Irwin Naturals Triple-Diet Max Accelerator – Stimulant Free Healthy Weight Management Supplement – 72 Liquid Softgels

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  • REACH YOUR FITNESS GOALS – Triple-Diet Max Accelerator combines three scientifically-researched ingredients to support healthy weight management. When used in conjunction with a reduced calorie diet and exercise, this multi-action product can help you achieve your fitness goals!
  • TARGETS FAT PRODUCTION – Garcinia is a tropical fruit is native to Southeast Asia and India. It supplies a unique compound called HCA (hydroxycitric acid) that targets fat production in the body.
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN – Research has shown that HCA inhibits a portion of the body’s citrate lyase (an enzyme that converts carbohydrates into body fat).
  • HUNGER BUSTER – Caralluma is an edible cactus native to India. It has been used as a food for centuries to curb the sensation of hunger. Emerging research appears to support this historical usage and demonstrates its potential for weight management.
  • ENHANCED ABSORPTION – This decaffeinated green tea extract uses a patented "phytosome” technology to improve the bioavailability (absorption) of select phytochemicals. It supports the body’s antioxidant defense systems to help maintain healthy weight.

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Irwin Naturals Triple-Diet Max Accelerator - Stimulant Free Healthy Weight Management Supplement - 72 Liquid Softgels

Irwin Naturals Triple-Diet Max Accelerator - Stimulant Free Healthy Weight Management Supplement - 72 Liquid Softgels

Irwin Naturals Triple-Diet Max Accelerator - Stimulant Free Healthy Weight Management Supplement - 72 Liquid Softgels

Irwin Naturals Triple-Diet Max Accelerator - Stimulant Free Healthy Weight Management Supplement - 72 Liquid Softgels

Irwin Naturals Triple-Diet Max Accelerator - Stimulant Free Healthy Weight Management Supplement - 72 Liquid Softgels

Product description

irwin naturals vitamin health supplement
triple diet max accelerator

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triple diet max accelerator fat weight loss management

Triple-Diet Max Accelerator

Triple-Diet Max Accelerator combines three ingredients to support healthy weight management.* When used in conjunction with a reduced calorie diet and exercise, this multi-action product can help you achieve your weight management goals!*

  • Garcinia: This tropical fruit supplies a unique compound called HCA (hydroxycitric acid) that targets fat production in the body.*
  • Caralluma: This edible cactus is native to India. It has been used as a food for centuries to curb the sensation of hunger.*
  • GreenSelect: This decaffeinated green tea extract uses a patented “phytosome” technology to improve the absorption of select phytochemicals.* It supports the body’s antioxidant defense systems and can help weight management.* Green Select is a registered mark of Indena S.p.A.

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irwin naturals

25 Years of Gold Standard Supplements

During the past 25 years, Irwin Naturals has formulated supplements that not only address a wide spectrum of health needs, but also help set the new gold standard in the industry.

Our Mission: Develop best quality supplement products at affordable prices, focused on superior potency, bioavailability, and absorption. Our extensive line of 100+ supplements uses an all-liquid soft-gel delivery that offers superior advantages over hard tablets and capsules that can often be hard-to-digest. Plus, our signature BioPerine Complex enhances nutrient absorption and potency. Our goal is to bring you targeted formulas with quality ingredients at effective levels.

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liquid softgel soft gel

neutraceutical black pepper bioperene

mct flax fish evening primrose olive oil pumpkin seed chia hemp avocado

quality pure healthy purity potent

Liquid Soft-Gels

The nutrients in our easy-to-swallow Liquid Soft-Gels are released fast. Other forms of delivery can contain binders and fillers that may cause stomach upset and offer no nutritional value. Advanced Liquid Soft-Gels provide an optimum delivery system.

Patented BioPerine for Superior Bioavailability

Our research team has sourced BioPerine, an extract of black pepper, to enhance the bioavailability and absorption of many nutraceuticals. Irwin Naturals’ Liquid Soft-Gels take BioPerine one step further by combining it with a powerful ginger extract for enhanced digestion. BioPerine is a registered mark of Sabinsa Corporation.

Beneficial Oils

We use beneficial oils appropriate for given formulas (including fish, flax, evening primrose oil, pumpkin seed, MCT oil, coconut, hemp seed, chia seed, avocado seed, and extra virgin olive oil).


Irwin Naturals is committed to providing the highest quality products for your health. We employ compliance testing to ensure purity and potency.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  1. I had read so many articles about Garcinia Cambogia online that I knew I had to try these to see if they worked. My original bottle was misplaced by USPS but I picked this up in a Health Store as substitute until my package is located. It’s been four days since taking the pills so far, and I’ve already noticed a dramatic difference. Please understand that when taking these pills, it’s important to also diet and exercise. Just four days in and I’m already wearing pants I had pushed to the back of the closet because they were too tight. The recommended instructions are to take 3 of the pills before eating. I have now substituted my usual meals with much healthier ones and will start an exercise regiment today. The first dosage of the pills was extremely filling, so much so that I actually had to force myself to eat a small cup of yogurt for lunch.The pills are doing a great job so far, my cravings for food are minimal and I want healthier things, like leafy greens or fruits.The only issue with the pill is that it’s very large, so obviously hard to swallow and there are three of them at a time. But the results are well worth it!

  2. I am usually cautious about taking diet pills. Too much bad publicity. But I tried this product out since it was a free sample, and I am back on Amazon to buy more. After 1 week, my appetite was significantly less, I had fewer cravings, and it was easy to be satisfied with smaller portions. The proof is that I lost 5 pounds in my first week. Now will that continue? I don’t know yet. I’ll be back to update my review in a few weeks.

  3. I have an updated review in these pill. The only thing I have a problem with is the price they generally only last about 15 days so that’s about $40 a month . However you’ll loose 15 lbs, at least that’s my experience I lost about 1-2 lbs a day diet was not so healthy however I got to the gym once a day and do blogilates. I did not receive headache or an other pains in my stomach like I have without the pills. I switched to a different brand because of the price and me being a college student, and they do not produce the same results, and I’ve experienced headache frequently. I will be going back to this product.

  4. Very quick results. In the two weeks I’ve been taking them, my appetite is much lower and I’ve been losing weight. Stimulant free, so no jitters or trouble sleeping.

  5. love it! Lost 9 lbs.

  6. Will give full review in 30 days, have to wait and see if they work as advertised

  7. I have only been using this product for just about a week and even though I do not have a scale, I know I am losing weight. I went in my local health food store and asked the girl there what she recommended. She went straight to this product and said she gets the best feedback from her customers on this product vs. all the other products on her shelves. Her pilates instructor lost like 12 pounds in 3 months on it. I can tell you, after one week, that this stuff works! I am not hungry at all. I have to force myself to eat. I only need to lose about 15 pounds and I can tell you, with this product, I should be reaching my goal in no time. It is about $40 a month but it is very much worth every penny. I don’t know why there are not more reviews online for this product, maybe it is new? Anyway, I wanted to help anyone out there contemplating buying this to not hesistate. IT WORKS. And I have tried it all. Give it a try and good luck reaching your weight goals.

  8. My second time using this product

  9. These are a good way to control food urges !!!

  10. Works best when used with Ripped Man in my opinion

  11. Ok so I decided to use the whole bottle before doing a review. So at the beginning I was doing great taking the recommended amount and I noticed that I couldn’t over eat but I did get full quicker. If I did over eat, which I did I ended up throwing up so don’t over eat. I also would get very thirsty which makes sense, I would drink a little over a half of gallon of water. Towards the middle a lot of things were going on so I wasn’t taking them everyday, I worked out but I would forget to take them in the morning and took them at night after eating even though it says you need to take them 30 min before eating…..i know what a rebel. But when I break it down I was irresponsible in this, I didn’t do it everyday and didn’t exercise and was eating like crap. So if I actually did those things I would’ve lost 25lbs easy, but I only lost 5lbs which is why I gave it 5 stars. Amazingly this worked even though I missed days and not help increase it. I believe this product will actually help those who need an extra push while working out to loose pounds. The results would have been insane if I ate healthy, followed instructions, worked out and possibly replaced all fluids with only water.

  12. Great product thanks

  13. Husband love these!! Says it helps him with cravings and hunger

  14. I do 95% of my shopping on Amazon, as it saves me time a the store, and lets face it, I’m from the Houston area, I HATE traffic, road rage isn’t very becoming! hahaha. From toilet paper to my furbabies needs, it’s purchased on Amazon. I would definitely recommend this, as it’s description is on point, and exceeded my expectations.**** I did NOT receive this item at a discounted rate, nor am I affiliated with Amazon… I just love amazon that much! ****

  15. Doesn’t upset my stomach.. Most do.

  16. I’m surprised this product has any negative reviews, then after reading them I realize why. 1st off…this product does NOT make you lose weight. It makes you not hungry and blasts away cravings. You still have to count your calories and watch what goes into your body to lose weight. Sometimes its hard to stick to a diet, but these pills make it so much easier. They recommend you take 3 pills twice per day. I only ended up taking 2 pills twice per day as you run out of pills pretty fast if you’re taking 6 pills per day. So I take them around 7am or 8am and I have no cravings until 3pm then I have to take them again. I tried taking 1 pill in the morning, but by 11am I was craving again. Never did go up to 3 pills per day as 2 pills twice per day worked for me.People cheat on diets. These pills really do help you to stick to it by making you not crave. I did find I was forgetting a few meals now and then, but I never felt like I had to make up for those meals by being hungry later. Yeah, the pills are a bit pricey but they pay for themselves in the fact that you eat less food. (Example: the money you would’ve spent on groceries goes down because you’re eating less)Also want to point out and this is just my experience, but sugary snacks/drinks seem to counteract these pills. On days I drank a soda, i felt like the pills didn’t work as well. On days I only drank water (which was 95% of the time) it always worked.

  17. Look, like so many things that are truly helpful and worthwhile, these Garcia Cambogia formulations work–but they contain a substance (maybe several, we don’t know yet) that works against you in the end. SOY. The most recent reliable research (using double-blind studies, adequate time trials, adequate mixes of genders, ages, lifestyles, etc) has engendered reports that the GMO soy we use in the USA and a host of other worthy raw vegetables once touted as “super foods” displace the hormone substances we need for bodily glandular functions to operate correctly and for necessary substrates from being taken up by the glands to make the hormones our bodies must have to operate in OUR best interests. What an unexpected surprise! These foods are in fact goitrogenic. When your thyroid is starved by something clogging the receptors, all glands suffer and fail…adrenal, sexual, etc etc because all work together. The hypothalamus is the master gland that literally rules your metabolic rate, hunger cycles, sleep cycles, etc. Disable that one and we are all back to square one where we started, if not further behind because disuse shuts down biochemical workings that SHOULD keep our bodies (and appetites) in a stable state. See what happens when you quit using these formulated aids–if you can quit. Unless one is very careful and determined, one may find himself in just another addicted state of cravings. There is soy in some form in almost every processed food. And all processed food and drink are made to taste great in order to please us; happy customers increase sales and profits. Those of us who cannot stop eating have discovered that such products can be easily made to be addictive. This is said to be one reason why so many of us find ourselves tired, without energy, have lost sexual interest, and cannot lose weight. So, eat ONLY organic, drink only distilled or safe spring water, stay away from sugar in ALL its forms–it has been shown to have the characteristics of a toxin, insist on such things such as on grass fed beef (and subsidiary products like some whey protein) that has not come from cows plied with bovine growth hormones, anibiotics, its meat (and milk replete with preserving substances and heated) so that all enzymes are destroyed, Read labels thoroughly. Do your homework, check out the new researched findings. Lift weights, move, run like your life depends on it…because it does. Give this product it’s best chance to help you if it really can.

  18. Just got my bottles today and they are the same brand my mother gave me to try .. i love this product I lost 10 pounds in one week really controls your appetite remember do at least 30 minutes of excercise even if it’s just walking 3 times a week it helps alot and eating healthy helps the product really do its job I can’t wait to try it for 2 months and see my results!!!

  19. Good price and quickly mailed.

  20. I’ve noticed a significant reduction in my hunger since starting these without feeling like I’m on diet pills.

  21. Has helped with with weight loss.

  22. Great product!

  23. Good for water weight.

  24. I’m writing a review partly as I do not understand why there are so many negative reviews. I starting losing weight using this product combined with taking apple cider vinegar (diluted with water and honey) before eating. Made some diet/food choice changes but really think this drastically helped get the process started. Seemed to not have as great an effect after a few months so I switched and tried a couple other products. So so results with other products (that had higher star ratings here). Ordering this one again. One main thing I think it helped with was keeping my appetite down somewhat so less desire to eat too much at a meal. Other products did not have this added effect. Don’t think any product is going to help anyone if you are not also making other changes. Do think this product is worth trying out to see for yourself.

  25. I have only been taking this for a couple of weeks. I have not lost weight, but it does curb cravings and I don’t feel hungry all the time anymore. I eat small meals throughout the day and always found myself wanting. Since taking this product, I sometimes forget to eat for several hours. Hoping to lose five pounds but I will probably have to exercise more to do that.

  26. These are a great hunger buster! A little pricey but great product- due to price and lack of coupons I use it mid morning and don’t take twice a day.

  27. I take this as part of my daily supplements and it works great for me.

  28. I love their products.

  29. I used the product for 14 days. I lost an inch in my neck, down a pant size. Lost 8 pounds total. I did workout and lift weights on a regular basis at least 4 times a week. I shift to eating more vegetables and less meat. The pills worked very well for me. They did not curve my appetite that much (I didn’t want to eat twice while taking the pills). Would recommend if you don’t need drastic weight loss and plan on sticking to diet and exercise long term.

  30. Excelente

  31. It works. Fog to be patient. At least one month of taking it before you see results.

  32. I think people need to find what works for them. Not everyone will react the same to food and drugs and vitamins etc… these work for me and my wife. I think the bad reviews just need to keep looking. It may not work for you, we tried others that did nothing for us but this product seems to work so I am giving it a good review.

  33. Nice diet product and good quality. I am continuing to use them

  34. I don’t usually write reviews, however, this product works great at curbing my appetite. I don’t feel jittery etc…, I just completely forget to eat. I have been using this product for one week and I hope this effect lasts.

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