Hyper Network Solutions of Florida Boosters Energy & Metabolism, Containing Green Tea and Garcinia Cambogia

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5 Great reasons to buy from us:


  • Control Gummies help satisfy cravings & Lose Weight Faster​
  • Each Control Gummies contains Green Tea, Garcinia Cambogia, Biotin, and Vitamin C to help promote weight loss​
  • Our SlimFast Control Gummies are amazingly delicious in a naturally flavored Mixed Berry Flavor​
  • Use SlimFast Boosters Control Gummies as a perfect addition to the SlimFast Plan, on their own, or as a complement to your own weight-loss plan

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Hyper Network Solutions of Florida Boosters Energy & Metabolism, Containing Green Tea and Garcinia Cambogia

Hyper Network Solutions of Florida Boosters Energy & Metabolism, Containing Green Tea and Garcinia Cambogia

Hyper Network Solutions of Florida Boosters Energy & Metabolism, Containing Green Tea and Garcinia Cambogia

Hyper Network Solutions of Florida Boosters Energy & Metabolism, Containing Green Tea and Garcinia Cambogia

Hyper Network Solutions of Florida Boosters Energy & Metabolism, Containing Green Tea and Garcinia Cambogia

Hyper Network Solutions of Florida Boosters Energy & Metabolism, Containing Green Tea and Garcinia Cambogia

Hyper Network Solutions of Florida Boosters Energy & Metabolism, Containing Green Tea and Garcinia Cambogia

Hyper Network Solutions of Florida Boosters Energy & Metabolism, Containing Green Tea and Garcinia Cambogia

Hyper Network Solutions of Florida Boosters Energy & Metabolism, Containing Green Tea and Garcinia Cambogia

Hyper Network Solutions of Florida Boosters Energy & Metabolism, Containing Green Tea and Garcinia Cambogia

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energy boosters for women drink, slimfast products, Metabolism, Hunger control, Car Cutter
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Super Charge Your Weight Loss

SlimFast Boosters each serve a unique function as part of your diet plan. Whether you protect yourself from the occasional cheat, curb cravings or kickstart your metabolism, there’s a SlimFast Booster to help.

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Perfectly Complements Any Diet

Whether you’re SlimFast or Atkins, Low Carb or Low Fat. Mediterranean or Macrobiotic, SlimFast Boosters ignite your diet plan. Control your cravings, burn more calories, block carbs and fat with SlimFast Boosters.

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Product Use

Satisfy cravings and lose weight faster with SlimFast Craving Control Gummies

Take Carb Cutter before your carb-rich meal or snack, to help limit carb and sugar absorption

Burn more calories with SlimFast Energy & Metabolism

Stop worrying about the occasional fatty meal with Fat Cutter, scientifically designed to bind fat fast


Green Tea Extract, Garcinia Cambogia, Elderberry, Chromax

Green Tea Extract, Chromax, Non GMO, Gluten Free, Dairy Free

Green Tea, Garcinia, Non GMO, Gluten Free, Dairy Free

Chitosan, Non GMO, Gluten Free, Dairy Free

Great For

Reducing carb cravings

Eating out and on-the-go

Adding to the SlimFast Plan

High fat meals

Decreasing appetite

Quick Indulgences

Adding to your weight loss program

Quick Indulgences

Weight loss


The morning instead of coffee


Reducing body fat


An afternoon pick-me-up

Fast Food

Preserving lean body mass


Active on-the-go lifestyle


Promoting fast metabolism

Baked Goods

Before exercise

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  1. Overall, these crave control gummies work well and tide my appetite. Although they are recommended before the largest meal, I find them most effective between meals … after lunch to help with snacking. The berry flavor is pleasant.I have a sugar tooth, and this product contains sugar, unfortunately. There are 4 grams per serving, and the first two ingredients are corn syrup and sugar. Although the gummies control my appetite, I also feel like I want more … of these gummies!!! For me, I really must avoid sugar. For that reason, I will no longer use them and I will turn to garcinia cambogia tablets instead.The product comes in a large bottle which is under-filled. See image with merely 6 gummies gone!

  2. I was not sure if these Slimfast Boosters Craving Control Gummies with Green Tea & Garcinia would actually work. I have never tried anything advertised as craving control, and the only gummies I have eaten are Haribo! But having an open mind I read the label. 25 calories in 3 gummies. Much better than a snack choice with chocolate! The gummies are very pleasant tasting (berry) and I slowly chewed one after another. I had previously had breakfast and lunch and it was now 2:45pm…a weak time of the day for me. I don’t know if it is habit, or a true hunger. But I usually give in and eat something, even if it is just a little something. Instead I ate these and waited 15 minutes to see how I felt. Low and behold, I did feel better. The gnawing almost pain sensation was gone. I took a deep breath, felt better and I was able to concentrate on the work I needed to do. Not my stomach. Once I was able to switch my brain from food to the tasks at hand, my day flew by. I liked this because it performed as advertised. Unlike snacks, cookies,bars, or chocolate- which just trigger more cravings for me, I was able to use this as a diet helper not a food source. I am a believer. This is not an end all be all but just another aid to help me maintain control without feeling physically debilitated by hunger pangs. I truly did feel physically better and it lasted for the afternoon.

  3. I’m not sure if these are actually curbing my hunger or cravings but I now only want to eat these. I have eaten less for dinner but again I’m not sure if it’s because these work or because I ate like 20 of them(exaggeration) and spoiled my appetite. So if you are a sweet person with little self control (like me) these may not be the thing for you.

  4. I started following the instructions and took these 30-minutes before my largest meal of the day.+ Great taste.Nice sweet-tooth satisfaction with these berry-flavored gummies.> They tasted just like candy I wanted more than one serving.+ At least a full month’s worth in one bottle. It is a pet peeve of mine when a company only give you between 20-27 days worth of supply, but not here.– Curb my hunger but with so many sugars?!!? No wonder I wanted to eat them like candy.Under “other ingredients” is listed first, corn syrup, then sugar second.– Natural Flavors ?!?That could be anything. Nooooo! They didn’t have to do that. Just Google “what are natural flavors on labels” and it could range from stuff good for you to stuff really, really bad. But there is no way to know.+ Making it a gummy instead of a tough to swallow pill is always easier on most.> Big huge bottle…not all the way filled.OVERALL:Did they seem to work? Yes, I found myself eating smaller portions.Am I happy with the ingredients? Not really.

  5. It’s January and I am trying to lose some weight. The directions say to take 3 of these thirty minutes before your biggest meal. When I followed that, I didn’t really notice much difference. Now that school has started up again after the holidays, I’m finding a better time to take them. I eat my breakfast around 7 am. I work in a special education classroom and we have snack time around 10 am. I bring my own snack, so I am in control of what I’m eating. Lunch though, isn’t until 1:15 and I am usually starving by then. I started taking my Slimfast Boosters Craving sometime after snack when I started feeling hungry. It’s actually done a pretty good job of taking the hunger pain away and keeping me from snacking more before lunch. The boosters are soft gummies and taste a lot like candy so I don’t mind taking them. They do contain sugar and corn syrup, so there are a few calories there as well. But I am a fan if they can help me be successful at my weight loss.

  6. Can’t say I’ve noticed a weight loss yet in the first week, however I realized my cravings are definitely reduced. Tastes great, too. I’m satisfied enough to continue onward…

  7. It truly helps!!

  8. Taste great

  9. Overall, these crave control gummies work well to crave my appetite. They taste good but I have a problem with the first 2 ingredients being corn syrup and sugar. It is also hard for me to think about chewing them 30 minutes before my dinner meal as I am at work. I really like the slimfast shakes and will just stick to them.

  10. These taste great, just like berry flavored candy. No aftertaste at all. They do curb your appetite without any shakiness. My only complaint that a serving is 3 gummies, so you’re only getting a 30 day supply,but they are only 25 calories per serving. Still I’d rather have a few calories than a sucralose aftertaste. For me these are great.

  11. curbs hunger pangs some

  12. I take Garcinia Cambogia while I am trying to lose weight to give me a bit of a boost to my exercise program. These are the easiest to take since they are in a gummy form. Gummies never get stuck in your throat and I actually remember to take them since they taste great. If you are using Garcinia Cambogia as a supplement to your weight lose plan these are a great way to take it. I like the fact that there are 90 pills per bottle.

  13. My husband and I are both using this product and have conflicting results while we both agree that it taste really great taste almost like candy I do not feel it’s helping with appetite control but he says it definitely helps him with his appetite control it’s definitely worth a try if you’re interested in something like this

  14. It kind of does curbing my appetite. It’s not Miracle thing but and does work

  15. Love it

  16. Works Great helps keep me on track.

  17. Works for me.

  18. Great!

  19. These gummies are no miracle worker. With the right diet and exercise regime they do help with controlling cravings. I use them quite a bit and have noticed my craving in between meals decrease. Awesome awesome seller. Will do business with them in the future.

  20. 👍

  21. I am very impressed with these gummies. I was starving and having to pick up groceries. I decided to take the three as requested before dinner and immediately my stomach stopped growling. I went home put up my groceries and ate my dinner. I didn’t even finish dinner because I was so full. These gummies work.

  22. This really works, curbing one’s appetite

  23. The taste wasn’t that good. I had to eat some other kind of gummy afterwards to take the yucky taste away. I also wonder whether they really curbed appetite

  24. Works great to curb your appetite

  25. Decided to give this a try and glad I did. I haven’t lost weight not due to these gummies but I’m not weight bearing on my foot due to an injury so I’m not burning any calories. These do however keep my hunger at bay and let me keep to a strict diet of 1000 calories or less and I’m maintaining. I’m going on my 3rd bottle and I will definitely buy again and again.

  26. I have been using these for a few months now. Some days it seems like they work great and control my hunger levels and other days it seems like they are doing nothing, but on the days they work, they are great.

  27. It does curve my appitite, but I had to move it to an hour before I ate rather then the 30min it suggests.

  28. Would order again

  29. I have taken them for 2 days now seems to be working good so far

  30. Great product!

  31. As described

  32. Honestly, these work. Ate far less at dinner and did not feel starving any more after eating the gummies. It was like a miracle.

  33. what i like about this product is that the slimfast gummies are at a perfect size gummie and not a huge gummie 👍🙂. i havent tried them yet and i think its going to work on me with my diet. i like how these gummies are flavored with fruit im anxious to try one. its very hard to find this product in the stores and im glad that you guys have this on your website.

  34. Good product

  35. I use them late at night if I get the munchies. They seem to satisfy the sweet tooth cravings. I gave a 4 star because they are quite tart. They could be a bit sweeter.

  36. Didnt do what I thought would

  37. Tastes great. Just started, so can not comment on if it works

  38. These definitely help with eating less and I also feel like I have more energy. It could be just the chromium! But either way I feel that they have helped and I plan to keep taking them

  39. These curb my appetite so much that I forget to eat. I realized I needed to eat when I felt shaky and weak. So these do work!As bonus they are delicious!

  40. Easy to take, tastes good, and helps suppress my appetite. No side effects that I’ve noticed

  41. Oh my god this works. I had them and now I am super full!!!

  42. Definitely curb my appetite.. Take as directed…I highly recommend. No side effects for me. I will be reordering. Gives me energy and I’m not starving all the time anymore.. I am slowly losing weight.

  43. Great way to take your vitamins. They taste great and are easy to take.


  45. I got these to help with the last 5 pounds to reaching my goal. It says to take three of them 30 minutes before your biggest meal. They’re a little tart to the taste. I’m not a big fan of tart candy, but these do seem to help take the pounds off. The ingredients are pretty basic, nothing to weird or chemically.

  46. These things work to curve your appetite. I read some of these reviews and laugh. I dont know why people think these fruit chews are a miracle drug that you can just eat these like candy lay around and loose weight. With diet and exercise I am down 30 pounds. I also use the shakes for breakfast every morning!

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