Immune Support Liquid Extract 2 Ounce

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5 Great reasons to buy from us:


  • THE HERBAL BENEFITS OF ECHINACEA – Echinacea angustifolia root is an extensively studied herb, and has been used for hundreds of years for immune support.
  • THE BENEFITS OF ELDERBERRY – Our capsules deliver the benefits of Elderberry that are rich in antioxidants, strenthening your resistance by boosting the production of cytokines that improve the body's natural immune response.
  • THE BENEFITS OF GOLDENSEAL LEAF – Goldenseal is known for it's antimicrobial and immune supporting properties.
  • BOTANICAL TINCTURE FOR SWIFT, POTENT ABSORPTION – In liquid form, this dietary supplement has the fastest absorption potential for delivering on the benefits of its naturally occuring ingredients.
  • AWARD-WINNING HEALTH PRODUCT – 2016 Better Nutrition's Best of Supplements Award Winner!

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Immune Support Liquid Extract 2 Ounce

Immune Support Liquid Extract 2 Ounce

Immune Support Liquid Extract 2 Ounce

Product description

Echinacea, Elderberry, and Goldenseal in a Powerful Tincture Form

Historic tinctures often relied on two varieties of Echinacea—purpurea and augutifolia—and always in tincture form. Finding both names on a tincture bottle indicates you’ve found the oldest and most reliable form of Echinacea supplementation.

All three of our core immune support herbals can be found in this tincture. All three of these botanicals are the most bioactive when provided in tincture form:

Echinacea – Supports a healthy immune response, especially at the start of an immune system challenge
Elderberry – Promotes a balanced overall immune response, possibly through affecting macrophage activity
Goldenseal – Supports optimal immune response, possibly through encouraging healthy immunoglobulin production

The Immune Support tincture provides intensive dosages of elderberry and Echinacea. The focused immune support is ideal when taken at the onset of an immune system challenge and then for the next 5 to 7 days.

Award-Winning Immune Health Product!

2016 Better Nutrition’s Best of Supplements Award Winner

Ingredients: Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) liquid extract (LE), Echinacea purpurea LE, Echinacea angustifolia LE, goldenseal LE.

Other Ingredients: Distilled water, alcohol (25%).

  1. We used this product during cold/flu season and were able to keep from getting flu this season. If used at onset of a cold seemed to weaken the intensity and length of illness (compared to not using it and letting the cold have it’s way from the first signs of scratchy throat.Definitely worth having around because it helps keep the immune system healthy enough to do it’s job naturally.

  2. I have tried several brands of homeopathic echinacea over the years. Some work better than others, some taste better than others. This is my favorite. It is very potent (I take it when everyone around me comes down with a cold and I feel that scratch in my throat, and 9 times out of 10, the cold passes me by…). It is also not harsh tasting and goes down easily.

  3. I have been using this to battle colds and flu for many years. It is the most effective to take it immediately upon feeling the slightest onset of a cold or flu. I take it 2x for 3-5 days and that seems to work. If I know I will be around a large group of people, especially keys, I take it as a preventative. I have only had the flu ONCE in 13 years. I really like that this is comprised on natural ingredients. This price is very good as I have paid $16 to $18 per bottle at health food stores.

  4. This used to be called ‘cold and flu’, but seems like the same product, works excellently and keeps the chills away.

  5. My sister recommended this to me when I kept catching a cold. And since I’ve been using it (about a year now) I haven’t gotten sick! Like another reviewer stated, every time I start to feel a cold coming on I use this (in green tea) & the cold always seems to pass me by. Highly recommend this product! Side note… great price here on Amazon. I’ve always seen it for around $16/$17 at health food stores.

  6. Quantums Cold and Flu tincture saved me for years from catching cold and staying sick. They have stopped making it due to excessive hassle from the FDA. Figures–it is natural and it really worked.

  7. this is not the same tincture as the old one. The Quantum company is now out of business. they say from regulatory pressure,its really too bad since I used the old remedy every year in the early fall when I get some kind of annoying allergy/cold thatnever seems to go away, I have it now, and went to the store only to find out the company closed! no one seems to have anymore of it left.don’t buy this one, if you are looking for the original, this is NOT it. sad to see them go!

  8. Amazing results, works beautifully

  9. Support your immunity with this quality extract.Starting in the fall until spring I take a shot in about 3oz of water on empty stomach each morning.This is my choice and I am careful to plan and guard my health living alone in the country I don’t have room for risk and IMO this is a good combination of herbal extracts.No runny noses, sniffles or hint of a cold in winter months.It works for me, a lot cheaper than putting out a fire.

  10. great product

  11. Tastes terrible but really does work

  12. This stuff works extremely good.

  13. Really good, natural and organic product. I put it in my tea at the morning and it didn’t change the tea taste. I didn’t feel sick all flu season cause I was taking this product constantly for couple months and now I’m taking a break until fall. I would definitely recommend it

  14. It was great!

  15. I have used it before and its awesome.

  16. For me, as soon as I feel a scratchy throat I start taking this at once. It keeps the scratchiness from becoming a full blown sore throat. I take it 4-6 times a day.

  17. this stuff actually works if you take it every day during “cold” season. You also should be reasonably healthy and not wearing your immune system down, as well. Swear by it.

  18. This stuff is amazing! We have been using it for several years. It helps us fight off colds and sore throats almost every time.

  19. Does not have strong taste. Love this. Use it often and will continue.

  20. ~The very best herbal combination for viruses, and immune support ! I have used this product for years. You will not be disappointed. I use it for flu, and Epstein Barr Virus.

  21. Works well for winter. Been using this brand for some 2 years now.

  22. This is by far the best formula for immune support that I have ever tried. My husband and I both use this and typically my husband, who works with the public, usually gets sick several times a year and always feels like he is coming down with a cold or bug of some sort. So far since using this for the past several months he has had no sickness, no colds, and no flu bugs. And if he or I do feel a tinge of something coming on it never goes any further, because it seems to get stopped in it’s tracks. I would highly recommend trying this out and seeing what you think. We have been through several bottles now and swear by it now.

  23. It actually works! Haven’t been sick since I started taking it.

  24. love it! The minute I feel a little sick I take my Elderberry and the next day I feel fine. Also take during flu season daily just to stay healthy.

  25. I’ve been using this product every day for 4 years now. I love it! & I never get sick!

  26. The combination of combination of elderberry, echinacea and goldenseal makes this tincture to work better than any other! A must have in your medicine cabinet!

  27. it’s either time to get rid of it or it’s got to be incredibly good for your health. Immune Support Liquid Extract is the latter and I’m glad I found this brand as I have yet to be sick this winter.

  28. I take this year round to build and maintain my immune system. Growing up Chinese, my family would cook up all kinds of soups with the strangest herbs but it keep me healthy over the years. Now that I am adult, I rarely follow the tradition but I believe in natural, herbal medicine. With herbs, it takes time for them to build and repair in your body. I highly recommend taking this extract year round for continuous support. I notice a big difference in my overall health. Last year I didn’t get sick and if I was on a verge of cold, I recovered quickly. I expect this year to be even better. So far I haven’t gotten sick even though I am exposed to all walks of life on public transportation and people spreading germs. Like most herbs, they never taste great but they do provide great benefits.

  29. I mix it with sweet tea and can’t even tell it in there. You don’t think it will last because of dropper size ,but it does not hold as much as u think . So far so good.

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