Himalaya LiverCare/Liv. 52 for Liver Cleanse and Liver Detox 375 mg, 90 Capsules, 45 Day Supply

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  • WISE CHOICE FOR LIVER DETOX & LIVER CLEANSE: LiverCare promotes the metabolic capacity of your liver and supports toxin-eliminating bile production.
  • SUPPORTS THE HEALTH OF YOUR LIVER CELLS: LiverCare addresses free-radical damage in your body and promotes cellular lifespan, helping to protect your liver cells and liver enzymes.
  • WISE ALTERNATIVE TO MILK THISTLE: Some Milk Thistle products target just detox, whereas LiverCare’s unique blend of Ayurvedic herbs like Capers and Chicory offer plant-based support for a wider range of liver health.
  • PLANT-BASED AND NON-GMO VERIFIED: Himalaya LiverCare does not contain ingredients of animal origin and is Non-GMO Verified. It’s magnesium stearate and gluten-free, wheat, corn, soy and dairy-free, and it comes in a 100% vegetarian capsule.
  • QUALITY & SAFETY: Produced in a cGMP Good Manufacturing Practices certified facility, the herbs in LiverCare are rigorously tested for and clinically studied for safety and effectiveness through recognized clinical protocols and highly sophisticated instruments.

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Himalaya LiverCare/Liv. 52 for Liver Cleanse and Liver Detox 375 mg, 90 Capsules, 45 Day Supply

Himalaya LiverCare/Liv. 52 for Liver Cleanse and Liver Detox 375 mg, 90 Capsules, 45 Day Supply

Himalaya LiverCare/Liv. 52 for Liver Cleanse and Liver Detox 375 mg, 90 Capsules, 45 Day Supply

Himalaya LiverCare/Liv. 52 for Liver Cleanse and Liver Detox 375 mg, 90 Capsules, 45 Day Supply

Himalaya LiverCare/Liv. 52 for Liver Cleanse and Liver Detox 375 mg, 90 Capsules, 45 Day Supply

Himalaya LiverCare/Liv. 52 for Liver Cleanse and Liver Detox 375 mg, 90 Capsules, 45 Day Supply

Himalaya LiverCare/Liv. 52 for Liver Cleanse and Liver Detox 375 mg, 90 Capsules, 45 Day Supply

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Why do I need LiverCare?

No matter how clean our whole food diet might be, it’s impossible to avoid pollutants. Liver health and normal liver regeneration are essential. Your liver is constantly working to filter out harmful toxins and manufacture nutrients for your survival. Clinically studied LiverCare supports liver cells and tissue, and the delicate balance of the specialized enzymes you need to help your liver perform more than 500 different functions, including cleanse and detox. Your liver works hard. But it’s quick, easy and convenient to support it every day with LiverCare.

Is LiverCare safe? Is it Quality-Proven? How do I know LiverCare works?

Himalaya’s studies found that LiverCare consistently outperformed the placebo group in supporting normal liver enzyme levels and bilirubin in the blood, both of which are key indicators of liver performance. Himalaya tests for safety, performance, stability and effectiveness, making its quality second-to-none. LiverCare is safe for long-term use and contains no milk thistle (i.e., no Silymarin). In addition, LiverCare is Non-GMO verified for your peace of mind and always free from additives and gluten (it’s vegan friendly too!).

What will LiverCare do for me?

– Promotes the ability of the liver cells from leaking liver enzymes into the blood.

– Increases the elimination of toxins through bile production.

– Addresses free radical damage and promotes cellular lifespan.

– Increases nitrogen retention which is a key indicator of protein creation.

– Empowers the metabolic capacity of the liver.

LiverCare Key Ingredients

  • Caper Bush Contains p-methoxy benzoic acid, a potent liver protector that prevents free radical stress and the breakdown of liver cells.

  • Chicory is a potent free radical scavenger that prevents the degradation of DNA within cells. It also promotes the elimination of bile, a major route for excreting toxins.

  • Yarrow is a beautiful and fragrant plant used for millennia for promoting digestion, eliminating toxins and purifying the blood.

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Is LiverCare holistic and close to nature?

LiverCare is an herbal formula that reflects the unique land where its plants are native, and the ancient, traditional system of medicine that guided their combination. The holism crafted into the formula combines the ancient botanical wisdom of Ayurveda with today’s contemporary science. LiverCare is non-GMO verified for your peace of mind, and is always free from additives and gluten. It’s a safe, powerful and effective formula, 5,000 years in the making.

What makes LiverCare different from other liver support and detox products on the market?

LiverCare is the US version of its international counterpart, Liv.52. Together, these formulas and their shared ingredients represent over 60 years of history and several human clinical studies, published in international medical journals, a testament to its power and potential.

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Himalaya believes the wellness journey begins with a seed. It’s sewn at the ground level, deep inside you, then germinates and sprouts forth, nourishing your capacity for health and joy, and blooming out to all those around you. Planting the hope of wellness has been the root purpose of Himalaya for more than 85 years.

Himalaya farmers are taught sustainable growing and harvesting, so they can give back to the soil that gives life. Himalaya advocates for women farmers and protects fair prices through fair trade farming partnerships on over 1,000 acres of privately-owned farmland and thousands of clean, green wildcrafted acres.

The solutions Himalaya brings you are based on the wisdom of time-honored Ayurveda, combined with contemporary clinical study and the most up-to-date manufacturing methodology. Himalaya’s manufacturing facilities are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified and ISO 9001:2008 certified from NQA. Their Research & Development facility is GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) and GCP (Good Clinical Practices) certified, employs over 250 physicians and scientists, and is recognized by India’s Institute of Health Sciences as an approved PhD Center.

Most Himalaya products are free from gluten, wheat, corn, soy, yeast and dairy, and Non-GMO certified, vegan-friendly and contain no artificial fillers, binders or excipients. Himalaya offers you Certified USDA Organic single herbs in additive-free caplets and capsules, and Himalaya Botanique personal care products with fresh botanicals and cold-pressed oils, free from synthetic ingredients. Himalaya has also been awarded ISO-14001:2004 certification of environmental management for critical systems and procedures that control land, water and air pollution.

And because you already know that wellness extends beyond ourselves, Himalaya and its founding family also care for farmers, educate children, have planted over 200,000 trees worldwide, support the survival of indigenous tribes, donate to local and regional causes, and continue to nurture and empower people and communities all over the world.

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare is grateful for your partnership in their shared mission; to plant the seeds of wellness that are making the world well, one person at a time.

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Product description

Size:90 Count

You love your liver, don’t you? Supporting liver health is essential to your wellness. So, if you’re looking for an outstanding daily liver cleanse and detox without Milk Thistle, turn to the trusted, best-selling strength of Himalaya LiverCare. You protect liver cells and enzymes and boost your liver performance and daily detox all at the same time! Himalaya LiverCare represents a holistic approach to supporting your body’s detoxification through its uncompromising support of the liver. The liver is your body’s nutrition conversion factory, so in this way, Himalaya LiverCare supports your entire body as well as the 500 functions of your liver. Himalaya LiverCare comes in a 45-day or 3-month supply, and the recommended use for adults is 1 capsule twice daily with meals. All Himalaya products are formulated to support your body’s organ systems and their normal function, and are rigorously studied for purity, safety and efficacy. In addition to being tested for quality and potency, Himalaya LiverCare is Non-GMO Project verified, vegetarian and vegan, and is free from gluten, soy, wheat or corn. It is also produced in a cGMP facility and contains no magnesium stearate or capsules made of animal gelatin. Himalaya LiverCare comes in an easy-to-swallow veggie capsule. Himalaya herbs are wildcrafted and grown sustainably through fair trade farming partnerships with over 5,000 independent farmers. When you want liver cleanse and a great daily detox formula without Milk Thistle, plant new seeds of wellness within yourself with Himalaya LiverCare. When it comes to natural herbal products used and trusted all over the world, it’s Himalaya since 1930.

  1. I have been healthy all my life. Then I had a terrible virus that attacked my liver 5 years ago. I lived with the constant pain and discomfort of a swelling liver. It would be set off by eating more than a bite of meat, eating beans, some kinds of cereal, etc. My liver enzymes were constantly high. My doctors insisted that there was nothing that could help.My husband was sure that they were wrong. He researched extensively (and this was totally out of character for him!) and found liv.52 (LiverCare). I was skeptical because of what my doctors had told me. He ordered it anyway.Within a week of taking the LiverCare, my liver stopped swelling.The next time I was tested my liver enzymes had returned to normal. After running out, I stopped using it for a while and the problems quickly returned.There have been over 200 studies done on Liv.52/LiverCare around the world. One study was with starving children who were rescued and being brought back from the brink of death. Their huge bellies were from swollen internal organs, particularly the liver. Liv.52 (the international version of LiverCare) worked better and faster to heal their livers than anything else they tried. It is called Liv.52 because Himalaya tried 51 other formulations before they developed this one.Liv.52 is prescribed by Swiss doctors to treat liver problems of all kinds.This is an amazing product!

  2. This is Jay Mey’s Mom. Jay bought this for me for Christmas. I was having a lot of abdominal pain on the right side. To describe the pain, it felt like something was inflamed. My bloodwork came back normal, and along with abdominal ultrasound. I started taking LiverCare, along with Super Enzymes and Stone Free, and about 3-4 weeks down the road things started getting better. The pain was quieting down. I still have episodes of pain, but its not the same intensity as it was in the beginning. For this, I am truly grateful. I’ve since had a CAT Scan, and still no definitive answers. Now I just take LiverCare, along with Super Enzymes and Stone Free during flare-ups. It really helps

  3. Best liver care product on the market. After taking 4 caps a day for 6 months, my liver enzymes were back in the normal range after being elevated pretty high for 6 months. A friend of mine in the industry said this is the only product on the market that will actually restore your liver.

  4. This is my third bottle of this supplement. I’ll buy it over and over again. Can’t do without it. I feel protected by taking it. Thank you Himalaya Herbal for making it. Ana

  5. My wife takes a lot of prescription meds including acetaminophen for her pain levels. This puts a terrible strain on the liver.So I spent hours and hours researching a supplement that would ease the burden on her liver. Livercare seemed to be the best supplement by far.She has been taking Livercare for about 10 years now and so far so good.My suggestion…read the reviews and do your own research on the internet. This is a very good product.

  6. My doctor was alarmed at my liver enzyme levels, and threatened me with having to see a gastroenterologist, so I stopped into my local health food store to see what he’d recommend, and this was it. I bought a small bottle there and ordered the bigger bottle here. Although I initially changed my diet to remove grain/fructose/excess carbs, I fell off the wagon after about three weeks and have been eating poorly since. I continued to take this supplement twice a day and my enzymes dropped to within normal parameters, just like everyone else has claimed. I am actually surprised, but very happy!My AST numbers (range is 15-37):Mar 08, 2016 28 U/LJan 19, 2016 90 U/LSep 14, 2015 41 U/LMy ALT numbers (range is 12-78):Mar 08, 2016 77 U/LJan 19, 2016 173 U/LSep 14, 2015 86 U/LSept 2015 is the first time I saw this doctor and the first time I ever had liver enzymes tested. I really am pleasantly surprised how effective this has been! I did have an ultrasound after the Jan 19th high test and it showed a normal sized liver that was slightly fatty. If I ever have another ultrasound I will update this review.

  7. I often feel foggy and lethargy when consuming certain things such as whey proteins or anything that contain artificial sweeteners. I also struggled to lose weight and felt very tired in the morning no matter how much sleep I got. I also felt tired throughout the day. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver, I have high liver enzymes and my doctor said my liver function isn’t too optimal. After I’ve done my research and seen all the good reviews around the net, I decided to give this supplement a try. And WOW, all of my symptoms started to clear up in week 1 and I felt much better in week 2! I also started to lose fat in my mid sections, and my body begins to lean out. Will definitely continue using this! I will be taking this with milk thistle!EDIT: I did my bloodwork and my liver enzymes returned back to normal! My doctor freaked out and couldn’t believe it!

  8. I have had elevated liver enzymes for past 18 yrs. I have been taking milk thistle and turmeric for past four years and my lab results stayed level but elevated. Started taking Himalaya Livercare and after first six months my enzyme numbers went down for the first time in 18 years. Just had another blood test and one year after starting on Himalaya Livercare my enzyme levels are back in the normal range. Still taking turmeric and milk thistle too. My MD was amazed.

  9. My father was diagnosed with alcoholic liver cirrhosis aprox 5 years ago & was told in no uncertain terms by the doctors you drink & you will die! So he did not listen & ended up in the hospital w/3 days to 3 weeks to live-I was told to fly down there asap as I live overseas; & the two days I had prior I hit the net to see if there was anything I could find to help him…what I found was livercare by Himalaya brand; backed by 50 yrs worth of clinical trials & countless reviews. Looking through the clinical trials a person in his condition meaning your organs are literally failing, should take 6 pills per day, 2 pills x 3 a day, this coupled with milk thistle-we did 3 per day as this is suppose to compliment & really boost the livercare aka liv52 (liv52 seems inferior due to the enteric coating of red die banned in most countries however if that is all you have access to then just wash off he red coloring as most people do) Livecare was created with the same potent ingredients w/out red die for the USA market. We have upped the MT to 6 per day now- going on three months later & the results have been nothing short of a miracle!! I have to be honest when I arrived & saw the condition he was in I felt that giving him the aforementioned products would prove fruitless, but then I had nothing to lose & I am so glad we gave it to him religiously-his eyes & skin were bright yellow from the jaundice but slowly & surely his coloring resumed back to normal, he did have ascites -where the fluid builds up in the stomach because the fluids don’t drain through the normal channels ie. liver & had two draining’s off a gallon plus fluids from his abdomen twice with a month in between-in clinical trials after 6 months this fluid build up is suppose to stop.All I want to say is I was desperate my father was dying & these products have bought me more time with someone I love with all my heart.

  10. helps keep my enzyme levels in check due to other meds. great product.

  11. I take vitamins, so why not take a supplement to promote a healthy liver. I read that cleansing your liver has many health benefits. I’m prone to acne and cold sores, since taking Himalaya LiverCare and Milk Thistle the acne and cold sores have been kept in check. I’m sold.

  12. I have had high Liver enzymes since discovered in a routine check-up in 2006 [Now 2016]. We suspected the drug “Remeron” might be causing the increased Liver enzymes. Long story short, quite Remeron and the enzymes never fell. Later learned I had late term Lyme Disease and mostly likely causing the high numbers. In an attempt to get the critical enzymes back to normal and aid in detoxing from Lyme die off, I chose to use the Himalayan brand LIV.52. Within one month of start, I was nearly back in normal range. Within 90 days I was fully in the mid-range normal. The first time in 10 years. Great product that works effectively. If your enzymes still don’t reach normal, Himalayan offers a product called LIV.52 DS for double strength. Please know that the Double Strength version can “clear your pipes” so be aware that you might need to say close to the potty.I take 2 LIV.52 capsules daily.

  13. I have been taking Himalaya LiverCare/Liv.52 for about 3 years to help my liver which at the time showed elevated levels. I also take milk thistle. This combination has kept my enzymes down even though I drink wine on a regular basis. I will continue to take these two supplements to keep my liver healthy and detoxed. I take 2 a day and this bottle lasts me 3 months – well worth the cost! Himalaya Herbals have around for a long and I like that they use no magnesium stearate or gluten in their product. I will continue to use this brand!

  14. I am a doctor by profession.I have been using it since many years, not on regular basis, but only use it when i feel like the typical symptoms of deranged liver function tests.I had my LFTs elevated for many years but it was this product that got them back to normal.I owe this product !!!

  15. I was doing the Gerson treatment and found myself with liver failure amazingly! Not saying they don’t have a great program at all….just temporarily worked against me. Said a prayer and asked for guidance how to save my liver. This was recommended to me by a local health food store. Long story short, within 3 weeks my liver stabilized. Within a month or so so did all my blood work! Amazing stuff. Had to drop it to 1 pill a day thought. Pretty potent…didn’t wanna do #2 all day long!

  16. Not sure what results I get from this as I am pretty much a very healthy guy. They say it’s great for protecting your liver and for people who tend to drink a little too much, but I don’t drink either. But with as much pollutants as we have naturally around in our day to day lives, I figured this was cheap added insurance.

  17. LOVE this company & product. The only liver supplement backed by research! Won’t travel without it!

  18. Took product during cycle to help keep liver enzyme levels in normal range, happy to report it’s done it’s job! Will definitely buy again! The liver and I are both happy!

  19. This seems to help me detoxify (liver is essentially the #1 detoxifying system in your body) my body while I’m dealing with severe SIBO/IBS. Helped make my stools turn back to a normal dark brown from tan (TMI, I know, deal with it). I will continue taking for the foreseen future.

  20. Second bottle and I love it. It has no fillers and that is important to me as I have a fatty liver and try to never take anything that will make the problem worse, this product has helped my blood levels so much.

  21. I have had problems with my liver for alcohol abuse. My liver enzymes AST and ALT were 10X the normal levels. I had ascites and internal bleeding. I started taking this product about 8 months ago along with working on my diet and a vigorous exercise routine. I don’t know if it’s this product specifically that helped but my liver performance is nearly normal today. I haven’t had an episode of ascites or any internal bleeding since. I had 5 parenthesis to drain my abdominal cavity and 5 bands put in my digestive track to stop bleeding. I was given a 2-3 year life expectancy.It’s truly a miracle to me. I highly recommend it.

  22. great love it iam alive because of this product

  23. Great Product! Contains various herbal ingredients enclosed in a veggie capsule. Great for vegetarians—as far as I can tell the label claims to not have ANY additives of any sort—–A different approach than the common Milk Thistle for liver health. I use both products with great results. Labs have never been better!

  24. They took my gallbladder 8 years ago. This supplement is a great aid to my liver.

  25. This stuff really works. Had a few numbers on my liver test that were high. I started taking this and went back to the doctor about two months later. All my test results were great.

  26. My doctor recommended these to lower my liver enzymes….and they truly work!! It’s amazing how well my numbers came down! I’m a believe in this product!

  27. Small capsules and improved cholesterol levels at a good price

  28. I have had 5 years of bad liver enzyme tests and a fatty liver diagnosis. Even after losing 20lbs my liver enzymes test were bad enough that they almost cancelled an unrelated surgery. With the help of this plus a supplement of milk thistle taken on a regular basis, my liver enzymes are finally normal. I highly recommend.

  29. I take these, don’t know if they work, I haven’t got liver disease yet. Not that I know of.

  30. You don’t even need to be taking roids or hve serious liver isssue to use this. If you drink alcohol, have stressful life, not eating right than it wouldn’t be bad to take this.

  31. Great product!! I’ve used this for years and highly recommend to everyone to maintain a healthy liver especially if you drink, on prescriptions, or eat poorly. I gave one star less because the price went up $10 from the same Seller. I used to get it for $19.99 but now it’s $30+. I will buy it from Sprouts when they have their 25% vitamin sale.

  32. I’ve done tons of liver cleanses. Most of them have some type of milk thistle/silymarin in them. This didn’t and got good reviews so I tried it.I don’t have any liver issues currently, except that I don’t have a gallbladder and sometimes have troubles digesting excess fat.Using this made my poops nice & dark brown, and perfectly formed. It did seem to do good things for my digestion. After I finished the bottle, my poops went back to light brown. Might order another bottle..

  33. Awesome Product. Great reviews everywhere. Highly recommended. Perfect addition to any cycle support , detox, or to help liver repair from years of drinking, prescription pills

  34. it seems to be very helpful to keep my liver healthier. I had Liver Cihrossis which ended up me going to pee a toooo much all the time and led me to become prediabetic. I read somewhere that if your liver is not functioning good to remove toxins, then, your kidneys have to work harder which seems to be true in my case.I have tried many products solve my excessive urination problem. . I noticed that when take this product it cuts down my trips to the bathroom. So, plan to continue to take this.

  35. Been using Himalaya products for a few years now and LiverCare (and another Himalaya supplement) for over a year because I really liked this product. The delivery is on time and the brand is reliable. The supplement itself keeps me feeling healthy and active without side effects. Will continue to use on an ongoing basis.

  36. This product was recommend to me by the local health food store as an option to liver cleansing teas. The main catch for me was how it helped alleviate period issues. This product has shortened my periods from 10-12 days down to 7-8 days with only 2 “bad” days typically. I have also noticed that the yellowness in my eyes has cleared up immensely.

  37. Trusted company with a proprietary blend. Did the job well post heavy medication to cleanese the liver end can feel the effects al over specially with improved skin health.

  38. I have been taking this product for about 15 years. Blood labs consistently show my liver enzymes as normal/excellent.

  39. Significantly helped my liver enzymes from one blood panel to the next. Have been taking for two years now with great results and will continue to do so.

  40. Cleanser

  41. This is my 5th time to purchase this product. My family all love it.

  42. Great

  43. Have used these for a few years and i am happy with them. The size is just right but a little smaller would be great!

  44. I will order more felt better

  45. Have used off and on for a long time. NO milkthisle which is a must for guys that don’t want to mess with their estrogen levels.

  46. Wow works good it actually helped me cut down my hunger and I would have a lot of bloated stomach episodes before. Now that I am using it, it has seem like it has been helping clear my toxins. I wouldn’t say the effects are immediately but it happens and I feel it has been working because I’ve had issues with these problems. So I am recommending.

  47. Had chronic diarrhea for years. I take 1 before breakfast and 1 before bed, my stools are solid and I can notice A difference if I skip taking them. Also took away my bloat. Yellow in my eyes are turning whiter too. Great product for the price in my opinion.

  48. Bought for someone who’s liver panel lab test was extremely high. After a six week follow up & liver panel repeat, all results, except one had fallen to the normal range. The person did cut down on their alcohol consumption, but not totally. I can’t say it was these pill’s for sure, but not sure what else could’ve helped so much. I was quite impressed!

  49. The main thing I noticed this product helps me with is I sweat normally and tolerate the heat much better than without it. It was recommended to me by a chiropractor in 2006, although it was called Liv52 back then and I immediately noticed I could be out in sun and not have sunstroke symptoms and actually started sweating to cool off. This product has been amazing for me!

  50. I really can’t praise LiverCare enough. I’ve heard so many great things about it for many, many years, even back when it was called Liv52, and it was the gold standard liver care product for any oral steroid users. I never used it back when I used to use steroids (9 years ago), but I definitely heard of it.Now days I just use this product to keep my liver healthy even though I don’t drink, smoke, or use narcotics. Even if you’re healthy, it’s a good idea to use this product. God willing, it will keep your liver in better condition for when you’re older.

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