Detox Made in USA – 5 Day Detox – Bio-Cleanse + Liver Detox, Urinary Tract & Kidney Cleanse + Broad-Spectrum Toxin Cleanse – Natural THC Remover Detox – Milk Thistle, Cranberry – 42 Vegan Capsules

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5 Great reasons to buy from us:

  1. Okay. So woah.Wanted to get clean.. Less the 2days later i had a very unplanned drug test. I was sure i was going to fail.. Except i didnt.Im 230lbs.. 9 capsules somehow saved my butt and i was a heavy smoker.Im telling everyone about it!

  2. This stuff worked. I actually missed a few doses and was on the heavy side of use prior.

  3. not a daily smoker but after 3 days of treatment the result of the test was negative.

  4. Worked like a charm!

  5. Haven’t finished the 5 days, but the side effects have not been as bad as other detoxes I have tried in the past.

  6. I loved this product. It dropped me well below detectable. It works.

  7. I am female near 200lbs and love thc I used edibles, smoke, dab, and more. 2 days after using this in combination with cutting out meat, carbs, and sugar it worked. Drinking at least 4 bottles of water a day and taking $tree apple cider vinegar pills, stool softener, and the thc detox pills. Missed a dose one morning but still passed a $tree drug test 2 days after use. They work very well and fast. Just follow the rules no meat, carbs, sugar, caffeine.

  8. This product works. Just follow instructions don’t consume any thc products while detoxing. I smoked everyday pretty heavy and passed

  9. I love this detox. It’s gentle and complete. It works for me in about a week. I’d recommend it to anyone. Fast shipping too! Buy this!

  10. This is an easy solution to a problem for many. 5 days is all it takes..Just follow the directions..and all is good.

  11. The thing about this product is its very simple, straightforward, and effective. And thats all we expect from this sort of product, totally satisfied with it.

  12. I bought this as a general detox routine after a cruise trip since I gained a couple of pounds and I am very pleased with the results since it contains natural ingredients and seems to be doing effect after a few days of taking it. Just make sure to drink plenty of water to obtain its full detox effect. Highly recommended.

  13. Was skeptical and saw the reviews so i bought it. I needed to find a new job so its not a last minute thing, so i prepared, and going 30 days without it seemed a bit much to wait for it naturally to clear out, female , 5’8, 170 lbs. I smoked one bowl a day for the past yr. Bought some tests and calculated my results daily. 3 days , 18 pills later and im clean enough to take my own pee test!!!! Fake pee is each occurence like $40-80. And the drinks are Day of. If u know ones coming this is your best $20 to be able to take multiple tests. Do it

  14. Works very well!

  15. So far so good

  16. I felt awesome after day 3 stuff works!

  17. Great product!!! Last day of taking pills and decided to take a home test to be on the safe side. Amazing results, came out negative!!!

  18. Frantastic shipping, ordered tuesday night got here thursday. Great ingredients GMP certified. Very pleased.

  19. Great productJust make sure to drink plenty of water and stay away from thc.Work out.Drink and pea before the testDrink allot of cranberry juice aswell

  20. worked great to get rid of all bad toxins out of my system

  21. Works

  22. This works …all clear

  23. What a great product, really works

  24. I’m a 195er and was a chronic smoker, didn’t work for me on first try, but am giving it another try.

  25. I smoked heavily for about 1 week and wanted to detox for personal reasons. I tried this detox and of course i did workouts like jogging 3 miles a day and strength training. The product works. Period. No joke. I was surprise. For me it took 6 days but it works. I’m 205 lbs 5’8, hispanic. I know if you put in the work to get the THC out of your system it’ll probably come out sooner.

  26. liked but received 5 orders

  27. Actually worked.

  28. It really worked as promised! Just drink a lot of water.

  29. I was smoking very good weed !!! Just tested my self . Passed I didn’t think I would. Great product will use in again.

  30. I passed my drug screen with flying stars!

  31. Great product. Works great!!!!

  32. It’s great value that you can get from amazon. 3 days I’m clean like a baby. Fast shipping

  33. I liked how it made me feel better by removing toxins!!!

  34. I took an at home test and passed. My free 2nd detox just came in the mail. Just use the link on the side of bottle! Definitely saving the 2nd one for the next time I might need it.

  35. I tried this incredible product derived ofCBD. That amazing product!

  36. This product worked great for me, just as it was supposed to.

  37. Product is amazing, works very well.

  38. Works within 3 days

  39. Perfect product. Literally worked like a charm for me. I would highly recommend this to anyone detoxing from smoking marijuana.

  40. The ingredients look like exactly the ones used in milk thistle products just less milk thistle. I’m not using any thc, so can’t really say if it helps to remove that, but as a detoxing product it’s pretty good

  41. Works great!! I drank 4-6 bottles of water a day while taking the pills and walked 30 mins and passed my test!! Excellent product!

  42. Really works!!! Took me a few extra days because I didnt drink enough water!

  43. Great product! Do as instructed and the product will work beautifully!

  44. Did the job for me in 7 days.👌🏽

  45. I have tried other similar products in the past and they took a lot longer to work than this product. I will be coming to this brand from now on!

  46. I love the product! It works great you just have to make sure to drink a lot of water not only to flush your system out but to also not feel dehydrated because if you don’t drink enough you will feel dehydrated. I also recommend drinking a mix of apple cider vinegar and water as well.

  47. wow really works. In 5 days I was pissing clean. Will definitely buy again next I’m in a pinch!

  48. Easy to use, works.

  49. Worked very well for me. I am 5’5′ and 125lbs and I was clean in 5 days. Highly Recommend

  50. After taking this product for 3 days and following the directions to a tee I was negative. You must drink a lot of water all day with the pills. Added help I added cucumber and lemon to my water which helps you detox as well. Don’t think twice about this product it really does work, you just have to be committed to drinking nothing but water and watching what you eat.

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