Comfrey Leaf Cut & Sifted Organic – Symphytum officinale, 4 Oz,(Starwest Botanicals)

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Comfrey Leaf Cut & Sifted Organic - Symphytum officinale, 4 Oz,(Starwest Botanicals)

Comfrey Leaf Cut & Sifted Organic - Symphytum officinale, 4 Oz,(Starwest Botanicals)

Comfrey Leaf Cut & Sifted Organic - Symphytum officinale, 4 Oz,(Starwest Botanicals)

Product description

Starwest Botanicals is pleased to offer four types of Comfrey leaf that you can select from: natural or organic cut and sifted Comfrey leaf and natural or organic Comfrey leaf powder. Like all of our dried herbs and fresh bulk herbs, we only source our Comfrey leaf from the best growers across the globe. We process all of our superior quality bulk herbs in our own facility to ensure they are you are 100% satisfied with every bulk herbs order. Origin: Croatia Common Names: Slippery root, knitbone, blackwort, bruisewort, healing herb USDA Organic Kosher Certified Certified Organic Comfrey Leaf, which is also known as Symphytum officinale, slippery root, knitbone, blackwort, bruisewort and healing herb, has many common uses. Comfrey leaf has demulcent, mildly astringent and expectorant qualities.

  1. I injured my hand and wrist quite badly. The x-ray showed no broken bones but the Dr. said I could have small fractures which would not show up in the x-ray. My hand, wrist and arm were put in a brace. I took the dry leaves, soaked them in boiling water and made a poultice out of them with cheesecloth. I wrapped the hot poultice around my fingers, hand and wrist and left it on the first night. The swelling was down the next morning (a swelling I had had for 4 days). I continued with the poultice until the swelling was gone and I was able to move my fingers again. A process which took about 3 days which would have taken at least a week. If I had been able to use the poultice right away I believe my hand would be completely healed by now. Comfrey is also called “Knitbone”.

  2. I love it

  3. Haven’t used yet, but I’m sure it’ll work fine.

  4. This is a old remedy back from when I was a kid in the UK,we would take the leafs off the plant and dry them,then use them on bruisers,strained muscels,just hydrate and apply.

  5. Don’t buy too much as one bag will supply you with a LOT of tea. You have to add 1-2 teaspoons of Comfrey to boiling water, cover for 3 minutes, then filter the comfrey off the water. Tastes okay.

  6. Just as I expected 🙂

  7. Great product

  8. Lovely product for my homemade skin products.

  9. Came surprisingly fresh and the quality seems really good. Mostly leaves very little stems. I believe it’s worth every penny just for the health benefits alone There are so many things you can do with comfrey that I would suggest everyone do some research and buy a bag.. if your looking for a company to help with herbal solutions this is it.

  10. Didn’t fix the problems my dog has in her skin (but nothing does) it was worthy trying.

  11. Perfect–just what I needed to make an emollient skin oil.

  12. Just what I needed for my pain salves. Good price.

  13. Will use for my herbal oil mix

  14. Perfectly dry yet still green and fragrant. Great quality. Made a wonderful Comfrey salve.

  15. good

  16. This product was very beneficial in me healing a broken bone in my foot. I made a poultice and applied to my broken bone which very quickly gave me more mobility and eased the pain and swelling.

  17. I was desperate to help the natural healing of my broken Fibula. I did not have surgery so I applied this to the area of the broken bone I between Exray and there was significant improvement. I think if I was more consistent I would have seen quicker results. In 10 weeks I only used it for about three weeks and only every every 2-3 days in a row.How I used it.I portioned 3 teaspoon heaped and added about 5 teaspoon of hot water, more if too dry. I let it stand to absorb the water and soften. I used the spoon to mush it up so it gets a little pasty. I then spread it on a piece of plastic in a layer consistent with the size of the affected area. I then put my foot in a plastic grocery bag to keep any dripping off my socks. I wrap the whole foot up and put on my compression socks then put on my Cam Walker. I leave it on for about 6-8 hrs. Remove before bed but I don’t wipe off the juice I let it air dry.The reason I don’t use it more than three times consecutively is that after the 3rd day the area gets a little irritated but goes away within 24hrs. Nothing alarming just itchy.That being said it was worth the try and I 100 % give credit to it helping me get back on my feet .

  18. This herb is amazing! My midwife told me to get it for after birth. We used it in a cold compress and it was so soothing! Definitely recommend!

  19. Just what I needed.

  20. Great

  21. Delicious!! i ate the whole bag! lol

  22. I love it! I made a salve with it!!

  23. this was a gift my friend was pleased

  24. beautiful and perfect

  25. Great product, no issues with it. Used it to make a salve.

  26. Perfect! Smells wonderful!

  27. For starters if you read the pkg it says do not use internally. Those of you that are drinking it should be very careful. Comfrey can be very toxic to your liver. It is something that should be used in salves or poltis. As far as the stems be in the product, the stems would contain as much medicine as the leaves, leaves are how the plant obtains its energy, it’s really all the same plant. This is a very good product! Smell is very aromic. Reminds me of the patch my mother grew in our family garden. If you are a gardener this will grow even in northern limits it is a perennial. It will die off in the fall & come back in spring. Just beware it is quite prolific. I don’t have a place for a garden otherwise I would grow myself. Completely happy with the quality of this product!!

  28. use it making a drawing salv.

  29. I am just using this tea in a tea rinse blend for my hair, so I do not know how it tastes. Even though I did see stem in the tea, I’m not entirely sure that is not supposed to look that way.I attached pictures for those who like to see the details, I hope they help.

  30. I use this in a healing salve I make and it’s my best friend. It’s “native” name is knit bone. I use it to help with any joint/bone/inflammation issues. It’s not for tea. Do not drink it.

  31. I made a couple of salves with this ingredient and it DOES get rid of bone aches and joint pains

  32. Great!

  33. Use comfrey in many homemade products! Always order from this company. Works great, great value! Can’t go wrong

  34. Used to make a herbal burn salve for my daughter. Infused it in olive oil.

  35. DO THE RESEARCH: it would take 40 cups of comfrey tea taken every single day for 40 years to do government claimed liver damage internally. Yet government allows pharma that has warnings even up to death. Very. Interesting.I broke my arm too close to the shoulder bone to have a cast on it. My husband made me a ‘bone herbal formula’ in capsules and I took it for 6 weeks. The doctor couldn’t believe the break healed so strongly. The herbal formula was based mostly on powdered comfrey leaf. The results speak volumes.

  36. One of the most advantageous herbs I’ve decided to use. Like Cannabis, it solves the “pain problem” associated with arthritis and the siatic nerve damage that left me bent over and in pain! At a fraction of the cost of Cannabis, and none of the stigma I am overjoyed with the outcome!Can’t imagine what I could have done to fix this with out COMFREY!A simple infusion in oil or water will work.

  37. Great quality and quantity for my buck

  38. I used this to make a blend for sitz baths postpartum – it worked great!

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