Empower-Mint Peppermint Mouth Spray: Block Sweet Tastes. Defeat Your Sugar Cravings. 10 mL Pocket Sized Spray Bottle | 1 Bottle - 1 Bottle

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  • CURB SUGAR CRAVINGS: Sugar Free Me assists in neutralizing the sweet taste buds rendering the taste of your favorite sweet treats (both sugar and artificial sweeteners) undesirable. Say goodbye to cravings and emotional eating and take back control! Cutting back on sugar has never been this effortless!
  • ALL NATURAL: This herbal supplement spray is comprised of all natural ingredients. Sugar Free Me is 100% GMO-Free, Organic, Gluten Free, contains no fillers, preservatives or toxic chemicals. Don’t settle for unnatural solutions, cut your cravings! Choose Sugar Free Me to help curb your sugar cravings.
  • INSTANT RESULTS: Sugar Free Me is packaged in a bottle with a spray nozzle for instant taste bud deactivation – simply spray on your tongue and stop the cravings within minutes! Perfect for spontaneous situations requiring instant assistance in staying away from sweets! Don’t worry – the taste bud disabling power of Sugar Free Me is safe and temporary, lasting up to 3 hours.
  • PERSONAL DIET ASSISTANT: Sugar Free Me is perfect for assisting with all diets. Whether it’s the Keto diet or any other diet, this is the perfect assistant in staying on track with your diet. Eliminating sugar cravings will greatly increase the success of your diet and health related goals. Each SFM 10mL spray bottle has enough formula to last up to 4 days.
  • MAKES KETO EASY: Using Sugar Free Me can help you make the changes in your lifestyle you’ve always wanted to make. Sugar cravings and emotional eating can bring major obstacles in achieving certain goals in our lives. Order our 8 Pack and never run out – you’ll no longer be thinking about the changes you want in your life, you’ll be accomplishing them.

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Empower-Mint Peppermint Mouth Spray: Block Sweet Tastes. Defeat Your Sugar Cravings. 10 mL Pocket Sized Spray Bottle | 1 Bottle

Empower-Mint Peppermint Mouth Spray: Block Sweet Tastes. Defeat Your Sugar Cravings. 10 mL Pocket Sized Spray Bottle | 1 Bottle

Empower-Mint Peppermint Mouth Spray: Block Sweet Tastes. Defeat Your Sugar Cravings. 10 mL Pocket Sized Spray Bottle | 1 Bottle

Empower-Mint Peppermint Mouth Spray: Block Sweet Tastes. Defeat Your Sugar Cravings. 10 mL Pocket Sized Spray Bottle | 1 Bottle

Empower-Mint Peppermint Mouth Spray: Block Sweet Tastes. Defeat Your Sugar Cravings. 10 mL Pocket Sized Spray Bottle | 1 Bottle

Product description

Size:1 Bottle

SUGAR FREE ME Keto Spray is an all natural plant-powered spray that disables your taste buds so that you can’t taste sugar of any kind. It’s a simple trick that works, because all good or bad decisions start at your mouth.

Achieve instant results with our easy-to-use spray bottle. Simply spray on your tongue to block the sweet receptors of your taste buds. Curb your cravings in seconds by making those sweet treats not so tasty anymore!

Struggling to stick to your keto diet you’ve recently started? Lose weight by crushing your cravings and taking control of your life and diet by blocking the sweet receptors in your taste buds. Cravings can lead to overeating, but it’s never been so effortless to stay away from your sweet temptations!

Sugar Free Me also comes in a perfect size to take with you anywhere, providing the help you need whenever the situation presents itself!

One 10mL Bottle ofSugar Free Meprovides 3 days of instant craving suppression – no longer be led by your brains urge for sweet!

We guarantee you’ll love it or we’ll refund your money. You literally have nothing to lose.


1 Bottle

  1. This one thing has changed my diet and made Keto easy. Five Stars!

  2. IT WORKS!!! This product is remarkable. Blocks sweets. Chocolate cake tastes like bread. Red Wine tastes like leather. Steak, salads, etc taste as normal. Curbs my “sweet tooth”, much easier to adhere to KETO diet!

  3. I heard about this product from a friend and it didn’t seem possible, what he was telling me. After a few sprays, actual sugar granules LITERALLY taste like sand in your mouth. You don’t taste any sugar at all in anything! It is mind blowing but it works. I am using it to curb my sugar cravings and it has been extremely helpful! Looking forward to kicking sugar once and for all! If you have any kind of sugar addiction, I would try this product! You will be amazed like I am.

  4. This stuff will blow your mind! It makes sugar taste like sand!! Extremely helpful if you’re trying to control your sugar intake!!! Highly recommend it!!!!

  5. Great product. I’ve struggled with sugar addiction forever (soda) and this was the ticket for breaking it.

  6. People, please hear me when I say this…. it works. Straight up. You ever see the dish of cookies sitting in the kitchen that you know you will take down? You try to put a note next to the cookie tray to tell yourself not to eat? Yea, good try…. Dr sugar will win again. The only solution is science, and this bottle of science works to curb your cravings. I have tried my science experiment on my self, my kids, wife and co workers and it kills your tast buds long enough for the cravings to curb. Next thing you know, six days go by and the cravings are gone…. another week goes by and you lost 10 lbs. Now motivation sets in as you feel great (not depended on Dr sugar) and owning your life again! Don’t let Dr sugar run your life…. you are in control of your cravings and with this bottle of science you will win the day!

  7. Ok I love sugar. Love candy, chocolate, jelly beans. I sprayed this stuff in my mouth 5 times like the directions said. It’s not very tasty. Actually kind of gross BUT after a few minutes I took a bite of brownie and I actually spit it out! Never did that before. Tried it again five minutes later the same thing I spit it out. I gave 4 stars only because of the taste and also I think it’s rather expensive. Should be $19.00 instead of $29. Almost didn’t buy it because of the price.

  8. Purchased this for my 20-something daughter who was having difficulty curbing sugar cravings. She reported that it worked but mainly because it tasted pretty nasty so she didn’t really want to eat anything, not just sugar. She continued to use it though and got through her stress-induced sugar craving episode.

  9. I had a friend urge me to get this spray several times until I finally decided to get it. I was kind of skeptical at first. Like, how could anything make me NOT want to eat ice cream and drink sweet tea but WOW…. it works. The spray tastes kind of mix of mint and tea which I like, and it has ginseng which is awesome. After spraying it in my mouth I literally CAN’T taste sugary foods. Losing weight has been such a struggle for me because when I’m upset, I comfort myself with cookies and snacks but when I bite into them after using the spray, they taste terrible since I can’t taste the sweetness! The cravings are a lot easier to resist now. This is amazing! It makes it so much easier to choose healthier foods. This is like a secret weapon against my cravings! I highly recommend! ♥️✊🏼

  10. This stuff really works

  11. I was a little skeptical of this product, but decided to give it a try. It works! I spray it in my mouth when I am starting to get sugar cravings, or before meals- NO MORE CRAVINGS! If I catch myself eating something sweet, I spray this and suddenly the sweet taste turns to a bland or tasteless taste. I don’t want to take another bite.

  12. The flavor is kind of nasty. However. It definitely works. So it’s worth it to me.

  13. I’m very pleased… even diet drinks taste yucky! Cheese & pretzels taste the same. Miraculous!

  14. Have only just received this today, tried it, worked for a bit but it seems I should have sprayed it all over my tongue as I could still taste the sweetness of diet soda. My Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup tho not so much. Will spray more thoroughly next time. Doesn’t taste that bad but you can feel the taste buds dulling for quite a few hours. So far so good.

  15. It tastes awful … let’s be honest … but it does block the taste of sugar! My friends and I taste-tested a bunch of things and it’s so weird to see what things taste like without the sugar flavor … mostly like paste.WARNING: You will still have sugar cravings! It’s confusing, because the sweet stuff tastes awful after using this spray, but your brain is still yelling at you for sugar. So it does take a while to figure out what to eat instead … almonds worked for me. Foods without sugar taste normal.

  16. Doesnt taste great but it works. Sweet take like dirt and it does not wear off quickly.

  17. The taste is horrible but I think it works…

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