Pure Saffron Extract for Eye Health- Natural Appetite Suppressant Weight Loss Pills- Mood Booster Anti-Anxiety Saffron Supplement for Depression- Hunger Suppression for Women and Men-Saffron Capsules

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5 Great reasons to buy from us:


  • THE HOTTEST SUPPLEMENT ON THE MARKET – With over 50K sold bottles of our amazing Saffron, we can’t deny it anymore – This is a best-seller! Expects pure quality Saffran, what amazed the Persians 4000 years ago, will definitely amaze you too! Take a small step to a huge life changer with this BIGGER, BETTER, CHEAPER, 90 capsules & 12 weeks supplementation! Each pill contains 88.5 mg of pure saffron extract – Best Safranal formula.
  • THE HIDDEN POWER OF SAFFRON – iPro Saffron is 100% natural dietary pills! It will help improve your metabolism, suppress your hunger and encourage quick weight loss! The magic lies in the highly concentrated extract taken from the Crocus stevia plant that was proven in many studies to be effective in suppressing appetite, manage mental factors that contributes to overeating, weight gain, emotional eating & compulsive snacking. Clinically proven to reduce sugar & burn fat.
  • HAVE AN HAWK'S VISION – Saffron caps are great for healthy eyesight as it contains high concentrations of natural carotenoids that helps protect the lens and the retina of any aging eyes. A natural remedy that supports eye health to slow down or even stop vision loss from macular degeneration. This daily supplementation will help restore the structure and function of your retinal cells.
  • MOOD, ENERGY & STAMINA BOOSTER – Known for its antiseptic virtues from ancient times, saffron is a great in combating bad moods, depression or anxiety. The calming vibes & the mental comfort will overtake your unnecessary stress, resulting in falling asleep effectively and get you the desired full and strong sleeping cycles you so crave for! It's safe to use, no side effects. Stimulants, caffeine & hormones free.
  • SCIENCE- USA-BASED NUTRITION – iPro Organic Supplements conducts constant researches and 3rd party tests in strict, top-of-the-line conditions, in an American FDA registered Facility that is GMP certified. We have been clinically testing our products in order to prove their safety according to the highest regulatory standards. Years of experience, uncompromising quality control & customer service are guaranteed, buy with confidence!

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Pure Saffron Extract for Eye Health- Natural Appetite Suppressant Weight Loss Pills- Mood Booster Anti-Anxiety Saffron Supplement for Depression- Hunger Suppression for Women and Men-Saffron Capsules

Pure Saffron Extract for Eye Health- Natural Appetite Suppressant Weight Loss Pills- Mood Booster Anti-Anxiety Saffron Supplement for Depression- Hunger Suppression for Women and Men-Saffron Capsules

Pure Saffron Extract for Eye Health- Natural Appetite Suppressant Weight Loss Pills- Mood Booster Anti-Anxiety Saffron Supplement for Depression- Hunger Suppression for Women and Men-Saffron Capsules

Pure Saffron Extract for Eye Health- Natural Appetite Suppressant Weight Loss Pills- Mood Booster Anti-Anxiety Saffron Supplement for Depression- Hunger Suppression for Women and Men-Saffron Capsules

Pure Saffron Extract for Eye Health- Natural Appetite Suppressant Weight Loss Pills- Mood Booster Anti-Anxiety Saffron Supplement for Depression- Hunger Suppression for Women and Men-Saffron Capsules

Pure Saffron Extract for Eye Health- Natural Appetite Suppressant Weight Loss Pills- Mood Booster Anti-Anxiety Saffron Supplement for Depression- Hunger Suppression for Women and Men-Saffron Capsules

Pure Saffron Extract for Eye Health- Natural Appetite Suppressant Weight Loss Pills- Mood Booster Anti-Anxiety Saffron Supplement for Depression- Hunger Suppression for Women and Men-Saffron Capsules

Product description

Expect to feel the changes within days (between 4 and 7) and last at least several weeks. We offer you a 3-month supplementation, which is the perfect routine in order to get desirable effects!

iPro Supplements saffron pills benefits:

  • Pain reliever
  • Healthy eyesight
  • Natural antidepressant
  • Mood & energy booster
  • Pure Saffron Extract for Healthy Weight Loss
  • Saffron Dietary Supplement for weigt Loss

Containing one of the highest plant concentrates of riboflavin and safranal a natural mood booster. Produced in veggie easy to swallow caps.

Get the body you’ve always wanted and add saffron supplement to your cart TODAY! Risk-Free purchase with our DOUBLE 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee!


  1. I bought these pills for my Father who suffers from macular degeneration. His eyesight is very bad and the treatments he is getting from his doctor don’t seem to be working. We did our research on saffron and saw many people claiming that is helped dramatically to improve their vision. I thought it can’t hurt, my father took them for a month and on his next appointment, his doctor saw improvement! Wenow love these pills and my father has hope again! I recommend them to anyone who suffers from chronic macular degeneration!!!

  2. I have wet MD in my left eye. I am now on my second bottle of Saffron and my last checkup showed remarkable improvement in my eye. Right now I am a believer of Saffron and it’s effect on my eyes.

  3. So far so good! I’ve replaced my use of low dose Prozac and I think this will do the trick.

  4. Eye doctor says he has heard good things about saffron. I will see at my next eye doctor visit. Reasonably priced.

  5. They have helped me a lot, and more to sleep, before the hours passed and I do not sleep, since I started taking them very well I am very happy for these capsules that also helped me a lot in my sight

  6. increased my metabolism, made me feel really good and controlled my urges to snack

  7. The product improves good quality health

  8. So this seems to be working the only weird side effect I have is contracting uterus at first I thought I was crazy but saffron actually does cause this in women that are sensitive to supplements so pregnant women don’t take this it could cause unwanted abortion. I have pcos so I don’t think it’s hurting anything just feels strange.

  9. using it for eye health .seems to be working ,less floaters in vision

  10. This really helped my moods once I had to go off HRT. I notice a difference if I stop, so I don’t! Reasonable price and works for me

  11. 😁

  12. Great pills. I feel lighter and I get better sleep. It’s a big plus since it helps alleviate stress. I love it!

  13. I have been taking the Saffron for over 3 weeks. I absolutely notice a difference in my cravings declining. I will purchase again.!

  14. I used this product for weight management. It really does help as an appetite suppressant.

  15. Actually seems to be working for my Mild Depression symptoms. I lost my insurance a few months ago and decided to stop taking Prozac when that happen. Iv been trying different things since. Nothing really bad seem to help. Iv been on saffron for about a week now. Noticing small changes in my mood, relationships are improving and and feel more clear headed. Definitely not a cure for depression but does seems to help. I have not been on them long but so far I do think Prozac worked better but hey these have 0 side effects. I think they are worth a shot. Would have been 5 but there are only 60 tabs in the bottle not 90 like they advertise.

  16. This product was lower priced than comparable saffron. I have only used it for about 2 weeks and have already noticed a significant improvement in my mood. Would definitely recommend.

  17. I like this product. It’s super! I use this along with my workout program and it keeps my mood up and my appetite in control.The shipping was delivered earlier than expected

  18. it works, just be consistent consuming it

  19. I ordered this for my eyes and have also noticed that I don’t care to snack as much. Great product and price and fast shipping.

  20. I purchased this supplement to help control my appetite. I have pretty good eating habits, but I’m always wanting to munch. These capsules have really helped. I lost 2 pounds the first week I used them. I will update if anything changes for me.

  21. The product is great and did everything for me it claims, except I did nothave the vision of a hawk.

  22. I started taking these twice a day a little over a week ago and I have noticed a tremendous difference in my mood. I’ve been depressed and don’t want to take prescription drugs so thought I’d give this a try. So glad I did! I’ve also noticed it helping me in another way…I don’t have the urge to snack at my desk at work all the time, and I sure hope it continues! I highly recommend anyone at least trying this product. It may not work the same for everyone, but I’m happy with my results.

  23. Excellent product with great service from the seller

  24. I’ve been taking these supplements for a week now and I definitely have noticed a change in my mood. I have suffered with depression all my life and do take medication for it, but even the medication doesn’t always work; however, since I started taking these supplements I have not been depressed at all – I will definitely continue to order these supplements! I am a very satisfied customer!!

  25. I’ve been taking Saffron for a little over a month now and although I originally ordered it as part of a protocol for eye health, I have noticed that my mood has improved and am enjoying the lift from my depression about having Wet AMD. No improvement with my eye health yet, but like I said, I’ve only been using it for about a month now as part of a number of other supplements to help with my vision issues.

  26. I purchased this item a couple weeks ago. I’d been researching the use of Saffron for mood health and we are using it as an alternative to chemical based RX. We’ve not been using the product long enough to make a comment on impact to mood well being, but, the service was fast, the product is fresh (no odor or aftertaste, even if taken with coffee before having breakfast) and the price is very competitive for such a select supplement.

  27. I have tried so many different kinds of meds for hunger and to increase my metabolism . This med is awesome! I have gotten tons of results!! I have lost lots of weight and have to remind myself to eat . It is the best hunger control med on market I believe. A plus is I also have tons of energy and makes you feel happy and healthy.

  28.  I can definitely say my mood and energy levels went up! I feel much better, it drives me to eat less, do more and this is only after 2 weeks! Will buy more for sure…

  29. I wanted to wait to write a review until I’d given it some time of taking the IPro Organic Saffron. I really feel an amazing difference. I have been struggling with depression for awhile now. I tired of feeling that way after some research came across these. My mood is better, my outlook is better, I’m more motivated because I just feel better. An added bonus is the appetite suppressant. I had put on weight and that was driving me nuts too. I don’t get “hangry” on these and helps control the snacking at night that I’d got into the habit of. I’m thankful for finding these. I didn’t want to go on antidepressants and if these hadn’t worked then that’s what I’d have to have done. I can’t believe the difference and I am so glad to feel like me again.

  30. Quita el hambre

  31. I purchased this supplement to help with stress and mild depression which has been affecting my sleep and causing me to over eat. This Saffron Extract delivered a calming effect from the first dose, Love it and will definitely continue to incorporate it in my daily intake. Thank you for putting together this Amazing supplement that has made such a difference in my well being…

  32. I have only been taking this supplement for a week, but have noticed significant improvement across a number of issues; depression and energy and motivation to name only a few at present. most supplements take a while to act, but it seems saffron was much more immediate. I will certainly add this to the supplements i regularly take.

  33. I changed my eating routine, but taking this makes it a little easier not to binge eat because my emotions feel pretty balanced. And I’m not as hungry and seem to be able to tell when I’m full easier. I’ve been dieting and have lost 20lbs in 4 months. I’ll keep taking these.

  34. I feel good when I’m using this product. I definitely notice a difference.

  35. I had surgery to repair damage to my left retina. My retinologist, who’s very good and impressively credentialed, recommended saffron to help the post-surgical healing process. I’ve been taking iPro for five months and the vision in my left eye has improved noticeably. Of course, correlation does not establish causation, and there may be multiple causes—but the recommendation and results are enough for me. I will keep taking iPro.

  36.  I started taking this saffron today I’m really good about updating so in 1 week I will post another review about my outcome as i will be taking this for unfortunately anxiety issues.. I do a lot of research and noticed that this also has eye health benefits which is a big plus in my book. I also posted a video showing the seal protection being intacted properly as I did notice others said it was lifted mine however was completely intacted. I’m excited to see how this IPRO SAFFRON EXTRACT WORKS!! I have high hopes!!! I know some may say it’s to soon to tell but I do feel a little more in control of my emotions today hopefully this combined with turmeric will be my miracles in a bottle

  37. Everything worked smoothly. The product was as advertised and arrived on time.

  38. I purchased this product to try and slow down my vision loss. I have only been using it for a couple of weeks. I understand that it takes a month or so before I could have any noticeable improvements. I do know that for the past year when I wake up in the morning my vision is blurry even with my glasses on for the first 20 or 30 minutes. After taking the saffron extract for last couple of weeks. I noticed that this problem has almost completely gone away. I have also noticed that I seem to be in a better mood. Bonus. I’m hopeful in time my overall vision will improve. I would definitely recommend this product.

  39. I suffer a lot from low energy towards mid afternoon and decided that I should try this as I use saffron in my cuisine , I knew already that this can be good. I used it for about a week and have to say that there is an improvement but do think that time will tell and this seems to be working already. What I liked first is that it’s made in the USA as this is a big issue for me. Looking forward to see if it will help me shed some pounds. I contacted the seller for instructions as when I should take this and he responded so fast and mentioned that I should take this on empty stomach 20-30 minutes before a meal. Hope this helps someone.

  40. I purchased this for my daughter to help boost metabolism and suppress appetite; tried it myself ( wasn’t hungry most of the day) so purchased another bottle for a friend.Easy to swallow!

  41. I’m actually already looking forward to placing my next order…its assisted with curbing my appetite and helps me sleep better

  42. This Saffron extract is one of the best I’ve found so far. It has two very important uses for me: 1) Improving my eyesight and 2) destroying a “deadly” condition within my legs. It absolutely works! I hope this company keeps making this product because it really has been an important weapon against macula degeneration and cancer. It’s one of my main ‘go tos’ in terms of both those fights. After refusing the poisonsous standard cancer treatments, I was left with the task of finding my own salvation. It’s been a hard, uphill battle but, thanks be to God, I am finally winning my battles against both those conditions, thanks in large part to this wonderfully blended Saffron extract formula and other fine natural healing techniques from across the globe.

  43. I am taking I pro saffron extract for vision. I’ve been diagnosed with macular degeneration early stages. As for macular degeneration I won’t see my vision Dr, until Dec. I just started taking this supplement a few weeks ago. I will not know if it has helped with macular degeneration, until I see my vision Dr. So far I can’t see any difference in my vision, but I will continue to take I pro saffron extract, because I have faith that eventually it will help.

  44. I started adding these to my morning routine. Sometimes I drink then with water. other times, I throw them into my protein shake. I can smell the saffron, but I’ve never burped it out tasted it. That’s a good thing

  45. I am sleeping better, thank you

  46. Good product, fast delivery, great communication. Will pass along more info after I use the product for awhile.

  47. Saffron works to help curb my appetite

  48. Well since I’ve been taking the pills for over a week and a half two weeks less appetite feeling a little bit good mood haven’t been snacking I’m feeling good all day I’m still taking the pills and I’m going to continue hopefully they help me with my eyesight as they say the saffron is for and thank you very much for this opportunity

  49. Helps with the urge to snackSome pain relief and is great supplement all around

  50. Really good and not easy to find supplement. Excellent quality and potency. An age old spice that has many health benefits. It’s especially helping with eye fatigue and mood.

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