Dexatrim Max Daytime Appetite Control, 60 Capsules

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  • Dexatrim Max Daytime Appetite Control 60 Caplets by CHATTEM LABS

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Dexatrim Max Daytime Appetite Control, 60 Capsules

Dexatrim Max Daytime Appetite Control, 60 Capsules

Dexatrim Max Daytime Appetite Control, 60 Capsules

Dexatrim Max Daytime Appetite Control, 60 Capsules

Product description


  1. I used two bottles of these pills and I lost 10 pounds without diet or exercise. That’s pretty good.

  2. I started taking these while I was over weight, they helped supress my appetite throughout the day and I wasn’t hungry until dinner time. I got a bit jittery but after I took them for a while I noticed this either went away or I got used to it. They do slightly effect my sleep, the pills tend to speed me up so on days that I failed to exercise I had a hard time falling asleep at night. I did lose weight while I was on them. These like all diet pills are not miracle pills and a person should not expect to drop 20 pounds without changing their habits, they are made to work WITH a diet and exercise plan not in place of one.

  3. I think a lot of trouble with people taking these pills is that they expect the pill to motivate them to run a couple miles. How can you ask something to do that for you? These are meant to boost what you’re already doing to be healthy! I’m a fairly active person (on my feet at work all day) and I do whatever I can manage after work (laps in the pool or intense 10-15mile bike rides). The pill has definitely curbed all the sugar cravings I have. I’m not snacking anymore. I’m eating and (whether from the actual pill or the psychological effects I’m placing on myself by taking the pill) I can tell myself “I’m full” a lot faster. I’m a coffee/tea drinker (at least 16-24oz. a day) already so the caffeine “boost” was negligible. I will say, that it does turn your pee fluorescent yellow, but it even states that on the bottle/packaging that the influx of vitamins will do this. I’m taking one pill a day and am very happy so far (about 4 pounds a week while continuing to exercise/eat right)

  4. I take one in the morning and one mid-afternoon (around 1). It really really helps with my appetite. I don’t mean to say if someone put a piece of chocolate cake in front of me I’d magically not want it but it would be a LOT easier to say no. For breakfast/lunch I’m not hungry at all so it’s a lot easier to eat what’s healthy. I’ve been using it about 3 weeks.It doesn’t make me jittery and it does help some with my energy. I don’t drink coffee/caffeine so I was worried about being jittery from it but that doesn’t seem to be a problem. I don’t notice that I’m losing any more weight (Like they claim it speeds up the metabolism)than I did before I started taking it but it’s a lot easier to eat the healthy stuff I’m supposed to when I’m not ravenous all of the time. The only thing I wish is that it lasted longer than it does. By dinner time I’m starving because it’s worn off so I’ll try adjusting the time of day I take it.Edit 11-4-11 – I’ve been using these for about two months now and I’ve lost 20 pounds. I adjusted the time of day I take it. Now I take the second pill around 3 pm and it’s working a lot better. When dinner rolls around I’m no longer wanting to gnaw my hand off to keep from reaching for food, lol. Also I haven’t noticed that it’s affecting my sleep at all. Was worried that taking it later in the day like this would make me stay awake longer but that doesn’t seem to be a problem.

  5. I purchased a bottle from Walgreens and they had both this brand and the Dexatrim Max-7 for the same price. I asked the pharmacist which one worked the best and she recommended this one because of the high caffeine dosage. Okay, I’ve only taken this for two days and I can say that IT WORKS!!! I have a timer on my phone to eat small meals every two hours. I have a problem with portions so I figured this would be my best solution. After taking just one Dexatrim in the morning, I had to literally force food down my stomach. I wasn’t hungry, and when I looked at my food, I mentally did not want it. The first pill lasted until 4:00pm. I took the pill at 9:00am so it lasted 7 hours! During my second pill, that’s when the problems started. I took the second pill at 4:00 and I could barely eat dinner (That’s great right?) but I had a HORRIBLE case of the jitters. I had a horrible headache and I couldn’t go to sleep until 12:00am! (I normally go to bed around 9:00pm). So, since I’m happy that it kills my appetite, I’m not going to let this product go. What I am going to do is cut my dosage down. (JUST ONE PILL A DAY). I can’t speak for everyone else because I know it has various affects on everyone but, I do have to recommend it for appetite suppression. I did not realize that high caffeine dosage would affect me the way it did. When I finish this bottle, I may move to the Dexatrim Max-7 since it has a lower caffeine dosage. I can’t be going crazy like that! 🙂

  6. Not sure what regime other people use while taking this, but if you are exercising and eating healthy this pill really does what it is supposed too. You cant expect to lose weight with your old habits and just the pill.No side affects for me, gave me more energy, but not the jittery kind you might get from coffee. Its a huge plus you only have to take one all day as opposed to some other pills where its with every meal.Price is right, easy to take, give it a fair shot. Lost 3 lbs in a week

  7. Good price and does the job i just started them and so far no side effects im happy that it does curve my appetite as its supposed to.

  8. I’m not sure why, but this Dexatrim product isn’t sold in stores in my area any more. I have used it in the past and it works well for me. No jitters, just a nice energy boost and decent appetite control.

  9. it really works.its easy to take, it control my hunger all day,it has no side effects,like some other products have.,i would rcomend dexatrim max to my freinds. dexatrim max daytime appetite control ,time release caplets is a good product

  10. I recently quit smoking and wanted to keep my weight gain in check. I tried several appetite suppressants, and for the price this one was the best.

  11. Often found capsules to be a bigger dose than I could tolerate. With the tablets I can cut it in half or thirds and take a little at a time, which may be all I wish, especially if it is in the afternoon and I want to get a good nite’s rest. They do help control my appetite and I like that there are some vitamins included too.

  12. use regularly, not only for appetite control so i don’t snack all day but also has a variety of vitamins/minerals i ordinarily would’nt take when busy……shipping time is slow , over a week, and thats with PRIME ……..

  13. Dexatrim Max helped cut my appetite so I can lose weight. I took dexatrim years ago and was satiisfied then.

  14. I love this product. It keeps me from snacking during the morning and i really love it! I dont get too jittery.

  15. dexatrim works very well to curb your appetite without making you nervous. If you want to lose a few pounds or a lot of weight. I WOULD RECOMEND TO ANYONE.

  16. These are good diet pills but have much too much caffeine in them. Make me jittery. Probably good for someone who can take the caffeine.

  17. The pill works pretty good. Makes me a little jittery, but, that was expected with the Caffine content. Still what I expected.

  18. works well only uyse halves

  19. Great product!!!

  20. ok

  21. Great at curbing my appetite!

  22. I had used this product before a few years ago. I saw it again on Amazon and ordered it. It works really well and It does not keep me up at night, I am going to buy more.

  23. I ordered this product on 6/16 and received it 6/20. Just started taking it 6/21, so I’ve only taken it once so far. It worked great for me! I hope it continues to work this way. I only took one pill – took it around 9 am or so – had to force myself to eat lunch around 1 pm, and I did not really get hungry until around 4 pm. At that time, I probably could have taken another pill, but decided against it, since I really needed to eat something. I did eat healthier than I normally would though, and I did not necessarily have a craving for any of the fatty foods I am used to eating. Looking forward to seeing how this works out for me over time. I would recommend drinking PLENTY of water though! And if you have a caffeine sensitivity, be sure to check out the caffeine content. It does have a lot, and I did notice that I was a bit jittery – felt like I could not sit still, but that was great for me, because it helps me to get things done ;-).

  24. Best on the market for high energy and appetite control.

  25. Great product. Does what it claims.

  26. Fast deliveries. As described

  27. Works for me!

  28. Terrific!!!

  29. This product is a good way to stop the munching between meals, but it really didn’t help me lose weight, as I still haven’t changed the types of foods I eat, and love.

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