Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade: Pharmaceutical Grade Weight Loss Pills / Thermogenic Fat Burner Supplement with Metabolism Boosting Capsaicinoids and Energy Enhancing Caffeine / ALCAR, 120 Capsules

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  • picamilon or pikatropin free
  • Not for those sensitive to stimulants

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Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade: Pharmaceutical Grade Weight Loss Pills / Thermogenic Fat Burner Supplement with Metabolism Boosting Capsaicinoids and Energy Enhancing Caffeine / ALCAR, 120 Capsules

Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade: Pharmaceutical Grade Weight Loss Pills / Thermogenic Fat Burner Supplement with Metabolism Boosting Capsaicinoids and Energy Enhancing Caffeine / ALCAR, 120 Capsules

Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade: Pharmaceutical Grade Weight Loss Pills / Thermogenic Fat Burner Supplement with Metabolism Boosting Capsaicinoids and Energy Enhancing Caffeine / ALCAR, 120 Capsules

Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade: Pharmaceutical Grade Weight Loss Pills / Thermogenic Fat Burner Supplement with Metabolism Boosting Capsaicinoids and Energy Enhancing Caffeine / ALCAR, 120 Capsules

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picamilon or pikatropin free

  1. I love this product. I wish u had it in stock

  2. Wow, this is the best thing on the market since the eca stack. Truly works, my energy is though the roof. The burn is real. Wow!!!!!

  3. This product is working good for me so far. It contributes to accelerating your muscle definition faster than the loss of pounds on the scale. However, I’ve lost 10 pounds and 3 inches off of my waist in the last 5 weeks. My eating habits and workouts were great before taking this product and I had loss 46 pounds over a 7 months period prior to taking this supplement, but, I was at a standstill for almost 2 months prior to taking this supplement and wanted to continue the process of getting my weight from 260 to 170 from October 2017 to December 2018. I’m presently at 204 pounds today.

  4. This product really works well limiting cravings and provides focus and energy I highly recommend.

  5. Great product, burns fat very effectively allowing muscle to build

  6. I bought these for my husband who has been researching them and talking about them for months. I decided to just go ahead and bite the bullet and order them for him. The product came very fast as described. I had a question and the seller was very prompt to get back to me. My husband is on day 3 and has noticed a difference. He has more focus when he is doing a project or even just holding his phone in his hand. His energy level has increased and his appetite has decreased. The biggest this he has noticed is that his body temperature is much higher. So far he is very positive about the product and at this point I believe we will be ordering again.

  7. I’ve been using Blade for the past 6 months, and it has helped with dropping some body fat and weight loss. I would recommend this to others working on cutting body fat, and also trying to get a little more chiseled.

  8. Still I did that use it but today I receive it I hope it will work with me good

  9. See the Progression below from bottom to top:One Final Update: The products I’ve used from this company have been outstanding. I swear by them as you can see from my comments over time below. I recently had the opportunity to work with their customer service regarding an error in an order directly from them. Their website is not consumer friendly. You can’t see the contents of your order after the final payment click. You also can’t cancel the order on the website. It forces you to interact with customer service. They were argumentative and insistent that the error was my fault and found satisfaction in their assertion. Until I agreed that they knew their pricing structure better than I did they didn’t consider applying the correct discount. It took a number of emails back and forth to get to the reveal of the correct discounted price. I found their customer service and their website unfriendly and unacceptable. I don’t trust them as a company and I don’t do business with companies I don’t trust. The 4 stars rating is for the product. Their customer service deserves negative 4 stars. This is my last update. Order from Amazon and skip the interactions with the company and the Blue Star website. Or skip Blue Star entirely.1 Year Update: The great news for me is that Blade helped me achieve my initial weight loss goal which was to eat less and shrink my body size through weight, and particularly fat loss. It happened through only taking Blade because I didn’t change my activity and the Blade helped me feel full with less food so the result was weight loss. I do believe I’ve hit the peak of this product’s performance without changing my activity because I’ve held steadily at around 42 pounds of weight loss with my waist measurement shrinking from 44 to 36. I still have another approximate 15 pounds to lose and more want to build a bit more muscle so I’ll begin working out to see the effects now. Of course the ultimate goal has been to change my habits so I don’t use a product to manage my body. Working my way there. I take Blade according to the package instructions. So far, this has been an inexpensive and effective way to get my initial results. Blade has worked for me and I still recommend it.270 Day Update: I’ve lost 42 pounds and still feel great with no changes except taking the Blade and changing the amount of food I eat because the Blade has helped with appetite and full feeling. I’ll begin exercising soon to take the to the last leg of my fitness and weight maintenance.180 Day Update: I’ve lost 30 pounds, I still feel great and I can say I actually feel better with the weight loss. This is the only product in a bottle I’ve ever found that actually works for me. My waist size is 4 inches smaller. Still no negative side effects for me. For me – I love Blade and will continue to use it and I’m considering other Blue Star products as well. I find it difficult to recommend these kinds of products for anyone else because I know you may have varying results but I’m an average 58 year old who used to be in excellent shape until I was almost 50 and then the pounds started to accumulate. I’m in good health and my only issue was weight gain as waist size. So this works for me. You have to decide for you.Update: I’ve continued to use Blade in my second 90 day supply and continued to lose weight. This is just about ten days since I received the second order and I’m down three more pounds. I feel great because of the weight loss and I personally still don’t feel any negative side effects. Blade seems to be eliminating fat and helping to make me feel full so I eat less. I still eat the mix of foods I want which is a fairly balanced diet of foods I ate before starting to take Blade. I’m happy with this product and I still recommend it.90 Day Report: Over the 90 days that I used this product I lost 15 pounds. With Blade I felt fuller quicker. I paid attention to the full feeling and I ate less. I also didn’t feel like eating until the next meal time which made me cut down and essentially eliminate unnecessary eating. As a test to see if it was the product or maybe some sort of placebo effect I didn’t change anything in my daily, weekly, monthly routine while taking Blade according to the instructions. I also didn’t change any of the type of food I ate. I do have a fairly balanced diet but I eat the occasional hamburger or a couple of slices of pizza, etc. I’ve not told anyone, except my wife, I was trying to lose weight or that I’m taking a new supplement and people have noticed the difference in my appearance due to less weight. I followed all instructions including the first day difference in the serving size. Before ordering I was worried about how Blade would make me feel. I have always felt as I did before taking Blade with no unfortunate side effects as some reviewers have reported. So, it works for me. Your results may vary. Based on my results, I recommend it. I ordered another 90 day supply. I could stand to lose another 15 pounds.

  10. It seems its helping me maintain my weight loss.

  11. Okay

  12. I bought this for my husband and he loves it. It gives him the energy he needs and has helped him lose a few pounds taken along with exercise. He does recommend not taking it too late in the day if you like your sleep. And take it with food.

  13. First of all blade is not for people that are sensitive to supplements, if you are sensitive then take a half dose and symptoms should no longer arise. with that being said everyone is different and not everyone can handle these supplements that’s why you try a bottle and if it dont work it dont work. THE FORMULA is great but back to it being to much for a sensitive person. if you feel like your chest stomach wont stop burning drink water lol the black pepper in the pills is what i believe activates this. if you have a weak heart or any condition you shouldn’t take without talking to your doctor and that goes with any supplement. this does increase your heart rate a bit especially when exerting yourself and i sweat tremendously. the appetite suppression is amazing with that being said i normally only eat one meal a day and i have to force myself to eat which is hard when your not hungry. but i have been taking a combination of blade, status, gh peak and having taken many supplements this combo knocks it out of the park.

  14. Great … really works…

  15. Fat reduction

  16. I personally used it after seeing an ad and it works very well it’s not for everyone though since all it does is use ingredients that increase natural testosterone and fat burning bit for what it is if you take It right and change your routine it does wonders

  17. Overall I have had a positive experience with this product. It helped me burn some of my more stubborn abdominal fat. I noticed that in the first two weeks. I also work out 5 times a week with a pretty structured diet and I doubt any fat burner supplements would work as intended if you do not pair it with workouts of some kind and a sensible diet.It gives me a boost of energy as well but I have never felt jittery from it. It’s a fairly clean burn and I don’t feel like I’m crashing after a few hours like one might feel after drinking an energy drink as example.I noticed that other customers reported extreme heart burn or acid reflux. I suffer from pretty severe acid reflux disease myself and did not personally notice any change there, but I also take daily medication to control it. I did notice that it elevated my blood pressure a few points, but was not a concering amount for me personally but I’ll continue to monitor it. Everyone will likely have a different experience so it may not be a bad idea to start with a lower dose (like the bottle says) to see how your body reacts… especially if you have high blood pressure. Or just ask your doctor.

  18. Awesome

  19. Love this stuff

  20. 2nd day on this product. As directed I took one pill at a time the first day to assess tolerance. Didn’t notice much, so today I took the two capsules upon rising with my breakfast. Whooooa. Definite increase in heart rate and energy levels. If you have a low tolerance to energy enhancers, I would recommend sticking to 1 capsule at rising and 1 in the afternoon for a few days to build up some tolerance.

  21. To the people saying this is not the real product I got mine directly from bluestar the first time and that is how the pills look now, clear capsules and brownish powder. I definitely feel the effects of the pills I just take 2 in the morning and that suppresses my appetite through the day and gives me consistent energy throughout the day.

  22. I’ve used it for about 2 weeks only. I have to keep on using it and wait a bit longer. I’m still using it. I’m feeling optimistic.

  23. Great fast shipping. Haven’t used product long but seems to be going well so far.

  24. Very good, feel like with the product and help me to maintain my weight

  25. It was great! I had a lot of extra energy for my workouts which was able to help me maximize each one and get the Lean body I’ve wanted!

  26. πŸ‘πŸΌ

  27. Product works great as advertised

  28. Very strong stuff

  29. Love it

  30. Amazing product and results very good

  31. Good product. Will make you drowsy and lethargic for the first couple days. Curves the appetite and you will make constant runs to the bathroom. However lots of energy and rapid weight loss. Well for me anyways.

  32. My husband has used this constantly for two bottle now and is getting great results.

  33. Works!

  34. As expectedly

  35. This really works, if you know how to use it at first I was like it don’t work it is only help to to stay lean it don’t burn fat, but then I found out how to use it, by drinking 2 pills right before I wake up and wait 30 minutes to eat it got my energy up it help me focus more and by taking the other 2 6 hours later 30 minutes before eating it help a lot a recommend this product 100% it works if you use it right and work out with it to helps you lose weight faster

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