Herb Pharm Certified Organic Celery Seed Liquid Extract for Urinary System Support – 1 Ounce -

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1 Ounce

  1. My wife strarted on me with his porduct in my morning vegtable juice to fight gout and it seems to work. Since I am diabetic I can not take the ussual medications.

  2. Could not confirm if this decreases Blood Pressure.But Caoca powder definely doas.

  3. Great experience. It has organic cane ALCOHOL. Find out before if it’s good for you.

  4. I read about celery seed extract as a way to help with edema. I have tried everything and am still adding to my care routine. This is working! So far, it’s the most effective for helping me move water out of my system and out. Tastes like celery water, rather pleasant. Absolutely zero stomach upset and in fact I would take during an upset to help settle your stomach. A true help for edema and water retention!

  5. enjoy using in food, only small amount needed

  6. Thumbs up! Thank you for a nice transaction and quality product.

  7. very strong taste. quality product.

  8. excellent product.

  9. I’m almost through with my first bottle, so instead of ordering, I quit taking it to see if I could tell a difference.Yikes!… my feet and ankles blew up like balloons…. within the next 48 hours. Now, I have to play catch-up,and it’s gonna take longer that it did to do the test. YES, I re-ordered! I see Amazon missed my former purchase…. was delivered Nov 4, 2016, which means it lasted almost 4 months. I don’t count the drops, but fill the tube a bit less than half (with a hard squeeze of the top). I did that once/day, and hope I can return to the same dosage.

  10. This has worked for lowering my blood pressure! I tried this extract and a pill version but found the extract more helpful for me personally. I enjoy the fresh celery taste as well.

  11. Just as described

  12. Good product.

  13. try it it works along with the cherry juice for a gout cocktail

  14. The product arrived packaged well and intact. Amazing way to take this supplement! I love the flavor!

  15. Purchased this for a friend siffering from gout. This has helped him tremendously!! The flavor is good too. Would recommend!

  16. It tastes like yard grass, but works good, I let myself fall apart here getting fat at all and I have to start eating healthy and this helps me take that path

  17. This product is doing an exellent job at removing excess water from my mom’s body…Did not help with blood presure though…but still very happy about the job it has done removing excess water..thank you.

  18. Excellent product. I use it for high blood pressure putting one dropper full in spicy V-8 juice. It does help lower my blood pressure

  19. Great product, quick shippingReduced my blood pressure almost immediately!

  20. I’m really do not how that works for now until I use

  21. This helps my husbands gout immensely

  22. Good quality organic oil!!

  23. Great oil mixes well with Black Cherry extract and water…fights Gout

  24. seems to help, hard to tell

  25. Good quality product. Worked for me.

  26. Wow, super celery smell and taste with very strong alcohol taste, like taking a shot of vodka

  27. This worked at getting my blood pressure down..I added a couple drops to v-8 juice daily..just more pricey than the pills but worked

  28. After battling gout for several months – this product made it go away in literally 24 hrs…..I’m hooked!!!

  29. bought for uric acid

  30. Enjoying the benefits of this product. The taste is something to try and get use to.

  31. Health

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