Cold & Flu-Lemon Echinacea Throat Traditional Medicinals 16 Bag

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Cold & Flu-Lemon Echinacea Throat Traditional Medicinals 16 Bag

Cold & Flu-Lemon Echinacea Throat Traditional Medicinals 16 Bag

Product description

Cold & Flu-Lemon Echinacea Throat Traditional Medicinals 16 Bag

  1. I have never been a tea-drinker. I think it looks and tastes like dirt. I don’t like it hot, I don’t like it cold, I don’t like it in every way Sam-I-Am might present it to me.I started drinking this—without much enthusiasm, mind you—in middle school because I was spending a lot of time in choir-related activities both in and out of school. This continued throughout high school and whenever I found myself nearing flu season, I would drink this to help relieve my throat from the sickness/strain. After a while, the taste grew on me. I still hate tea, but I ended up drinking this on days I was not ill, as well. It feels FANTASTIC on the throat. It has a somewhat thick, soft feel going down (perfect to relieve that scratchy feeling) and if you add a little honey, it’s not bad either.It is the Only thing that seems to help when I’m congested or with a cough. Drinking it keeps me from losing my voice and I always end up being in decent shape whenever a choir concert comes up.I highly recommend a buy. This is a great price: $5.00 cheaper than what I get for it at my local health store, with shipping costs included.

  2. Thank you!

  3. Very good for my sore throat

  4. My husband had his first bout of strep throat this spring. I ordered these to try and help him a bit, as he was in so much pain. He really like them and it was all he could drink for several days.

  5. I love this product!

  6. If you have to go to work not feeling your best, a warm mug of Throat Coat really does help the morning.

  7. Delicous! I drink regularly now, not just when sick. A slight black licorice flavor that I’m generally not a fan of, but love in this! They also make one without the lemon, but with lemon is the better one.

  8. Loved the taste

  9. I’m not usually a tea person, but this does soothe my throat. I suffer from esophageal acid reflux ~ the less common, upper esophagus kind. It has a nice flavor ~ I add honey & actually enjoy it!

  10. This tea really help the throat. I have given this tea to many sick people at work.

  11. Como soy una persona alergica y trabajo con quimicos, que me irritan la garganta. Probe estos te y me ayudaron muchisimo

  12. I love to drink tea, I just got my order and I love the taste . I hope it helps with my sore throat

  13. It really helped my sore throat

  14. The best tea for a sore throat! Tastes great too!

  15. Since i’m prone to colds and allergies, I always keep this brand of tea on hand. Both throat coat teas work at relieving the minor dry and irritated sore throats. Also helps with a major sore throat, too. I highly recommend. Tastes good too without having to add anything to it. Just be sure to steep for 15 mins, as directed to get the full benefit.

  16. Wow so first of all let me just tell you internet strangers about my very gross and very long held habit of 10+ years. I spit much more than anyone I know. Loogies . Phlegm. Nasty ones. I wake up in the middle of the night sometimes to spit. I spit while I’m driving (and I’m a truck driver) and it sometimes gets on the window. I’ll spit in napkins in front of people. Which makes me feel like I’ve got some uncontrollable chewing tobacco habit. Swallowing my phlegm is definitely not an option. It HAS to come out. It’s bad… like it’s embarrassing and a definite hindrance in a social context as I have to try and hide me spitting. I have no idea what to do to resolve this disgusting problem. Having said all that, I think this Throat Coat tea is the cure!! I’ve only drank 3 of these tea bags but immediately I noticed that I’m not spitting nearly as much. I also have had a persistent mild cough (plus extra spitting!) for over a month now which had me worried. I like tea usually drink only Yerba mate or coffee and I sweeten both.. I sweeten this tea with brown sugar and the taste is amazing. It’s really good. I don’t love licorice but the licorice flavor of this drink is only mild to me. Moral of my story is if you spit a lot (I bet I spit more than you) or you’re suffering from a sore throat or a cough at the moment… scroll up right now and slide your finger to buy this tea now!

  17. I use this tea to help with some seasonal grunge I get from allergies. My voice doesn’t get the raspy voice later in the day that it used to. Great taste also.

  18. Love this tea for throat issues.

  19. This good stuff

  20. Soothing from the start

  21. This is it go-to tea when we’re sick with a cold it sore throat. My husband has a speaking job; he uses this tea before speaking, especially when his voice is giving out. Great tea. Highly recommend it.

  22. It helped our family.

  23. My husband thinks this is magic tea the way it soothes his sore throat and stopped coughing. It’s surprisingly sweet with no sugar added.

  24. I do not like tea aside from sweet tea. However, this tea is wonderful. I do recommend steeping it for at least 10-15 mins. It soothes my throat and also tasted wonderful.

  25. Works very well for its intended purpose

  26. This product is soothing to the throat.

  27. Great for soar throat.

  28. Works awesome!

  29. The taste is so good.

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