Colon Cleanser & Detox for Weight Loss. 15 Day Extra Strength Detox Cleanse with Probiotic for Constipation Relief. Pure Colon Detox Pills for Men & Women. Flush Toxins, Boost Energy. Safe & Effective

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  • 15 DAY COLON DETOX & CLEANSER – This 15-day fast acting formulahelps with occasional constipation.* This pro formula was specifically designed to kick-start any weight loss program into gear.*
  • ADVANCED COLON CLEANSING SYSTEM WITH PROBIOTICS – Our weight loss detox supplement can alleviate and reduce bloating and can aid in the elimination of waste and toxins.* This product contains probiotics to support digestion, promote a healthy colon and support your immune system.
  • POWERFUL AND POTENT COLON DETOX WITHOUT COMPROMISING COMFORT – Our extra strength detox pills are the perfect supplement for use in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and under the guidance of your healthcare provider. This BioSchwartz supplement works well with BioSchwartz Garcinia Cambogia or BioSchwartz Forskolin.
  • 100% NATURAL, NON-GMO AND MADE IN USA – This detox supplement is proudly manufactured in the USA with strict adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). All batches are 3rd party tested to guarantee the purity and quality of the ingredients. This product does not contain milk, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, wheat, peanuts, soybeans, or chromium. It is free of artificial ingredients, fillers, chemicals, color additives, binders, or preservatives.
  • 100% SATISFACTION – MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We want you to be fully satisfied! That’s why we back every order with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so you can shop with confidence. If you are not satisfied with our product, you are protected by our no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

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Colon Cleanser & Detox for Weight Loss. 15 Day Extra Strength Detox Cleanse with Probiotic for Constipation Relief. Pure Colon Detox Pills for Men & Women. Flush Toxins, Boost Energy. Safe & Effective

Colon Cleanser & Detox for Weight Loss. 15 Day Extra Strength Detox Cleanse with Probiotic for Constipation Relief. Pure Colon Detox Pills for Men & Women. Flush Toxins, Boost Energy. Safe & Effective

Colon Cleanser & Detox for Weight Loss. 15 Day Extra Strength Detox Cleanse with Probiotic for Constipation Relief. Pure Colon Detox Pills for Men & Women. Flush Toxins, Boost Energy. Safe & Effective

Colon Cleanser & Detox for Weight Loss. 15 Day Extra Strength Detox Cleanse with Probiotic for Constipation Relief. Pure Colon Detox Pills for Men & Women. Flush Toxins, Boost Energy. Safe & Effective

Colon Cleanser & Detox for Weight Loss. 15 Day Extra Strength Detox Cleanse with Probiotic for Constipation Relief. Pure Colon Detox Pills for Men & Women. Flush Toxins, Boost Energy. Safe & Effective

Colon Cleanser & Detox for Weight Loss. 15 Day Extra Strength Detox Cleanse with Probiotic for Constipation Relief. Pure Colon Detox Pills for Men & Women. Flush Toxins, Boost Energy. Safe & Effective

Colon Cleanser & Detox for Weight Loss. 15 Day Extra Strength Detox Cleanse with Probiotic for Constipation Relief. Pure Colon Detox Pills for Men & Women. Flush Toxins, Boost Energy. Safe & Effective

Product description


Colon Cleanse


The problem may be in your colon.

The colon can accumulate UP TO 10 LBS WORTH of partially digested waste, toxins and impurities over the course of years!*

BioSchwartz Colon Detox and Cleanser was formulated with the perfect combination of ingredients to be highly effective.*

Our 15-day fast acting, extra strength formula with Probiotics can offer these health benefits:

• Support Healthy Weight Loss*

• Can help to Reduce Bloating *

• Eliminates Waste and Toxins*Supports Digestion*


ADVANCED CLEANSE FORMULA WITH HERBAL, NATURAL INGREDIENTS.Our Colon Detox Cleanse formula contains 11 natural herbs including aloe, fiber and 4 billion CFU probiotics per serving to help maintain healthy metabolic levels, support digestion, and eliminate waste and toxins.*

ADVANCED COLON CLEANSE WITH PROBIOTICS.Complementary to the detox process, each serving of our Colon Detox Cleanser is infused with a 4 Billion CFU Probiotic to help nourish the digestive system and aid in restoring digestive balance.*

NO FILLERS, NO BINDERS, NON-GMO INGREDIENTS.Using only the latest technologies, we are able to develop a Colon Detox and Cleanser that is 100% natural with Non-GMO ingredients. Our Detox pills do NOT contain fillers, binders, artificial ingredients, color additives, preservatives or chemicals that most brands use today. Always check the label to make sure that you are buying a pure Colon Detox supplement.

ALLERGEN FREE & GLUTEN FREE. When you buy BioSchwartz Colon Detox Cleanser Supplement, you can be sure you are getting the best Colon Detox with Probiotics for women and men. On top of our premium formulation, our formula is Gluten free, but also free of the most common allergens such as soybeans, milk, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, and chromium. Our supplement is vegetarian.


At BioSchwartz, we take product quality and safety to new levels and follow a strict manufacturing process.

PROUDLY MADE IN USA. Our Colon Detox for weight loss is manufactured in the USA. We establish stringent quality control standards in our manufacturing facility and manufacture all our supplements to exceed expectations set by cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices). Being a Professional Grade Supplement Company means that we use only natural and high-grade raw ingredients, which are routinely tested for purity and quality.

FORMULATED BY PROFESSIONALS. Each one of our supplements is created by a team of highly experienced professionals to ensure the greatest benefits are achieved. Our Colon Detox Cleanse is the result of unparalleled science, research and strict quality control standards that makes us stand apart from the competition.

PRODUCT SAFETY. While most companies only use 1 or 2 seals, our colon detox weight loss has 3 seals: an integrity and tamper proof seal to close the box, a pre-perforated neck-band and a heat-induction inner seal.

THIRD PARTY TESTED. At BioSchwartz, quality, safety and efficacy are of utmost importance. After our supplements are manufactured, labeled and sealed, we take things a step further by enlisting 3rd party, independent labs to test once again for purity and potency. These labs further analyze our completed products to ensure and verify that the ingredients in our products are pure, safe and in the appropriate amounts as listed on our labels.

SUPPLIER AUDIT. All our ingredients are bought from suppliers that go through a very thorough audit process to ensure they can meet our strict safety and quality guidelines.

MANUFACTURING PROCESS. During the manufacturing process, we analyze samples every 15 minutes and visually inspect every single bottle at the end of the production line.

OUR COMMITMENT TO EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY. At BioSchwartz, we create superior products through the perfect balance of the latest technologies, and the purest nutrients nature has to offer. Our mission is to improve the lives of those that trust our high-quality supplements to enhance their health. Integrity and quality steer everything we do, and our commitment to our customers is to produce the highest quality nutritional supplements.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Happy Couple

Assists in weightloss*

Fast Acting Cleanse Formula


Despite their extraordinary potential, Colon Cleansers are often overlooked due to the uncomfortable side effects other formulas can cause. Our 100% Natural Colon Cleanser and Detox can provide similar benefits of detoxification without the embarrassing side effects.*


This BioSchwartz extra strength formula was created by professionals using a blend of 11 herbs and 4 billion CFU Probiotic per serving to support digestive health.*


This premium supplement was produced from the finest raw material and under strict quality control standards to ensure the highest quality supplement was developed. This product is made up of unique ingredients that work together to provide overall colon and digestive health when used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and under the guidance of your healthcare provider.

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  1. Avatar

    This product is awesome! I saw results within the next day. Felt great, lighter and had so much energy. I usually don’t write reviews but felt compelled to in this case.

  2. Avatar

    I am 5 days into this cleanse and have lost 7.5 lbs. No sudden urges, cramping or discomfort. I feel cleaner, lighter and more energized!

  3. Avatar

    I love this product. I have tried colon cleanse before, this is by far the best. It does exactly what is supposed to. Its not hard on the digestive system. Drink plenty of eater for maximum results.

  4. Avatar

    Works wonders. Went from once every 3 to 4 days BM to 2x’s a day while on cleanse.

  5. Avatar

    The last time I took it I lost 45 pounds. (In addition to taking Forskolin) I also found the same results taking it this time. I absolutely using your product along with the previous mentioned product.

  6. Avatar

    For those who want to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle, this is it right here. Drink plenty of water

  7. Avatar

    I have never felt such lightness and comfort in my digestive system. I have regular bowel movements and even lost 7lbs. My movements are soft and had no harsh side effects as from other colon cleansing products. I would certain recommend it to others, as I already have!

  8. Avatar

    The best Colon Detox You will ever come across…the benefits it does for your insides is priceless. Treat yourself, don’t mistreat yourself and purchase this product PRONTO.

  9. Avatar

    My aunt recommended this product to me. I am very happy she did. I got a head start on my weight loss. I feel lighter and have more energy to do things. I will recommend this product to my friends as well.

  10. Avatar

    I feel more energy, less bloated and lost 16 pounds! Totally recxomend it!

  11. Avatar

    I almost immediately noticed a difference in my digestive system once i started taking this. It was not overly powerful and I never experienced any sort of discomfort. Once I completed the cleanse I had a big difference from before I started.

  12. Avatar

    Great product. I really didn’t have any problem, but wanted to cleanse my body. Works great! I go at least 3 o 4 times a day & I feel so much lighter. I strongly recommend this product. I love it.

  13. Avatar

    I used to have a big stomach and tried many diet programs and never lose any weight,after 15 days using this product I lost 10 pounds and my stomach looks pretty flat.

  14. Avatar

    I’ve lost over 10 lbs using this product and I feel fantastic. My health is headed back to where it needs to be and it’s all thanks to you guys!!! 🙂

  15. Avatar

    Sue KwidzinskiMay 1, 10:47 PM EDTThis is a follow-up to your previous request #22987 “This is the email I used fo…”Hello! I have been taking this product for 21 days now. I followed the directions and felt I could rate this at 5*. It has helped me normalize my constipation without any bloating or gas issues. I will order again and have recommended this to a few friends and family! 

  16. Avatar

    This product absolutely works! It totally cleaned me out without any of the pain or discomfort or gas that I have felt in the past while using other products. I will totally buy it again!

  17. Avatar

    Works much better than expected. Stops bloating, purges stuff out if my system that I didn’t know existed. Lost a good 5 or 6 lbs in the process. Great product. Only buying another bottle for my wife.

  18. Avatar

    I had been having stomach problems, IBS induced by menopause for over 2 years now. My doctor told me about these capsules and I tried them and LOVE anthem! Because of my job, at first I wasn’t able to take them every single day, but I have now been taking 1-2 capsules a day for two weeks and WOW! I have lost 8″ around abdomen area, the hard/bulging stomach ball has deflated, I no longer look pregnant, and I am regular now. I have more energy, I feel refreshed, and recommend them to all my friends and family’

  19. Avatar

    Colon detox has provided me with a lot of relief. I take a medication that causes constipation and this special formula has alleviated my symptoms. I also lost 12lbs while taking the cleanser.

  20. Avatar

    Sorry to read this awesome product didnt work well with some small reviews here, but I started taking these pills this week Monday evening, and 3 pills daily since. My weight was 200lbs on Monday, its Thursday, and I weigh 194lbs. I feel great taking this product. No negative side effects, only positive ones. You must eat when u take these pills, or you will experience uncomfortable severe cramps. I experience them even with a meal, but they’re not severe or uncomfortable. Its my bowels moving, and its cleansing me. I’ve also been drinking plenty of water, no meat, no soda, very little alcohol. I’ve had bread, just small portions. My appetite is also curved. Logic is with this product, is the more healthier you eat while taking it, the more weight you lose. Also I dont recommend eating after 8/9pm.

  21. Avatar

    I am someone who has GI issues and was already on a GI medication that I take daily that has a pretty big cleansing effect as a side effect. I have used natural cleansers before and liked them. This one had good reviews, but I wasn’t expecting much given my current medication. However, I was very pleasantly surprised by the significant “sludge” removal, the couple of pounds of weightloss, and inches lost. I was also impressed with how this regulated my movements which is impressive given I’ve tried several medications, over the counter products, etc, and I was not expecting this benefit. I will definitely be buying again in the future.

  22. Avatar


  23. Avatar

    I “POOPED” today. I just received my second bottle of Colon Detox & Cleanser a couple of days ago. The first time I ordered it, I took it in conjunction with Garcinia Cambogia. Over the course of the two weeks I took them, I felt way less bloated, I had more energy, I even felt like I was in a better mood, and I even lost about 8 lbs. without really trying to hard. Follow the directions on the bottle. I tried taking 3 times a day in the beginning, when I first got It. I do not recommend this. I wound up doing extra loads of laundry! This product does what it says!

  24. Avatar

    I had constant bloating. Within 2 to 3 days of taking this medication and drinking plenty of water I felt amazing. My clothing fit better, I felt better and my energy level increased significantly. I highly recommend this for anyone struggling with bloating and excess belly weight.

  25. Avatar

    this is a life changer i lost 5 lbs in a week i feel great i am so happy about the weight i lost no more puffy gases feelings . i am still in shock that this is doing what it said I LOVE IT. 10 out of 10 for me work great.

  26. Avatar

    This product definitely does exactly what it’s designed to do. It will cleanse your colon and leave you feeling lighter and healthier after just two doses. This will kickstart your weight loss while cleaning out all the old toxins from the bad food. You will feel more energetic because you will no longer have that bloated & heavy feeling in your abdomen. Just beware that it can “work” at any time & anywhere; so stay close to a bathroom while taking this.

  27. Avatar

    This product truly is as described. It has helped to regulate me and get a great routine going. I was nervous at first by the comments stating there was cramping or how much water you have to drink. However, I have never experienced any discomfort or emergency to find a bathroom. Also, the amount of water required while taking these pills is actually not a lot. About 2 liters which is very doable for everyone. I drink about 80 ounces of water a day anyway, the addition to 2 more liters was not hard at all. I experienced no negative side effects and highly recommend this product.

  28. Avatar

    The best detox in the market,I lost weight and the food that body doesn’t recognizes and can’t break down and builds up in the colon can be scrapped by the help of this wonderful on my 7th bottle and have bought so many for my friends that don’t have amazon prime, God bless to the maker of this detox pills, Im amazed how flat my stomach got I was seriously thinking of lipo but this pills are a God sent miracle, I really don’t understand the negative reviews , and thank Goodness I didn’t read those . Go for it those who are overweight or eating junk this pills is a gift for healthy living.Thanks for providing this Wonder 🙂

  29. Avatar

    I decided to try this product because I’m lucky if I move bowels once a week or once every two weeks.. I’m already a healthy eater but since a child I’ve always been backed up. I’m not trying to lose weight I just want to get rid of this bloat especially going to Bahamas in a few months.. I started the product January 28th,18 and I’m already seeing a big difference in my belly area.. I will purchase again may even try a different product from you guys. It’s now February 18th and I’ve lost 15 pounds!!!!

  30. Avatar

    I needed something to kick start my weight loss. I am training for a half marathon with 50 extra pounds on me. I lost 20 in just a month. I plan to do another round her shortly. I have changed my diet, but I do work out Monday through Friday. I’m excited to be almost half way to my weight loss goal!

  31. Avatar

    Awesome product! I’ve tried other similar products, but this one was the easiest on my body. These pills will seriously clear/clean you out. For the first week, I was completely amazed how many productive toilet sessions I’d have in a day. After day three, felt 10 lbs lighter. Was I 10 lbs lighter? No, but I felt and still feel amazing. Tips:-During the first week, plan you daytime activities close to restrooms.-Drink tons of water!

  32. Avatar

    I was amazed at how well and instantly this worked. I ended up going to the restroom like 4 times that first day within the span of about 3 hours. That’s nuts! I maybe go once a day, at most twice a day but that’s not often. Main thing is to drink lots of water and sure enough this will clean you out. Highly recommend this detox.

  33. Avatar

    I didnt personaly take them but my husband did… he was always having stomach aches and really bad gas it would smell so bad… so i seen the reviews of these pills and i ordered them… he started taking these pills and his stomach pain went away and now wen he farts they have no smell… i guess he just needed a colon cleans… he only took 2 pills a day one in the morning after food and one in the evening after food… here some advice watever u do dont take it at night because u will keep waking up having to use the restroom… and u dont get diarreha ur poop comes out smooth… will be ordering again in the future

  34. Avatar

    Let me start off by saying I started this cleanse on Saturday afternoon. I am 5’5″, weighed 216.8 pounds and I’m 3 months postpartum so this weight has to go. Today is Monday (day 3) and I weigh 212.6. I read the reviews and there were so many great ones I figured what could go wrong.Well, when I took the first pill…nothing happened, second and third pill nothing. The following day, I took my 4th pill within an hour everything finally started working. By Monday morning before work, I could definitely tell it was working. And I’m glad it is. I started thinking that there were a bunch of fake reviews. It proved me wrong…BIG TIME.I will say that it is gentle, but very effective. I do good to go once a week, but this has ramped it up to at least 3 times today. I know TMI, but I figured I should tell you everything so you could hear a real experience before purchasing. Working great for me. Will update in 12 days! Happy cleansing! 🚽

  35. Avatar

    I mean admit that at first I was very skeptical to try yet another cleanse, but the overwhelmingly positive reviews got my attention for this product. This is the BEST supplement I have ever taken! I have had no negative side effects whatsoever. It did take 3 days for the pills to start working. I have only taken the pills for 9 days (twice a day – in the morning and and night with 2 bottles of water), but I have already lost 5.5 pounds. My belly bloat is rapidly disappearing, and I have so much more energy! I will be using this twice a year!

  36. Avatar

    This product was truly effective in cleansing. After the cleanse, I felt rejuvenated and energized.

  37. Avatar

    I was skeptical about using this supplement but it has helped somewhat, I definitely go to the bathroom more . I’ve lost 10 pounds but that also includes diet change and working out ,i recommended drinking tons of water to help this supplement work,like a ton and a ton of water,ive been drinking at least 9-10 bottles of water

  38. Avatar

    Amazing detox pills. I’m a body contouring specialist. I have all my clients buy these to start their journey. I buy them here weekly just to give them to my clients. I need to retail this product. They are one of the best in the market.

  39. Avatar

    Well it works as far as cleaning you out, but dear lord you better be near a bathroom. The first 2 days I had THE WORST stomach cramps ever. They even kept me up at night. Now, with that being said, I struggle with an eating disorder and my BM’s are no where near regular which was the point of this to help kick start it as Miralax was no longer working. If you don’t drink enough water, you will be dizzy and feel sick AF. It does work. I’m not worried about weight loss. Trying to get my bowels straight without having to go back to the GI doctor. So far it’s cleaning everything out….and I mean everything. Just be near a bathroom and get ready for stomach cramps.

  40. Avatar

    It works

  41. Avatar

    I like this colon cleanse. I have used it twice now in 4 months. It’s had to get cause they always sellout and you half to wait. It doesn’t give you the cramps like other products and you don’t have to rush to get to the toilet. I lost 10 lbs and feel great. I take on pill in the morning and one in the late afternoon. Before I used this I would go about once a day but after using this for the 15 days I have been going at least 3-4 times daily. No runs or cramps. Soft stool and you go when you want to go. I’m off of it now but getting ready to start it up again. Drink lots of water like it says to do as you will feel a bit dehydrated at least for me.

  42. Avatar

    UPDATE: As I stated, the product works beautifully but I was very unhappy with the free bottle promo tease that didn’t happen. I changed my one-star rating to five because I not only received my free bottle after posting this, but I also received a hand-written note of apology. Apparently they were having website issues so good on you BioSchwartz, and thank you Michelle Randall for taking the time to fix the wrong and write the note.This product works beautifully but if you are buying this product and you are expecting a free bottle as advertised then don’t bother. If you don’t expect to use the offer for a free bottle, then this product is perfect for you. The website will not work when you fill out the online form for a review of the product and request your free bottle of product. I tried a second time today to claim my free bottle and now they don’t “recognize” my Amazon order number – how convenient. For that reason I will not buy anymore of this product and I will blacklist them when possible. Anyone who can’t stand by their word is not worth doing business with. And how stupid do you have to be to take that approach when your product is being sold on Amazon and half the world can read the reviews? Rhetorical question of course. Personally I always look at that the best review and worst review to see how the product is being rated. When it comes to the worst review I do sometimes wonder about the people who seem to complain just for the sake of complaining. Having said that, and if you can do so, then please make sure you research how many times I’ve given a negative review. It is very, very rare considering the fact that I purchase products from Amazon almost on a weekly basis. Take that BioSchwartz, you might have a good product but you have a worthless marketing staff if you think this ploy works.

  43. Avatar

    I did not buy this with hopes of losing weight, but for the ‘cleanse.’ If I take one daily, I am assured to have a ‘flush’ of gunk from my insides. Gross, but that what it does for me, especially if I happen to eat heavy or bad. So, I might take 3-4 a week. It has made me cramp a couple of times as I am going, but that is worth the cleans that I get. Usually there is no pain, no urgency. I am buying my 3rd bottle, it is great to have on hand when you feel you have over done it with food. I take one at night before bed.

  44. Avatar

    This is a great and simple product and I dont understand some of these negative reviews. The product helps remove the KAKA fom your system. Some issues may be that you need to add more pills, adjust your food intake or drink more water. Or….you dont have any backup that needs to be removed. The product has done wonders for me. My bloated belly has been relieved in 2 days. I will continue taking this product for the 2 weeks suggested. Its NOT a magic pill… have to put in some effort. LOL

  45. Avatar

    I have tried a couple of Detox cleansers before and none really did what I thought they would. I still felt bloated, My stomach was still firm and I never really passed stool like they claimed I would. After reading the reviews I decided to try this one. I have to say I loved it. Iv never done a Detox that lasted so many days so I was surprised it worked so well the entier time. After day 2 I could feel the difference in my stomach and the bloating felt so much better. I definitely recomend drinking a lot of water to see the max benefits. I definitely didn’t feel as sluggish after the first couple of days. I highly recomend giving this a try. Im now 3 weeks out of the Detox and still feel great.

  46. Avatar

    OMG!… Finally something that works to flush you out the way it say I start with one tablet in the evening with plenty of water felt some movement into my stomach the next morning taken another tablet as I was drinking my coffee and wow what a flush out I have try other product that say they work this is the best you have to drink plenty of water during the day if you want it to work I have lose two inches all over drop down one pants size in one month I take one in the morning and one at night I take it before or after it eat and works GREAT!

  47. Avatar

    Love this stuff! I’ve lost 10 pounds since taking it. I only take one at bedtime though. I tried taking them twice a day and I think I lost my soul in the toilet.

  48. Avatar

    Product works great. Bought it for my Wife who cleanses twice a yr on a regular basis. She only took 1 in the am and 1 in the pm for a mth. She also stuck to intermediate fasting with a cleaner diet, extra H2⁰, light exercise, plus Yogi Detox Tea and Green Tea. So far she’s lost a little over 20lbs. Gentle cleansing in comparison to others she’s tried in the past including her go-to “The Cleaner”. She reported no cramping and has a lot more energy. She also has Rheumatoid Arthritis, we don’t know if it’s the weight loss/the cleanser or a combination of everything above but so far her symptoms have become much more mild. I was so impressed that we’re purchasing 2 more. 1 for her and 1 for me. Just be sure to hydrate, she said this stuff pulls a ton of water from your system.

  49. Avatar

    Started on 6/28 in the PM and took 1 pill before breakfast, lunch and dinner.Day 1 – went 1 timeDay 2 – went 5 timesDays 3-6 went a good 3 times.Since taking it for almost a week I can tell a slight difference. Bloating has gotten better but I tend to feel slightly bloated after a pill before a large meal.I have had a couple situations where I needed a bathroom ASAP… but that could be since I’m taking 3 pills a day. Also, there have been a couple situations where I thought I had to pee… but had a small BM.Do your housemates and/or coworkers and invest in a bottle of Poopourri; it doesn’t matter which scent since they all tend to smell the same… especially on day 2 😉Also, be sure to toss some flushable wipes in your cart… your bum will thank you for it and you’ll feel as clean as a baby.So, does this do what it’s supposed to do? Yes, yes it does.Will you lose weight? Yes, but if you eat healthy you’ll probably lose more than me. I’m watching what I’m eatting but I could do a better job.Will you get cramps? Not horrible ones, but you will have an urgency to go. Again, I am taking 3 pills a day but I also have access to a bathroom all day.Good luck all 😃

  50. Avatar

    Ok les voy a ser honesta, nunca tome 3 por día, solo una en la mañana y otra en la noche, ahora, si la tomas después de desayunar debesntomar mucha agua durante el dia, te ayuda a ir perfectamente al baño, ahora, no puede atascarse de comida y tomar esta pastilla, no funciona así, es obvio que te ayuda a ir al baño, pero no es.un laxante, tienes que comer normal te recomiendo avena por la mañana, y no comas tantas harinas si eres de USA evita fast food, intenta no comer tanto pan o donas o tortillas de harina, y si eres de México pues ya sabes ….. tantas tortillas…o pan.En conclusión a mi sirvió llevando una dieta balanceada hasta baje de peso, las recomiedo

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