Essiac Tea, Eight Herb Upgraded Formula, Certified Organic Essiac, Certified by QAI, San Diego, Eight 1 Oz. Packets Makes 8 One Quart Bottles (2 Gal.) Essiac Tea!, 64 Day Supply!

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5 Great reasons to buy from us:


  • Look for the black Certified Organic Logo, Certified Organic by QAI (Quality Assurance International) San Diego. We are the manufacturer, buy direct from us.
  • Certified Organic Essiac Tea powder. Most 4 Herb formulas are loaded with bacteria. and heavy metals. You may reduce some bacteria by hours of boiling but unsafe levels of lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury can never by boiled away.
  • Our Organic Certification guarantees you will receive 8 herb Essiac Tea with the lowest levels in microbiological and heavy metal limits, that is safe for human consumption, as set forth by published safety standards.
  • Essiac tea can help build up he immune system. A strong immune system can help fight off illness and disease. Essiac Tea helps to change your ph from acid to alkaline.
  • You should always look for the black certified organic logo when searching for Essiac Tea. Other products that are not organic do not meet published safety standards and are not safe to ingest.

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Essiac Tea, Eight Herb Upgraded Formula, Certified Organic Essiac, Certified by QAI, San Diego, Eight 1 Oz. Packets Makes 8 One Quart Bottles (2 Gal.) Essiac Tea!, 64 Day Supply!

Essiac Tea, Eight Herb Upgraded Formula, Certified Organic Essiac, Certified by QAI, San Diego, Eight 1 Oz. Packets Makes 8 One Quart Bottles (2 Gal.) Essiac Tea!, 64 Day Supply!

Product description

Essiac Tea by Herbal Balance For Life offers an upgraded eight-herb tea formula in a proprietary formula perfected by Rene Caisse RN and Charles Brusch MD. We, at Herbal Balance For Life, Inc. recommend that our Essiac tea formula should be taken as part of your regular daily supplement regimen. Take Essiac daily to keep your body healthy. If you are taking essiac as part of your daily regimen, you should only drink a product that is certified to be safe. You could be exacerbating your health issues by ingesting unsafe processed herbs with high micro and heavy metal levels that do not meet any national published safety standards.

  1. I have made this tea from the actual roots/Tea recipe. You don’t end up with as much sediments, when you cook the tea yourself versus using this ground up version. So the taste is the same of the tea, but you have to shake this up quite a bit each time before you drink and there are a lot of sediments that will then change the texture (vs the cooking the tea from the roots). So I think its a little harder to get down, but I am a texture person. The taste is exactly the same. It maybe be better for you, because it seems like you are ingesting more of the ground up roots….that I don’t know.I got my family onto this tea when my father was diagnosed with cancer 7 years ago. It was referred to me from some cancer survival patients. Now my family just drinks it to keep healthy. My mom says it lowers her blood pressure and she notices a difference in her energy level, glucose maintenance (she is diabetic) and movement in her joints.

  2. Its rather easy to make. Most reviews talk about the wonderful results using this product. Time will tell. would recommend this product.

  3. I bought it for first time for myself and my husband. I feel great improvements in my metabolism and digestion since I started use it. My husband doesn’t complaint on his stomach ache anymore. Going to buy it again.

  4. Herbal Balance for Life is the best. They were kind enough to send me the essiac tea in softgel form.I originally purchased the tea and then realized that it would be easier for me to take this tea in pill form.I read good reviews about the tea and was told by oncologist at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, PA that many of her patients take this tea in either form for cancer.

  5. Although this seems more convenient, I like the fact with tea bags you can make it when you are ready to use it. This is not in tea bag form. Bitter, but does the job. Arrived right on schedule. Happy with this overall.

  6. This is a great product, the instructions are simple and easy to use. I did not receive my whole order on a previous order and contacted the manufacturer, Herbal Balance For Life, and they were really very helpful to assist me and complete my order promptly. Yes, I would definitely recommend this product and company.

  7. I make a batch of this tea once every couple of weeks and drink some everyday, as a preventative measure, due to a myriad of health challenges which I have.I find the process for making this tea very easy and, after straining out the herb solids and refrigerating for several hours, I drink about 2 ounces twice every day, and I think the taste is quite refreshing and good really. (Granted, it will not taste like your average “orange pekoe” or “Celestial Seasonings” flavored teas, mind you, but it’s earthy and herby and a taste I actually look forward to.)And . . . . I am hoping it’s doing me some good as well.

  8. I like it a lot cause it is already premeasured in packets / pitcher size. Convenient and quickI recommend this to all who would like to try it.

  9. The package arrived quickly and sooner than expected considering the holidays. The tea isn’t the best tasting, BUT, this is for medicinal purposes, and NOT one for “pleasure.” My father and myself, both have health issues, that we are hopeful that this tea eliminates or dissipates the symptoms. Since it is a 4-herb tea, it is very convenient that this comes in ONE package where most of the time, you have to mix the 4 ingredients yourself. This helps with the ease of that and the accuracy. The sediment from the tea you can save for skin oddities. After several weeks of application, it seems to help heal items. Just an added bonus as well as use of all the parts of the product.

  10. I bought this after my lab was diagnosed with lymphoma. He has T-cell (the worst kind) and his prognosis was grim. He was diagnosed in January 2014, it is now the middle of March. I truly feel that this has helped him both maintain his happy dog attitude and also kept the cancer at bay. I’ve bought a lot of enzymes, vitamins etc. but this one is different. You really get the feeling that it is doing something good. It smells kind of musty and green.To make it, you just simmer on the stove for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Then you cover and let it sit overnight. Next morning it’s ready to use. Just remember to refrigerate. For my dog’s cancer I use 3 ounces a day.

  11. Watched the documentary on Ms. Caisse and am convinced of the claims using this product.Just received mine on time and made it up right away. Waited til the next day like the instructionssuggested and kept in refrigerator. Tried some today. Wow, this is going to be hard. The tasteis more pungent than I expected but will follow through with it’s use. Just wondering if there issome way to improve the taste. Add honey perhaps? We’ll see. Bottom line is this. It’s not candybut then, candy’s not even good for you. This is!

  12. Essiac seems to be doing good at helping knock out my cancer.I drink it 3 times a day everyday.

  13. i purchased the wring item for my aunt, and this product was returned with out hassle. I really do appreciate the customer service

  14. It works. Took it when I had a cyst in my breast that was cancerous. Excellent product!

  15. I liked the premise but my friend would not drink it, even with honey.

  16. It really works.

  17. Makes me feel great

  18. Everything arrived as promised. Would order from them again.

  19. It doesn’t taste very good, but I’m trusting that it helps my system.

  20. Great product, have bought several times. Quality seems good.

  21. It really helps with joint discomfort

  22. Great product!

  23. Taste nasty, but the benefits are worth it.

  24. I have tried 2 other brands with about the same type of brewing procedure. This tea leaves are smaller than the other 2 and are recommended to be stirred up in the liquid before drinking. It has a stronger taste than the others that you strain the tea leaves out of the mixture & dilute down 50/50 with water after you remove the tea leaves. I am enjoying & getting used to this stronger taste, and am sure it will give me the benefits I am desiring from drinking this tea.I would recommend it to anyone

  25. love this drink

  26. I have to admit, the taste can be strong and a little bitter, but isn’t your health worth it. I finish one pack per week and feel more energy during the day and deeper sleep at night. Not sure about any internal cancer fighting benefits as I cant prove that part, but overall it made me feel better. I do recommend this to everyone.

  27. Wonderful stuff. Keeps cancer at bay, and or creates immunity.

  28. I like it and it arrived on time.

  29. Excellent for keeping your immune system strong.

  30. Excellent service to the UK thank you.Very pleased indeed.Bob TonksBirminghamUK.

  31. ok

  32. great

  33. I studied several of these before selecting this one as part of my treatment protocol, and this is a superb product. Someone let me try a different brand that was supposedly the same, but in no way was it the same. It lacked 3 of the major ingredients that this 8-blend has. I would much rather have all eight herbs. The tea is very easy to prepare. One quart lasts me about a week with taking 2 ounces twice a day. I am getting ready to purchase this again. I will definitely be repeat customer for this.

  34. Try this product but first read the reviews and you will be astonished.

  35. I take a shot of this tea every morning for immune health.

  36. It’s part of our health program


  38. Good Price and great product.

  39. Highly recommend it

  40. Magnífico producto.

  41. A bit of prep required, and tastes orwful, but that just means it’s working, right?

  42. Sear by this formula. Good for what ails you…do the research online. It works

  43. Packaged to make it convenient to brew a quart at a time.

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