Cellfood Weight Loss Formula, 4 oz. Bottle – 60 Day Supply, No Artificial Stimulants, Natural Appetite Suppressing and Fat Burning Ingredients – Gluten Free, GMO Free – Liquid for Superior Absorption

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  • Combines CELLFOOD with safe, fat burning L-Carnitine as well as appetite-suppressing Garcinia Cambogia Plant Extract to help promote healthful weight loss— even while you sleep!
  • Decreases fat storage, increases the body’s metabolic action, and supports a healthy cardiovascular system.
  • CELLFOOD Weight Loss formula is a powerful part of an overall health and wellness program.
  • Manufactured under strict Good Manufacturing Standards by NuScience Corporation— an FDA-compliant manufacturer with third-party cGMP certification by the prestigious Natural Product Association. Accept no substitutes.
  • Economical 60 day supply.

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Cellfood Weight Loss Formula, 4 oz. Bottle - 60 Day Supply, No Artificial Stimulants, Natural Appetite Suppressing and Fat Burning Ingredients - Gluten Free, GMO Free - Liquid for Superior Absorption

Cellfood Weight Loss Formula, 4 oz. Bottle - 60 Day Supply, No Artificial Stimulants, Natural Appetite Suppressing and Fat Burning Ingredients - Gluten Free, GMO Free - Liquid for Superior Absorption

Product description

Why take Cellfood Weight Loss?

Cellfood Weight Loss Formula will help you get your weight loss program off to a strong, healthful start – and then keep it running smoothly. This proprietary formula combinesCellfood with safe, fat-burningL-Carnitine as well as appetite-suppressingGarcinia Cambogia Plant Extract to help promote healthful weight loss – while you sleep!

This unique formula works naturally by assisting the body in:

  • decreasing fat storage by inhibiting synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol.
  • increasing the body’s metabolic action, transforming fatty acids into energy— by accelerating the transport of these fatty acids into the cells’ mitochondria.
  • improving the cardiovascular system by helping maintain healthy levels of HDL (protective cholesterol), LDL (damaging cholesterol), and triglycerides. The heart gtets twothirds of its energy by burning fat, so Cellfood Weight Loss Formula assists the body by both feeding and strengthening the heart muscle.

And Cellfood Weight Loss Formula

  • deeply detoxifies the body
  • cleanses the liver and bowel
  • reduces stress

Cellfood Weight Loss is part of an overall health and wellness program!

​Optimum weight loss using Cellfood Weight Loss Formula can be achieved by following these healthful guidelines:

  • Drink plenty of purified or distilled water every day to facilitate your body’s detoxification process
  • Eat foods high in dietary fiber (fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains)
  • Reduce your intake of sugar, dairy, white flour, refined foods, alcohol, fried foods
  • Chew your food slowly and completely for optimum digestion
  • Stop eating when you feel satisfied
  • Exercise at least three times per week – for a minimum of 20 minutes per session.

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Cellfood is manufactured to the highest standards of quality

Since its founding in 1969 as an independent research and development facility forCellfoodoxygen-based health and beauty products,NuScience Corporation has earned a reputation for excellence, quality, and innovation second to none. Today they distribute these high-performance, oxygen based, consumer health and beauty products worldwide.

NuScience Corporation is FDA registered, licensed by the California Department of Public Health Food & Drug Branch, and GMP Certified by the N.P.A. and Underwriters Laboratory.

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  1. It worked for me !!! Once you get on a routine it is awesome !!!

  2. I notice a slight increase in mental alertness each time I use this. And I generally feel good throughout the day when I take it. I am very pleasantly pleased with this product

  3. Excellent! Very pleased with this product. AAA+++

  4. sexy

  5. My second order really like this product

  6. I have used this natural product with many patients and 90% have gotten desired results along with lifestyle changes; exercise regularly and eat healthy which in the long run is the goal.

  7. I’ve used this product off and on. I find you get results, but it takes time and you must exercise — which I do. Just taking it won’t do the trick. I lost girth in problem areas, think hips where nothing else would work. I took a break from it to see if I could get results without it and did not. So I’m back. I take it late at night as the stomach has to be empty. All in all, you have to be patient, 3 months or so, but it works for me.

  8. this is a new product for me

  9. its realy good and healthy

  10. I think it works. The hardest part is not eating 3 hours before bed. It does have a slight taste to it but not that bad (in my opinion) I plan on continuing with it.

  11. On week 2, so far no major weight loss but still trying to get my eating healthier situated. But what I wasn’t expecting was i do notice im not as hungry, and i haven’t slept this good in months. I typically have a hard time falling asleep but hasn’t happened once in 2 weeks. Im going to give this a few months at least, and at that point no matter what i think I’ll continue using cell food for other benefits.

  12. Really helps suppress my appetite. I would recommend it

  13. It’s my second order, can’t tell yet if it helps with weight loss, but it does soothing effect at night.

  14. Will reorder.

  15. This seems to be a really good product. I haven’t been following a decent diet nor doing exercise the way I should yet…my clothes are getting looser and I sleep so much better. This is my third bottle and I do see improvements so, despite my not doing all I should to help, the product is working!

  16. Fast service, but still trying the formula. Do not feel any different yet.

  17. After the second day of usage, exactly as directed – my waist went down almost a whole inch. It appears to be tackling my belly fat. I find it works very very well. I love cell food.

  18. Cellfood Weight Loss Formula is an Excellent Proprietory Blend to help promote healthful weight loss, that actually works!I have been using this product for more than 8 years, I used to purchase it at Whole Foods but all of that has changed. So, here I am submitting to the excellence of Amazon.com (now owns Whole Foods) to get this product, because it actually works! Most other local Health Food Stores, that sell this product, can’t keep it in stock…. the reason is (again) this stuff really works!!!!

  19. I bought this product not thinking it would really “do anything” or expecting anything but it really does give me a sense of well being. Definitely give it a try!

  20. Great buy

  21. Added to iced tea or other drinks and you can’t taste it. Doesn’t cause any bad reaction but have not used it long enough to see weight loss.

  22. Instead of laryngitis every year, now have none. Cell food Hurrah!!!

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