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  • Safe & all-natural minty spray blocks all sweet taste in any food, including artificial sweeteners. Works instantly.
  • Targets the root cause of sugar cravings, and consistent use can stop them from coming back.
  • Reduces appetite, fights stress eating, & gives a subtle mood boost
  • Spray version more effective than lozenges or tablets
  • Can be used as often as needed

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Empower - Stop Sugar Cravings & Stop Sugar Addiction | Gymnema Sylvestre

Empower - Stop Sugar Cravings & Stop Sugar Addiction | Gymnema Sylvestre

Empower - Stop Sugar Cravings & Stop Sugar Addiction | Gymnema Sylvestre

Empower - Stop Sugar Cravings & Stop Sugar Addiction | Gymnema Sylvestre

Empower - Stop Sugar Cravings & Stop Sugar Addiction | Gymnema Sylvestre

Empower - Stop Sugar Cravings & Stop Sugar Addiction | Gymnema Sylvestre

Empower - Stop Sugar Cravings & Stop Sugar Addiction | Gymnema Sylvestre

Empower - Stop Sugar Cravings & Stop Sugar Addiction | Gymnema Sylvestre

Empower - Stop Sugar Cravings & Stop Sugar Addiction | Gymnema Sylvestre

Product description


EMPOWER instantly gives you the willpower you need to make healthy food choices. Thanks to a proprietary blend of ingredients, EMPOWER can completely block the sweet taste in any sugary food for up to 4 hours, reduce appetite, lessen sweet cravings by satisfying emotional triggers and ultimately reinforce good food choices. Consistent use of Empower can help end sugar cravings for good – over twice as fast as compared with regular willpower or diet alone.



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    So like most adults I have a family, I am a mother of 2. And I work 40+hrs a week. When I was looking for Diet solutions my reasonings were this: for the last 6 yrs I have have struggled. I always maintained 115-120lb weight, even after my son was born within 3 months -back to 115lbs. However for the last 6yrs I have gained weight, more tgen I have ever in my life. And no matter what I did-count calories, bought an elliptical, (and used it 3 days a week 30 min a day. ) never exercised before, never had to count calories before. However now, I feel like I could drink water and gain weight. Very frustrating. On top of that my right knee has been swollen and I have suffered with more then severe tiredness. I have been to 3 regular drs plus an orthopedic surgeon. No one could tell me what what was wrong with me. All i kept being told was maybe i am depressed. (I am not depressed) just extremely tired and now fat!. So finally 5 1/2 yrs after the start of all this I was diagnosed with maybe lupis?… No real information other then a positive ANA test and some possible symptoms, awsome- drs are so helpful. The medicine they put me on I found i was allergic like whole body hives allergic. So they said “oh well lets try the next medication up” (stronger medication). No I’m good! I will just live tired and in pain cause of my knee. So on a venture of my own I figured if I can just loose some weight maybe I can alleviate some of my issues. Place to start right, well i figured diet exercise is not working so next step protein drinks 😒. I was very excited about this..-not at all. But i cam across juniper life. I figured sure I’ll give it a try, I read reviews they were good. What’s better then diet in a pill. What did i have to loose already on the protein shake train maybe…..So i have been taking these pills for almost 90 days here is what has happened. I have kept to a healthier diet but I only have used protein shakes for breakfast and have ate what I normally eat however these vitamins have allowed me to feel full after eating smaller portions. I keep raw almonds on hafnd for a snack and bananas or whatever fruit I have just for a small snack in between meals. But here is the best part. I never feel starved. And I have more energy, the most I have had on years! And get this my knee is not painful or swollen like it was any more. I feel like I’m sleeping better and I’m more focused at work, and have more energy with my family. The really great part is that in less 90 days I have lost 16 lbs!!! It’s taken me 6 years to loose 16lbs!This is the main thing you need to know, you need to be dedicated to taking these pills. (They taste gross- take with flavored anything). And you do need to have some effort in the weight loss, you xan still eat like normal these give you the strength and opportunity to eat less. But if your drinking regularly or eating McDonald’s a lot, dont waist your time your not ready to get serious about your health. The readon why I told my whole story is because I’m sure I’m not the only one out there struggling. Also the customer service you get with this company is amazing! They are very prompt to reply. And this is a big deal cause I had a lot of questions. Overall amazing! I have recommended to anyone I meet. Good luck on your journey!

  2. Avatar

    This is the real deal. I found that it totally made my menthol cigarettes taste absolutely disgusting. So it has helped me to cut down DRAMATICALLY. Package arrived very quickly and intact.One must have the discipline to use this and it WILL work for you!! Great buy. Give it as a gift for any menthol smoker that is trying to quit… It DOES make sugary foods taste rather bland to gross…lol. I find it amazing. I use it when I’m at work to cut back on unhealthy snacking during the day and also I use it before my lunch breaks to curb my urge to smoke. Thi…is…a…great….product!

  3. Avatar

    This works pretty well. Taste at first is minty, but leaves a horrible aftertaste in your mouth. I do not eat sweets (Atkins bars) any longer at night.. Which was a problem for me. This has helped me tremendously. VERY pricey for the size however. Work on the after taste and I’ll give 5 stars

  4. Avatar

    This product is amazing. I’ve always been able to manage my weight and I work out routinely. Since turning 50 this year I’ve gained about 10 pounds in the past 2 years and I’m having trouble managing my appetite. I stumbled across this product on Amazon and gave it a try. One month later I’ve lost 7 pounds and I feel great. It has given me more focus and energy and definitely suppressed my appetite without making me feel bad or shaky. I’m impressed.

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