Cistus Incanus 100% Bio Organique Herbs, BIO Certified Czystek 250g 0.55lb

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  • Cistus incanus is one of the richest sources of polyphenols-phenolic compounds belonging to the group of plant substances, with has antioxidant activity and that supports the body’s immune system.
  • No Artificial Colours. No Genetically Modified Crop Material. No Sugar or Gelatin.
  • No additives of any kind. No Animal Product. No Heavy Metals. No Pesticides. No Parabens, No Synthetic Fragrances. No Dairy. No Chemical Preservatives. No Artificial Flavours.
  • Each label contains Organic logo and certification number to give you confidence, that you are buying original Organic product.
  • 100% Organic Cistus Incanus

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Cistus Incanus 100% Bio Organique Herbs, BIO Certified Czystek 250g 0.55lb

Product description

Cleansing Herbal Tea (Rock Rose) – Cistus Incanus is one of the richest sources of polyphenols-phenolic compounds belonging to the group of plant substances with antioxidant activity supporting the human immune system. Cistus Incanus offers a rich source of polyphenols, proanthocyandidins, bioflavonoids, catechins, gallic acid, rutin and other beneficial bioactive compounds.

Preparation and dosage:
In a cup add 1-2 teaspoons
Pour boiling water
Brew covered for about 8-10 minutes
Strain it and drink it regularly throughout the day

Ingredients: 100% Organic Cistus incanus

Country of Origin: Turkey

Store in a dry and dark place, out of reach of children

All bags are genuinely packed and heat sealed by certified Organic Company. Each label contains Organic logo and certification number to give you confidence, that you are buying original Cistus Incanus

  1. I call it the tea of “Enlightment” !!! Incredible bio film cutter!!!

  2. Great detox tea.I don’t mind the flavor. I knew it would be astringent. Cistus Incanus is a heavy hitter treating infection as well as virus in the body. It can break up biofilms in the body to help prevent disease, especially helpful for oral health.

  3. The taste of this tea was very mild and pleasant. I was expecting something very strong and grassy, but it tastes great. Thank you!

  4. This tea is slightly bitter, yet although that makes it not possible to drink much of it, I simply love the purity of the herbs, the smell of the tea brewing, and actually, I do like the taste somewhat. If I do not have it two times a day, I begin missing it! Of course, not only for the taste bud reasons, but because it does work in terms of Lyme disease! I feel it work in my body!

  5. good

  6. I love this tea! I’ve been taking it along with diatomaceous earth and I feel like I have more energy. Nice smooth flavor and I often drink it without sugar or sweetener. My sister told me that when you will have little to no body odor even if you sweat after consistently drinking this tea and I was amazed that she was right!

  7. Nice tea. Very sharp and astringent.

  8. This is probably the freshest herb I’ve ever bought. The smell is amazing and very strong (very much like essential oils smell). The herb is very finely cut and looks fresh too (notice in the picture different colors of the herb’s parts, which would all be dull if it was old). It’s not on this product package information but other sellers suggest that the tea can be steeped up to 4 times, that would lower the end price of the herb if you decided to prepare it that way. The country of origin for this herb is Turkey. It was packed in Poland, and from my experience herbs’ expiration date in Poland is only a year after their production, so you are always getting them from the latest harvest. The tea from the first steeping is very aromatic (reminds me of marjoram tea), but it’s pretty mild if steeping 3 times and combining all 3 infusions together.

  9. I was having tummy troubles and I looked to my Amazon for some reference. The positive reviews I read were all i needed to purchase this product. The tea comes loose so you need to have a strainer. I used my coffee press and the results were just amazing!.I’m drinking it as I write this review. My tummy hurts have gone away and I especially enjoy the pleasant aroma of the tea as it steeps. I’m a big fan of using antioxidant teas for my general overall health. I have to say move over green tea there’s a bigger name in the house..!😊🙏🏻I don’t have body odor but I happen to have a canker sore before I purchased this tea. It also helps with oral health.

  10. I actually feel better each time I make a cup of tea with this. I’ve continued to build my immune system by drinking this.I contracted a bad viral infection and had chronic strep throat at the same time for two months. Got overwhelmed within 3 days after being out among a lot of different people. Thought I was seriously not going to get well and would end up on an iv in the hospital. I had bought several different kinds of probiotics and tried to eat the foods that make prebiotics but it was not working.The courses of strong antibiotic and antiviral the dr gave me did not work. They ended up killing my gut flora with terrible immediate diarrhea for 3 days until there was nothing left in my gut.I tried my usual soups, teas, mushrooms, garlic, onion, fresh herbs, yogurt, probiotics etc and could not overcome the bad germs in me.I was desperate to find something new to try that was natural and cheaper than a hospital stay. I searched for antivirals and antibacterials. I found this on the antiviral search and decided to spend the money to try it and noticed a difference right away.I then later added kefir from the grocery store when I could get it, and ordered liquid vitamins from amazon. With these 3 things, fage yogurt, probiotic capsules and then Goodbelly probiotic vegan juice, I started getting better each day. What a fight. I had no energy and literally felt like I was fighting for my life each day.I’m keeping up with all of that stuff each day but kind of alternate them now on different days. I know if I don’t keep up the fight the next time I catch something I may not overcome it at all. There’s so many nasty germs out there and for someone with a compromised immune system it’s very tough to stay ahead of it all.For this tea I fill up both sides of my tea strainer, which is a round stainless steel capsule with a lock lever. Then I steep it 10 -15 minutes in boiling spring water. The stronger the better. Then I add a little honey and stir. I add a little water to cool it down and dilute it.It’s an unusual taste but it is a herb. I have a lot of herbal teas and drink green and white teas a lot, but I noticed this one worked right away with just a cup. It’s supposed to target viruses. I believe it after trying it. It gives me a better feeling within a few minutes, kind of like chicken soup. It soothes my throat and my nerves. I trust that it’s killing the viruses just like the health advocates say.I know it may be kind of simplistic and only anecdotal evidence, but I was not getting better until I tried this. This herb is known traditionally for being an antiviral.Anyway the product is imported from Czechoslovakia or somewhere like that so there’s no English on the packaging. You’ll have to google the product to get specific instructions from the health advocates of this herb. It’s not cheap but it’s so worth it. There’s other brands out there. But the advocate I ended up trusting the most after all my research said this one was the most effective after she had done her research and tried a lot of them.Just limit it to 1 tablespoon per cup of water, with just one cup a day. That’s the instructions I found. I don’t have the website anymore so just google this tea. You won’t be sorry.

  11. Absolutely love this tea. Always makes me feel great.. almost euphoric. Very helpful, especially since I fast daily it helps with curbing my appetite.

  12. Use this for repelling ticks for us and our dog.Works like a charm! Tastes good.

  13. I read about this herb while reading the Strictly Medicinal Seeds catalog . The plant description said that the herb “has the ability to break down biofilms” ; which made me go “huh?” So I looked it up. Biofilms, as in the walls of viruses , and cancer cells . Pub Med says that a tea made from the aerial parts of this plant can reduce cold symptoms . That sounded to me like a good thing to have on hand . I was pleased to find this organic product on Amazon at a very reasonable price. Personally, I seem to be a cold magnet . I catch several colds each year, they last about two weeks.So I got the tea . I caught a cold , made the tea in a 1 qt mason jar. I used about a teaspoon in a tea ball . The tea to me has a very mild and bland flavor . I drank about a quart of the tea every day, and after the first couple of days my symptoms were minimal . Normally when I have a cold I take a lot of medicine and cough and sneeze anyway . That wasn’t happening . I needed almost no medicine and wasn’t coughing or sneezing . After about a week I thought I was cured , and stopped drinking the tea . My cold symptoms returned . I started the tea again , and in a couple of days wasagain asymptomatic . Then I remembered that the literature said it “reduced cold symptoms”, not that it cured the cold. I drank the tea for another week , and by then the cold was gone. There have also been studies that show this herb to be useful against BPH . I cannot report any other effects from the tea, I didn’t feel either stimulated by it or enervated. It made having a cold almost a non-event , and to that I say Wow!It didn’t disagree with me in any way.

  14. I’m absolutely in love with this tea! Since I started drinking it everyday what would have been a really bad cold was minor. It’s a somewhat medicinal but not bad at all. The leaves look very very fresh.

  15. Absolutely fantastic for those with Lyme and co-infections (and absolutely anyone for more vibrant health). I have ordered 2 bags and will be ordering a third. I have not tried other brands to compare to (as I had planned to do) but I am getting such great benefit from the Bio Organique, Bio-Certified Czystek that I am not ready to take any chances sampling BioPure or Dr. K’s brand just yet.I find the tea to be good for herx preventative when drank regularly every day and also to help for herx relief. Will be interesting to see the science unfold more on this beautiful plant as my intuition is it modulates the immune system by what I feel and how my body responds.This saves a lot of money too on other herx relief products. I adore Nutribiotics Burbur and Pinella for FAST on the spot herx relief, and I am able to cut back on those expensive items by drinking this tea throughout the entire day – every day.I have done much on this journey and Cistus tea was not a cure-all for me (though I have heard for some, it can literally be just that!) and to my knowledge, this is in Dr. K’s top 3 recommendations for folks with chronic Lyme and that is saying a lot!My body CRAVES this tea. I find myself saving “mmm.. mmmm” when I drink it because it is hitting a craving beyond just taste (for me). Yes, the taste is good too I would describe it as a fresher cleaner slightly lemony version of black tea. I drink many herbal teas but I would describe this one closer to a more delicate black tea with all the nuances listed above minus the caffeine. Dr. K says to brew the same loose leaves or tea bag 3x to get all the different antioxidant and polyphenols. I pour boiling water on the tea bag and steep covered 10 minutes before drinking. I use the same tea bag to make my second cup (that will taste a bit weaker) and sometimes I brew the third cup with just the original tea bag (makes a very weak/very light tasting tea on it’s own), while more often than not I add a new tea bag to the old tea bag for my 3rd, 4th, and 5th brew. – so that is 5 cups of tea (sometimes 6) with just 2 tea bags. So that means my original bag gets brewed 5x, while the second bag joins for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th brewing.As of now (Feb 2019) this tea is selling for under $18! $17.43 (I believe…?) for 200 tea bags. THANK YOU to the providers for keeping it real and providing access to people who really need this without all the price gauging. You ARE making a beautiful difference in this world and I hope the price stays true (so you can continue making an honest difference in this world) as this tea is gaining popularity and will continue to grow in popularity.I drank this tea for 2 months before heading to the jungle in Costa Rica. I usually am a FEAST for the mosquitos there especially on first arrival (if you are familiar with this concept then you know locals don’t get bit or those who have stayed longer acclimate and the mosquitos either don’t bite or rarely bite). Well I arrived as “new blood”and I received NO mosquito bites absolutely unheard of for me! I usually where EO blends for the mosquitos but I was behind on EO order and had NONE on me and wore NO protection but received no bites! I can’t speak for ticks… I am trying to avoid those areas and finally planning to move from the Northeast so hoping I will not even have the chance to know if they repel ticks. I am just one person and I don’t know if it will repel bites in others and I was skeptical of the claims that it does indeed repel bites but this was my experience – that it did indeed repel mosquitos!

  16. Cistus Incanus tea was very nice, fresh. Used for colon cleanse, detox, 1 pint/day sipping regularly. Additionally mixing up and drinking in the morning: 40oz h20, 1 tbsp spirulina, 1 tbsp cinnamon, 1 tsp diatamaceous earth, 1 tsp ground, raw dandelion root and 2 tbsp bragg’s acv. Love the results

  17. I was introduced to this Tea as a way to help boost the immune system. It was reported to me that a personal friends sister, drank 8 cups of this a day, and it completely eliminated her Lyme disease in about 4 to 6 weeks. I myself have not drank that much of it per day, however, I found it to be very pleasant and slightly different than other healing teas like rosemary or pay d’arco, or Chaga found in bulk. If this will help health issues you have, I can’t say, but it certainly won’t hurt. If you decide to sample it, you will need some kind of Tea-ball or strainer as it comes in 1 pound bags.

  18. I bought this tea because I read reviews about the dental expects on it. Cleans your teeth, gets the plague off and whitings. After about a month of drinking the tea everyday, I could see a noticeable difference in my teeth. My teeth were whiter and felt cleaner…

  19. Great tea helped me a lot with digestive issues

  20. I have ordered this tea before. It reminds me of green tea. I was introduced to it in Germany and have been drinking it ever since.

  21. The product does not have a strong taste, today was my first day using the product and I feel I have more energy and focus.

  22. Delicious Tea

  23. Been taking cistus tea for Lyme for some time. I find this brand to be an excellent product at a very good price.

  24. did mix it with Bustelo,half and half in drip coffee maker.

  25. Used to disrupt biofilm. Seemed to help. Probably not going to use again because of price but good stuff.

  26. This tea tastes great-I drink it every day

  27. Yes, what Dr. Klinghardt says about Cistus Tea seems to be true. Can be used as a mouth wash too.

  28. In addition to ingesting, I’m also using on hair, face and body without rinsing off. Using it in a Spray bottle which for now, am keeping in the fridge. Had developed skin issues due to toxic mold exposure and significant improvents the same day. Developed ear issues as well from this exposure, so I gave it a go, by swabbing gently in and around ears…again, saw results within a day. As it was very soothing when used around the eyes, I’m thinking of buying an eye cup and using as an eye rinse. Hopefully, will continue to have positive results.

  29. Tastes good

  30. I got this to see if it helped stopped sugar cravings as I had read that it did. It did seem to help. I drank it unsweetened and it did not taste bad and I don’t usually drink tea.

  31. Drink this every day. If you research it’s benefits, you likely will too.

  32. I’m giving this tea 5 stars simply for the fact that it has all but eliminated my sugar cravings. That is saying a lot as I have lived off of sugar filled foods my whole life (44 years) and have never been able to stop my cravings.I started drinking this as hot tea with a dash of stevia but have since found that I enjoy it so much more as iced tea. I steep it in the evening, let it cool a little, and then put it in the fridge for the next day.I’ve had the same positive affects that others have as well- better oral health, no mosquito bites since drinking regularly, less severe symptoms from colds.I will definitely continue to drink this tea daily. The results have been amazing.

  33. Came promptly, sealed. Tea is herbal, tastes fresh. Good for relaxing the nerves among many other things. Would buy from this company again.

  34. I love everything about this tea! The taste, the benefits and the price!

  35. Feel Contentment with this. Cuts cravings for sugars for me.

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