Eclectic Lomatium OSHA Spray, Red, 1 Fluid Ounce

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  • Assists in boosting the immune functions
  • Also contains organic shade-dried Echinacea purpurea seed, wild crafted shade-dried Slippery Elm (Ulmus fulva) inner bark, shade-dried Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) root
  • Improves the respiratory functions of the body
  • Spray 2 to 3 times into the open mouth up to 3 or 5 times daily as needed
  • Prepared from Wild crafted shade-dried Lomatium (Lomatium dissectum) root, wild crafted shade-dried Osha (Ligusticum portieri), organic fresh Echinacea angustifoliaroot, organic fresh Echinacea purpurea root, flower & leaf

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Eclectic Lomatium OSHA Spray, Red, 1 Fluid Ounce

Product description

Lomatium-Osha Throat Spray – 1 Ounces Spray. it communicates our focus on helping to make the world healthier, one life at a time. though we’ve changed over the years, our values have remained the same.

  1. The local Whole Foods recommended this product when I had a sore throat and I tried it and it worked great. After running out I went back and they didn’t carry it any more. All I can say is now I keep extra bottles so I will never run out.

  2. Amazing for cough and sore chest and lungs. I destroyed my lungs by smoking and have a sensitive thoat with enlarged papillae. This product really helped my cough and made my tongue and throat calmer. I am continually amazed at the falsehoods of western medicine.

  3. Power of Lomatium in a spray. Also other helpful herbs. Heals fast – good to have handy for sore throat, etc.

  4. Arrived on time/as advertised 🙂

  5. This is AMAZING stuff. The doctors said nothing could be done for my mono. After 3 squirts of this in my throat at night, I was 90% better the next morning.

  6. Works very well for relieving sore or dry throats.

  7. Great Product.

  8. I have been using Lomatium OSHA for at least 7 years. This product is the one thing that has worked for me to ward off pneumonia, which I am very susceptible to. Any time I feel the least bit of a tickle in my throat I spray with this product. I carry Lomatium OSHA with me any time I am going out of town. I also make sure I drink lots of water during the day. This is not the best tasting of products, but it takes care of my problem. Hope it will work for others.

  9. I have been using this for years whenever I think I’m getting a sore throat or upper-respiratory infection.

  10. This stuff is amazing. It is rivaled only by elderberry syrup which also relieves treats a cold in a surprisingly short time. Even after the cold has settled in it relieves the symptoms. Don’t take my word. Try it! It is labeled as a good throat pain reliever but I found that it can stop a cold in its tracks. If you look it up the description says it does not just relieve the symptoms like commercial products, it actually boosts the immune system and helps against inflammation.

  11. This stuff is awesome! It will clear up chest congestion fast. Gave a bottle to family member when he couldn’t get rid of congestion. Tastes terrible but works like a charm!!

  12. Helps when I get a scratchy filling in my throat, but the taste is so horrible. If you like the taste of black licorice than you will definitely like the taste of this spray, but I’m not an old lady so it’s very yucky.

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