10oz Jazz Total Detox Liquid Concentrate with B2 & Creatine (Blue Rasberry)

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5 Great reasons to buy from us:

  1. Was exactly as described

  2. Taste is better than expected. Worked 10 days after last use.

  3. It works ! Follow directions. Dont use any toxins 48 hours

  4. I’ve just this stuff before, it works as long as you follow the instructions.

  5. Perfect

  6. Tastes good, works great! Worked for me after not smoking a week, make sure you eat before drinking it or it’ll make your stomach upset due to the sugar but other than that you’re good

  7. Lol it works

  8. Works amazing! Clean for 3 days used it for a test perfect! Tried it the day before with test strips to make sure. All good!

  9. Quality Product timely delivered

  10. Always works!

  11. Follow the instructions to a T, and then by a drug test from a pharmacy and test it, if it works then there you go

  12. 250lbs here and 6’2″. heavy smoker (at least i was before i quit). Drank two of these and lots of water. Passed just fine. Just follow the instructions and you should be okay.

  13. If you need a detox that will clean your system this the one. It works wonderfullyDefeintly would recommend

  14. This product works and I will forever RAVE about it!!

  15. It did its job

  16. Just leaving probation it worked great ! Took to and followed instructions to the T !

  17. Followed the instructions and worked great for me!

  18. Works perfect

  19. Actually didn’t taste bad and worked great. Follow instructions. Also drink a dyed beverage with B vitamins in order to maintain natural urine color. I drank orange monster energy with b vitamin before the test and my urine was a natural color (not clear as it was prior due to Detox drink)

  20. This works.

  21. Thanjs

  22. This stuff definitely works! Had a drug test for a hospital position. Followed the instructions completely on the bottle. Passed with flying colors. Would definitely recommend! I also didn’t eat that morning of.

  23. i drank one 2 hours early then another 1 hour before the test and passed be sure to follow the instructions clearly and at the end dont use too much energy eat a lot plus pee 3 to 4 times max

  24. This product works great… I’m all smiles here!

  25. I have nothing to say

  26. Wow, I was definitely skeptical about this at first but my partner recommended it. I’m so happy that it worked for me! I followed the directions exactly on the label and was able to pass my test. I’m 5’9 and 220 lbs, so I bought 2 drinks and it was so good! The Blue Raspberry tasted as good as blue Gatorade or Kool-Aid. It also was shipped and at my house within 24 hours of ordering it. 5 stars!

  27. I smoke everyday out of the pen heavily and the occasional doobie. I stayed 2 weeks clean just in case and i drank this. I followed the instructions and refilled the bottle 3 times with water. Lemme tell you, i didnt believe it would work because i tested myself the day before and was bold line positive. I drank it and within an hr, i peed 5 times and tested myself. The 2nd line (negative) was there. Its not bold but its there. Its still passing. Im not worried about my drug test anymore. Track yourself with tests from the dollar store, they work just the same. Best of luck guys!

  28. Works.

  29. Works excellent! Success on 4 state certified urine tests over the last 10 years. Use as instructed. Over 230 lbs, buy 2. I keep 2 at home just in case. Get down with the Jazz!!

  30. I’m a heavy, daily user of THC, so I never ever thought this would work. But I followed the instructions very carefully, and it worked! I’m shocked. Thanks to this stuff, I’m starting a new job! Would highly recommend to anyone who’s a heavy THC user needing to pass a one-off drug test. I only stopped smoking for like 12 hours and I had a clean test thanks to this stuff–WOW!

  31. Went to the dollar store and picked up 15 test with my friend who was concerned. She tested this product up and down for THC and the final result was it works really good. First test was heavily, dirty. Directions are to piss twice before a drug test after taking the drink. Take the drink. Hour goes by, no discard of pee. Take a test. Strong clean!!! Damnnn!! ok. Product says 6 hr window, which didn’t work out. Take test 3 hr in. Clean. Some where between 4-5 hr she pissed dirty again. She said flavor of the drink was awesome too.

  32. I always get the light pink one I believe it’s watermelonOr the blue razz is the bestGood product tho

  33. Simple and easy to follow..needed to pass a “test” lol and passed it with no problem.

  34. Tasteful

  35. This product is amazing. I tested positive on my at home test literally an hour before taking my official one at labcorp and then tested negative on the official one. I followed the directions on the bottle exactly but only urinated twice, not 3-4 times before the test as suggested. The 60-90 minutes before taking it works perfectly. I’m not sure why there are so many negative reviews, honestly I think it’s because they didn’t take the right amount for their size. I’m 160 and only needed one bottle and refilled it with water 4 times after and drank it all. Definitely trust this product and would use it again

  36. Worked perfectly for a once per day smoker. You don’t have to drink as much as some of the others. The test and control line were totally solid.

  37. Works like a charm.

  38. This is All you need.

  39. Way too high priced for value. Flavor wasn’t bad but it actually makes a joke of the product in the description you have to read between the lines.

  40. Best flavor. Bought for a friend so not sure what it’s purpose is. It must be good because have gotten for this friend 3 or 4 times.

  41. Total Jazz detox is a Total YES from me! Now this is through MY own personal experience(s) with this product. I would truly like to thank the Total Jazz company for such a phenomenal detox! So I have literally used this product at least 10 times and you read right that’s a 10. And I use mine too “cleanse” my system for somewhat legal reasons (big boy charge NOT a misdemeanor) and the “detox” works like a charm %100 of the time. Just make sure that YOU read the instructions and FOLLOW them to the T! Oh and I DO NOT smoke anything at least 12 to 14 hours prior to the urine test. I will say I had a random call to test for probation, I instantly took my drink, also I had smoke 4 hours prior (heavily) and I still passed. Just follow the directions please and be smart this is only good for ALL YOU “smokers” out in the world! Does not work for any of the hard stuff! Hope this was helpful and useful for any body that reads this!

  42. Worked as directed. But had stopped use 15 days prior.

  43. Ordered three bottles of this detox and an at home test. For the first test, I followed the exact directions and passed. I have a drug screening in a few days so I’m going to keep trying everyday until then to make sure. Last time I smoked was 20 hours prior to drinking the detox. I will update my review

  44. This works 100% I do recommend buying 2 bottles if you do weigh 230 or more

  45. It worked for me on the 5 panel standard drug screen . It didn’t taste good but follow the directions and it will work.

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