BioPure – Cistus Loose Herbal Tea – Polyphenol Rich Immune and Antioxidant Support – 100 Grams

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  • THE OLYMPIC SUPERHERB: Cistus incanus has played an important role in Greek culture since the 4th century. Tea made from the plant was drunk at any time of the day for relaxation, thirst-quenching, or medicinal purposes.
  • CLEANSING HERBAL TEA: Cistus incanus is one of the richest sources of polyphenols-phenolic compounds belonging to the group of plant substances, with has antioxidant activity and that supports the human immune system.
  • 100% ORGANIC: Harvested from organic wild plants grown in their native Mediterranean soils and climate.
  • STRONG ANTIOXIDANT: Exerts numerous health benefits and contribute to supporting the body’s immune system.
  • POLYPHENOLS: Cistus incanus has revealed the presence of a number of bioactive compounds including proanthocyanidins15, bioflavonoids, catechins, gallic acid, rutin, and other glycosides16, that exert the above health benefits and contribute to supporting the body’s immune system.

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BioPure - Cistus Loose Herbal Tea - Polyphenol Rich Immune and Antioxidant Support - 100 Grams

Product description

Handpicked and Naturally Harvested

BioPure’s Cistus Tea is specifically handpicked and naturally harvested from the buds, flowers, leaves and stems which are picked off wild flowering Cistus plants, growing in its native Mediterranean soil and climate.

BioPure’s Commitment to Quality

BioPure’s goal is to create an unparalleled culture of authenticity in the raw materials and processes that go into creating nutritional supplements. we strive to provide you with nutritional supplements that are potent, pure, biologically vital and effective.

Whenever possible, we use organically sourced ingredients and formulas that are free of unnecessary binding agents, fillers and other excipients.

Raw Ingredients

The quality and purity of the raw ingredients we use form the basis for our high-quality nutritional supplements. Wherever possible, our ingredients are certified non-GMO, organic and free from synthetic or unnecessary additives.


Our nutritional supplements are manufactured using leading-edge processes that extract the naturally occurring micronutrients from plants without leaving harmful residues behind. We manufacture in food-grade facilities to ensure our products maintain the highest standards in terms of cleanliness, purity and quality.

In addition, we use a number of other practices to ensure purity, safety and maximum efficacy:

    Real-time sourcing
    Flash freezing for 100% phytonutrient potency
    Advanced sublimation technology (freeze drying)

Committed to the environment.

At BioPure, we are committed to the environment. Our products are packaged in post-consumer recycled bottles wherever possible.we strive to use only packaging materials that are 100% recycled, 100% recyclable and BPA free.

  1. Excellent ! I highly recommend this tea, the health benefits are everything it claims to be.

  2. As a chronic Lyme patient, I read about this tea from Dr. klingheart , a leading Dr on Lyme. Received order quickly and have been drinking it , rebrewing it 3 times as recommended after use, and am noticing big changes in my health. It’s helping my gut, digestion, energy levels and feeling more alert. Worth the money and plenty to last you 6-8 months. I brew mine and add flavored juice as cold iced tea to drink in warmer weather. Tastes great!

  3. So far so good. It arrived on time and I researched the company and all seems well. I’m excited to see how the rock rose tea works at breaking down the biofilms in my body. What turned me on to this product initially was by accident and searching for answers for my leaky gut. The vitamin c content is ridiculously higher than green tea which is an overall great thing to drink for fighting free radicals, preventing cellular damage and boosting the immune system. It’s pretty bitter but you get used to the taste. Highly recommend. This product works great in conjunction with diatomaceous earth. You will notice it working when you see mucus in your stool. ( sorry for the tmi)

  4. Beautiful product. A lot of product for the money.

  5. My favorite tea!

  6. i love this tea

  7. I’ve used a measured teaspoon’s worth in hot water (with at least a 10 minute steep) first thing in the morning and then later before bed. I save the tea in the same cup that I used for the morning, covering the top with a plastic wrap and refrigerating it, to reuse for the evening. A teaspoon is really a pretty small amount but in just two days I began to feel a light detoxy kind of sick which lasted for several days at that usage level. I then incorporated G.I.Detox (Bio-Botanicals) to try and bind whatever is being released in my body which helped. I am now up to drinking 3 cups a day from the same single tsp amount. As a tip, do not use a metal tea strainer as it tarnishes the metal so it seems to interact with metal. I’m simply putting the tea in a cup and stirring it around. Eventually most all of it, with the exception of maybe a flower bud, settles to the bottom and so drinking is easy enough. It makes my stomach gurgly and my bowels are moving more easily. I can’t empirically say if it’s dissolving biofilms or not, but I feel its effects as positive. I’m really impressed.

  8. Amazing for bio-films and detoxing candida/parasites.

  9. Only been drinking this for a short time so I am not sure if I have any results to post at this time. The tea is pleasant tasting but strong.

  10. We just started using this product. So far so good. It tastes very good if you are used to herbal tea in general. It’s not even as bitter as green tea; we think that it tastes kind of grassy, nutty, sweet and pleasant.

  11. Perfect addition to our protocol.

  12. The tea is great, however the container I received was NOT 5.5 ounces, but rather 3.5 ounces/100 grams. Big difference. I have asked the seller what is going on.

  13. I purchased this product after reading an article about it’s biofilm inhibitor abilities. My ongoing battle with chronic Lyme disease has given me reasons to do much research on this topic and try amyriad of natural remedies. It’s also what makes me painful aware if something is working or not. Overall this product works for my intended propose, each serving suppressed spreading and aided in breaking up existing issues. Sugar is mostly avoided in my diet so I had no issues with “getting it down” as the flavor tastes like regular unsweetened tea. While it’s not as powerful as Tea Tree Oil or other tinctures, higher intake was easier to maintain consistently since it’s not as overwhelming. I deducted one star for the hassle I had straining the loose tea. I’m currently using one cup coffee filters after trying several strainers to no avail.

  14. Makes a great tea. I am now drinking tea instead of coffee and this is a nice one.

  15. It helps topically as well.

  16. Arrived timely, Tastes good with some stevia. I like that I can rebrew it 3 times which makes this tea quite affordable.

  17. I like the taste, and am using it to get rid of oral Candida. I hope it will help.

  18. Husband loves it

  19. This tea works great for my back pain. I think it makes all the inflammation go away. I have been taking a lot more than is recommended, like 30 cups a day total (or a better way of describing it would be 8 times, rebrewing 3-4 times each in a small cup). Really glad amazon has it with two-day shipping. I ran out of it one day and thought I was going to have to go to the hospital. All the pain came back after two days and I could hardly move… the tea really works–its true what they say about it. Unfortunately it makes me disoriented and emotional. But the pain relief is worth it. Another brand that is really good that I’m using is KiScience, from the UK. I think that one is actually stronger, but it might be too strong for people to drink a lot of it if they are just starting off and they have a lot of viruses and bacteria, etc. that need to die. If I had it to do over I would have taken a lower dose at first, because it made me cry a lot at the beginning and I lost my laptop on the train because I was so disoriented. From what I’ve read this is the “rose of Sharon” plant, described in the Bible as a nickname for Jesus.

  20. I love the taste and hopefully it’s helping with my Lyme…although a bit expensive

  21. I drink 4-8 cups of it daily for the Polyphenol Rich Immune and Antioxidant Support….. for my Chronic Lyme Disease Syndrome. You can find this type of tea cheaper, but this is worth the money….high quality!

  22. Product was as expected and delivered very fast.

  23. Great tea for immune system but drinking daily it is quite expensive!

  24. excellent made me sleep well

  25. This company is amazing in helping with Lyme disease, however I use it to deal with fibromyalgia and I also benefit. Their website has also videos instructions how to take what.

  26. Delicious, fresh tea. Quality packaging to maintain quality.

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