Health Warrior Pumpkin Seed Protein Bars, Honey Sea Salt, 8g Plant Protein, Gluten Free, Certified Organic, 34 Count (.Honey Sea Salt – 34 Count) - Dark Chocolate

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  • 8 grams of plant protein from pumpkin seeds plus simple, recognizable ingredients that you would find in your pantry
  • Gluten free, soy free, dairy free, and Non GMO. Paleo friendly. USDA Certified Organic
  • Just 10 grams of net carbs with only 6 grams of sugar from one teaspoon of honey
  • Good natural source of phosphorus, manganese, copper, zinc and iron
  • Good source of magnesium for workout recovery

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Health Warrior Pumpkin Seed Protein Bars, Honey Sea Salt, 8g Plant Protein, Gluten Free, Certified Organic, 34 Count (.Honey Sea Salt - 34 Count)

Health Warrior Pumpkin Seed Protein Bars, Honey Sea Salt, 8g Plant Protein, Gluten Free, Certified Organic, 34 Count (.Honey Sea Salt - 34 Count)

Health Warrior Pumpkin Seed Protein Bars, Honey Sea Salt, 8g Plant Protein, Gluten Free, Certified Organic, 34 Count (.Honey Sea Salt - 34 Count)

Health Warrior Pumpkin Seed Protein Bars, Honey Sea Salt, 8g Plant Protein, Gluten Free, Certified Organic, 34 Count (.Honey Sea Salt - 34 Count)

Health Warrior Pumpkin Seed Protein Bars, Honey Sea Salt, 8g Plant Protein, Gluten Free, Certified Organic, 34 Count (.Honey Sea Salt - 34 Count)

Health Warrior Pumpkin Seed Protein Bars, Honey Sea Salt, 8g Plant Protein, Gluten Free, Certified Organic, 34 Count (.Honey Sea Salt - 34 Count)

Health Warrior Pumpkin Seed Protein Bars, Honey Sea Salt, 8g Plant Protein, Gluten Free, Certified Organic, 34 Count (.Honey Sea Salt - 34 Count)

Health Warrior Pumpkin Seed Protein Bars, Honey Sea Salt, 8g Plant Protein, Gluten Free, Certified Organic, 34 Count (.Honey Sea Salt - 34 Count)

Product description

Flavor:.Honey Sea Salt – 34 Count

Just honey, spices and one of the best plant-based sources of protein on the planet, pumpkin seeds, this bar has our simplest ingredient list yet. Now USDA Certified Organic!


3FL Variety Pack, Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Peanut, Honey Sea Salt, Maple Sea Salt

  1. Avatar

    I have been eating Health Warrior products for years. Each new chia bar flavor is fantastic so when I saw the new Pumpkin Seed Bars, I had to try them. I find the Dark Chocolate fantastic. It is my new go to afternoon snack. Great taste and very lite–not heavy at all. Satisfied but not stuffed…..

  2. Avatar

    Having tried both the cinnamon and the dark chocolate flavors of these bars, I love them both, though personally slightly prefer the chocolate. The nutrient profile is good (170 calories/7g sugar/8g protein) plus packed with magnesium and other nutrients since the bars are just pumpkin seeds plus honey and spices. The texture is pretty soft and chewy, which I prefer to some of the brick-like bars out there. Image attached of the ingredient/nutrient lists for each of the 3 flavors below (source for the images is Health Warrior’s website). I will warn that the cinnamon bar has a pretty strong cinnamon/all-spice flavor, so if you’re neutral or not big on cinnamon, you might want to go with a different flavor. Definitely recommended!

  3. Avatar

    Nuts & seeds mixed with a chocolate glaze. Very good tasting

  4. Avatar

    Tastes like dark chocolate covered pumpkin seeds. My kids happen to like that combo. Needed a bar without nuts for swim meets and these worked out great.

  5. Avatar

    You must love pumpkin seeds ’cause there’s a ton of them! A very nice pick-me-up! Deelish!

  6. Avatar

    Short ingredient list. Great taste. I’ve been buying several other snack bars and this is one of the best in terms of flavor and texture.

  7. Avatar

    These Pumpkin Seed Dark Chocolate Bars are the third product I have tried by Health Warrior. They are deliciously chewy, only barely sweet with the chocolate, and make a wonderfully healthy snack any time of day. If my children were still small, I would stock my house with these and never let them eat sugar!

  8. Avatar

    Love this bar , not too sweet , great dark chocolate !

  9. Avatar

    Bitting into it, it’s very smooth, almost a creamy feel to it but still a nice crunch you would want. As you chew the suprisingly soft bar, you get a pleasant taste of chocolate with a sweet honey undertone. If you want a tasty but light snack in between meals I would recommend you try these.

  10. Avatar

    Love these, like all my other Health Warrior bars! They keep me full when I need a good, sustainable snack that feels a little bit like cheating. Also, as a person who is allergic to sunflower oil and seeds, it’s so nice (and rare) to find a bar that doesn’t include these ingredients! Highly recommend!

  11. Avatar

    My favorite Health Warrior bar!!! I knew I liked the chia bars already so I figured this bar would be okay, but it was delicious. It was the perfect blend of healthy and sweet/chocolate. I also really like the iron and magnesium content. I found the size of this bar to be a nice size for a pickmeup during a little hike. I will be ordering in this by the case!

  12. Avatar

    These are very tasty and handy to have around the house or to carry along with you when you leave home. They have a wonderful chocolate flavor, and lots of pumpkins seeds. We have shared these with friends that came over during the holidays and they all loved them too! The ingredients are simple and wholesome as well!

  13. Avatar

    These are fantastical! Bought them for a lower carb alternative to granaola bars to have while skiing. Not too sweet, a little chocolatey, a little salty, just perfect.

  14. Avatar

    The Pumpkin Seed Bars with Dark Chocolate are very good. I am trying to change my diet to improve my health. I have a sweet tooth and these bars are healthy and satisfy my sweets craving.

  15. Avatar

    Chocolate and pumpkin seeds with salt! What could be closer to heaven? You might find they give you flatulence though. Awesome tase and soft texture. I’m going to go grab one right now. See you later……….

  16. Avatar

    I really like these! The Dark chocolate flavor is my FAVORITE! I found them at a local grocery store that then discontinued them 🙁 I love the taste – great dark chocolate taste. Something I enjoy like a treat but is good for me especially for me medically due to the magnesium in it from the pumpkin seeds. I will eat these at home and have them in my purse they are so good. Satisfying too!

  17. Avatar

    I’ll admit, I didn’t care for these the first few bars I tried because they are smaller and the consistency is quite different. However, I have now acquired a taste for them and have since ordered another box. I have been searching for a low carb, higher protein snack and these fit the bill. I was also happy that what little chocolate they contain is dark. Additionally, even though the bars are smaller than most protein snack bars, they are filling.

  18. Avatar

    I bought these on a whim when they were on sale, but wow these are good and am ordering more now (at regular price). The pumpkin seeds give them an amazing taste, slightly sweetened with honey and cocoa. A great alternative to many of the other bars out there. Definitely worth a taste in my opinion.

  19. Avatar

    Within two bites, I was like “Oh, no. I’m not going to be able to eat just one.” These are ridiculously tasty. They have the average calorie of a protein bar, with the right amount of sweet for people who avoid sugar. I only wish they were larger. Great for anyone who has self-control. I limit myself to one per day. Golly, I hope they’re healthy…

  20. Avatar

    I enjoyed these bars although some people had commented they did not. I suppose it is a matter of taste. If you are used to super sugary snacks, these may not be for you. They have just a few ingredients and are much healthier than many of the alternatives.

  21. Avatar

    I am a fan of the Health Warrior Chia bars so I decided to give these a try although I usually avoid chocolate flavor bars. I absolutely love these. It reminds me of eating chocolate oatmeal cookies. These are not too sweet and have a great texture. My husband is pickier than I am about bars and even he loves them.

  22. Avatar

    I keep a box of these at home & the office. They satisfy the occasional hunger pangs in between meals or the occasional sweet tooth. They are clean ingredients (not processed foods) and each ingredient serves a purpose. I love the taste & crunch. If you’re used to eating nuts, seeds & cacao nibs, you’ll appreciate these. They are almost 200 calories so don’t eat the whole box.

  23. Avatar

    These bars are very delicious, highly nutritious too. My Daughter takes these to work with her every day. They taste like heaven. Sweet and crunchy with just a little bit of salt. They give her enough energy to keep going and she won’t snack on anything else. I love them too but I eat them for any occasion. The pumpkin seeds and chocolate are the best! We keep them in our fridge because we live in a warm climate. They stay fresher longer this way.

  24. Avatar

    I recently tried the chocolate flavor and it was ok, but not spectacular, so this time I decided to give the cinnamon spice flavor a whirl. I just happened to receive them today when I was hungry and in need of a snack, STAT, so I immediately opened them up and gave them a taste test, along with my 3-year old assistant taste tester. Oh my goodness, let me tell you, these are the best snack bars I have had in a long time, if not ever! If you are a fan of cinnamon or “pumpkin spice” flavored things or chai, these are for you. The cinnamon is very, very prominent in these bars and they also have ginger and allspice in them, so they have lots of flavor and a little bit of kick, but not so much that my 3-year old didn’t keep asking for more bites. The pumpkin seeds really compliment the spice combination used here and the sweetness is not overwhelming, although I do feel it could be a touch less sweet and still be yummy. The ingredient list on these is short and every ingredient is recognizable, which I like. Even though I just got a box today, I’m already ordering another box of this flavor because I don’t want to run out.

  25. Avatar

    Tasty, healthy, and prepackaged. Can grab them on the go. What more could you want? I liked the honey sea salt more than the chocolate, which may be a first for me.

  26. Avatar

    I bought these before and for someone needing lower carbs in a decent snack bar, these are fine. The taste, to me, is OK, though not delicious. This package got to me too late to use (long story) but I know the product well and will buy them again.

  27. Avatar

    Can’t bear these bars. I have food allergies, and it’s hard to find things I can eat in a hurry. These taste amazing, and my son who also has sensitivities can eat them too. I tried them once for a test and have been buying ever since! Seeds are very helpful right now during these cosmic energies. (They cause us to need extra magnesium) and seeds are excellent for that.

  28. Avatar

    I search the internet daily to find foods for my highly allergic grandson. I was thrilled to hit on this bar, as he’s allergic to nuts, gluten, dairy, eggs and sunflower. However, when I saw that these were manufactured on machines that use the items he is allergic to, there went my find. People with allergies can’t have foods running through machines that contain ingredients harmful to them. So needless to say, I had to discount the purchase for him. This frustration follows for so many food item. Manufacturers must not have kids with allergies! Anyway, I bought the bars for myself and they are tasty and calm hunger. Would recommend to anyone without allergies!!

  29. Avatar

    I love these bars.. I just ordered the dark chocolate cocunut almond (must be a new flavor) and LOVE IT. I love their dark chocolate bars as well. I’m looking forward to trying their maple flavor one. I have IBS and I cannot handle high protein bars.. This one is Perfect. It does not back me up which is incredible . The shipping was SO fast. It gave me an estimate of a week shipping and it came in two days. I love this company. Also, the price per box on these is so reasonable ! Thank you ^·^

  30. Avatar

    These are slightly sweet, slightly salty and taste primarily of pumpkin seeds. It’s a tasty and convenient snack.

  31. Avatar

    I like that it’s mildly sweet with a slight crunch. A nice little snack.

  32. Avatar

    These Health Warrior Protein Bars work well for me. I wanted something to tide me over when I was running late for lunch or on the road and between meals, but feeling a little tired, ore hungry. For some reason the protein in the pumpkin seeds works really well for me – satisfying my hunger until I get where I’m going or to the next meal. They do that without a lot of sugar. I have a strong reaction to anything too sugary and I have not had that problem with these bars. Love the flavor, love the way my body responds to them. I keep them on hand all the time.!

  33. Avatar

    My favorite is the most simple one, the plain honey. My mother wanted to try one and she likes the one with some chocolate. I can’t recall what the third option was, but it was the least favorite overall. In the future I would probably only do the simple honey one…less is best in this case. 🙂

  34. Avatar

    I try to make home made as often as possible, both cheaper and healthier than buying usually. I could make these pumpkin seed bars, I have the basic ingredients, but price isn’t too bad, especially lightening deal, and convenience of being able to keep a couple in purse when unable to have lunch or just need a snack, is great. Home made is nice, but doesn’t have a long shelf life.

  35. Avatar

    Ordered the dark chocolate but was leery that it would have a strong health food taste but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s really quite good. I’ll be taking these with me on my trip as I’m not sure I’ll be able to have breakfast before I leave my accomodations. And these will make a good between meal snack too. I love the pumpkin seeds and the dark chocolate is not killer sweet. Glad I decided to try these. I’ll be ordering more when I get back.

  36. Avatar

    These snack bars are absolutely delicious and I recommend them highly.The only problem is that they are so delicious, they don’t last long.A 12-pack around here is gone in a couple of days.I’m better off just keeping bags of pumpkin and sunflower seeds around and grabbing a handful as needed.For that reason only, I won’t be ordering these again.They go too fast.

  37. Avatar

    I was looking for a nutritious gluten-free protein bar as a gift for my nieces. They loved these bars so much that I sent 2 more gifts, including a box for me! Pumpkin seeds are full of protein and good nutrition, & combined with dark chocolate is a very tasty treat. Economical in the range of organic bars, I’m very pleased and plan to re-order again.

  38. Avatar

    I was looking for a snack that was organic with good ingredients that didn’t have a massive amount of calories or carbs or sugar. It works for me. I will order these again.

  39. Avatar

    I bought these bars because of their high nutrition and low sugar content. I had read they’re one of the top three healthiest protein bars on the market. I admit they have an unpleasant texture (from ground pumpkin seeds) and they lack flavor. But once I got over that, I personally benefited from the nutrition and I consumed much less sugar than I had been with my usual protein bars. I lost eight pounds in three weeks when I ate one Health Warrior per day without making other changes to my diet or exercise routine. I’ll buy them again for that reason only.

  40. Avatar

    I bought these because of an Amazon promo and they were really good. Tasted awesome and very high quality non-GMO ingredients. Would recommend to anyone looking for a solid on the go plant protein source.

  41. Avatar

    If you love pumpkin seeds, this bar is for you!YUMMYI LOVE all the flavors,It’s awesome that there is only 6 really good ingredients.

  42. Avatar

    I tried the variety pack that has dark chocolate, dark with peanut butter and honey sea salt. I was very pleased with all three and have ordered more. It’s the perfect size, healthy, tastes good and reasonably priced. Overall very happy with this product!

  43. Avatar

    Good taste, good consistency.

  44. Avatar

    If you are trying t BREAK THE SUGAR ADDICTION r trying to go LOW CARBthese bars are super — They are not terribly sweet, but just enough to feel like you had a treat -the seeds will hold you – with the protein and fiber and LOW CAL!!!!Look at the label and see if you don’t believe me!EXCELLENT!

  45. Avatar

    The Health Warrior Pumpkin Seed Protein Bars taste good and is filling. However, the price is a bit expensive.

  46. Avatar

    I like the variety of flavors of these bars. First time trying on and I got hooked up. Overall, it’s a healthier snack than cupcakes, etc which loaded with sugar. It will make you full, too.

  47. Avatar

    received as a sample in the mail and was surprised at how good these are. I ordered immediately and left box at work so i can have during the day and am very happy. keeps me from going in break room eating cookies or whose ever bday cake is in there. i am so picky about stuff like this that i never would have even tried if not for the sample so am so glad i got that. will continue to order

  48. Avatar

    I wanted to put that in the heading because when you look at the picture with the nutrition facts it says that there is only one carb in this product, when, in fact, there are 10. I purchased this product originally because I thought there was only one carb (how that was accomplished with the ingredients I didn’t even stop to wonder)! But, they are delicious and they are healthy – so, 5 stars!

  49. Avatar

    I like the fact I get a crunchy and chocolate as if I was eating a candy bar. Protein and low carb is even better reason to choose this bar!

  50. Avatar

    I purchased one box for myself and for my husband, we loved them so much that I sent them as a gift to my dad and to my adult son for their birthdays. Everybody loves them!

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