HAIRFLUENCE – Hair Growth Formula For Longer, Stronger, Healthier Hair – Scientifically Formulated with Biotin, Keratin, Bamboo & More! – For All Hair Types – Veggie Capsules

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  • HEALTHY, FAST-GROWING HAIR. Want healthier, fuller, faster-growing hair? We’ve made it attainable with Hairfluence, our once-daily supplement that supports healthy hair from the inside out. Simply be consistent and let the magic unfold.
  • THE ROOT ISSUE: NUTRIENT DEFICIENCIES. It’s difficult to consume all the nutrients you need from food alone. Hairfluence helps supplement the nutrients that may be missing from your diet with a powerful complex including B vitamins, biotin, and collagen.
  • GLOWING SKIN & HEALTHY NAILS. While it may take 3-4 weeks of consistent use for significant, visible changes in your hair, the benefits to your skin and nails will be much faster and should begin to appear after 2-3 weeks of consistent use.
  • SCIENTIFIC FORMULATION. It's no secret that biotin can do wonders for your hair, but other ingredients can boost its effectiveness. Our blend combines several essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that work in harmony to deliver maximum results.
  • WHAT SETS US APART? At Zhou, we use only the highest-quality ingredients in an FDA certified facility following GMP (good manufacturing practices). Plus, we test everything at our lab in Utah, so you can be confident that you’re fueling your body with the very best.

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HAIRFLUENCE - Hair Growth Formula For Longer, Stronger, Healthier Hair - Scientifically Formulated with Biotin, Keratin, Bamboo & More! - For All Hair Types - Veggie Capsules

HAIRFLUENCE - Hair Growth Formula For Longer, Stronger, Healthier Hair - Scientifically Formulated with Biotin, Keratin, Bamboo & More! - For All Hair Types - Veggie Capsules

HAIRFLUENCE - Hair Growth Formula For Longer, Stronger, Healthier Hair - Scientifically Formulated with Biotin, Keratin, Bamboo & More! - For All Hair Types - Veggie Capsules

HAIRFLUENCE - Hair Growth Formula For Longer, Stronger, Healthier Hair - Scientifically Formulated with Biotin, Keratin, Bamboo & More! - For All Hair Types - Veggie Capsules

HAIRFLUENCE - Hair Growth Formula For Longer, Stronger, Healthier Hair - Scientifically Formulated with Biotin, Keratin, Bamboo & More! - For All Hair Types - Veggie Capsules

HAIRFLUENCE - Hair Growth Formula For Longer, Stronger, Healthier Hair - Scientifically Formulated with Biotin, Keratin, Bamboo & More! - For All Hair Types - Veggie Capsules

From the manufacturer

Stronger, longer, healthier hair. Flaunt it with Hairfluence by Zhou.
Nutrient Rich.

Nutrient Rich

Great for all hair types, our purposeful formula supplements the nutrients you need to grow stronger hair from the inside out.

Healthy Hair Growth

Healthy Hair Growth

Stimulating cell growth while supporting existing hair health, Hairfluence is scientifically formulated to promote healthier, faster hair growth.

Flaunt your luscious locks with Hairfluence.

Luscious Locks

Potent and active nutrients like vitamin D3 may “wake up” dormant follicles, providing fuller, more voluminous hair and a supple shine.

Nourished skin & nails.

Nourished Skin & Nails

You may notice results in your hair after 4 weeks of consistent use and the side benefits of nourished skin & nails after just 2-3 weeks!

Featuring Bamboo Extract, Collagen, Keratin, B Vitamins, and Biotin.

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  1. Trusted by thousands of women for longer, stronger hair.
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  3. Healthy young woman being amazed by all of the great ingredients in her bottle of Hairfluence.
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What is Hairfluence?

Hairfluence is your all-in-one approach to achieving longer, stronger hair from the inside out. This once-daily supplement is a scientifically formulated blend of trusted amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Who may benefit from taking Hairfluence?

Getting all the nutrients your body needs from your diet alone can be challenging. Hairfluence is here to supplement your diet with the crucial nutrients you need to produce and maintain healthy hair, glowing skin, and stronger nails.

Why is Hairfluence effective?

Key ingredients work together to nourish vital tissues, protect and repair damaged hair, promote the development of healthy DNA, carry oxygen to scalp and hair follicles, and promote the creation of new hair follicles for fuller, voluminous hair.

How often do I use Hairfluence?

Take 2 Hairfluence capsules daily to maximize benefits. Typically best results for hair occur after 3-4 weeks of consistent use, while results for skin and nails result after 2-3 weeks.

Product description

Hairfluence is your new secret weapon for longer, stronger hair. Scientifically formulated to supplement possible nutrient deficiencies in your diet, Hairfluence combines the power of biotin with 10 essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Our premium complex works to support healthier, luscious locks (even skin and nails!) from the inside out. Consistently take the once-daily serving to see results in your skin and nails by weeks 2-3 and in your hair by weeks 3-4.
Vitamins & Minerals: Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, Biotin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Niacin, Folate, Pantothenic Acid & Calcium
Protein Building Blocks: MSM, Collagen Hydrolysate, Bamboo Extract & Hydrolyzed Keratin

  1. My hair is healthy and bold and beautiful. I have been getting several compliments! I HAVE also been using hair products that do not contain parabens, alcohol, glycerin, or other harmful ingredients. All natural is the way to go and I certainly feel that Zhou Nutrition stands by that.

  2. I had a month’s supply for trial and error. I took my capsules at night. I had a significant growth with in two weeks. By the end of the bottom my hair had grown more thicker and actually gained some length. I’m impressed. I’m the biggest “this crap ain’t real” person there is. Will be purchasing my next bottle soon.

  3. I’ve been using this for 30 days now and I absolutely love it! Due to a copper iud, my hair had lost its sheen, thickness and health. The left side of my hair stopped growing and started breaking off significantly. I decided to give hairfluence a shot as a last ditch effort to save my poor hair. After the first week my boyfriend noticed that the shine was back in my hair. I took photos to document and I noticed the left side of my hair was finally starting to grow and even out with the right. I am planning on continuing to use this product!

  4. This product has been AMAZING for my hair! 👌 My hair was pretty dead, thin, falling out, and just wasn’t looking good at all. After using this product for only two weeks I have noticed a HUGE difference in my hair! It feels so much thicker and healthier and it has grown more than it has in a long time! My hair stopped growing and it would just break off, but this product has totally transformed my hair!!! I am 100% satisfied and I will continue to buy and recommend!!!! Everyone’s hair is different, but I would definitely give this a try!!!! I’m so excited about my results!!!!!! 😍😊😍😊

  5. These pills are amazing! I was overwhelmed by how quickly I saw a difference. I hesitated writing a review right away because I wanted to get a better idea of how these pills performed over several weeks. I’ve noticed my hair strands are much stronger, appear to be longer and thicker. Spots where my hair has been balding and thinning are coming back to life. I have very fine, thin hair so the effects were immediately noticeable. I have been taking Biotin supplements for a number of years and have never gotten results like this! I recently repurchased another two bottles and will faithfully continue to use them. Great product! I just hope they never change the formula.

  6. I was such a skeptic but I was desperate for something to stop the hair loss and breakage.I have just ordered my second bottle and I cannot express how amazing this product is and the results thus far.My hair, in only 1 month (winter month too) has grown 3 (!) inches! I cannot believe the length but also the strength!! I have very little hair loss now, with nominal amounts when i brush it.The folks I work with have commented thinking I got extensions!I will use these supplements for as long as they produce them because it is a total life changer with my hair issues. Don’t even waste time thinking about getting it. If you have hair loss, breakage, or just want to grow out a bad haircut quickly then get this product ASAP!

  7. It works!!! That is me speaking my truth. I noticed growth about two weeks of me taking the pills.

  8. I was really looking for something to strengthen my hair and help it grow faster. After reading the reviews for this product and seeing everyone’s progress photos, I decided to get two bottles! I got this product on February 4th and have been taking two (what they suggest) before bed, for one month now! Obviously there’s a great difference for just 4 weeks, and my hair usually grows sooo slow so I’m really pleased. However to help speed up the process, I hardly use heating products and I do a hot oil treatment every once in a while. Once I get to my goal length, I’ll begin going back to using a flat iron a couple times a week, but continue taking this as well as doing the oil treatments.- which means I’ll most likely be purchasing another two bottles soon. By the way I don’t really leave feedback but I had to for this product to help other people who are looking for the same thing I was! Definitely worth it. 🙂

  9. Little bit over a month and my hair grew as you can see in the picture! I am very pleased with this product because i felt like my hair would just stop growing at a certain length but when I took these I saw definit growth. I recommend this product👍

  10. Amazing product! Balding at 24. As you can see top left is day 1, day 20 is picture 2 and the bottom pictures are the end of one bottle!!! Amazing results for sure!! For any guy who wants to grow their hair out and hesitated like me, or any woman with a bald man in their life this is the secret!!!!

  11. After using Rogaine faithfully for years with no improvement I decided to try Hairfluence. Like many others I was skeptical. I am post menopausal and thought I might not have any results. To my surprise after six weeks I saw new hair growing on the crown of my head. I am I happy customer and decided to use auto ship from now on. Thanks Hairfluence.

  12. All I can say is, Hairfluence by Zhou is literally giving me my hair and confidence back…I had my first child over 3 years ago and immediately began to shed my hair like a waterfall. My past year has been incredibly stressful and what was once merely thinner hair, became noticeable scalp. I couldn’t wear a ponytail without seeing my scalp and would cry every time I saw a photo of myself. Friends would tell me “it wasn’t that bad! I can’t tell at all!” but they always said it with that high pitched voice you use when lying to spare feelings…I tried everything down to changing my diet, taking a bazillion biotin, but it kept getting worse and the cherry was, my hair began to break and no matter what I used to wash/condition it-from high priced salon products to coconut oil-it was dry, frizzy unmanageable funk.Within the first week of Hairfluence my hair felt silky, had volume without effort, and began to grow. My nails stopped breaking, the ridges are growing out, and even my feet are softer.I just purchased my second bottle and am amazed at all the new growth filling in the once sparse scalp desert… Even my eyebrows are filling in!!!Totally addicted to this product-it works!

  13. It works. My hair grows super slow but this is from January to now and I’m very happy with the results. My hair is so much more softer and stronger. Will definitely order again.

  14. From comparing the reviews to my own experience, I’m guessing that these either work wonders or the opposite. For me, my hair has stopped breaking off and falling out. Sparse sections are now filling out as I finish my first bottle and I’ve gone from losing handful of hair in the shower to literally none unless I pull them out. I’m so happy with these so far. The only other time my hair improved this much was when I was taking massive multivitamins for a twin pregnancy. I’ve just ordered a second bottle.

  15. I’m not one to rant and rave over products. However, I’ve been struggling with trying to grow my hair out for awhile now. I have very fine, thin hair. I cut it short a few years ago and have had a hard time growing it out past my shoulders without it breaking off. A friend of mine did some research and came across Hairfluence. I decided to give it a try and after a month of using this product, my hair is finally growing! Check out my photo– that’s only after a month! 10/10 would definitely recommend. Can’t wait to see how long my hair is after a few months of using Hairfluence.

  16. Previously I was taking just Biotin supplements and wasn’t getting that great of a result for my thinning hair.I started out trying Zhou’s Energy + Focus and because that really helped me wake up in the mornings I decided to trial their hair supplement and it has been working well! As seen in the photos are about 6 month difference from when I was just using the Biotin to a month after using the Hairfluence. Hair is thicker, more filled in and I’m more confident. Happy I started using this product!

  17. The photo is of one month exactly. (I’ve skipped a few days here or there on accident) so clearly it’s grown a little during the month. Which is great. I’ve tried other biotin hair vitamins in the past but they’ve caused acne. I haven’t had any negative side effects with this. So far so great.

  18. I am so excited with the difference in the thickness of my hair after just one bottle of Hairfluence!! My hair is much thicker and healthy and my nails are so strong! My skin is glowy!! I’m on my second bottle and honestly don’t plan on stopping! I’m growing my hair out because I’ve wanted it long for years now and it’s finally going to happen!! Love this vitamin!

  19. I attached 2 photos. The top one is 7/2/17, and the bottom is 9/2/17. After a disastrous haircut, I ordered this in hopes of gaining confidence back and receiving a boost in hair growth and I haven’t been disappointed. I don’t know that it would have grown so quickly! Of course, high protein diet and exercise/taking care of your body aids in this effort too. Good product!

  20. I’m in my early 50’s and I don’t know what happened to my hair, it’s falling out to the point you can see my scalp in places and receding at my temples 🙁 As a woman this was upsetting to the point I would cry looking in the mirror. I tried every biotin supplement out there and nothing worked until I thankfully found Hairfluence!! Within 2 weeks my hair was visibly growing in, I had new hairs allover especially at my temples. After 3 months new hairs are about 2 inches long. My hair also feels thicker, softer and shinier! I also use biotin shampoo and conditioner. I am on my 3rd bottle of this and will never stop. Highly recommend!

  21. This is amazing!! I used to only take biotin and never really saw a difference. This isafyer one month of use and the difference is HUGE!I’ve started every morning with 2 capsules and that’s it! Seriously so happy with this product and definitely will continue to use!

  22. Well, i just started my second bottle and notice my hair is softer. But i cant give a honest FULL review until 4 months. BUT, i can say customer service is premium quality! My second bottle of Hairfluence was short 2 pills (petty?, not to me) Well, i emailed Jeremy and let him know and he apologized and sent me a whole bottle for free. I have not had that sort of Customer service in years. Stay tuned for FULL review dec 2017! Edit:10/9/2017 well it has not been 4 months yet but my hair has grown and is shiny. The amazing thing is my skin broke out the first 2 weeks very bad, but i was determined to finish my month. By the time i finished the first bottle my face is sooooo smooth and clear (better than before) i have received several compliments on my skin. Also, as mentioned in first review, i had a issue with first bottle and Jeremy Anderson took care of me immediately, but then the bottle he sent was stolen along with other things i ordered from amazon. I didnt expect anything as that was’nt his problem, BUT JEREMY TOOK CARE OF IT! I truly believe that customer service is THE BEST WAY to grow a business and Zhou nutrition is superior! Needless to say, i will be a loyal customer because of the customer service!! I love this company! Update: oct 31, 2017 I have finished my third bottle..i had my hair in braids for a few weeks and just took them out and my hair has grown at least 2.5 inches and has tripled in thickness! I am a black woman with coarse curly hair that breaks and is usually dry. But after washing and conditioning my hair it was so soft and shiny and healthy looking. I must tell you that i did get 6 or 7 bumps on my face that cleared up after a few WEEKS when i started taking HF. The gray hair on my hairline looks so shiny and seems to have darkened up. I have had good results so far and plan to continue using HF.

  23. The only vitamin supplement that made my hair noticeably longer. I love this stuff!

  24. I am so so so grateful for this product. I truly am. I’m 19 years old and my hair was shedding SO badly and I really didn’t know why. I had visited many dermatologists & they did not know either. It lowered my self esteem so much that I didn’t even want to get up out of bed and I always had my hair in a bun and it had gotten so bad to the point it was matted. I’m embarrassed to say that. But it’s reality. We’re all humans & it happens. I didn’t want to take biotin from Walmart or zinc like my dermatologist had told me because those have SO many unnecessary added chemicals and preservatives. I have been taking these vitamins for literally just a little over 2 weeks now and my hair has grown drastically and guess what? NO MORE SHEDDING AND THE HAIR GROWTH IS ASTONISHING! Also my hair has gotten thicker as well. I am so so so grateful and blessed for this product. No one told me to write this review, this is 100 and thousand percent my honest opinion. I never believe any of the amazon reviews and was skeptical of this product but believe me it truly works.

  25. I’ve been using this for almost two years now, off & on. The only reason for the “off” is when I’m broke, lol.Look guys, a hair vitamin is never going to change the hair you already have. Existing hair can only be affected from the outside – hair products / natural oils. Your hair doesn’t get instantly thicker, shinier, or whatever else from using a hair vitamin.The TRUTH is, hair vitamins take time to work. It’s about the hair you’re growing in the future, and for that I find this product to work very well. My hair growth rate is sped up, and new growth is stronger.Each hair follicle follows a natural shedding & growth cycle. It can only get so long before it’s shed, so for this reason maintaining long hair requires faster growth and making sure your body always has the necessary vitamins & minerals available to avoid a premature shedding cycle. For some people during some periods in life that just works naturally. It has for me, but for whatever reason the last few years I’ve needed help, and this product definitely helps. Just be aware that real change takes time, a few months at least 🙂

  26. I really wish I would’ve took picture of my hair before I started taking these , ugh . But my hair was so heat damaged , ends breaking and so much hair coming out every time I brushed it . I also had lost 3-5 inches within the last 3 years and this was my last hope . I’ve tried caster oil , almond oil , wild hair growth , nothing worked . But I started taking 2 of these with 2 biotin pills every night before bed and at first I wasn’t seeing it but I relaxed and straightened my hair after 4 months and I can definitely see the growth . It touches my shoulders once again , my hair hangs over my glasses were before it wasn’t long enough to and would just be annoying popping back In front of my eyes . I have 4 pills left and am in the process of buying more as soon as I’m done with this review . My hair is stronger , more healthier , and shinier . I’m in love with my hair once again and can’t wat to see the growth that this upcoming month will bring !! You won’t be disappointed , BUY NOW ! I’ve had no side affects as well , people are saying they’re breaking out , but nothing has happened besides stronger healthier hair !

  27. Hi, I wanted to tell who ever cares to know about this product that it is amazing! I’m almost to the end of my second bottle. The change that I’ve seen in myself in this short of a time is insane. I have strong nails which I’ve never been able to have being a bartender with my hand constantly being in water. My skin has noticeably changed its firmer and skin tone is more even if that makes sense. The two pictures of my hair are less then a month a part. My hair is growing like crazy! It’s Longer thicker shines naturally no product. Lastly I have not been influenced in anyway to write this review. Feel good about buying this for yourself you deserve it.

  28. Update 1/19/18:Been religiously using it for 2 months so far and it’s been really working and helping my hair grow! This is so far the best hair growth pill I’ve used and I’ve tried a handful before with minimum to no luck! I’ve had to color my hair again because once my hair grew out my natural hair color came thru and it was not very pretty. Also, that’s how I pretty much measure my growth too!I don’t write reviews but being someone who is constantly trying new supplements to help with my hair journey, I decided to write this review to help others. My wedding is coming up in May and I’m trying to grow out my hair without having to use extensions. I’ve completed one week and so far loving it!! My hair is getting thicker and longer! I have new growth coming in. My nails are getting stronger and I’m sure with consistent usage, I will achieve my hair goal in no time! Keep in mind that I do drink lots of water and weekly oil my hair. This supplement in addition to what I do really helps and I see a big difference.By the way, this completely my opinion and I have not received this product for free for my opinion like some reviewers have. I will continue using this product. I have just placed my order for my second bottle and in addition, decided to try another supplement from Zhou Nutrition.

  29. It TRULY works. I had okay hair before taking Hairfluence regularly but doing so filled in sparse spots that I had no idea were sparse due to lack of nutrients. I just assumed that the hair in my temples was very fine, etc. It brought hair back that I didn’t realize was gone! Also my hair is denser, fuller now and sheds sooo much less!I began a new healthy hair journey recently (did the big chop) and rate of growth makes me realize that people should never settle for “oh yea, my hair just grows slow”. It’s all about getting the right nutrients, Duh! LoL Thanks Hairfluence for your wonderful concoction. If anything changes as far as results go, then I’ll update this review to reflect that.One caveat: I HIGHLY encourage that you drink the doctor recommended 10 glasses of water a day (which is great for your health anyway) which is a major tool in helping keep the acne side-effect away. Also, get some very good drying lotion to keep around for spot treatment to eliminate blemishes overnight and prevent scars. This pimple side-effect does not deter me because: I keep it in check and I just love having healthy fuller longer hair that is all mine!!

  30. Finished my first bottle and I’m ordering another one. The most noticeable effect the first month is not the hair growth but the reduction of hair loss. I lose about half the hair I used to lose in the shower since taking hairfluence. It’s worked better than Viviscal for half the price. I am taking this in combination with a thyroid medication that my doctor prescribed to grow back some of my hair. I am 34, female and have lost over 50% of my hair in the last 5 years due to hypothyroidism. Amazingly, there is so much spiky hair starting to sprout up on my scalp I am sure within a few months I will see my bald spots start to fill in. Finally I have hope!

  31. For the love of all that is Holy, do NOT take this before sleeping, or even 2 or 3 hours before, I have horrible vivid nightmares if I take it at 7 and go to bed at 10, take it in the morning when you wake up.My hair has grown 3/4 and inch tho, so that’s a plus.

  32. I’ve been on this for over a month and I already see new hair growth, especially in front where I have tufts of new hair. My hairdresser noticed new hairs also all over the place. I’m 57 and have suffered from hair loss since perimenopause. I used Nioxin for years and had good results for awhile, but then it just stopped working. I looked at the reviews on this and decided to give it a try. I am only taking one in the morning and the results were immediate. No more clumps of hair coming out when I wash my hair and no more distress over the amount of hair I shed during the day. These vitamins are real and they work. I decided not to take two a day because I’ve had trouble with insomnia when I take too many B vitamins. I might increase my dose if it stops working, but so far, it’s not necessary. Highly recommend and I’ll be purchasing again when I runs low.

  33. I have just about finished my second bottle of Hairfluence. First off, this is a gluten-free non-gmo supplement which is important to me. This hasBiotin: which helps prevent hair loss and breakage over time.Bamboo extract: Bamboo extract contains high concentration of Silica, which is an essential nutrient that nourishes vital tissues in hair,skin, and nails. My Naturpathic Doctor stated that this is an ingredient you want to have in whatever HSN you choose to take.Collagen: is an antioxident that provides 18 essential amino acids to generate faster, healthier cell growth in hair, skin, and nails.MSM: is a naturally occuring protein in the body. It aids in protecting and repairing damaged hair.Keratin: Another naturally occurring protein in the body that aids in protecting and repairing damaged hair.Vitamin C: Is an antioxidant that enhances the immune system at a cellular level to promote healthy hair and skin.Folate: Promotes the development of healthy DNA which controls health tissue growth and cell activity.Vitamin B12: Is essential to red blood cell formation, which carries oxygen to scalp and hair follicles.Vitamin A: Antioxidant promoting formation and maintenance of healthy cells.Vitamin D3: Promotes the creation of new hair follicles and provides fuller and more voluminous hair.Thiamine: Promotes long and lush hair.As you can see this supplement is full of beneficial ingredients to aid in growing longer hair, stronger nails, and healthier skin. I have experienced no breakouts or other side effects taking this supplement. I highly recommend this product and will continue taking it.

  34. I have autoimmune thyroid disease. While my medication helps with most of the issues I face due to Hashimoto’s, I do suffer from hair loss and hair that tends to break easily. I started Hairfluence on December 1, 2017. Within a month I saw new baby hairs sprouting around my hair line. I’ve also seen growth of other shorter strands of hair. It’s been a bit over 6 weeks now and I’m on my second bottle. I’m finding new baby hairs every week, so I plan to continue with this product with the hope that my hair will continue to fill in. A friend with thyroid disease recommended this product and I’m so glad she did. Another option I was considering was an expensive MLM hair care system, but Hairfluence seems to be having the effect I’m looking for. I’ll update this review in another couple of months.

  35. I am on my second bottle and I have a very strong feeling about it. The last time I washed my hair, it was super healthy, I don’t know if it’s the shampoo because I go back and forth with shampoos.(My mind still think it’s the vitamin). Aside from that my nails have grown and are unbreakable. I have always had strong nails but now it seems stronger and is growing longer faster. For me I do think it’s working .. and for something to work for me is a big deal cause not often products work. I used biotin before and it did nothing but then again I was on and off. I think the reason I’m sticking to this vitamin it’s because I’ve seen a difference and I love what I’m seeing. My hair maybe have grown but I didn’t measure before so I don’t know for sure, but I will now to monitor the progress. For each person it’s different, for me this seems to be working and I don’t have that with a lot of products I tried. You can’t know if it’s working unless you try it and I say go for it!

  36. Awesome customer service. I originally rated this product with 3 stars as I didn’t tell any difference but I only used 1 bottle. However I can say this company probably has the best customer service as they were prompt to contact me about my experience. Even without a refund, it was great they contacted me about my experience with their product and company. As you see at the bottom of my update, I do use various other Zhou products and love them, this particular one just didn’t work for me. I just couldn’t justify buying more when I saw no difference in anything. This was just my experience as I have baby fine hair and had to have brain surgery which also didn’t help. UPDATE: The owner Alex contacted me after this review. He offered a refund. While this was not my intention from this review the awesome customer service is greatly appreciated. I have purchased other Zhou products and loved them. This one just didnt work for me. This company appears to really care about your experience. I really did not expect a refund I was trying to give my honest opinion as I realize not all products work for everyone. I changed to 4 stars as though the product wasn’t good for me I am impressed with the customer service.

  37. I’m a 19 year old male, and was starting to notice balding while hair was wet, luckily it is hard to tell dry. I know that male pattern baldness comes from the female side, but due to my father being bald it has always concerned me. I am taking this along with a Castor Oil product that was listed as “Frequently Bought Together” and I’m currently 3 weeks in and starting to notice changes.Growth (Length): It is definitely affecting the growth of my hair, I’ve noticed from measuring that in the front it has grown almost an inch, which is almost double what it does normally. I’ve also known sped up growth in facial hair, which is slightly annoying, but to be expected.Regrowth (in balding places):The back looks better to me, but I may be imagining. I’ve taken pictures weekly and will add them when I’ve reached a conclusion. In the front I’ve seen no change, but it also hasn’t gotten worse so that good I suppose.Looks (Hair feel, and appearance):Honestly I haven’t paid much attention, but my hair does feel a little thicker. It definitely brought out more red in my hair that hasn’t been noticeable since childhood, which gives it a more bronze look.Again, it has only been 3 weeks so I don’t expect major changes, but I’m positive and hopeful, currently. I will update further as time progresses, and good luck to all seeking to fix their own problem.

  38. Around two years ago I started to notice significant hair loss. I went to two separate dermatologists just to be told it was stress related. Both also recommended going on Rogaine, however I was hesitant to do so considering that once you begin using Rogaine, you have to maintain usage to maintain results. Unwilling to give up, and wanting my thick hair back (and to stop shedding), I have tried everything, from hair loss shampoo, to biotin, to increased iron intake, to serums, to changing up my diet, and nothing was working. I finally saw this product on Amazon and thought what the heck, why not? I have been using Hairfluence for two months now and I am floored by my results. My hair is shinier, sleeker less frizzy…and on top of all of that I have significant growth. Little baby hairs are popping up on my scalp line, and breakage/shedding has all but stopped entirely. To be entirely transparent, I started using Bumble and Bumbles Seaweed shampoo at the same time, so potentially the results could be partially to that as well. However, I am inclined to believe that the majority of the progress I have seen has been due to taking this supplement. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  39. I’ve only been taking Hairfluence for a short time and their is a noticeable difference in my hair and my nails. I’ve previously used hairfinity for months at a time and I did not get these same results. My hair is natural so I use a lot of protective styles. In between I’ve noticed that I have less shedding and my hair is thicker and does not break easily. The difference in my nails is even more significant! They’re longer and stronger than they’ve ever been and the best thing of all is that I’ve experienced no acne related to these vitamins my skin is actually clearer as well.

  40. I am a believer in if your good to people they’ll be good to you, anyways. This is a phenomenal company! I am blown away by how much they care about their customers. I took the supplement and had an acne breakout and didn’t know why the only thing I had been taking different was this supplement. Well I led my previous rewvoew below in parenthesis. I was emailed almost immediately by the seller and they refunded me my money and we’re wxtrem lreofessional kind caring and understanding. They sympathized with me that it didn’t work, and I in turn sympathized back that I was really bummed it didn’t work for me like I hoped for. But they made good and I appreciated them for that and that’s why they’re such a good company in so many ways I can’t wxpress enough! But I am eager as all get out to try another product of theirs because I believe also in second chances. Thanks Alex from Hair Fluence! You guys rock, and your a wonderful company who does their best t keep their customers happy and keep coming back.(((I honestly want to give theee guys a good review and I don’t know if I’m seeing any results to be honest I had to cut my hair cause the stupid hairdresser cut my hair completely uneven. But I started taking this and since I have my skin started to break out like I was in middle and high school all over again. I have really good skin and always take care of my skin and this stuff taken as directed 2 capsules daily for a month really made my skin badly breakout and I noticed I had headaches a lot! I thought it was just the time of year where we live but no one else was having headaches like I was. I have new little peach fuz at the top of my hairline above my forehead so I do think it does work, just the break out and headache side effects aren’t cool and for that to happen it isn’t worth $21.)))

  41. I didn’t have any problems with this product. What people don’t realize is that too much biotin can make you break out.Rather than looking at the product ahead of time or doing research, they blame the product and give a bad review. Ignorance.Regardless, I have been taking this product for a year and have left a photo of my results. I absolutely love this product and will continue to use it! :)Left: Before.Right: AfterHowever, they just keep increasing the price because it works. Eventually, I am going to stop purchasing unless they ease up on their greed.

  42. I’ve been using Hairflunce and oiling my hair with Virgin Hair Fertilizer and I believe this is a great combination….THEN:I cut ALL of my hair in October 2017 (7inches down my back 100% natural hair), since then my hair was stayed at less than 1 inch after 5 FREAKING MONTHS! It was shedding severely bad and kept breaking off. I was cutting split ends but nothing was working.NOW:Now that I’m using this, in one month my hair has gotten CRAZY thick, my edges are full and back to normal, my hair sheds WAY less and is actually stopping, the best part is my hair has grown up to 2.5-3 inches, IN ONE MONTH! it’s not breaking off, it is ACTUALLY growing and I’m retaining length. I’m beginning to feel better about myself because my hair is growing beautifully. Hell yes to this product!!

  43. Took a while for me to notice a difference but I recommend being patient. After two weeks I started to notice a difference. After 1 month my hair had began to grow like crazy. I have blonde hair so I hardly shave my legs (once a week) now I have to shave 3x a week. My roots have been going so fast as well, I’m considering going back to my stylist sooner than 7 weeks. The more consistent you are using the product, the better results you will see.

  44. I never write reviews but this hair vitamin is the holy grail! So affordable and my hair is thicker and growing longer so quickly! It does take 2 to 4 weeks to see results, but I’m telling you, I am on my 4th bottle and this stuff is amazing! I just ordered 2 more bottles already! Do yourself a favor and buy it already!

  45. I’ll start off by saying that I have naturally curly 3c/4a hair that is also low porosity. I’ve been using this product for about 6 months now and this is the only product that can stop my hair from breaking and shedding so much! Because of this, I have retained at least 3-4 inches of growth (with a small trim every 3 months or so). What I truly love about this is that it doesn’t break me out at all! All the other vitamins I’ve tried broke me out immediately within the first week of use. I couldn’t sacrifice my skin over my hair because 1) I am already acne-prone and 2) it takes FOREVER for many of my acne scars to go away, so a new pimple everyday whilst taking those other vitamins wasn’t good for me. I recently became a subscribe and save member of this product and when I opened the new bottle, I noticed that the pills were more orange than the ones I had bought before (which were more brown toned). Maybe the new bottle is fresher? I don’t know, but the ingredients are still the same, which is good. The only cons are that 1) the pills are big (which may be a problem for some people but I don’t have a problem with it– I just thought I’d mention it) and 2) when opening the bottle for the first time, it smells a bit funny. I don’t know whether it’s because it’s the summer time and up to 93 degree out or what, but it smells a bit like kibbles ‘n bits.I also started using biotin shampoo about 3 weeks ago, so hopefully in conjunction with this product, my hair will grow like a weed! I will update my review once I finish the bottle of shampoo.

  46. The first picture was taken last September, just before I ordered my first bottle and the second was a couple days ago, 10 months later…I have been trying to grow my hair out for upwards of 5 years now and it just wouldn’t grow, the ends were damaged and constantly breaking off, resulting in no luck. But I’ve been taking hairfluence for about 10 months and WOW! I can’t remember the last time it was this long and healthy. Taking two pills every night and taking care of my hair (cutting down on heat, using anti-breakage shampoo/conditioner) has done wonders. The pills are kind of large and can be hard to get down sometimes, but it is totally worth it. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking to grow their hair out or even just get it thicker, stronger, and healthier.

  47. What a product! I purchased a bottle for my lady. She is Romanian with beautiful black hair. I am the researcher in our relationship. She does the hard stuff and puts up with me. Her hair was damaged, thinning, and shedding. This product delivered as advertised!!! I am a big advocate for supplementation due to the average diet and low nutrient quality of processed, mass produced produce we ingest. Additionally, the chemically treated water we bathe and shower in requires us to be diligent in our body’s ability to remain healthy. I am not paranoid, just practical. Our bodies are very resilient as long as we give it the tools to protect, rebuild and regenerate.I have her taking a high-quality multivitamin along with vitamin K2, magnesium glycinate, and one or two other supplements. When she expressed concern about her hair I delved into research mode and consumed tons of information. Biotin is often mentioned. However, I believe in a comprehensive approach to issues. This product not only contains biotin, but it also includes other co-factors needed for strong, healthy hair.After reading the ingredients the level and type of Vitamin A caught my attention. You see, this isn’t the veggie based caratoid pre-cursor “A” that your body converts to the utilized version. This is the converted Retinyl Palmitate form of A, which is fat-soluble and stores in your liver for a long time. If you take too much, over time it can build up to toxic levels resulting in serious problems including permanent liver damage. I often stress more is not better as applied to supplementation.The upper limit of Palmitate A is 10,000 IU a day. Two of these pills contain 8000 IU. When I consider this is likely NOT the only source of A we ingest each day, I feel this dose is a bit high for long-term consumption. When I say long-term I am talking nine months or more of daily 8,000 IU intake on top of our other daily sources. I don’t think 60 to 90 days or even six months would be an issue for any healthy individual.Photo 1 = Day 0 || Photo 2 = Day 26 || Photo 3 = Day 49 (approx. 2 weeks prior to this review)My Romanian princess took one bottle at the recommended does of two capsules per day. Within three weeks her hair was noticeable thicker, shinier, softer, and stronger. Also, in just three weeks her shedding all but stopped when she brushed or washed her hair. Within 30 days there was no mistaking the marked improvements resulting from this product and there is no more shedding. Please consider I have always had her on a quality multivitamin as well. So it may be a combination of everything she had been taking with this product being the missing link to healthier hair.After her first bottle I had her reduce the dose to one capsule per day and bought her a separate biotin (2500 mcg) to take with it for a total of 5000 mcg of biotin. We may experiment with taking two capsules every other bottle and only taking one capsule with added biotin every other bottle. Once we are where she wants her hair to be, we will look into dropping down to one capsule a few days per week (or every day) for maintenance along with her other supplements. Her hair looks amazing and it has grown just over an inch (it was already fairly long). Her nails are also growing much quicker (she tells me). She and I are very pleased with the results.TIP 1: Biotin can cause breakouts. I theorize sudden high doses of biotin over stimulate sebaceous glands, causing them to become mildly inflamed and/or over active. Just a theory. Whatever the case I have the solution, which is very simple. Start off with a low-dose of biotin for a few weeks. Don’t just introduce thousands of mcg’s to your system overnight. Allow your body to adjust to this increased supply after all of these years. Depending on the person you may get away with 1000 mcg, but even that may trigger a few deep painful bumps in some. You can purchase a bottle of 300 mcg instead. Take one per day for a week or so. Then double the dose by taking two per day for ten days to two weeks (600 mcg). Then triple the dose by taking three per day for two weeks (900 mcg). Don’t rush it. Now your body is ready for the higher dosage.TIP 2: Personally, I don’t see a need to take 10,000 mcg of stand-alone biotin. Instead, after you acclimate your body via TIP 1 (above) take two of these pills a day for one or two entire bottle(s), then drop down to one of these per day BUT also take up to 2500 mcg of stand-alone biotin with one of these either together or separately. Doing so reduces the chance of too much “A Palminate” yet provides you with up to 5000 mcg of biotin along with the other much needed co-factors for long healthy hair. Biotin alone requires massive doses to be productive. This comprehensive approach will yield better results. If you wish to be extremely cautious, you may consider taking only one capsule of this product per day (versus two) for the first week or two to see how it effects you.TIP 3: Don’t forget your protein. Your hair will thank you for it. I am 6’1″ at approx 210 ilbs. I eat two organic eggs each day for breakfast. I also consume a powdered protein smoothie about three days per week. Most people consume protein on a regular basis. So you are likely fine.TIP 4: How are your iodine levels? 100 – 300 mcg three or four days per week might be helpful for your hair. Do NOT go overboard with iodine. Also, watch your source as some brands contain heavy metals, which are bad for you. Pure Encapsulations is one of a few brands I trust at the time of this review.TIP 5: Consider installing a shower filter to remove some of the chemical cleansers out of the water you bathe in. I can recommend a couple that I read about in a nutrient book called “It’s Not The Cans”. They are very effective.TIP 6: If you are unsure about a seller, buy directly from the manufacturer, ZHOU.TIP 7: Always check the expiration date when buying from third party sellers.I really hope this product works as well for you as it is working for us. I am a real person with zero ties to this product, seller, or manufacturer.

  48. Attached photo: the picture on the left is from August 17th and my first day on Hairfluence. The picture on the right is from today, October 26th and I am on my third bottle of Hairfluence.I cannot rave about how amazing these pills are enough!!! My hair grows at a good rate, but I needed an extra push and something other than Biotin/Hair, skin & nails gummies (which weren’t even working at all). I saw the amount of great reviews on here and decided to take the plunge. BEST DECISION EVER! I hope the picture does it justice, but my hair is growing at an extremely fast rate and is even looking and feeling so much healthier! I am not doing anything else special for my hair other than these pills. Even with getting trims/coloring my hair every 6 weeks, my hair is still getting so much longer!!! I am obsessed with this stuff and I plan on buying it until I am pleased with the length of my hair. So, so glad I tried this stuff! HIGHLY recommended!!!

  49. I have had Graves disease (hyperactive thyroid) for years and there are only two medicines to take for it. I was on PTU on and off for 8 years and it caused me twice to have telogen effluvium which is when your hair follicles go in to the resting state prematurely and you lose LOTS of hair. I tried everything to stop it. Shampoos, Biotin, essential oils. Both times the only thing that stopped the hair loss was to stop the drug. I started back up on a different drug, Methimozole and within 2 weeks of taking it I started losing hair. I’m pretty sure it’s not telogen effluvium because that is usually begins 3 or 4 months after taking a drug. Also with TE I was losing like 300 hairs a day (mostly in the shower and when I blew dry or used a curling iron), with the Methimozole I was losing about 150, which people might say well that’s not that much but I have lost a lot of thickness with the other two hair loss bouts so my hair has gotten pretty thin. After about a month of losing hair this time I came across Haifluence. I saw a bunch of other people who had drug induced hair loss had tried it and it helped. Within about a month of taking it, I was losing maybe 70 hairs during my morning routine. Within 2 months, maybe 40. I am almost done with my 3rd bottle and I am now losing maybe10-20. IT TOTALLY HELPED! My hair is still a little dry, but that is definitely getting better. I’m noticing that little bang hairs that were just coming in when I started taking them are now about a 1/2 inch long. And my hair was not thick to begin with but I figure in 6 months to a year that will hopefully fill in. Thank you so much Hairfluence. It’s seriously the only thing that helped.

  50. So I’m 54 years old and have been using this product for 9 months. I’ve always had medium fine hair, shoulder length. My eyelashes and eyebrows have always been fairly nice. I’ve been taking an over the counter “hair, skin, nails” vitamin for years. I decided to try this product 9 months ago and quit the over the counter product thinking these would be superior to them. Over the 9 months, I’ve been losing so much hair. Taking a shower (washing my hair) has been so stressful seeing all the hair that is at the drain. My eyelashes and eyebrows have gotten thinner as well. I just attributed the hair loss to my age and was living with it. So one day my 12 year old daughter was saying how much better her hair looks after taking a “hair, skin, nails” over the counter gummy supplement for a month. I decided to try them in addition to these vitamins. After a month, my eye lashes and eyebrows have greatly improved! My eyelashes were the first to come back. My hair is looking healthier, and I’m definitely not losing as much when I shower. So my advice is that this product may be enough for you younger folks, but if you’re older, you may need another hair supplement on top of it. It just wasn’t enough for me. I’ll keep taking the over the counter gummies and this product because both together seem to be working.

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