Extra Strength 10000mcg Biotin Liquid Drops, 60 Servings, Vegan Friendly, Supports Healthy Hair Growth, Strong Nails and Glowing Skin, 3X More Absorption Than Capsules or Pills

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  1. I’ve taken liquid biotin before with fair results so I THOUGHT I knew what to expect. OMGoodness y’all! Without even thinking about it I noticed my nails were flourishing. I told my husband “just wait they’ll break off in a few days, a week tops”. They haven’t! I add 15 drops (about 1/2 dropper) to my smoothies each morning. On my cheat days, I drop under my tongue. In the past I’ve had to get an acrylic overlay to preserve my nails. Not anymore. This has also aided with my hair growth. I have people asking me regularly what I’m using to grow out my natural 4b/c hair. If I can figure out a way to post a picture I will. I am very pleased with this product and will purchase again.

  2. This is really life changing for me. Ill never be without it and because i live out of the country now i stock up for the whole year when im in new york. I come back home with like 9 bottles for the year.First of all biotin can be troublesome sometimes, breakouts and all (i personally know this to be true and i am someone with very unproblematic skin) but when i tried another liquid biotion from another brand called KAL here on amazon it was the worsttttt my face ever looked in my life from breakout. I used half the bottle then threw it away when i caught on.Then went back to this brand and bam, everytggging cleared up and no problems with this one. Its a miracle. My skin looks sooooo good.I take this with my collagen powder every single day in some warm water and also add my vitamin c powder (but you can add it to whatever you want, it truly dosent taste awful)It also grew my nails!!!!! This is a big thing for me because im a chronic biter lol. I looovee to bite them and im not even proud because i wanna have nice natural nail without acrylic; WELL NOW I DO!.My nails grew so fast and now i still try to buy unconsciously sometimes but they are so thick and strong that my teeth cant do it as easily anymore so i catch on faster and take from my mouth and they remain in tact.I have never wrote this long of a review of anything on amazon. But this is truly amazing and it works.I promise you ill have to put it into my budget because itll always be apart of me.Biotin is pretty harmless anyways and good for you so ill continue (just stop taking before lab test and stuff because itcan interfere with results i read on google)As for my hair, girl she growing!!!!!! Get on this right now, its our lil beauty secret lol. I spray rice water in my hair daily along with this and now its really long. I really love this thing. Trust me.

  3. I don’t write product reviews almost ever, but when I find something that I love, I like to support the product and share with others. I’ve taken several different versions of biotin, but I was getting tired of taking a bunch of pills. So I started searching for comparable liquid versions. I first took the SBR Nutrition Biotin for several months and it was good and I definitely saw results over a period of time, but I happened to be searching through Amazon when I came across the PURE RESEARCH version of the liquid biotin and it caught my eye because of all the wonderful reviews.I’ll admit I was a little nervous about the high potency of 10,000mcgs feeling that it was overkill and would cause me to break out, but I’m happy to report ZERO breakouts and only GLOWING skin! Benefits I have seen wih the PURE RESEARCH biotin include:-Fast growing nails (I have nail biting habit and it seems like the grow back within just a few days!)-Thicker hair (recently had hair done and my hair was super thick and dense, normally my hair is on the thin side)-Glowing skin (I have acne prone skin and was scared to take this high dosage, but my skin has never looked better!)I saw all these results just by completing (1) bottle, so I’m excited to start my second. My one and only complaint is that they say to use a half dropper, but when you fill up the dropper half way, you go through the bottle in about 30 days. The bottle says it has 60 servings, so that makes me think I’m taking almost 20,000mcgs! Just wish they would develop a dropper or measuring tool that gave you the accurate amount without having to guess.Other than that, DEFINITELY RECOMMEND! 🙂

  4. I love this product. I just learned I had an injury to my Big toe. The nail just lifted up, so before heading to get a pedicure I went to see a podiatrist. She looked at the nail to evaluate if there was any infection, AMEN there was not one. She noticed the way my toe nail has lifted up from the cuticle in the back which was odd, she began to remove it. It was not a painful lift at all. She said You have a NEW NAIL growing underneath, which is why the nail lifting off did not hurt. It appears to have been old injury that was healing and the Nail was repaired itself and was ready to replace the old nail. After the visit I remembered not long ago I dropped something on my toe of course it hurt but had no idea the damage it had cause until then. I have been taking the Biotin for approximately 2 to 3 months now. I told her that and she was surprised of how far the growth was that it really does not look like I lose a nail at all. THANKS BIOTIN Loving my easy to use Drops

  5. I have a difficult time taking pills (even now being an adult). I was searching for a liquid biotin that I could take for hair and nail growth. This stuff is amazing!!!!!! This is the 6th bottle I have purchased. I will tell you my hair grows faster as well as my nails are longer and stronger. I will continue to order this product for that reason. I wrote this review as I know there are others out there who are unable to swallow pills (like myself) and are looking for a great liquid biotin that actually works… look no further this is it 😊

  6. This product is absolutely incredible! Was losing hair constantly, and as a woman whom always enjoyed a lovely mane, I was devastated. Going through the early stages of perimenopause, decided to do some research, and get healthier. Compared other manufacturers, and ingredients, and Pure Research was it. Organic, no GMO’s, high absorption, good reviews, and extra strength. No adverse reactions, funny after taste, or (acne) like I experienced with “Natrol” Biotin gummies. Daily I place 1/2 dropper full underneath my tongue, and swallow. Within days of use, my hair stopped shedding, approximately a month later noticed considerable growth! I’m working on my 2nd bottle, the first one lasted for about a month. Family & friends have asked my secret, because my hair has never been this long. Hopefully many will have a positive result as well. Will update later with photos of my progression.

  7. I thought that if I buy the exact same product as I bought before, but at $ 10 more, I’ll notice some difference, it will be more effective or the effect will be faster, more visible. Nothing special. I take biotin mainly for the prevention of hair loss. And so I like that the product that I tried earlier also contains collagen and hyaluronic acid. There he is if you are interested: Biotin 10000 mcg with Collagen and Hylauronic Acid

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