle with I called the company this morning and they honored it even after all this time. Great customer service! I think with this bottle and the rest of the old one I’m going to pay a little closer attention to see how it does appetite suppression and if it helps at all with my vision which has gotten worse with age. I will update my review about eyesight and appetite suppression as I begin to take it again but I can definitely recommend it for mood improvement.

  34. Avatar

    Thus a wonderful product if used right. Feel better and helps with eyes

  35. Avatar

    Muy buena presentacion,lo utilizo para el cuidado d mi salud

  36. Avatar

    I have been taking this for a week and you can notice how much of an appetite suppressant. I haven’t weighed myself doubt I lost weight that fast. I will keep you posted after bottle finishes

  37. Avatar


  38. Avatar

    This product does truly help with appetite control and I personally love it.

  39. Avatar

    Seems to work ok. Nothing out of this world but it does take away my appetite

  40. Avatar

    …and will continue to be. I love this product and the price is within my budget. I have been taking this for close to a year now. I take one pill a day, 15 minutes before lunch, then I find I don’t overeat. It also helps with my mood, as I noticed a difference when I ran out and forgot to reorder right away. I won’t go without these anymore.

  41. Avatar

    It’s really helping my appetite and mood. I’m on my second bottle!

  42. Avatar

    Works well

  43. Avatar

    Did not feel a great deal of difference

  44. Avatar

    Great value for the price

  45. Avatar

    Saffron extract helps curb your appetite and maintain daily digestion benefits.

  46. Avatar

    In my opinion, they really helped me! I began to sleep well! I’m pleased with the purchase!

  47. Avatar

    Works well for me

  48. Avatar

    Purchased to help with eye health. Surprised at how well suppresses hunger

  49. Avatar

    I’m waiting for the results

  50. Avatar

    Helps curb sugar cravings.

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