Clarocet ERT: Extended Release Tablets for mild to moderate mood changes, irritability and a depressed mood caused by everyday stress.

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  • ClarocetERT provides long-lasting benefits that last for up to 12 hours, so it's easy to remember when to take it – just once a day.
  • A clinical strength blend of plant-based medicines, essential vitamins, trace minerals, and amino acids work together to exhibit a broad-spectrum of action that promotes positive mood balance during periods of heightened emotional stress.
  • Relieve mild to moderate mood changes, irritability, and a depressed mood caused by everyday stress.
  • Combine Clarocet ERT with Clarocet NRI for non-drowsy relaxation that works when you need it most, Clarocet CS for focus and mental sharpness, Clarocet PM for a restful, refreshing night's sleep.
  • ClarocetERT is unconditionally guaranteed by Medicor Labs for 30 days from the date of delivery.

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Clarocet ERT: Extended Release Tablets for mild to moderate mood changes, irritability and a depressed mood caused by everyday stress.

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ClarocetERT is the first Natural Reuptake Inhibitor formulated as an Extended Release Tablet, so it’s easy to remember when to take it-just once a day. When taken on a daily basis, the active ingredients in Clarocet ERT are clinically shown to relieve mild to moderate mood changes, irritability and a depressed mood caused by everyday stress. With continued use for just 2 to 6 weeks, ClarocetERT can help to support a healthy neurotransmitter balance.

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    I’ve been taking this for about three weeks now. I’m not sure how it’s working for me because the difference is subtle– and I guess that’s a good thing. I haven’t felt extra happy, but my general mood swings have been much less frequent. I feel more level, and more in control. I have felt less anxiety since taking it. I used to go nuts thinking about this and that, since I’ve been takign the Clarocet I’ve been able to seperate my emotions from my mind.I’ll be buying another bottle. 🙂

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    This is the second time I have tried this and I am pleasantly surprised how much it works. I have very extreme anxiety attacks daily and this cuts them in half after a month of using it, a great alternative to medicaton which I have trouble using. I will continue with it this time!

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    I have a , 16 yr old girl. Clarocet has worked wonders!! I recommend this for EVERYONE with a teen!!We were going through a lot with school , boyfriends, friends. etc.. Teens have a hard time dealing with day to day things. Especially with social media nowadays. I took her to a dr and they prescribed bi polar meds and anti seizure meds. after her being on that a couple days she felt weird. I took her off right away and started the Clarocet- Mood Stabilizer. LET ME TELL YOU, MY DAUGHTER IS A NEW PERSON. SHE HANDLES SITUATIONS WELL, GRADES WENT FROM D’S AND F’S TO A’S AND B’S. This is an all natural vitamin, why wouldn’t you try it? I tell everyone i know about clarocet. MENSTRUAL CYCLES WERE THE WORST TIME OF MONTH, now, i don’t even notice. PLEASE, if you are in need of a mood stabilizer, try this! You will have a happy teen!

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    I’m not sure if the stars just lined up one day or this really is improving my outlook and attitude. I’m almost scared to quit taking it and see what happens. Pretty expensive, but it may be worth it.

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    I wish I could write a more positive review of this product but unfortunately, this did not work for my 16 year old daughter. It was recommended by her counselor to assist in stabilizing her mood. I dont beleive in giving my children pills and wanted a natural way to try and help her. She said they seemed to boost her spirit but made her very sleepy and sluggish. Not good for a teenager with lots of pressures from school so we had to discontinue them. Just like anything else, I am sure they have a better outcome for some than others, but for my daughter, it was not effective in maintaining her overall mood and she was crashing throughout the day. I gave it 4 stars simply because there was no bad side effects and it did boost her spirit for a short spell.

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    Great product, just as advertised. Highly recommend. AAA+++

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