Herb Pharm Certified Organic Elecampane Liquid Extract for Respiratory System Support – 1 Ounce - 1 Ounce

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  • Expertly extracted to provide support of the respiratory system.
  • Prepared from the certified organic root of Inula helenium plants.
  • Rapidly absorbed liquid extract.
  • Gluten-free and non-GMO.
  • Herb potency assured through High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) analysis.

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Herb Pharm Certified Organic Elecampane Liquid Extract for Respiratory System Support - 1 Ounce

Herb Pharm Certified Organic Elecampane Liquid Extract for Respiratory System Support - 1 Ounce

Herb Pharm Certified Organic Elecampane Liquid Extract for Respiratory System Support - 1 Ounce

Herb Pharm Certified Organic Elecampane Liquid Extract for Respiratory System Support - 1 Ounce

Herb Pharm Certified Organic Elecampane Liquid Extract for Respiratory System Support - 1 Ounce

Herb Pharm Certified Organic Elecampane Liquid Extract for Respiratory System Support - 1 Ounce

Herb Pharm Certified Organic Elecampane Liquid Extract for Respiratory System Support - 1 Ounce

Product description

Size:1 Ounce

Support healthy function of the respiratory system with Elecampane liquid extract from Herb Pharm. We prepare our Elecampane Extract from the root of Inula helenium plants which are Certified Organically Grown. To assure optimal extraction of Elecampane’s bioactive compounds, the roots are hand-harvested only in their second-year of growth, are carefully shade-dried, and are then thoroughly extracted.


1 Ounce

  1. The title says it all and I’m happy with this purchase. I couldn’t find this at my local Super Supp so I’m glad I found it here for a great price 🙂

  2. Last fall, about 3 weeks before Thanksgiving, I came down with an extremely nasty case of bronchitis. By far, the worst lung issue I ever had. 4 antibiotics later, I still had the worst cough of my life. CONSTANT. PERSISTENT. Would not stop for more than a minute. Prescription cough medicine at double dose would not stop it. I could not sleep and was missing days of work. This was serious. Feeling the doctor could not help me, I searched the Internet for recommendations on natural cures. Luckily, I found Elecampane !! Ordered it overnight delivery as was not available locally. I took 3 doses per day. 1 st day I was able to sleep without being up all night coughing. 2nd day I was 90 % improved. By the end of the week I was near my normal self. Be aware that this does not work like cough medicine. Plan to stay on this herb for an extended time. I stayed on it for 5 months. Why?? Because I could feel how good my lungs felt! I went through the winter without any lung problem at all. After not taking it for the summer months and remaining healthy, I am now going back on it for this fall and winter season. I don’t know of anything, drug or otherwise, that works like Elecampane!! I could not recommend this product highly enough. I believe it saved me from being hospitalized due to the severity of the lung illness I had. Put the product in coffee, juice, or just water.

  3. I had tightness in my chest and a dry cough.I used this for 3 days and it loosened everything up and I felt so much better.The taste is strong, but not awful. Just dilute a dropper full in a teeny bit of water and chug it down.

  4. This is the only product that abolutlely helps dry up mucous & stop coughs imeditalyWe use it all winter to bring relief from cough distress

  5. Seems to be helping with my respiratory issues. I only use 2 drops a day.

  6. After four years of round the clock bronchitis (lots of phlegm day and night…we’re talking bar mops, not tissues), I finally had relief with Root Elecampane, which helped me at least 90%. (two droppers 2x day.) Within a week, the difference in how I felt and how I slept was wonderful. I kept that dosage up for three weeks. Now, when I feel congestion or have phlegm, I take a single dose, which eliminates both. I require 2 droppersful twice a week now. I had tried many herbal extracts designed for the immune system and respiratory system and also bought an oxygen machine; none of these worked. I will keep this nearby and continue to reorder. PS, nobody asked me to review this great product from Herb Pharm.

  7. One of nature’s finest lung healers. Helped my children recover from a cough / lung infection in half the time. Excellent quality, and very effective.

  8. Herb Pharm is the real deal when it comes quality herbal extracts!

  9. This has helped me clear some phlegm and a continuos cough that I couldn’t seem to shake. No western medicine for me- only herbals. Taste is a bit strong, but it is quite effective.

  10. Very good product. Just what I was looking for.

  11. Have been using this for about 10 days now and notice better breathing especially at night.I suffer from allergy related asthma and dont want to take allergy medicene more than I have to. I combine this with stinging nettle tea from the plant in my garden and it works well for me. My husband and son had a cold recently and this might be the first time in years it didn’t get me too.

  12. As advertised

  13. works well

  14. Working great to keep my lungs flem free. Looking forward to making some of my own.

  15. Not only did this cured my wife’s staph infection but it also cured her lymes disease she has been suffering with for 5 years! This product probably saved my wife’s life. I want to say, Thank you and god bless the makers of this miracle cure!

  16. Never used this before. It doesn’t taste horrible but it does leave a perfume type taste in my mouth for a minute afterwards. I hope it works like the herbalist I keep reading about say it does!

  17. Great Delivery and product. Thanks

  18. good quality

  19. It really work I take 40 drop 3 time a day

  20. a little bitter

  21. Still under evaulation with mother in law.


  23. Love this stuff, I never get sick because of it!

  24. good stuff!

  25. I like this product so far, and have had good luck with Herb Pharm over the years. This one seems to ease some of the congestion in my lungs. Will continue to use and assess further

  26. This is my wonder treatment…..I do so badly when I run out, I have no clue how I survived before I was recommended to try this, helps so much with my breathing, with asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, and even seems to help my sinuses

  27. I was not asked to write this review. My son has struggled with seasonal asthma for a couple of years now. Any time I hear a hint of the asthma coming on I give him this. I will only give it to him in the morning as I have noticed that it creates a burst of energy (small price to pay for sleepless nights worried about him breathing). This stuff works!

  28. So far it is working well to clear up my lungs and sinus. I will order again.

  29. This stuff works Great! Clears up & out that stuff! Helps with breathing easier! Also when exerting yourself, shortness of breath GONE!!

  30. good

  31. I bought this to help me get over the residual effects of pneumonia. Worked well


  33. It works well but tastes bad.

  34. I have to say that I truly love this company! They make excellent products

  35. Interesting product. I bought it for a specific condition. I did not notice ant improvement, Butthis product is useful.

  36. I noticed a difference with this product, will definitely repurchase.Helps Digestion too,

  37. Tastes a little like cleaning fluid, but clears chest congestion. The taste is bearable, but not pleasant.

  38. Worked so great!

  39. This stuff really works! Frequently after a bad cold/lung infection, I’ll have a lingering cough for months post – healing. On and on it goes and is incredibly annoying to me and everyone around me. My dad gave me this and I could not believe the immediate relief and ability to stop the coughing. It tastes bitter and some people like to drink it in tea with a lot of honey and lemon. I prefer to just take a dropperful straight. I kind of like the bitterness. The only place I’ve found it is here on Amazon. I keep it in my medicine cabinet at all times now along with Culing Pills and Gan Mao Ling — two other good remedies (Culing for tummy troubles and Gan Mao Ling for cold prevention).

  40. Taste best with juice.

  41. This and Hyssop are an important part of our breathing regimen.

  42. And propagated well. Doubled in size after three milk changes…

  43. Once you get over the taste of flowers it’s a breeze! A few drops in whatever liquid you prefer. It’s for lung support after a bad flu bout this year. I’ll buy this product again.

  44. This stuff works. Don’t ask me how, I’m not sure. But all of the research that I have done, regarding clearing up chronic congestion lead me to this. I bought Oil of Thyme, Oil of Oregano, AND Elcampane liquid extract. I use all three each morning. One dropper full of each, and a few ounces of water.it works.I forgot to take it one day, after taking it for a week, and there was a noticeable difference.BUT LET ME ADD THAT THE MIXTURE IS DISGUSTING. It tastes/smells like i’m licking HEATED BY THE SUN, 3-DAY OLD SKUNK ROADKILL THAT WAS RUN OVER BY A TIRE THAT WAS ON FIRE. it’s so nasty. I tried mixing it with flavored seltzer or white soda, NOPE. I dare not ruin OJ for the rest of my life with testing this evil concoction. Hot water, cold water, it doesn’t matter. If my tastebuds could cry, they would be…every….morning.I shoot the mixture down WHILE HOLDING MY NOSE, and chase it with more water. It takes about 30 seconds for the smell to dissipate from my mouth/esophagus. I don’t find that it bothers my stomach any (which OMG I don’t see how it couldn’t). No adverse bathroom issues, no stinky gas. It’s just gagging the crap down that is the challenge. I take it as a motto for the day. If i can choke this “ISH” down, I can take on anything in my day.also a side note, and I don’t know if this is a thing or not, but the mosquitoes are leaving me alone, too. I was out gardening with my son. we had forgotten to put on any bug repellent. He was freckled with skeeters. I hadn’t one bite.Despite the dismal taste, I will be reordering again!(I will be adding this to the other two oils and extracts as they pair as a team to kick butt)

  45. This has been a game changer for me. I used to get pneumonia several times a year and my asthma would get all kicked up. Since I started using this I haven’t been sick once. I only take it when I feel something coming on. I don’t dilute it. I just take a dropper full with a shot of water. I tell everyone about this product.

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