Dry-XT Water Weight Loss Diuretic Pills – Natural Supplement for Reducing Water Retention & Bloating Relief w/Dandelion Root Extract, Potassium, 7 More Powerful Ingredients – 60 Veggie Capsules

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  • WATER WEIGHT LOSS RESEARCH-BACKED INGREDIENTS. Competition-grade diuretic supplement and detox pill featuring research-backed ingredients shown to help reduce fluid retention and detoxify your body. Just one dose of DRY XT per day will help you look leaner and more defined.
  • FLUSH OUT TOXINS & ENHANCE MUSCLE DEFINITION. Help dry out your body and cleanse safely, allowing you to achieve peak physique conditioning and keep healthy. Dry-Xt contains dandelion root extract and other powerful ingredients to expel excess water weight.
  • REDUCE BLOATING WITHOUT CRAMPING. It seems diuretic water pills are all more or less the same these days. Make no mistake, dandelion root is a useful diuretic supplement, but DRY XT is a cut above the rest due to it's revolutionary water reducing formula, featuring horsetail herb powder, green tea leaf extract, hawthorn berry powder, yerba mate powder, and more.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: GET RESULTS OR IT’S ON US.If for any reason you don’t find that DRY XT meets your needs in a natural diuretic supplement then we arrange for a hassle-free refund on your purchase.
  • MANUFACTURED IN THE USA IN CGMP FACILITY. Rather than just including dandelion root, DRY XT features a comprehensive blend of proven ingredients. DRY XT is formulated for fast results that you can actually feel and see. Best of all, every Jacked Factory product is manufactured in the USA in a state-of-the-art cGMP facility. With no artificial fillers or dyes, users are getting nothing but the purest, safest and highest quality products on the market.

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Dry-XT Water Weight Loss Diuretic Pills - Natural Supplement for Reducing Water Retention & Bloating Relief w/Dandelion Root Extract, Potassium, 7 More Powerful Ingredients - 60 Veggie Capsules

Dry-XT Water Weight Loss Diuretic Pills - Natural Supplement for Reducing Water Retention & Bloating Relief w/Dandelion Root Extract, Potassium, 7 More Powerful Ingredients - 60 Veggie Capsules

Dry-XT Water Weight Loss Diuretic Pills - Natural Supplement for Reducing Water Retention & Bloating Relief w/Dandelion Root Extract, Potassium, 7 More Powerful Ingredients - 60 Veggie Capsules

Dry-XT Water Weight Loss Diuretic Pills - Natural Supplement for Reducing Water Retention & Bloating Relief w/Dandelion Root Extract, Potassium, 7 More Powerful Ingredients - 60 Veggie Capsules

Dry-XT Water Weight Loss Diuretic Pills - Natural Supplement for Reducing Water Retention & Bloating Relief w/Dandelion Root Extract, Potassium, 7 More Powerful Ingredients - 60 Veggie Capsules

Dry-XT Water Weight Loss Diuretic Pills - Natural Supplement for Reducing Water Retention & Bloating Relief w/Dandelion Root Extract, Potassium, 7 More Powerful Ingredients - 60 Veggie Capsules

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Horsetail Herb Powder

A large body of evidence demonstrates that horsetail (Equisetum arvense) herb powder contains natural diuretic phytonutrients that help rapidly flush excess fluid out of the body.

Dandelion Root Extract 5:1

The root of the dandelion plant contains some unique constituents, especially taraxacin, taraxerin, taraxerol, and taraxasterol, which have diuretic actions in the body.

Hawthorn Berry Powder

Hawthorn is a perennial shrub-like plant that is related to the common rose. After flowering, the plant bears berry fruits known as “haws” that contain a variety of glycosides and procyanidins that act as natural diuretics in the human body.

Vitamin B6 + Essential Minerals

DRY XT is rounded out with a profile of key minerals (potassium, magnesium, & calcium) that regulate water balance in the body.

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  1. I’ve been using Dry-XT for about a week, and so far I’m loving it. I just started a cutting cycle recently and it’s a great addition to my current supplement stack. I especially like that I’ve experienced no negative side effects whatsoever (no nausea, no dizziness) like I’ve had with other diuretic-type products in the past.While it’s not the type of supplement that you necessarily should be taking all the time, it’s great to target excess water weight so you can look your best. Overall, it’s a great addition to the Jacked Factory lineup, I’m quite pleased.

  2. I have been using this for a little over a week so far. It works great and I have really noticed a difference already. I have not had any bloating and even my rings are loose now!

  3. Another great product from jacked factory! Like it says even if you aren’t needing to cut water weight it’s great for a detox and for me it gave me a boost of energy and my waist slimmed up a little too!

  4. It’s helps with water retention as advertised!

  5. This product is amazing! I especially am noticing the excess water weight loss and I’m loving it and I’ve only been taking it for 6 days!

  6. Extremely impressed with this product, Considering you only have to consume two capsules to get great awesome results! Compared to other competitors that have you taking 8 pills daily! Awesome Product with perfect amount of beneficial ingredients! You will notice substantial water weight loss with first few days for sure. Will definitely be ordering a second bottle!

  7. Dry XT is awesome! I have been able to notice more definition in my arms and shoulders. GREAT PRODUCT!

  8. Great product ! Lost the water weight as promised and got rid of that bloated look and feeling we all hate!

  9. this product works well with keeping the excess water down and prevents bloating. I am very pleased with it so far and cant wait to see the final end results. I recommend stacking it with burn XT and lean XT

  10. I bought this product the weekend it was launched. I have used JF Lean PM, Burn XT and AndroSurge. All of them have helped me with different challenges, whether it was boosting my metabolism at night, boosting my testosterone level while blocking estrogen or dropping a few pounds. I was anxious to try Dry-XT because I have a huge problem with water weight. I used it for 10 days and did notice a difference. People at work have commented also. I am taking a few weeks off and will use it for another 10 day period. I would like to drop a few pounds before the holidays (especially Thanksgiving) and Jacked Factory is really helping me.

  11. These little capsules are amazing. The work well but don’t have you racing to the bathroom in urgency. My ankles that kept a small amount of fluid all the time, even with lasix, are no longer an issue.

  12. This product is great so far! I tend to get really bloated after eating. This has eliminated that feeling of bloating and over full. I think I have lost a couple of lbs and it has curbed my apetite a bit. Initial results are awesome. Can’t wait to see long term results. I have been taking it for about1 week.

  13. I’ve tried different diuretics over the years and never had much luck, so my trying an inexpensive option didn’t hold much hope. I was wrong. This product is the best I’ve used and at such a great price. Already ordered my next bottle!

  14. I have only been using this for about a week but I don’t feel half as bloated as I did before which is great. They also have amazing customer service. All in all, I am very happy!

  15. Quick shipping , I really helped with bloating , and cutting weight for a meet . Ladies if you need something to help you not carry so much water weight during that time of the month .. I highly recommend this product ! Their customer service is amazing and fast responses as well . I’m going to continue on another bottle and other products from this company !

  16. Used to help with water retention and muscle definition!

  17. I’ve experimented with a few types of pills to reduce water retention. Some have worked and others have been a total waste of money. After reading the reviews of others and seeing the price-tag, I decided to give Dry-XT a try. This product is great! After finishing my first bottle, I placed an order for another. Here is why:1. My water retention and bloating reduced significantly.2. I started to notice a difference the same day I started taking the pills. Other brands can take multiple days to take affect.3. The directions indicate you should take 2 capsules 1-2 times a day. Once a day has been enough for me.4. Only two capsules per serving. Other brands have required more.5. The price is great!6. Prime delivery.Thanks, Jacked Factory!

  18. I have used water pills in the past and I have to say I have had the best results with this one. It has helped tremendously with reducing the water and bloating I have had. I would almost say it is working too well. You will definitely see results as long as you are consuming an adequate amount of water. I will definitely be ordering an additional bottle soon.

  19. I was not sure about purchasing this item. A little skeptical to say the least. After using it for two days. I noticed a change in my belly and dropped a couple of pounds. It does not run you to the bathroom. After researching the contents, I am confident using this supplement. However, being a senior the directions/instructions are so hard to read but I got through them. So far so good. I have already ordered the free supply offer you receive inside the bottle. Thanks

  20. This product is great! I rarely write reviews but rely on them a lot when shopping so had to give this product props! I was significantly bloated and retaining water from a period of traveling and overindulging and I knew there was no way I gained that much fat over a 2-week timeframe. Literally went from 170lbs to 182lbs 😩😩 I started taking this product and within a week was back down to my normal weight. Yes, I was peeing all the time but I needed to get the excess water out of my system. I took 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening for 8 days and felt great! People always say, “it’s just water weight” whenever you lose a lot of weight in a short timeframe. However, that water weight was making my clothes fit tighter so it had to go! And this product got rid of it. I’ll always have some of this product on hand for those times when I’m bloating and retaining water. It works!!!

  21. I’ve tried many diuretics but this is by far the best product of all. Some products give me this jittery weird feeling and cause me to make frequent trips to the bathroom! The dry XT doesn’t! The product is doing is what it’s supposed to be doing, I feel great and there are no side effects. High quality! I will be purchasing more in the future!

  22. I decided to use this product because I thought my stomach size was related to water retention. I may just be fatter than I’d like to admit. However, I did notice improvements in my forearm vascularity and I was peeing more often. This product does what it says: reduces water retention through natural means. It’s obviously not as good as a prescription, but it is worth a shot if you want to reduce some water weight.

  23. You just got yourself a lifetime loyal customer. I struggle with water weight and this pill helps keep me in check, makes sure I drink my daily recommended amount of water, and no side effects! Been through a whole bottle now, just ordered my second, and I haven’t felt stuffed or bloated the entire time. Absolutely love this product.

  24.  I have been on this product for 6 days and lost 7 lbs! It really will have you going to the restroom 6-7 times a day, but it’s worth it! I feel so much less bloated and more energized! I also started a low car and processed sugar free diet which has helped a lot as well. However, in the past I did not lose this much weight this fast. Usually in a week I may lose 4lbs with a new diet. So I know this has definitely helped!

  25. Wow! The dry xt is amazing! I took it at night and the next morning i was much less puffy around my eyes and my ring fingers. It really helps with the puffiness. This is a product i will be using for years to come!!!

  26. For many years I’ve tried different products and they did not work. It was a wasteful spending until I discovered Dry-XT. Dry-XT is more than great, it’s excellent and extremely happy with it.

  27. Stacked this with Burn XT and saw great results. The big difference from regular water pills is how you feel. It takes away the bloat and you feel lean and dry. I am a 48 year old man and I lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks while gaining muscle from working out 3 times a week. I am always skeptical but these products do what they say and without the stomach discomfort.

  28. I am unsure of how well these worked. I took these for about 3 or 4 weeks and wasn’t sure if they were really flushing me for how much water I was drinking (which was about 3/4 gallon per day). Saw very subtle changes on the scale that could have been normal water weight loss and increased working out.

  29. i have not been as bloated since starting this. although i never experienced and side effects such as going to the bathroom a lot, i did notice my fingers are not as puffy. i also drink 3-4 liters of water a day.

  30. I was having some issues with swelling around ankles and my feet – edema I believe it’s called. Dr says it’s due to weight gain that’s from a medical issue I’m currently having and recommended an OTC product. Not my thing. All nature made items that I found though had watermelon in some way or form – which I’m allergic to – so I had given up til I came across you guys online. Checked you out, checked on Amazon, and I love this product! I also purchased supplements for aid in fat burning from you guys, Burn XT and Lean PM. I’m feeling so much better! I can’t thank you guys enough!!!

  31. Good Afternoon,I have Lymphedema and trying to workout and balance swelling in lower body which made my workouts difficult. I came across your product after reading many reviews I felt this might be what can help me out. I purchased product on Amazon. Before trying product I could only last 45 mins to an hour at gym before legs start to swell and hurt so I would give up and go home. Once I started using product I now do 2 and a half to 3 hours at gym. Swelling in legs has been controlled as well. I now go 3 times a week and still on track with the help of these products. I purchased Dry, Flex, Burn. Love the energy boost and how it helps manage my Lymphedema.Thank you Adriana Rodriguez

  32. Need more time on the product. The first week I saw no difference. The second week I started going to the bathroom more often, which is when I realized this product must be working. Need more time on it to see if it provides the muscle definition it states on the bottle. I was going to wait to write a review, but wanted to claim my free bottle. I will update my review once I have spent more time using this product. So far I’m happy.

  33. I was very pleased with the results of the Dry-XT. There is no such thing as a magical weight loss pill. But with proper diet and exercise and the diuretic properties on the Dry-XT I was able to drop weight, reduce bloating and get rid of excess water retention. Best part is there’s no harmful or chemical ingredients just vitamins and herbs. Great product all around and would definitely purchase this again. I also plan to try other Jacked Factory products thanks to the satisfaction of this product.

  34. I was highly skeptical about this product, but after research, decided to give Jack Factory a chance and thankfully I did because I have more muscular definition!The use of Dry XT, along with the intense training and strict diet, has been giving me more definition and interestingly enough, attention at the gym. Please do your research before purchasing. If you think just taking this alone will work, then you’re mistaken. Great product and will continue purchasing it again!

  35. The pros: Customer service is excellent if you contact Jacked Factory directly. They respond quickly and resolve any issues.The product can be taken well as directed without side effects in my experience. Did not cause heartburn or any other negative issues.Be sure to drink plenty of water during the day.While I didn’t get the exact results I hoped to, I would purchase another product from this company again because there’s nothing to lose with their excellent customer service for satisfaction.

  36. I bought Burn-XT and Dry-XT at the same time but so far I have only used Brun-XT.I started 3 weeks ago and I’ve really liked the results. I only take it 5 days a week, on the days that I work out. I am lean, my height is 5’1 and my weight is 101 but got it because I wanted to burn that little extra fat that I had specially located on my abdominal area. I can totally see a difference since I’ve gotten more shredded.But what I like the most is that is doesn’t make me feel anxious after taking it just gives me that extra nice energy throughout the day.

  37. My boyfriend was having some major water retention and swelling issues from some meds he has to take and this is the only water pill that has helped relieve it. They are larger than your typical water pill which could make them harder to swallow for some but they are definitely worth the money and we will be ordering again.

  38. I took a similar product from another manufacturer with no results. This product started working from day 3. Week 1, took 1 pill a day and then moved to 2 pills a day for week 2. I am not bloated and do not carry excess water-weight anymore. I do have to go to bathroom a lot after taking this product though. Excellent product . Will order more for sure..

  39. literally lost 30 pounds in 28 days.. Id take 4 pills a day. 2 in the morning and 2 at night. I would also eat only once a day and LOTS of water and coke zero Lmao

  40. I was gaining water weight drinking a gallon of water everyday, on top of that being bloated. I searched and searched found this product looked at the reviews took a chance and took it on July 22nd and still taking them. Ever since then they worked right away and I am happy about it No more feeling like I’m puffing up will buy some more products in the future. This sealed the deal for me!

  41. I’ve bought two bottles of the Dry XT, now. I really like the product and will def buy it again. Although I don’t feel like it helps me much with weight loss, I really think it helps my bloating. I have had my gall bladder taken out last November and bloat very often. The dry XT really helps that bloat. I enjoy all of the Jacked Factory products that I’ve taken

  42. I started taking Dry XT and, within a day, noticed a difference in energy levels! After taking this product for about 4 or 5 days, my wife even commented that my stomach was looking flatter. Highly recommended!

  43. Dry xt is fantastic! I have tried several other water pills but nothing worked. These really work. Try it for yourself and you will see how great they are. I have a problem with swelling in my hands & ankles but after taking this for a little over a week there’s been a huge difference. There’s been an overall difference.

  44. I got BurnXT and DryXT to get an increase in energy to aid in longer, more productive exercises. I started out by taking one BurnXT before exercising in the mornings and I could feel the energy boost about 20 mins later. I started out using a capsule of DryXT in the evenings and it made me urinate a lot more. After 5 days, I upped both 2 capsules each and the results were improved too. I noticed I cravings dropped remarkably and I willingly drank more water. I am happy I found this brand. BTW customer service communicates with you and give suggested directions as to how to achieve the best results.

  45. I like taking this product cuase it helps with bloating and detoxing my body. I take it with Burn XT and Diet XT, let me tell you it makes me sweat. I have noticed the difference in my clothing since taking these products, my clothes fit me a little more looser now. I was weighing about 310 in the beginning of July now im about 300 lbs. Still got a lot more to loose but little by little I’ll get there. Love these products.

  46. This product is amazing!!! ❤ for someone who struggles with water weight, this is a game changer!! I went from 148➡️ 144 in just a couple days. For me I haven’t experienced any side effects from using this product. I will be purchasing from this company again.

  47. Me and my husband have been using the pills and they have been very effective in our health journey. Recently we have started the keto diet. We have been on it for 3 weeks so far and we are ready to see how effective Jacked Factory’s keto diet pills are. The Dry XT worked wonders and we are looking forward to trying more products very very soon!We have both lost about 15lbs in 3 weeks but we have been changing our habits as well. The Dry XT pills were an asset to our new lifestyle change.

  48. I decide to try these because I have some pretty bad water retention, and I wanted to see if they would help. I usually take two pills twice a day. I have been taking these about two weeks now and I can find no complaints. What a difference these pills have made. I will be buying again.

  49. This product has been great so far. As long as I drink my water, it definitely works and doesn’t bother my stomach. This product doesn’t make you run to the bathroom all day either. This is a great supplement to my diet and exercise.

  50. This is a great product.I’m training for bikini competition so I wanted a natural diuretic.This product was helpful plus I’ve I’ve triedLean Xt and think it’s also helping.My 19 yr old and another good friend who both also train have tried a couple other jacked factory products and so far we all are happy with the products and seeing good results.The customer service is great with this company , very helpful and products are a great value for the money!I plan on trying some other of their productsDefinitely:)

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