Herbal Clean QCarbo32 Fast Cleansing Drink Grape Flavor – 32 Ounce – Same Day Detox

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Herbal Clean QCarbo32 Fast Cleansing Drink Grape Flavor - 32 Ounce - Same Day Detox

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BNG Enterprises Herbal Clean QCarbo32 Fast Cleansing Drink Grape Flavor – 32 Oz

  1. thanks

  2. Worked

  3. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO FAIL BUT THIS PRODUCT WORKS!!!My appt was at 2PM – I drank 32oz water starting 10AM – then drank 32 oz of qcarbo32, grape (much better than other flavor) then drank ANOTHER 32 oz water. Starting testing myself at NOON and was NEGATIVE. took my test at 1:45 came home at 2PM and was still NEGATIVE. This is the SECOND time I have used this product. Buy Easy @ Home single drug screen test (10/box) for piece of mind – also sold on Amazon.

  4. I always take drink this a day before testing with a gallon of water afterwards. Hasn’t failed me yet 🙌🏾🙏🏾

  5. Passed my drug test but u must follow the directions. Drink 5 fills of water. Fill the bottle after u drink the formula. Give it 5 times then pee. U will pass.

  6. Works homies

  7. Works wonderful

  8. It works PERIOD

  9. Works but taste bad

  10. This thing is great. Passed a test perfectly. Semi regularly user 1x per day (not sure if it would work for heavy) Read the instruction on the bottle. Drink the whole thing as quickly as possible about 3 hours before your schedule test, then fill up 1-2 times completely with water and drink that quickly as well. You need to go to the BR like 4 times before you test to clear yourself and collect midstream (go a bit in the toilet, collect, finish in the toilet)Cons – It tastes terrible – kinda gives you a bit of the runs – and for 2 days your poo will be green, like bright green. But its worth it to pass a test.

  11. Good when you want to detox your body.

  12. Worked just really nasty imo

  13. Amazing product!! Passed a drug test with flying colors, highly recommend!!!

  14. works wellvery strong flavor, use soda to lessen strenth

  15. I like that it works. Nothing bad to say.

  16. Arrived on time in perfect condition. I was afraid it would be near it’s expiration date. Product arrived brand new with 2 years of shelf life remaining. Product worked perfectly. I would recommend this product to anyone. Would purchase from this seller again.

  17. If the taste was not so awful I’d give it 5 stars…I smoke daily and medically smoke for knee pain, insomnia and anxiety. Got a job offer with a great company and was told I’d have a drug screen my first day. That was inaccurate, as I was required to take the screen within 3 days of getting the offer, not the 2 weeks I had expected to have. On the advice of a medical weed consultant, I got the 32 oz bottle (grape is the lesser of the evils I’m told). My test was on a Friday and I stopped smoking Monday evening. Friday at 6:15 AM I drank about 32oz of water, followed by the QCarbo, and another 32oz of water.I began testing myself with basic THC test strips about 60 minutes later, and every time I went to the bathroom (every 15 minutes or so). Each successive test was more profoundly negative. Around 8:30 it was clearly negative, so I jumped into my car and went to the collection location. I submitted my urine sample then went into a bathroom down the hall to check myself again (because I was still eliminating every 15 minutes)….still negative! Got the confirmation 2 days later and it’s a go.This stuff is amazing. I have pretty much smoked daily for the last 18 months. I’d have to quit for at least a month without any “help”.Everyone is different in how it works for them, based on the reviews…I am a middle aged adult man, I workout daily which includes intense interval cardio…I’m 5’10” and about 210lbs (all muscle of course lol) this should also help the process of cleansing as THC is stored in fat.Highly recommend!

  18. Tasted how i thought it would, like grape medicine. Drink a lot of water, then drink this, then drink more water. I took an at home test (50ng/ml) and it was negative for THC substances. *Thumbs up* Ohh by the way, don’t be alarmed if you’re crapping blue turds.Tip: Use detox pills as well. And niacin. The earlier you start detoxing the better your chances.

  19. I used q carbo once 3 years ago for a state issued DT. I used q carbo after a month of not smoking and passed. I recently got hired for a job. I was told a week before my start date that I would be drug tested. I use cannabis regularly. I googled my ass off trying to figure out how I’m going to pass this test since they didn’t tell me about the DT until after I already quit my other job so I was in full blown panic. I read about other options but they were too hard to acquire in the short period of time I had. I’ve recommended qcarbo to friends who in turn told me to stop being a fool and use qcarbo again.I bought 2 carbo 32s and a 15 pack of at home DT kits. I slowed down on my smoking for Monday-thursday and fully stopped friday-sunday. My test was Monday. On Sunday I did a practice run. Woke up at 8. Took a qcarbo. Drank water. Peed. Took some tests. Peed some more. And all my at home tests were positive for thc. Oh, and I had bright green diarrhea ALL day. I was pretty sure I was gonna fail. I gave up at 2pm.Monday morning comes. I take my 2nd qcarbo. Pop 6 asprin (I read it helps give a false negative) Head to my test. An hour before my test I took a b12 to make sure my pee was yellow and not bright greeen (like the diarrhea). took the test. Then go to work. I’ve been working there for 3 weeks now and haven’t heard anything..so I assume I passed. Either that or this place doesn’t care about thc. I personally use thc for medical reasons but I don’t have my medical card for it.I have read reviews praising qcarbo and others calling it a scam. Do your research before buying anything. I hope this helps!

  20. awesome

  21. Always works, though not sure how much it has to do with the drink as much as how much water you take with it.

  22. It works!! Better price than GNC and larger product.

  23. Worked Great….you need to abstain from toxins for a period to be sure. I think most of the bad reviews are from folks that failed to do so. I would use again when needed!

  24. Here’s what I know…I tested positive on home tests prior to my pre-employment drug screen. I went 12 days smoke free, consumed a gallon of water a day, then on the day of the test I drank QCarbo (filled the bottle once with water) and passed the test.Just got word today.Not sure why someone would say this doesn’t work. It does.

  25. I tested before I went and failed. Took this just as the directions say and passed 2 hours later!!!

  26. Works well, but I got a dilute result so had to retake the test, which I cleared.

  27. Okay so I ended up not having to take a drug test so I am not positive it works.. though I would bet it does. It’s hard to get down (rough taste) but you urinate a ton and your pee is neon green. Somehow green pee makes me think it’s pulled out those toxins and I could pass a drug test.

  28. Works 100%. Just follow the instructions and stay away from any toxins for a few days. I passed with flying colors.

  29. It worked with no problems. I drank the bottle on an empty stomach then filled it with water and drank that. Pissed four times then took the test

  30. Purchased this for a pre-employment screen. Drank it 12 hrs prior to the test…. follow the directions! Lots of water to flush the system…. got the job!However this was not THC or street drugs

  31. This product works. It made me feel very ill for a little while as it claimed it might, but I do have a sensitive stomach but it worked great. Also, i felt wonderful.

  32. Didn’t need it but I’m sure it worked either way

  33. This product works it just taste really nasty

  34. Works

  35. okay so we used this drink for a 5 panel DOT test and let me tell you this product works!!!! If you need to clear THC i would 100% recommend this product. Make sure you follow the directions ! DRINK 1-4 hours before your test. This will work better if you take your test within 2-3 hours of taking your test, and make sure you atleast fill up the same bottle twice with water and drink that also! Pee about 2-3 times before you take your test. GOODLUCK I HOPE THIS HELPED.

  36. Best product I been using this for years and never failed not once.

  37. This was used for a healthy complete detox. I felt somewhat cleaner, but not as good as I have felt with other products. “Green valley ” works MUCH better.

  38. Every time I had a drug test for marijuana this worked wonderful just follow the directions and you will be good I would only use the grape flavored one because I had success with it not saying that other flavors don’t work but no need to try something that worked for me all the time

  39. Liked it

  40. It taste horrible and smells even worse. But does what it’s supposed to and cost a lot less then it does in a pharmacy.

  41. Like

  42. does the job

  43. It worked to clean my sons system out. He’s not a huge smoker though.

  44. Masks. Drink water in between. You feel good later too.

  45. Passed my test! I’m usually a VERY heavy smoker(10 to 12 bowls a day) and very skinny. Found out about my drug test and abstained from smoking for a week and a half prior to the test, but continued to fail at home drug tests. The day of, I drank the full bottle(tastes like thick flintstones vitamins) while mixing it with cool blue gatorade, and also having two cups of coffee. Passed with no problems. I would not try this without abstaining from smoking however, I don’t believe this is a miracle product, but it works with a reasonable detox process.

  46. Worked for me. Urinate at least 4 times before taking a UA. Drink a lot of water prior to drinking this. If you know a negative dilute will fail you, try not to drink too much water afterwards as this has the creatine needed to keep a test from showing your sample as too dilute. Drink another 32 oz of water after this one.

  47. I used this product to pass a drug test. Smoked a week before my drug test before I knew I had to take one. I drank one the day before my test to see if I would pass and drank another bottle one hour before my test. Passed the test and promised I would write a review if it worked. It does that job.

  48. As described.

  49. It cleaned me out but it tasted like CRAP!!! I knew this going in and downed it like a pro.What I didn’t know is the magical affect it would have on my body. Ill never forget this summer thanks to Herbal Clean!!

  50. after drinking bottle and refilled with water. Better to drink with straw. Two test 2 weeks apart with both diluted neg results

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