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1 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)
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5 Great reasons to buy from us:


  • Expertly prepared from certified organic, fresh flowering Viola tricolor plants.
  • Grown on our own southern Oregon farms.
  • Rapidly absorbed liquid extract.
  • Gluten-free and non-GMO.
  • Herb potency assured through High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) analysis.

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Herb Pharm Certified Organic Violet Liquid Extract - 1 Ounce

Herb Pharm Certified Organic Violet Liquid Extract - 1 Ounce

Herb Pharm Certified Organic Violet Liquid Extract - 1 Ounce

Herb Pharm Certified Organic Violet Liquid Extract - 1 Ounce

Herb Pharm Certified Organic Violet Liquid Extract - 1 Ounce

Herb Pharm Certified Organic Violet Liquid Extract - 1 Ounce

Herb Pharm Certified Organic Violet Liquid Extract - 1 Ounce

Product description

Size:1 Ounce

We prepare our Violet Extract from fresh (undried) flowering Viola tricolor plants which are Certified Organically Grown on our own farm. To assure optimal extraction of Violet’s bioactive compounds, the plants are hand-harvested only when in full-flower, and are then taken directly to our laboratory and promptly extracted while still fresh and succulent.


1 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

  1. I suffer from periodic facial dermatitis and putting violet extract on the area followed by calendula cream really seems to help calm and clear my flare-ups. I can’t say that it clears it completely, but it certainly made a difference!

  2. I bought this after seeing people on a homeopathic website saying it helped their perioral dermatitis.I have been using it topically a few times a day for a week and already seeing results. My problem has not totally cleared, but I have high hopes! It’s working better than all the other stuff I have tried. I gather Violet is an herb that works on many skin problems. Hope this review helps someone else.

  3. Herb Pharm makes a totally quality product. This is a true violet extract. It’s unfair to rate this based on a synthetic violet for cooking? I was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis and given a 60 day antibiotic treatment that only made my skin worse. I started using the violet extract internally and externally and my symptoms immediately improved. I have been using this product for almost three weeks and my rash has almost disappeared.I am not giving medical advice only sharing my personal experience.

  4. I have suffererd from perioral dermatitis off and on since I was 18…I’m 35 now. Last year when I was pregnant it came back and was the worst it had ever been. I did everything-any and every natural remedy (yogurt, probiotics, no sulfates, lavender oil, no flouride, evening primrose oil, apple cider vinegar, and I’m sure I’m forgetting something). After I had my daughter I went the route with antibiotics and prescription topicals with no results.So I had read about violet extract and decided to give it a try. Well, ladies and gentleman this stuff is FABULOUS!!! My face is clear again!!! I will never live without it. It always clears any zits that may come up as well. Only took a couple of days to arrive.Bonus-it’s clearing up my baby’s cradle cap. :)Just apply topically to the area.I love Mother Nature.

  5. Although it didn’t completely clear my POD up it was the best thing I have used it to calm it down. I was using it for about 3 weeks & noticed when I would put it on the rash would calm down. My POD is finally going away now (no more redness & bumps just dry skin) but I have been using a little of the topical (ketoconazole) the derm prescribed along with the Violet Extract. I have been battling POD for 6 months now the Violet Extract was a huge help. I did not want to give into the topical the doctor gave me but I am noticing now a little two times day along with the Violet Extract really does help.

  6. I use this when I have a skin condition that doesnt seem to be healing. This does not stain and no smell that I notice. It has cleared up perioral dermatitis, stubborn acne that wasnt responding to medicine, and rosacea. This is my new go-to product for anything skin related. Love it!

  7. Folks should do thorough research before buying. Gardeners might have an edge in the knowledge department regarding this product. Others…not so much. Scented violets are from a strain known as “viola odorata.” This extract, however, is made from “viola tricolor,” otherwise known as Johnny Jump Ups, which have no scent at all. The small, three-colored blossoms (hence the name tri-color) are beautiful and easy to grow. Although they are from the same pansy family, only the Odorata is blessed with the heavenly scent and taste we know as violet. It is what’s used in perfumes and as flavoring. It’s a very difficult strain to grow, being quite fussy about the climate in which it will thrive. That’s why true violet flavoring is so very hard to come by. I’ve tried growing them here in Northern CA., but with no luck. Viola tricolor, on the other hand, thrive abundantly. I have found no true viola odorata extract for sale anywhere, so do your homework and know what you’re buying. This is not a culinary product.

  8. I purchased this because of the great reviews in relation to perioral dermatitis. I have been using the product for 10 days and my face is significantly better. I think curing perioral dermatitis is all about trying to figure out the source of the rash. Mine I believe is related to low levels of HCL. So I am taking a supplement, using Neem face soap, and applying violet extract about 4 times a day. The violet really has made a huge impact on my face. At this rate, I hope to be healed in another 3 weeks. Works better than anything else has topically.

  9. I purchased this product to help treat my perioral dermatitis. It arrived quickly. This company makes quality products. However, the violet extract was not the ticket for clearing my POD it actually exacerbated it. I unfortunately had to take an antibiotic (zpak cleared it up!).

  10. This stuff is a God send! Last year I had my first bout of POD (at age 38), I tried everything, even antibiotics and some things helped tame it for a few days, but then it came back with a vengeance. I bought this stuff and within a week it was almost completely gone and not noticeable with makeup on. By about 3 or so weeks it was gone completely and didn’t come back until now…one year later. It started the same time as last year in the middle of fall, so I’m wondering if it has something to do with the cold weather?? In any event, I completely forgot about this stuff and immediately started putting creams etc. on my face to clear it, stopped eating sugar (cutting out sugar helped a little), stopped using anything with sulfites etc…nothing worked, then I went digging through my drawers and found a half bottle of the violet extract that I completely forgot that I had, and have been using it now for about a week, it’s barely noticeable now, and I’m fully expecting it to be gone within a few weeks with continued use like I did last time. The way I use it is I wash my face first with Dove scent free soap and then just take about a tsp or so of the extract and rub it on the affected areas generously…. actually sometimes I just put it all over my face because it clears up blemishes too! I then just let it dry and then put on my normal lotion and even makeup (I’m too vain to walk around with an angry red rash around my mouth!) I also put it on before I go to sleep, so about twice a day I apply it, I don’t orally ingest it although sometimes when rubbing it around the mouth area you can get a taste of it…not pleasant, but it’s not bad for you. I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from perioral dermatitis to clear it up. For me I think cutting out breads, pasta and excess sugar helped a bunch too, I noticed once I started eating that stuff more than usual that’s when it flared up more than usual. I don’t think that violet extract is the CURE, but it definitely took away the symptoms, I believe eating clean is the best way to go to help prevent it in the first place, as I truly believe that most skin conditions are a result of what you are putting IN your body. Anyway, I noticed a few people saying this doesn’t have a violet taste…this is NOT for flavoring foods!! I just bought my second bottle to have on hand in case I get another flare-up. I hope this review helps someone else suffering from this embarrassing condition, natural is the way to go!!

  11. Like many of the reviewers, I purchased Herb Pharm’s Violet Extract in desperate hopes that it might help my perioral dermatitis. I developed perioral dermatitis out of the blue in November 2012. It got pretty bad and uncomfortable and I required oral antibiotics to clear it up. Well, the antibiotics made my stomach hurt and I really didn’t want to be on antibiotics every couple of months with each recurrence of perioral dermatitis. I gave violet extract a chance and it has really been a lifesaver. It works best when the perioral dermatitis is just starting out (e.g., a few red dots). I dab it on in the morning and at night. Usually within a few days the dots dry up, get flaky, and go away on their own. I am so thankful to have a non-antibiotics option for clearing up my stubborn skin problems!

  12. This product helped me to get rid of perioral dermatitis. Giving 4 stars due to the smell, so it can be used at night only.

  13. Arrived quickly. Helps with my skin dermatitis.

  14. Great price and fast delivery!

  15. I bought this after suffering from some sort of rash on my face off and on for 5 years. I read online to try liquid pure Violet. I am now on my second bottle and it has completely cured the rash. I haven’t used this bottle but one time because I haven’t had the rash. It is a miracle and I am so thankful I found this !

  16. A couple years ago I had my first bout with perioral dermatitis. I needed steroid injections, steroid creams, oral antibiotics, and a couple others creams to keep it under control. I also started using this product after reading it helps manage perioral dermatitis, and have been using it consistently ever since. Fortunately, I haven’t had another breakout! It’s really easy just to put a couple drops on your face before going to bed, and I credit it with keeping my dermatitis at bay for almost two years.Highly recommend!

  17. Was so happy to find something holistic to use for pain.

  18. I have never written an online review on a product in my life before, but I want to help people who are affected by perioral dermatitis. If this review helps one person, then it’s worth it. I have struggled with PD for about a year now and it was always fairly mild but still affected my mood and self-esteem. I tried antibiotics, pharmaceuticals, over the counter items, and natural treatments such as AVC, yogurt, zinc, vitamins, witch hazel, etc., every suggestion on the internet. I eliminated SLS products, changed to toothpaste without fluoride, and tried crazy diets. After a whole year of trying different things to desparately get rid of PD, I finally tried this product and it is the only thing that will keep it at bay. I really hope this helps someone because no one should have to live with this terrible skin condition. Please try it. I apply it to the corners of mouth morning and night. I also use black african soap which seems to help.

  19. I don’t have much to say about this product. I bought it mainly to use for my perioral dermatitis. However, it doesn’t work for my face, so I stopped using after two weeks. Just warning though this stuff is very Drying so if you have dry skin to begin with I don’t recommend it.

  20. Good quality. Purchased for my perioral dermatitis. No sure it helped

  21. Worked in one day. My 10 year old daughter suffered with perioral dermatitis for years… The flares were awful. So grateful to have stumbled across reviews here to point me in this direction.

  22. I have had perioral dermatitis since I was 15, I’m 27 now and I have tried the apple cider vinegar for a long time and it helped reduce it, but nothing compares to this extract!! Not only does it help control it, but it almost disappears completely. I’ve realized that consuming lots of wheat, sugar, and alcohol makes me flare up really easily. I went on vacation in Miami for 2.5 weeks and forgot to bring it. I had to pack on the foundation, but as soon as I got back I reapplied it and now my skin is back to normal! I recommend this product, PD is a nightmare especially since it happens on your face 🙁 sometimes you feel hopeless but don’t give up.

  23. THANK GOD! I’ve had perioral dermatitis for almost two months now- never even heard of it but am sure that’s what it is, as I didn’t go to a doctor, but I was on IV antibiotics and very strong oral antibiotics for staph infections four times within six months (found out I was getting it from Chinese water dragons we had…) started eating tons of sugar worse and worse all the time and then got the rash. It was bright red and flaky under my nose, then spread to a large circle all around my mouth, and then to the corners of my eyes. I tried all different moisturizers that all stung and made it even brighter red, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, cannibis oil, olive oil, garlic, probiotics, lemon, water, diaper rash cream blah blah blah you name it. The only thing that even made any difference was zinc oxide. I got it at a drugstore and it was like 40%… It was slowly getting a little better, but I had to wear makeup to go in public and it still looked horrible.Finally ordered this- it arrived in two business days Witt just standard shipping. I washed my face and put this on it, and two hours later it was fifty times better. I put on makeup and it looked good for the first time in two months! Even better the next day. Dont wait just get it. Probiotics too good luck !

  24. This stuff is unbelievable. For those of you that suffer with perioral dermatitis. It is the only thing that has helped me. I just put on a few drops before bedtime and I am amazed to see the little bumps almost dried up and less red in the am. I will never be without this ever.

  25. Love this for treating my perioral dermatitis! In conjunction with zinc cream I would say I’m about 95% clear of it! And it’s been about 2 weeks.

  26. Incredible treatment for Perioral Dermatitis! As soon as my PD starts to surface I apply Violet Extract every couple of hours and it’s resolved within 48 hours. Miraculous!

  27. The only thing that finally helped my Perioral Dermatitis! Applied then covered with 100% pure aloe vera – success!

  28. This is helping my system to stay cooler for less hot flashes and I love the taste!!

  29. Purchased this after reading about it as a possible cure for periorbital dermatitis. I had been to the dermatologist after suffering with PD for months, and was given two prescriptions, which did nothing. The next step was oral antibiotics. I researched natural remedies and purchased this along with some calendula cream. after TWO days of applying three times a day, the PD was gone! I am still applying once in the morning and hoping this will keep it at bay. Great stuff!!!!

  30. Couldn’t live without this.It’s the only thing that prevents my pd from flaring up. If I forget it for a couple days it starts to come back.

  31. cleared up peri-oral dermatitis in 3 days that had irritated me for over 6 months. Amazing that a $12 bottle of this stuff could do that. The $300 tube of medication the dermatologist prescribed only irritated it. Also keeps my 14 y/o daughter’s acne in check

  32. Using it topically for perioral dermatitis. That, and ridding of fluoride in my toothpaste has been the biggest help.

  33. Another user that violet worked for PD. Cleared up the infection within 2 weeks after trying prescriptions for over a year. Sometimes the PD comes back and a few treatments of violet gets rid of it. Very happy with product. Only downside, is it stings A LOT when you first put it on.

  34. I’ve tried a few different brands. I think this is the best. Hey m using it for perioral dermatitis, and I find it effective for that. I quite like the taste of it, too.

  35. Using it for perioral dermatitis. Works for me!It also has helped with regular breakouts. I find cocoanut oil to hydrate helps too. The combination are wonders for my skin.

  36. Cleared my severe dermatitis within 2 weeks!This product Will clear dermatitis up in 3 days if caught early!

  37. good

  38. After trying everything to get rid of my dermatitis rash on my face I tried this stuff in tandem with the zinc butt creme and it cleared right up. Would recommend to others with the same issue

  39. I’ve never left a review for a product but I had to for this one. After using prescription topicals for 2 months I still couldn’t get rid of those red dry patches! I start googling and found people recommending this product and to combine with Clotmitrazole. It took a few days for this product to arrive, but within 30 minutes of dabbing it into the red patches they were significantly better. 24 hours later they’re almost completely healed!

  40. Great product, this is NOT an essential oil, I would say its more like a tincture.

  41. This is probably my 10th bottle. This is the only thing that really kills PD in its tracks. I use on myself and my daughter. Moisturize afterwards. This stuff will really dry out your skin.

  42. This stuff smells horrible and burns like hell…but it did help my dermatitis. It dries it up really quickly.

  43. Deematitis got me out of nowhere and after reading reviews about this, I decided to give it a try. I applied this first then an RX cream in the AM. At night, I applied them followed up with Extra Strength Boudreaux’s butt paste. I can honestly say I got the most relief from the nighttime concoction. I even told my derm about it! I’ll make sure to always have this on hand in case of flare ups.

  44. Good stuff

  45. I am ELATED with this purchase. I’ve been battling perioral dermatitis and NONE of the expensive prescriptions I’d been given did anything to help. I bought this extract as a total shot-in-the-dark after falling down the google rabbit hole. After just a few days the dermatitis is nearly gone! I combined it with zinc oxide as a barrier cream and am so thrilled. If you’re frustrated with perioral derm buy this NOW!

  46. Prescriptions couldn’t fix my daughters dermatitis. This did. She uses this now on a regular basis.

  47. Nice addition to bath water.

  48. I used this for my PD and first thing that has finally worked! Use with baby rash cream (40%) and overnight it’s almost gone. I changed my diet quite a bit but still had occasional flare ups and some residual that hadn’t gone away. I know some reviews say it didn’t work but it was worth the try for under $15. Totally worth a try.

  49. A great way to benefit from the violet flower.

  50. The product is exactly as shown. My order arrived during hot weather and the bottle was very hot to the touch when it arrived. I was worried this had compromised the quality of the product so I called and the Seller promptly sent another bottle. I am very pleased with both the Violet Liquid Extract and the Seller. Thank you!!

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