Bio X4 Weight Loss 4-in-1 Weight Management Probiotic Dietary Supplement Digestive Enzymes Green Tea Extract – 90 Vegetarian Capsules 100% Authentic

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  • 90 Micro disis of Tejocote Root,Free Tape Measure

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Bio X4 Weight Loss 4-in-1 Weight Management Probiotic Dietary Supplement Digestive Enzymes Green Tea Extract - 90 Vegetarian Capsules 100% Authentic

Product description

Bio X4 Weight Loss 4-in-1 Weight Management Probiotic Dietary Supplement Digestive Enzymes Green Tea Extract, 100% authentic version, 90 Vegetarian Capsules

  1. Works Good Thanks!

  2. Love this product I bought some other place and went to buy it again they didn’t have them anymore so glad amazon as them I lost so many pounds by taking them 😊


  4. As a long use supplement I lost 5lbs in 3 months with no exercise or diet changes. Overall happy and I feel better too!

  5. works great

  6. Best aid too weight loss yet!!

  7. First of all people. You need to try this for 6 months to see results. However, following a diet and excerise it is more effective. Don’t just eat all the crap and expect to loose weight. People who are feeling like they over worked themselves it’s because the fat it’s eliminating. Crapping eat a banana or kiwiI’m doing the low carb diet no meat have a fatty liver I’m seeing results. From 260 I’m now 180 In 4 monthsStop eating breads pasta in any kinds wheat especially. Avoid pasta, grains, just because it’s low fat it doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Actually it has more sugars and sodium and high intake in calories

  8. Started taking Nov.2016 I’ve lost over 30lbs. Size 16 to a size 12 now. No change to my diet & no exercise. I love it

  9. So far good, delivered today as described. A friend recomended and I decided to buy it, because she has lots a lot of weight with this Tejocote rooth. Will see how works for me.

  10. It works! 3months in smaller size less visceral fat, less bloating now the subcutaneous fat is thinning out, can fit in my tight clothes and look hot again. Don’t judge by the scale, judge by looking thinner in neck, body parts and less bloating. Only had occasional diarrhea, could be more or less depending on the person but each time it happens you get even thinner and cleanse. Buying again, it’s a good maintenance once you’re at your desired size.

  11. Excelente

  12. Seems to be working I’m loosing weight

  13. I try not to get roped into these types of products but, after watching the video I tried it. It’s curbed cravings, I eat only when I’m hungry because I can tell the difference between hunger and comfort eating. I’ve lost significant weight. The best part though is my digestive track has normalized. I always had issues with my bowel movements and that is history.

  14. I read reviews that said this didn’t work. I read reviews that said you need to take them for three months before you would see results. There were enough good reviews for me to give it a try. Taking one pill three time a day with a meal, I began noticing changes within 3 days. The first thing I noticed is having at least bowel movement everyday. Although this maybe normal for a lot of folks, it wasn’t for me. This was tell me my gut health wad seeing some improvements. I could also tell an improvement in energy. I can only imagine this is because my body is getting more nutrient from the foods I eat and waste is being carried out faster. A very slow and healthy weight lose is simple a by product of a repaired gut health.

  15. It really works

  16. If you take it properly it works. Love it.

  17. This has helped me loose 30 pounds slowly so it will stay off. No indigestion or loose bowels.

  18. Product is great! Results show after weeks (not days) if usage! Very Happy!

  19. Great probiotic. Follow directions. Take before eating meal. Really helps digestion and lost 5 lbs in a couple of weeks! Encourages better toilet habits.

  20. Could be a bit cheaper

  21. It works

  22. good

  23. I have lost 15 pounds in 2 months with diet exercise and these pills

  24. I bought a bottle of ninety tablets and it worked! Slowly, over time, I just stopped eating so much. And I kept wondering why. Then I would remember the product I was taking. But I still didn’t really believe it. Now I have lost over twenty-five pounds, naturally, easily, no sweat – just didn’t eat as much and my taste buds changed. I didn’t crave big, fattening meals, was easily able to stay of sugar, gluten, and eat only fish. I wanted to do those things but wasn’t able to before. Now I don’t even think about food til it’s time to eat. I thought maybe I was sick, lol, but in had tests done and seem to be completely healthy. Bio X4 started me off and I never needed more than one bottle of ninety pills, didn’t even take them with every meal, just one or two a day at the most. Maybe it’s just my chemistry, but they worked for me and I couldn’t be happier. When I stopped taking them (cause I’m not a pill popper by nature and don’t like to overdo it) after the bottle was empty, I expected my appetite to come roaring back – but it didn’t. I was surprised and gratified. To this day I feel fantastic, eat three small meals a day with a few healthy, low-cal but delicious snacks to keep me going in between, and that’s it. I’ve been a compulsive eater my whole life. I feel like that is in complete remission.

  25. Keep taking daily

  26. I think it’s working (when I cooperate). But the best part is I don’t have to have dozens of email I would get if I purchased through the originator.

  27. So far i feel the benefits of having more energy while becoming more regular in the bathroom. I thinks it’s going to be a big hit once i continue to use it longer.

  28. It took 4 days to get to me.

  29. So far I have not list any weight and rather than repressing hunger I feel hungry. It has stoped my craving for chips

  30. Good product

  31. good

  32. I like, it’s a great product, keep ma good weight and digestive

  33. Works

  34. I initially ordered directly from Nucific. It is my understanding that their product was only available through Nucific and to be honest, though pricey, Nucific’s product is less costly than this one. I’ve been on a medical weight loss program off and on for a year and have lost an enormous amount of weight, much of it within the last several months. If you eat steamed vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower daily, you will less likely have regularity problems. Weight loss comes from eating the appropriate things and less, eliminating all starches and drinking large amounts of water daily. I believe Bio-X4 is a good supplement, yet I did not purchase it for the purpose of losing weight. Personally I feel more comfortable with ordering via Nucific.

  35. Haven’t noticed any weight loss but seems to be an effective probiotic, helps with digestive issues (seems more helpful than plain acidophilus).

  36. Helps with energy and appetite suppressant. Great pro/pre biotic product with xtra

  37. Great product

  38. Good product

  39. I like the product, and its effectiveness. What I did not like was the minor delay in delivery, but it does happen, and that is why under each category, I’ve indicated 4 out 5 stars regardless.

  40. This is a very good product expensive but very good since I’ve been using it I’m not bloated at my bathroom use is great

  41. Too early to write a review.

  42. Good

  43. My son lose already with this 34 pound in one year. Is great

  44. Good product

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