EZC Active Pak Immune System Booster (Single Pack) – Echinacea, Zinc, and Vitamin C, Gluten-Free Vegetarian On-The-Go Immune Support Pack

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  • BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: Working Late? High Stress? Partying? Traveling? Not Sleeping? When faced with travel, a busy schedule & stress, Physician Formulated EZC Active Immune Support Pack supports your immune system at times when it is at its weakest.
  • PHYSICIAN FORMULATED: EZC Active Pak is an award-winning immune support pack designed by Sarath Malepati, MD with organic Echinacea, Zinc, and Vitamin C immunity boost to support healthy immune system function for people with active lifestyles.
  • VEGETARIAN & GLUTEN FREE: EZC Active Pak immune system booster supplements are vegetarian & gluten free with no added sugar. Convenient packaging is ideal for purses, pockets, backpacks, and carry-on luggage for immune support on-the-go.
  • COLD & FLU: EZC Active Pak helps to support your immune system during times when you need an extra immune system boost, taken twice, or up to 4 times per day for maximum support. Bridge to the EZC Pak 5-Day dose pack for extended immune support.
  • PREVENT URIS: Help support your immune system against upper respiratory infections, like the cold and flu, by enhancing your normal immune system defenses, especially when your immune system is at its weakest.

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EZC Active Pak Immune System Booster (Single Pack) - Echinacea, Zinc, and Vitamin C, Gluten-Free Vegetarian On-The-Go Immune Support Pack

EZC Active Pak Immune System Booster (Single Pack) - Echinacea, Zinc, and Vitamin C, Gluten-Free Vegetarian On-The-Go Immune Support Pack

EZC Active Pak Immune System Booster (Single Pack) - Echinacea, Zinc, and Vitamin C, Gluten-Free Vegetarian On-The-Go Immune Support Pack

EZC Active Pak Immune System Booster (Single Pack) - Echinacea, Zinc, and Vitamin C, Gluten-Free Vegetarian On-The-Go Immune Support Pack

EZC Active Pak Immune System Booster (Single Pack) - Echinacea, Zinc, and Vitamin C, Gluten-Free Vegetarian On-The-Go Immune Support Pack

EZC Active Pak Immune System Booster (Single Pack) - Echinacea, Zinc, and Vitamin C, Gluten-Free Vegetarian On-The-Go Immune Support Pack

From the manufacturer

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EZC Pak is a physician-formulated immune support pack designed by Sarath Malepati, MD, the Founder of the Los Angeles-based PPC Group. The PPC Group is a health products team whose mission is to eradicate inappropriate antibiotic use globally. Dr. Malepati’s concern for rising global antibiotic resistance inspired the creation of EZC Pak as a tool for clinicians and patients to collaboratively reduce inappropriate antibiotic use and raise public awareness of this growing public health crisis.

Live Your Best Life, Naturally

Whether it’s an important presentation at work, an upcoming family trip, or just a busier-than-usual schedule, stress can negatively impact your health. The EZC Active Pak is an immune system booster that can help keep you feeling your best. Don’t wait till you start feeling a sore throat or runny nose. Taking the physician-formulated vitamins and minerals in this pack can help give your immune system the boost it needs in times of stress or travel. With its small and convenient packaging, this travel pack of supplements can be easily taken with you for on-the-go immune support. The Active Pak was created with natural and high-quality ingredients for capsules that are vegetarian, have no added sugar, and are well tolerated.

  • Each Active Pak contains 10 capsules: 5 Echinacea supplements and 5 with Zinc and Vitamin C

  • Made from high quality certified organic Echinacea, Zinc and Vitamin C

  • Meant to be taken during those stressful times, before you get sick

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Immune System Support

Quality Organic Ingredients

EZC Active Pak is formulated by Dr. Sarath Malepati, MD. Designed with the best available clinical data in mind, the Active Pak’s high-quality ingredients include certified organic Echinacea, Zinc and Vitamin C. All three main ingredients are known to help maintain a healthy immune system.

Vegetarian and No Sugar Added

Specially designed to be well-tolerated, Active Pak capsules are vegetarian and have no sugar added. They’re a great choice to help support an active life and healthy immune system for a wide range of people. You can feel good about choosing the Active Pak to stay healthy and enjoy life naturally.

Immune Support On-The-Go

The packaging is small enough to fit a purse or travel bag so you can take this immune system booster wherever you go. Included in the Active Pak are 5 Echinacea capsules and 5 Zinc/Vitamin C capsules. Follow on-the-box directions for optimal immune maintenance.

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Take Control of Your Health

We all want to be and feel our best, but sometimes stress can get in the way. Whether it’s a busy work or school schedule, lack of sleep, upcoming travel, or a big event, you can take control of your immune system naturally with the help of the EZC Active Pak. Before stressful situations have the chance to impact your immune system, boost it naturally with the Active Pak’s high-quality ingredients. Capsules formulated with Echinacea, Zinc and Vitamin C act as the powerhouse your immune system needs during trying times. The certified organic, vegetarian and no-sugar-added capsules offer immune support for a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Product description

Size:1 Pack

Travel, busy work schedules and stress can take a toll on your health, leaving you feeling less than your best. The EZC Active Pak can help you maintain a healthy immune system so that you can enjoy your active and busy lifestyle.

EZC Pak Active Immune Support is an immune-boosting supplement offered in a convenient over the counter package. The small package conveniently fits in your pocket, bag or purse, so it’s easy to take with you anywhere. Keep it on hand and be prepared when sleepless nights and stressful days abound.

This physician-formulated supplement is sourced from high quality ingredients, including certified organic Echinacea, Zinc and Vitamin C delivered in gluten-free, vegetarian capsules that are safe and well tolerated and have no sugar added.

Echinacea has long been used for immune system support for promoting T-cell activity. Zinc, an essential trace metal, is considered to be involved in virtually every aspect of the immune system’s function and Vitamin C is critical to a wide range of metabolic reactions in the body to keep you healthy.

Don’t miss out on the special moments in life. Enjoy every moment of your trips and feel your best at special events. By maintaining a healthy immune system you’ll be able to enjoy what life has to offer – naturally.

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  1. My entire office got sick during flu season. EZC Pak was recommended by my pharmacist. It got everyone better in a matter of days. I’m going to make sure we keep EZC stocked around the office all year round.

  2. This is a great product I found on Amazon, works well and the packaging makes it great to keep on the go, hope to see it in stores in my area soon especially since this flu season is out of control!

  3. This product is a game changer for when you’re under the weather and traveling. I followed the instructions and felt better within just two days. Was able to keep it on me easily during my business trip.

  4. Had a sore throat coming on for over a day and a half. Started EZC Pak on the advice of a pharmacist, was significantly better by the next morning and completely resolved by the 2nd day of dosing. Really convenient packaging!

  5. I took this and it helped shorten the length of my cold. I will defiantly use this again.

  6. Started taking this when I began feeling sick and my symptoms cleared in a few days. Works great!

  7. Been on the search for an all natural product to have on hand during cold/flu season. EZC Pak didn’t disappoint — has worked great as a preventative and when I’ve been full blown sick. This “active pak” makes it really easy to carry and keep with you.

  8. Awesome packaging and felt great taking the vitamins. Definitely felt supported. I was afraid I was getting sick as I’d been running around busy the past few weeks and this helped me stay on track.

  9. Took this when I started feeling a little off before a work trip. Awesome immune boosting product — I felt great the whole time I was traveling. Will be ordering this again!

  10. There are a lot for these ‘cure alls’ on the market today so i wan’t sure which to get. After trying this while i had a cold and recovering quickly, i highly recommend EZC PAK!

  11. I took these 2 weeks before our trip to Europe because I got so sick last time we went. This time, I felt great the whole time, but my husband, who didn’t take them as long as I did, got a 10 day cold.

  12. It’s work

  13. Travelled to NY last week and used the product. It worked perfect thank you!

  14. Took this at the onset of a cold and my symptoms cleared up quickly. My cold lasted for fewer days and got me back on my feet quicker.

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