Herb Pharm Certified Organic Bacopa Liquid Extract for Brain Support – 1 Ounce - 4 Ounce

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1 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)4 Ounce
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5 Great reasons to buy from us:


  • Expertly extracted to support healthy brain function.
  • Prepared from the aerial portion of certified organic Bacopa monnieri plants.
  • Rapidly absorbed liquid extract.
  • Gluten-free and non-GMO.
  • Herb potency assured through High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) analysis.

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Herb Pharm Certified Organic Bacopa Liquid Extract for Brain Support - 1 Ounce

Herb Pharm Certified Organic Bacopa Liquid Extract for Brain Support - 1 Ounce

Herb Pharm Certified Organic Bacopa Liquid Extract for Brain Support - 1 Ounce

Herb Pharm Certified Organic Bacopa Liquid Extract for Brain Support - 1 Ounce

Herb Pharm Certified Organic Bacopa Liquid Extract for Brain Support - 1 Ounce

Herb Pharm Certified Organic Bacopa Liquid Extract for Brain Support - 1 Ounce

Herb Pharm Certified Organic Bacopa Liquid Extract for Brain Support - 1 Ounce

Product description

Size:1 Ounce

Support healthy brain function with Bacopa liquid herb extract from Herb Pharm. We prepare our Bacopa Extract from the from the aerial parts of Bacopa monnieri plants which are Certified Organically Grown. To assure optimal extraction of Bacopa’s bioactive compounds, the herb is hand-harvested, carefully shade-dried to retain its full color and aroma, and is then thoroughly extracted.


1 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), 4 Ounce

  1. I have a child with autism that although is sensitive to most supplements, has responded wonderfully to this herbal extract.I usually see a change in him within a few minutes after he takes a dose. The supplement tastes bitter so I mix it with a little liquid vitamin C in a syringe and he drinks some water immediately after to wash off the bitter taste. This supplement makes my 8 year-old feel so good that in spite the bitter taste, he voluntarily takes it.Since adding liquid bacopa, my son has shown improvement in his verbal response and word retrieval and his learning ability has improved. He also sleeps better, is more present, calmer, more focused, less anxious, less OCD, happier, and exhibits improved social behavior. In addition in the past 4 months since he has been on this supplement daily, he has made marked improvement in his fine motor skills, especially his hand writing has become legible.However, all these changes are fairly subtle, yet quite noticeable to family and friends. I am so thrilled with this herb that I now take bacopa tablets myself and have experienced improvements in my own mood. I really couldn’t ask more from any one natural supplement. I give my son, 30 drops in the morning, and if needed, 20 drops in the early evening.Over the years I have used numerous herbs and supplements and Herb Pharm Bacopa is among my most favorite.

  2. We’ve only been using this a couple weeks on my recently turned 6 year old son. He’s a very bright kid, has been speaking since before he was one. Has been speaking with structures sentences since he was 1. But he has been having trouble getting thru his work at school in a timely manor. He knows the answers. The teacher can ask him and he will verbally answer her, or if she sits with him he will complete the work, but left alone, nothing gets done. So far so good. As far as I know he’s been keeping up with the class.

  3. I heard about this product on the Dr. Oz Show and decided to try it out. IT WORKS WAY BETTER THAN GINKGO BILOBA. I can focus much better I feel that the extract liquid formula works faster then the pill form but it is really based upon the individual. I hope this review helped!

  4. As soon as I started taking it, it started working. Gave me lots of focus and energy. Also helps with stress or depressive episodes. Dont let things get to me and helps me be more focused/energetic. I will be buying more of this more frequently. Also taste kind of bitter by itself but I use water which makes it taste like tea without sweetener. I dont mind the taste though it is an awesome product.

  5. I started giving this to my 9 year old son along with other supplements he is taking. He is ADHD, anxious and very very bright but was struggling with focus and impulsivity in school. Even after we transferred him from public to private and took him off ADHD drugs and heavily supplemented with Omegas and Native Remedies, the improvement was good but not great. Then I added this and talk about a turn around! He is now getting more of his work done in class, less focused (or hyper focused) on other kids and distractions, and generally is less impulsive in terms of responding to kids who are triggering him. I don’t know if this is doing all this alone or in conjunction with the other supplements and the cognitive behavioral/reward plan that the school has implemented for him. But, whatever it is, he has made a tremendous turnaround and is more confident and proud of himself. Mostly he is more focused and on task!

  6. Couldn’t imagine life without Bacopa! It tastes extremely bitter but it works. It helps me alot to focus and concentrate and I actually remember what I study! 🙂

  7. great stuff, works well

  8. Tastes pretty darn good, and yes, I have noticed an increase in memories, just like my doctor warned me !! I mix with water first thing in the morning. Make it a habit, and you will not regret it. Am going to try capsules, just to see if I get as good as liquid results. If not, then back to the this liquid I will go.

  9. I will leave the following: PROS: very relaxing, better sleep, massive increase in libido and sexual ability, helps mood. CONS: Bad headache for the first few days (goes away), cannot take it for more than three days at a time due very bad stomach cramps.Overall the product works quite well, you just need to get by the side effects. Everyone is different and you must try it for yourself.

  10. Great for memory, have used successfully over a year.

  11. I haven’t been using it all that long, but it seems to work pretty well to suppress myoclonic seizures, at least when combined with a small amount of hops. We’ll see about the mental boost in time, I guess! Got my fingers crossed.

  12. This really works. I bought first bottle from Sprout, little expensive from amazon, but it worked right away for my 11 year old son. It has calmed him down, he is listening much better and thinks twice before he does anything bad and most of all behaves in class.We have tried everything in the market available, but can’t believe that only this tincture works. We also tried Bacopa pills before, but my son didn’t like taking two pills everyday, so bought this tincture and it works amazingly. I am a happy mother!

  13. This has got to be one of the cleanest sources of Organic Bacopa out there. I spoke with a representative from Herb Pharm, and was told that their Bacopa meets Proposition 65 for heavy metal contamination, which is rare for Bacopa, given that this plant has a tendency to absorb heavy metals from the soil (bioaccumulation). Apparently, the soil on which they grow their Bacopa must be extremely clean. Thanks Herb Pharm!Update: April 09, 2015I have tried other herbs for nootropic gains, with not much noticeable benefits. I was sceptical at first about Bacopa, but this really does work. After just taking one dropper full, things I noticed were increased focus and concentration, along with a state of calmness. Also, when speaking, words just came to my mind with ease. In addition, this herb made me extremely social. I did feel a little sleepy though, and also felt as if a headache was about to start but never did, after a few hours of having taken it.Given the effects I noticed, I believe that this herb can definitely be used as a natural and safe treatment for children who suffer from autism. It will calm them, help them focus and concentrate, give them more fluent speech, and make them more social. When giving this to children, Herb Pharm recommends 1 drop for every 4 lbs of a child’s body weight (e.g. a 60 lbs child would take 15 drops, up to 3 times per day). You can mix it with a little honey, in order to make it easier for the child to take, since it does taste like unsweet tea.Update: April 17, 2015I think that I may be allergic to Bacopa, because I seem to get sinus allergies everytime I take it. I decreased the dose from one entire dropper, to 30 drops, which did help alleviate the sinus allergies which it seems to trigger. Bacopa works so well, that I think I may have to put up with the minor sinus allergies from time to time.Update: May 06, 2015I left a bottle of Bacopa in the trunk of my car for a few hours during the day, and when I tried taking some the following day, I did not notice any beneficial effects. I did some research online, and found that Bacopa loses its efficacy if not kept in a dry and cool place. It was pretty hot the day it sat in my trunk, and therefore I think that the heat may have rendered the bacosides ineffective.

  14. I went for this vs. a tablet or capsule. Not sure if it makes a difference. OK, the good news, first dose, which is all I have taken, getting ready to take a smaller 2nd dose, but with the first dose I could tell a difference that was sort of quirky. I remembered details in a long term memory that I had not ever remembered! That was fun and scary. REALLY REALLY BAD NEWS, it made me weepy for about 4 hours after I took the first dose. I just cried and cried. I never,ever cry like that, it had to be some kind of reaction. I am going to cut the dose in half and will update this in a few days. I googled and read all the effects, and if anything, it should have done the opposite as far as the crying goes. I am baffled.

  15. Good product. Taste bitter but mix it with some juice and it should be fine.

  16. This works great with my memory.

  17. Amazing! Totally has helped my dog w/Her CCD

  18. Great product

  19. I cant say enough about this for your dog. If your dog is hyper or has the start of Dementia. Give 5 drops for every 5 lb of weight. IT WORKS….

  20. it gives my brain a chance to snap to and become all it can be, at least i feel more with it when i take it.

  21. Love this brain juice!

  22. My Ayurveda doctor recommended that I take Bacopa for mind clarity and focus. I definitely felt the difference – without feeling speedy or strange. Just calm, smooth energy and clarity.

  23. I have lyme, and this helped my memory! Specially my short term memory. I think my spelling is coming back too. I don’t care for the taste [it’s not too bad], but I’m going to try pill form next. I drink it with teas. And I think it makes it hard to fall asleep if you take it close to bed time.

  24. I purchased this as a gift for a friend who is interested in Ajurveda and the bacopa plant specifically. She loved these drops and was very happy with the organic certification and clarity of the product. Bacopa had many amazing health and wellness benefits and I think it is a wonderful addition to daily wellness routines. I would definitely purchase this again for myself or as a gift.

  25. We like this and notice that we do seem to have a faster “click” when trying to figure something out.

  26. Love bacopa, but this is whole herb and not extract, which is much less effective. I’ve used Herbs of Light bacopa liquid extract for two years, until they quit making it and have been searching for another good liquid form. The extract liquid is the only thing that has proven to be substantially, noticeably effective. Not pills, and not this whole herb liquid. I used the Herbs of Light for studying while working toward my IT degree, and it was nothing short of amazing in giving me the ability to retain EVERYTHING I studied. My wife was having trouble passing her board certification for nursing, although a straight-A student. I started her on two droppers a day for a month while studying for her third attempt. Not only did she pass, she passed with the least amount of questions possible (it’s a pass/fail exam that keeps giving questions until you reach the minimum required for passing, or will continue on to a maximum number after which if you haven’t passed then you fail.) I know whole herb is better for you, as you get more of the plant constituents, but it also requires you to take much, much, more which is not at all cost effective. If you are buying this for learning/cognitive functions, I’d say buy this instead of pills (Himalaya is the best pill form I’ve tried) but buy at least two bottles, and take at least 6 dropper-fulls per day, spread out 2-2-2. I’ve spent years and many $$ on studying and using nootropics such as bacopa and theanine. I know , for me anyway, what works. Try it.

  27. This stuff is amazing! I bought it for myself initially, but had my 17-year-old son give it a try as well. I began experiencing increased mental clarity within the first week, and my son reported to me the other day that he hadn’t realized just how amazing this product was, until he forgot to take it one day. His teacher actually asked him if he had forgotten to take his vitamins, and he realized that he hadn’t been nearly as focused that day, as he had been since starting to use this product! Great stuff! I definitely recommend giving it a try!As a side note: the taste is very strong! Be sure to mix it with juice, or water, or something. I typically just add it to my glass of Bragg’s ACV with lemon each morning, and that does the trick for me!

  28. excellent

  29. Bacopa has some science and studies to back it up. After taking it, I do generally feel more relaxed. The biggest and only con would be the taste, which was worse when I put it in my tea. Better to take it directly or to mix it in some juice.

  30. Good service , love the product

  31. Love. It’s a strong tea taste in water,and in juice, it’s much lighter. I love that it works so much faster then then a capsule and doesn’t cause any tummy issues as the caps sometimes can.

  32. Using for my little 8 pounder Westie/long-hair chihuahua who is now doing so much better (along with gotu kola extract)!

  33. I’ve noticed that when I take a dropper full of this in a small amount of water my mind is clearer, my thinking is good, and I don’t feel mentally tired as soon. I work on computer and phone and by the end of the day my mind still is pretty fresh when I take this. It’s a very gentle effect, no rush or anything. I’ve grown to like the taste of it, too.

  34. Morning wood and clear thinking!!!

  35. This stuff is incredible! I take it in the morning with a little juice and I feel this nice transition to energetic and ready to take a joe the problems of work without the drop in energy or the buzz I get from coffee. I recommend this to anyone who might need the clarity in their day. Word of caution it did make me feel a little nauseous at first but I got use to it and I started to take it after I ate some nuts for breakfast and that helped.

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