ElectroMix Electrolyte Replacement (Natural Lemon-Lime Flavor, 30-Count 0.14 oz. Packets) - 0.14 Ounce (Pack of 30)

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  • Includes 30 single-serving packets (0.14 oz. each) of Emergen-C ElectroMIX in Lemon-Lime flavor
  • Electrolyte replacement beverage helps restore key nutrients including potassium, magnesium and calcium
  • Electrolyte drink mix helps replace fluids lost during physical activity
  • Add a packet of Emergen-C ElectroMIX to 1 liter of water for a restoring, thirst-quenching sports drink
  • Made with natural fruit flavors and free of sugar, sodium and gluten

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ElectroMix Electrolyte Replacement (Natural Lemon-Lime Flavor, 30-Count 0.14 oz. Packets)

ElectroMix Electrolyte Replacement (Natural Lemon-Lime Flavor, 30-Count 0.14 oz. Packets)

ElectroMix Electrolyte Replacement (Natural Lemon-Lime Flavor, 30-Count 0.14 oz. Packets)

ElectroMix Electrolyte Replacement (Natural Lemon-Lime Flavor, 30-Count 0.14 oz. Packets)

ElectroMix Electrolyte Replacement (Natural Lemon-Lime Flavor, 30-Count 0.14 oz. Packets)

ElectroMix Electrolyte Replacement (Natural Lemon-Lime Flavor, 30-Count 0.14 oz. Packets)

ElectroMix Electrolyte Replacement (Natural Lemon-Lime Flavor, 30-Count 0.14 oz. Packets)

ElectroMix Electrolyte Replacement (Natural Lemon-Lime Flavor, 30-Count 0.14 oz. Packets)

ElectroMix Electrolyte Replacement (Natural Lemon-Lime Flavor, 30-Count 0.14 oz. Packets)

ElectroMix Electrolyte Replacement (Natural Lemon-Lime Flavor, 30-Count 0.14 oz. Packets)

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Replaces Electrolytes

Emergen-C Electro Mix has key electrolytes including potassium, calcium and magnesium that can be lost through perspiration.

Refuels the Body

A hydrated body is a healthier body. Emergen-C Electro Mix drink mix is a smart way to replace fluids and nutrients lost during physical activity.

Keeps You Going

Whether you’re a junior athlete or a seasoned pro (1), Emergen-C Electro Mix helps provide vital nutrients you need.

(1) Approved for age 14 and up.

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Just Add Water

Easy, right? Just dissolve Emergen-C Electro Mix in a liter of water at home or on-the-go for an instant sports drink to help you hydrate during or after workouts.

Transform Your Favorites

Hot or cold drinks. Smoothies, slushies or frozen pops. Add your favorite Emergen-C drink mix for a nutritious boost. Check out the recipes at EmergenC.com/recipes.

Reach Your Goals

With more than 20 varieties to choose from, plus special formulas, chewables and gummies, Emergen-C can help you achieve your wellness goals – deliciously!

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Supports the immune system with Vitamin C*, plus also has other antioxidants (2), B Vitamins and electrolytes

Supports the immune system with key nutrients including Vitamins C and D, and Zinc*

Focuses the mind and revitalizes the body with natural caffeine from green tea*

Replenishes and fortifies with key electrolytes and Vitamin C

Naturally promotes sleep and relaxation with melatonin (3)*


Super Orange, Acai Berry, Coconut-Pineapple, Cranberry-Pomegranate, Lemon-Lime, Pink Lemonade, Raspberry, Strawberry-Kiwi, Tangerine, Tropical

Super Orange, Cherry, Blueberry-Acai, Raspberry, Citrus

Blueberry-Acai, Lemon-Lime, Mango-Peach

Lemon-Lime Twist, Raspberry Splash, Orange Spritz with Glucosamine, Electro Mix

Berry PM, Peach PM, Mellow Berry


Powdered Drink Mix, Chewables, Gummies

Powdered Drink Mix, Chewables, Gummies

Powdered Drink Mix

Powdered Drink Mix

Powdered Drink Mix

Product description


0.14 Ounce (Pack of 30), 4.2 Ounce (Pack of 2)

  1. I tried some other powders that offer good electrolyte balances (Hammer Endurolytes and Ultima Replenisher), but neither of them worked as well as the Gatorade powder I was trying to get away from. I always felt worn out and headachey throughout the day after a solid workout. The Endurolytes powder also left a chalky taste in the mouth and the Ultima Replenisher must have some artificial sweetener because no matter how much I diluted it, it always tasted grotesquely sweet.Emergen-C Electro Mix prevents the fatigue and headaches and it doesn’t taste super strong or sweet. I feel rejuvenated and fresh like I did with the Gatorade, but without all the sugars to make my teeth fall out. If you are looking for some electrolytes without the sugar, or you just want to manage your carb intake independent of the electrolytes, this is the powder for you.

  2. So far this is the only electrolyte substitute I have every used regularly, however I have just received my second box and I feel that I should review it based on my experience.The taste as has been mentioned is a little bland, but for me personally it is not bad thing. It does however taste very good when mixed with my protein shakes and actually enhances the flavor of both. So in the taste category it is actually a pro rather than a con for me as it seems to be with others.Other electrolyte powders usually come in large tubs that may not necessarily be convenient for travel and work, which is where this product shines. The packets are easy to transport and very convenient for work and in that regard, can’t be beat.Overall, if you are looking for a slight kick to your daily hydration without the unnecessary sugar and carbs of other “sports” drinks, these little packets will do the trick.Also, they are easier on the wallet, which is always a plus.

  3. I work out fasted in the morning and I usually take a pre-workout drink to get me energized for the gym. This usually works fine but after an hour of it I start feeling tired and drained out, and I realized it is likely due to the excessive sweating I do in the heat. I just bought and started drinking this before hand and the issue went away, I feel good the entire time I’m there.The mineral breakdown in this is very nice, the amount of potassium alone is great. I wish it did have some salt, as that’s lost in sweat too, but overall I’m very happy.I will say the taste isn’t very strong, so I use much less water than recommended to make the taste stronger and down it faster.

  4. While it’s been around for years, what I like about the Electro Mix is its focus on electrolyte replacement and I have been recently using this more and more for extreme efforts like cycling races or rides, but also in just working hard outside in the hot weather.True to form, this stuff works GREAT because, contrary to some beliefs, it is NOT just about hydration; in fact, too much hydration on exceptionally hot days or extreme efforts can result in hyponatremia or “water poisoning”. This very bad condition has you deplete electrolytes to the point where there is no conduit for the nervous system to fire the muscle cell neurons. Suffice it to say, it’s a serious trip to the hospital getting pumped with an electrolyte I.V.Forget about all that bad stuff and drink this during those extreme conditions and you’ll be fine!

  5. No strong taste, No sodium, No Sugar that’s a 5 stars for me right there. I wanted something to add to water on those days where I’ve had enough of the heat and need to hydrate immediately AND bring up my electrolytes without using a traditional sports drinks that sometimes make me even more thirsty. This is perfect, and has a subtle hint of lemon and sweetness (which is stevia). I wasn’t looking for flavoring, just something to prevent me from having health issues from being dehydrated.I’m glad they come pack in a foil like packaging and I plan to keep these in my purse, vehicle and at home. I’m very satisfied with these convenient packets. If you’re looking for something that taste like your store bought sports drinks, this is not for you.

  6. My husband works in the weather which is very hot in Georgia and was experiencing a lot of problems with leg cramps and occasionally weakness from what seemed like heat related dehydration and electrolyte depletion.I love the regular Emergen-C so I got this for him. He puts 1 packet a day in a water bottle with water and ice and drinks it about mid morning, and his cramps have stopped, though the weather has only been hotter.We’re both very pleased with it. He likes the taste ok – it’s not a treat but it has absolutely helped him feel better. I like that he’s not waking up in pain every night. He’s not had a single leg cramp since he started taking these. He only takes it on workdays. Great product, will buy again and again.

  7. We have an extremely active, outdoor-centric family. We also live in the desert so we sweat a LOT while being active, requiring electrolyte replacements many times a week. I’ve always struggled an inner battle knowing how important it is to replace those electrolytes, while absolutely hating all the weird colors and flavors and sugar in bottled sports drinks. Imagine my surprise to find a company that I’ve known, used, and trusted for decades makes an electrolyte replacement! We have this product on subscription, and have hooked many extended family members on it as well. It’s great! As for the flavor, I can tolerate it but I do not like it at all. To be fair, I don’t like flavored anything, so it isn’t necessarily the fault of the mix. My teenage boys however absolutely love it, and I have to remind them not to drink it “for fun”, but to save it for after sports practices/meets, or hiking, biking etc. The price is unbelievable, especially when on subscription, and especially compared to Gatorade or other pre-bottled sports drinks. I 100% recommend this product! It’s so cheap there is no reason not to try it.

  8. I spent some time in Florida during the dog days of summer last year and found myself doing some work around the house. A couple of days of that and my hands and calves started to cramp even with minor exertion to the point where I wasn’t able to get much done. I correctly assumed I was low on electrolytes but was reluctant to buy sport drinks for health reasons. I went to the local mom & pop health food store and the guy said that Electro Mix was the preferred product of outdoor workers that time of year. I got a box, mixed some in my water bottle and within the hour the cramping was gone. The following morning I was back to work with no problem. I was amazed at how quickly it had worked.

  9. The flavor is really odd, sort of like the slightly bitter taste the bubbles in seltzer water have when they burst.My roommate suggested mixing this 50/50 with the EmergenC powder that has actual flavor. It would also sneak into sweet lemonade smoothly.In terms of the electrolytes, it’s effective. I’m constantly fighting against dehydration, and 60oz of Gatorade/day really gets old. I like to try different electrolyte drinks to keep things interesting. I’m not tachycardic or hypertensive, so I can say with confidence that the product works 😉

  10. When we’re dealing with a virus, illness or other problem that requires electrolytes, this is my go-to option. I hate that most electrolyte options contain a lot of sugar- for me, that just makes my problem worse. Not to mention the artificial flavors, colors and other icky chemicals- no one needs that stuff, sick or not. This is a great option to avoid the sugar and artificial colors and flavors but still get the electrolytes in.I often mix it with an iced herbal tea of nettle and red raspberry leaf as a post-workout drink. I can’t taste it at all that way, but in plain water the taste isn’t objectionable. My kids will take this without complaint so long as I add a sweetener for them. Sugar doesn’t cause them problems like it does me. The joy of this type of electrolyte replacement is that you can add any sweetener that works for you.This mix is a great value compared to other brands that are advertised as electrolyte replacements. There are thirty packages in a box and less than 31 cents apiece. Each package makes 1 liter (just over a quart) of liquid. Even the cheapest electrolyte replacement solutions that are full of artificial flavors, colors and other junk isn’t that well-priced.I greatly appreciate that these are single-serve packets that make a quart each instead of a big tub that you have to scoop out of. My kids can make it with a quart mason jar when needed, if I’m down with a bug and I need it. No scoops, no mess, no problem.Five stars for value, packaging, flavor and lack of sugar. I’m a repeat customer and I will continue purchasing these in the future.

  11. I cannot express how much I love Electro Mix!My brother and I work long hours, predominantly outside… in Texas. Two gallons of water has become the norm, for me, from May through September, ever since moving here 3 years ago. And even drinking 2 gallons, I’d wake up feeling dehydrated.But last spring I had heard a local DJ talking about it (not a paid spot, but had just started using it) and figured, “eh, why not give it a try?”I’ll add 2-3 packets per gallon jug and wake up the next morning feeling anywhere from really good – great! I like that they leave Sodium out of it, due to so many people having high Sodium diets.Side note: It’s also AMAZING for hangover prevention and recovery. (Just in case that’s your thing… haha!)

  12. A good way to get electrolytes without tons of sugar. I drink this after any time I’ve been sweating and it works great. The flavor is a little too subtle for my taste but I assume that’s because it doesn’t contain sugar. Seems to do a better job than name brand sports drinks and is way cheaper. Each packet makes 32 ounces. Sometimes I add a little honey to it and some lemon juice just to give it a little more flavor but that’s not often. Overall it’s a nice product and would recommend it.

  13. My principal must have during our desert summers when the temps hit 115 and I feel so depleted of minerals despite drinking water. Can feel it working in minutes. So glad to see it back on the market. Re some negative comments on added stevia, I had some 9 year old packets that still had stevia as sweetener. I think it’s always been there and the taste is as usual.

  14. Potassium is a misunderstood and mostly forgotten mineral supplement. Take the time to look up “potassium to sodium ratio” for better understanding. the NIH,gov “states Recent national nutrition surveys show that, on average, Americans consume about 3300 mg of sodium per day (almost 1-1/2 tsp per day of salt) and 2600 mg potassium per day. These are far from the recommended goals of 2300 mg or less for sodium and 4700 mg or more for potassium.” Sodium/Potassium Ratio Linked to Cardiovascular Disease Risk.With that being said, I started using this after a hot week working outside in the Florida sunshine I was sore with joints aching heart pounding. Not a good scenario for a man in his 60’s. I tried all of the regular sports drinks and I was looking into reasons for such extreme fatigue and I came back to potassium every time. I got the Electro Mix (480MG Potassium) and the Emergen-C 1,000 mg Vitamin C Dietary Supplement Drink Mix, Super Orange/Raspberry/Tropical, 90 Packets, Net Wt. 28.5 oz. and I feel much better. I am taking both every morning before coffee and I feel great….. Life saver….. RECOMMENDED …By the way I am not a rep for Emergen-C.RECOMMENDEDVOTE thumbs UP IF YOU FOUND THIS HELPFUL

  15. I got really sick and this product brought me back to life – it felt like. It’s so simple. A whole packet makes a liter or standard mason jar. I sprinkle a little bit in my water and it works great like that too.

  16. The only thing I don’t understand about this product is why they are never carried in the stores. This is by far the best electrolytes on the market. No unnecessary garbage fillers and sweetened with Stevia. If I am working in the garden I will drink one or two packets to prevent dehydration and headaches. They are the only things that have ever worked for me.

  17. This is meant to be mixed with a liter of water but I use about half as much with some additional flavoring because it is so mild. I was having a lot of problems with leg cramps but now I drink a package a day and seldom have problems any more. Once I start drinking it, I can’t get enough. I love this drink so much!

  18. Whenever I get dehydrated, I mix up a packet of this amazing electrolyte drink. It tastes like watered down Sprite. It’s fabulous ice cold. This stuff isn’t sugary like gatorade, and isn’t strong tasting either.

  19. I bought these because I’m on keto and need my electrolytes…I don’t mind the taste at all and it helps me get out of dehydration mode quicker.

  20. I became severely dehydrated and after having to go to the hospital for an IV drip, a friend recommended it. I bought this and have been drinking every since. I love it.

  21. These are wonderful. Have you been sweating outside for extended time? Drink one of these!Boozed it up a little last night? Drink one of these before bed or first thing in the morning! Bye, bye hangover!

  22. This is a great way to keep your electrolytes replenished without sugar, salt or artificial kiddie colors.I have to admit I assumed (without reading the ingredient label) that ‘sugar free’ meant it was artificially sweetened. I was fine with that. To my surprise it is not sweet at all and so initially tasted kind of yucky. But – after adding a packet of sweetener it’s great. Nice light lemon lime flavor.It’s really convenient to be able to just pour a packet into a bottle of water (add the sweetener if you wish), shake and go. It mixes quickly and thoroughly. The packets are small and easily slipped into a pocket.*Update* I’m now adding this to BCAAs for workouts. The combo is great and no additional sweetener needed.

  23. I had used Electro Mix daily for several years before the product was discontinued by the manufacturer. I searched in vain in stores and online for months before giving up. I was thrilled when, once again, it appeared, this time on Amazon. I love this product. Unlike Gatorade, it actually has substantial amounts of various electrolytes in it. I also like that it has no unpleasant sweetness to make you feel like you are not doing yourself a favor by drinking it. I highly recommend this product!

  24. A real lifesaver but tastes funky. Keep these in my truck and my office. Great for workouts or working. Got some of my friends using these too. Great product.

  25. Real good price for an electrolyte powder with the right ingredients. No sodium, and comes in convenient packets for on the go hydration! The taste isn’t bad either, just slightly citrus without the sugar.

  26. This gets back your electrolytes after a night of drinking. I highly suggest.

  27. This electrolyte brand has 400mg potassium—very hard to find. Most have only 200mg.

  28. I TRULY loved these years ago when I got them and I was with my grandparents and I couldn’t find them for a long time so I didn’t know what happened, anyways I FOUND THEM AGAIN! I love this product so much it’s great in just water honestly it is and even my dad likes it, (which is shocking he’s so picky!) it’s good in Powerade and Gatorade too, excellent product! Please give these guys a try and please don’t go out of stock or discontinue you are such a wonderful product and really so make sports water, truly sport-tastic!

  29. This product is a life saver. Literally.I have issues with electrolytes. Potassium being the main culprit. This helps me keep it regulated, which in turn keeps my heart happier. Less arrhythmias.

  30. Electrolytes without sugar and other junk. Helps prevent muscle cramps. Good for folks who need potassium supplementation. Taste is good. I make it more concentrated, use 1/2 or 1/4 the water suggested. It is bubbly, so if that upsets you stomach, let it stand awhile to bubble off.

  31. I’ve been an endurance athlete for over a decade and started having electrolyte imbalance issues that were stopping my workouts. This was recommended to me by a friend and has made a world of difference. Don’t expect it to taste great, but it will definitely do the job.

  32. Only negative is the crappy packets. Being a product primarily used during or post-workout, the wide, rectangular foil packets make a mess when pouring into water bottles. They offer a “hydration” product that comes in a slimmer packet, perfect for pouring into a water bottle, but that product is sweetened with sugar as opposed to the stevia in this product. Other than that, I love these!

  33. I used to drink Gatorade but I don’t like all the artificial stuff in it, and I cannot do sugar these days. Electromix does the job. I get “heat stupid” if I’m not careful and this stuff keeps me hydrated and able to function.

  34. I initially purchased this product when I was trying a keto diet and experienced some muscle cramping and weakness after exercising. Drinking this product diluted in water, 1-2 servings per day, alleviated all of those symptoms within a few days. I am not a fan of the taste of this product and think it tastes similar to AlkaSeltzer, but I have found the perfect solution. I mix in one packet of True Lime and one packet of True Lemon into every liter. Also, I use carbonated water since I have a SodaStream machine. That produces a delicious and refreshing drink. Of course, plain water and bottled lime or lemon juice works just fine if you don’t want the bubbles. In any case, ElectoMix seems to be a great product for me.

  35. This replaced the nun tablets I used to take while taking spinning classes after I find out exactly how much electrolytes the nuun tablets really contain (sad). These packets taste just as good if not better than nuun tablets (less sour, more subtle), contain more electrolyte and cost less than half! I’m glad I found them and so far it’s been perfect.

  36. I love this stuff. It doesn’t taste amazing, but it sure does work. I used it to get electrolytes that were lost while climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. I was taking an altitude sickness med, that is a serious diuretic. I had no problems. Another girl took a weaker electrolyte replacement and she not only didn’t make it, but had muscle spasms and had to be carried off the mountain on a stretcher. She looked at these and told me they had 50x the amount of potassium. Get them!

  37. I ordered these because I wasn’t feeling well. I had recently stoped eating carbs and sugary drinks. I was feeling dehydrated and just very blaaaa. These definitely did what I needed. I felt better in 2/3 days. They dont taste all that bad either. This is definitely something I will be keeping around, since I have decided to start following the keto diet.

  38. Personally, using this powder alone doesn’t have the strongest flavor I desire. But, when I add the Emergen-C Electro Mix to water, then add a liquid or powdered tea mix, it adds a great ZING, similar to carbonated drinks. I use this mix daily and enjoy all the benefits it brings to better health. Thank you, Emergen-C Electro Mix.

  39. Powerful handy powder packets. While keto dieting, I get leg cramps. These leg cramps don’t happen IF I take a packet of this daily. I learned this the hard way. They were so severe I had an ultrasound of my lower extremities performed, to rule out vascular disease. It was actually just low electrolytes. Please tell your keto-dieter friends about this stuff. It will save them pain & suffering. Probably good for anyone who works in the heat, as well.

  40. I use this product since starting the Keto diet 5 months ago and electrolyzing was recommended. I take 2 times daily. I check my level of ketosis with a blood test everyday after work and this product does not effect my ketosis…so on that count I disagree with the reviews saying otherwise. Obviously it’s a matter of total carbs for the whole day. It tastes like sparkling lemon lime Gatorade that is just less sweet in my opinion but pretty much take it light a shot so it doesn’t really matter to me.

  41. I used to purchase this regularly several years ago, and after experimenting with other brands, I decided to try this again. It’s a nice basic electrolyte with a higher amount of potassium than most electrolyte blends. I love that it’s sugar free. I only wish the lemon flavor was stronger. Once you add water, it doesn’t really taste like much of anything other than salty fizz. So I typically mix it with something else for a stronger flavor or add flavor drops to it.

  42. Lime flavor, yum. Potassium, yay. Lack of shriveling up because I’m dehydrated, huzzah!Started using this to prevent dehydration when I started keto-izing my life. I’ve cut out a few supplements thanks to this magic drink. It’s also saved a few days from being ruined by headaches, hangovers without the fun. Went to Denver and had to up my H2O to the point I’d have been miserable without these packets of limey gold.

  43. So, I recently started working in a warehouse in Florida where it is 90+ degrees and humid. By the time I am 30 minutes in to my 6 AM shift, I am soaked head to toe in sweat (TMI, I know). At any rate, the first day was half training, so only half was actual work — I survived. The second day, I had a 40 ounces bottle of cold water with 1 packet of Emergen-C ElectroMix in it, and while I turned bright red and sweated until I was soaked, I felt okay afterwards (I also drank another 20 ounces of plain water). The third day, I made the mistake of bringing the 40 ounce bottle with just plain water. I felt like I was going to die during the shift (racing heart, tunnel vision), and afterwards, it took me 7 hours of resting and drinking water and taking Hyland’s salt tabs before I started to feel normal again. The next day at work, I had my bottle filled with Emergen-C ElectroMix, drank that all down plus another 32 ounces of other sports drink, and I felt great (though still a sweaty mess) after my shift. So if you have a job where you have to work in the heat, get this and use it everyday. One packet per 32 ounce bottle is the recommendation. Totally works — a life saver for me.

  44. I mixed it wrong and drank a packet in one glass of water instead of a liter OPPS! I survived. It is a good product to use before or after a workout but mix it with a liter of water not 8oz. You don’t want to over electrolyte yourself accidentally!!

  45. I was surprised that this electrolyte solution tasted so good! It is not sweet, just fresh tasting. seems to have similar electrolyte quantities as what I have been using and also like, so I will alternate . I like emergen-C and was curious about its electrolyte product. Glad I did.

  46. These taste horrible but they do the job! I bought them after a co worker recommended them. I took the whole pack to a bachelorette party and I am safe to say NO one had a hang over! We each drank one the night before anyone fell asleep. We did only put about 4oz if water and shot gunned them. Helps because the taste is pretty bad. But totally with it. I would but again.

  47. This product is extremely beneficial if you live in a hot climate and/or sweat a great deal. I am one of the sweatiest guys you will ever meet and I live in Phoenix, AZ. When hiking in the summer, despite drinking over 1/2 gallon of water, I would start seeing spots and getting a little light headed over longer hikes while dripping sweat. The water hydrates your body, but potassium and other necessary electrolytes can still be depleted. I add a packet of this into my water bottle and have not had an issue since. During the summer, I also add this to my water for weight training. I feel stronger through my sets and feel better afterward. Highly recommended.

  48. My husband works in 120F heat every day 5 days a week for 10 to 12 hours. When he first started, he started to urinate brown. He was so dehydrated, water never worked to help this issue. He was dizzy, falling down, waves of nausea etc.. We had no way to get him medical help, but I read online that it meant he was severely dehydrated. I had JUST got these in that day (I purchased them ahead of time thinking he would need them anyway). I gave him two quarts (aka 2 packets also) mixed up. By the second day, he was fine and no longer ill. I sincerely believe these saved his life.Now every summer, I buy at least one box. Honestly, we go through about 1 box per month for June, July, and August. This is a great replacement for Gatorade for sick people, especially if you have diabetes because it has such a low carb count. It isn’t expensive. It’s just all around great to have around for emergencies.

  49. I’ve been using Emergen-C for a long while. I don’t like the fact that it has malodextrin in it, but I still use it because it’s the only that works for giving me the electrolytes that I need in an easy to use format that’s affordable. When I don’t use it for a few days, I can definitely feel the difference in my body, especially during the summer.

  50. These electrolytes are very good. I keep them in my purse and lunch kits. My husband plays in a band. Some gigs are outdoors and it is HOT! in Texas. These keep him hydrated and prevents him from getting cramps. But I take them also as it gives me a boost of energy to keep going. I drink lots of water in these hot summer days. I need to replenish my electrolytes and these are so good because I don’t have to worry about the added sugar.

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