Aloe Vera Drink 64 oz George’s Always Active Aloe 64 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

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  • Aloe is processed by a unique trade select method that selectively removes constituents which we feel are not desirable

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Aloe Vera Drink George's Always Active Aloe 8 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

Aloe Vera Drink George's Always Active Aloe 8 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

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Size:64 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

Aloe Vera Drink 64 oz George’s Always Active Aloe 64 oz Liquid

  1. I was willing to try anything … although it isn’t a complete cure, four ounces of this a day really helped me, It seemed to reduce break-through symptoms and the pain of sleeping in a prone position. A woman I work with tried it at my suggestion and she was fairly spilling over with praise for it was the best night sleep she’d had in a long time. The small bottles are very handy as a take-along for weekend trips.

  2. My son had some holding issues, and would not take anything, but I gave him this and it tastes just like water and got things moving.

  3. Only thing Ive ever used that helps to get rid of annoying throat phlegm. But if buying it in larger bottles you must refrigerate it in my opinion! In the quart bottle I purchased I let it sit on my nightstand for a few days and this morning it had a moldy odor so I threw it out. Possibly, if I had not opened it, it would be ok not refrigerated. I don’t know.

  4. Great case, easy way to introduce yourself a small portion. Now I will feel confident getting the larger bottle of George’s

  5. Receive this product and very satisfied

  6. Just starting taking this. I have an upset gut due to chemo and ginger helped a little. Since taking this my stomach has settled and it’s only been a few days. It also has Iron in and other vitamins. I bought the small container just to see if it works and see how it taste. It is tasteless, I mix it with water. I am grateful I found this!

  7. I liked this enough that I purchased a larger bottle and then another. I will continue. No taste. I keep in in the refrigerator and have a little in the morning and evening.

  8. Almost no taste. Most palatable Aloe Vera Juice yet.

  9. Finally found an aloe Veda juice with no added preservatives or citric acid or fake flavors. This is good quality. Great for digestive and oral heath (use as a mouth rinse). THIS IS NOT JUST PLAIN WATER, as some reviews have claimed. I like the fact that it doesn’t have a taste, but if you leave it in your mouth long enough you’ll get a little taste of the aloe.

  10. Tastes like water. My daughter takes it as part of her EDS treatment protocol. Much easier to get a teenager to take than standard aloe vera.

  11. Great stuff and tastes just like water. Just ordered more of this product.

  12. Have only used for a few weeks and haven’t noticed a benefit to drinking yet, but I’m only doing 2 tbs a day. Can’t taste any aloe and not bitter at all.

  13. Works for me and has never let me down. Belly aches, viruses or just plain upset stomach. Calms and regulates my system.

  14. This stuff was just like drinking spring mineral water. I put it in the fridge so that it was cold. It was so very soothing to my stomach. I was amazed. So I went and bought a gallon jug to use and I love it.

  15. I will buy this again. The benefits of aloe without the taste issues or gloopyness. Very soothing. At first I thought it was a fake because it was so tasteless…

  16. I add this to my homemade handsoap.

  17. The best & so helpful.

  18. Thank you love it


  20. This is a great tasting product, that doesn’t have a bitter after-taste.

  21. to small

  22. Tastes like water. Not thick or bitter like other aloe Vera drinks

  23. I have a genetic disorder and this is a supplement that really helps some of my joints tighten up! I take just 1 tsp a day right now, will work up to more. Its made a huge difference in my loose wrists ligaments. Tastes like water, so easy to drink

  24. This seems expensive BUT it’s really helping my husband’s heartburn & gi issues so now we get the giant bottle!

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