IVL Green Tea Elixir, Energy & Immune Support Dietary Supplement Formula, 1 fl oz - 1 Bottle

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  • ENERGY BOOST & PROTECTION – Green Tea Elixir formula is designed to support your body with 5 natural health enhancing nutrients to promote your energy production, support your immune function, and protect your cells from free radical damage.*
  • ALL NATURAL FORMULA – This powerful dietary supplement contains green tea extract and 4 of nature’s most effective antioxidants: magic fruit, hibiscus, rose hips, and pomegranate; help your body power up with all natural elements.
  • CONVENIENT NUTRITIONAL BOOST – This daily dose of nutrients provide you with the support you need to keep your health without having to cut and cook them, take the time to juice them, take daily trips to the store, or drastically change your diet.
  • EASY TO TAKE – Add 40 drops of Green Tea Elixir to a cup of warm water or any of your favorite beverages once or twice a day to provide your body with life-sustaining essentials in a super-convenient, sweet-tasting solution.
  • SAFE PURCHASE – We want you to be more than happy with our dietary supplements. Every purchase from IVL is completely risk-free, covered by our 365-day money back guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the product, you can send it back for a full and prompt refund.

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IVL Green Tea Elixir, Energy & Immune Support Dietary Supplement Formula, 1 fl oz

IVL Green Tea Elixir, Energy & Immune Support Dietary Supplement Formula, 1 fl oz

IVL Green Tea Elixir, Energy & Immune Support Dietary Supplement Formula, 1 fl oz

IVL Green Tea Elixir, Energy & Immune Support Dietary Supplement Formula, 1 fl oz

IVL Green Tea Elixir, Energy & Immune Support Dietary Supplement Formula, 1 fl oz

IVL Green Tea Elixir, Energy & Immune Support Dietary Supplement Formula, 1 fl oz

IVL Green Tea Elixir, Energy & Immune Support Dietary Supplement Formula, 1 fl oz

Product description

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What’s the proven natural remedy used by millions of men and women the world over to overcome fatigue, mental exhaustion, and stress? A cup of green tea. Green tea is packed with antioxidants and other phytochemicals that soothe jangled nerves, combat cell-damaging free radicals, restore lost energy, and revitalize every inch of your body.

What makes green tea such a boon to your health? For over 30 years, Western researchers have known that the antioxidant value of green tea protects the body’s cells from free radical damage. Unlike black tea, green tea is not fermented. It’s made from leaves that are harvested at their peak of perfection and then stabilized through exposure to both humid and dry heat — giving green tea the HIGHEST CONCENTRATION of polyphenols and antioxidant tannins.

Our Green Tea Elixir combines the rejuvenating power of Green Tea extract with four of nature’s most effective antioxidants:






Mormordica, commonly known as Luo Han Guo, has been used by the Chinese for over 1,000 years.It’s about 250 times sweeter than sugar but contains NO calories!


The naturally occurring antioxidants are believed to be responsible for promoting healthy cholesterol and reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems. Hibiscus has a tart, berry-like flavor and contains many of the same powerful antioxidants as red wine.


Rose hips are renowned for their delicate flavor. They’re an excellent source of vitamin C. Rose hips are also natural laxatives and diuretics. Moreover, rose hip oil is known to reduce dry skin, wrinkles and premature skin aging.


Pomegranate is well-known for its antibacterial and antiviral properties. It stimulates the body’s production of nitric oxide, which causes the blood vessels to relax and promotes healthy circulation.

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Green Tea Elixir comes in a handy 2-ounce bottle with a dropper that you can take anywhere. Just add 1/2 a dropper to your favorite beverage whenever you feel the need and you’re ready to meet the world head on.

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1 Bottle, Pack of 3, Pack of 6

  1. Energizing, helps me be more alert, clears “the fog”. Plus the benefit of the antibodies. I have familial tremors so I use about half the dosage recommended as a full dose of it seems to encourage the tremors. I add it to my coffee or just hot water in the a.m. I sleep better if I do not take it after 1pm. I would give the product 5 stars but I think the pricing is too high so I gave it 4 stars.

  2. But I will be purchasing it on here from now on. It’s more economical on here. Probably going to get the 6 for $109.My 83 yr. old mom has been taking it about 2 months and she says it gives her more energy and clarity. I had noticed that she seemed to feel better, maybe peppier. She said she doesn’t expect much since she’s “old” but any boost was better than nothing. She was having some diarrhea from some of her meds. and now it’s almost completely gone. Sometimes your parents can just share too much, right? lolSo, she was telling me I should try it and I decided to go ahead and commit to taking it for a solid month. Day 1, Day 2, the third day I was cleaning (I have a cleaning company) and I noticed when I went up stairs, my knees didn’t hurt as much as they had for the last 8 months. I don’t know why they started hurting, as they had never done so before. Then I noticed that I just felt a little “lighter” in my step. So, I’m currently on day 5 and I’m feeling pretty good. More alert in the mornings than I have been. I also don’t go to sleep very early (probably around 1 because I read in bed) and today I didn’t set my alarm but I woke up at 8:30. Not tired! So, I’m thinking if I can just use these extra hours for good i.e. decluttering my house, bookwork, etc. that I’m going to meet my goals of being more organized and “on it” this year.I gave it 4 stars because it wasn’t amazing results (that would have to include something like me wanting to run, or some unreal thing like that) lol But so far so good. The company will give you your $$ back if you don’t like it, so give it a go and drink some every day. I’d say the 2 oz. bottle will last me more than a month, except for my husband has started taking it too. We’ll see.

  3. I have been taking this for approximately 10 months and will not be without it. My mother and I tried it at the urging of an aunt. I suffering from knee pain in both knees due to osteoarthritis. Climbing stairs was painful especially if I was carrying groceries. I had knee injections every six months for two years. It helped the pain for several months but I could not go beyond six months without the injections. Although I was very skeptical I knew green tea couldn’t hurt and was good for many reasons. To my surprise my knee pain did get better. I noticed the difference when we ran out for a short period of time in between orders. I haven’t required any more injections due to the osteoarthritis. Climbing the stairs is no longer an issue and I don’t notice my knees as I go up and down with groceries. The taste takes a little strong depending what you mix it with. I take it in my morning coffee with creamer. I used to drink black coffee with sugar substitute and switched to just using creamer. It covers the taste. We do not go one day without it and order in six month supplies.

  4. This product is my “go to” for winter (because of the flu season and illness going around). The green tea is able to keep me healthy and energized throughout the whole winter and I love it. I just add a dropper full to my coffee every morning and I can’t even taste it. It’s a great product by IVL and they have excellent customer service. Highly recommend if you are looking for more energy.

  5. Been using this product for almost three years. Wouldn’t be without it. A dropper full in my coffee each morning, and I’m good to go. Great product!!

  6. Excellent

  7. Absolutely love this tea! Easy to prepare with it being liquid in a dropper bottle. Naturally sweet.

  8. Love it!

  9. It works

  10. I must say, this stuff really works! My appetite is significantly lessened and my joint pain is significantly less… I take two droppers twice a day. I don’t know if that is the best dosage, but it is pretty amazing!

  11. I have been using this product for some time, very pleased with it.

  12. My 85-year old mother first tried this. She told me she was not napping in the afternoons anymore and I myself noticed she had a calmness I’d not seen in her before, as well as less irritable and moody. She takes care of her 85-year old failing husband and was getting very tired, flustered and more cranky than usual. I have been on it one week now (62 years old) and definitely notice a difference. Calmness is one of the things, I am more sociable, more alert (have problems with brain fog and chronic fatigue). And basic energy is up quite a bit. It is hard for me to believe as both my mother and I take tons of supplements and have for years. To get this kind of result is quite amazing and surprising. Keep in mind this is not a rush, and I have not been able to start exercise again, yet, but I DO notice a pleasant difference and am ordering for some friends.

  13. Very pleased so far it hasn’t made me nervous or has my heart run away like other green tea products

  14. I just started taking this product. So, can’t really evaluate it yet. But, I am very happy with how quickly it arrived. After I use it for a while I will give an honest opinion of it.

  15. My husband thinks it’s wonderful

  16. This product did change my energy for the better but my husband said it really didn’t make a difference in his!

  17. I am 73 and have been taking this for about 7 years. One of the side effects is that it thickened my hair. I had been losing some hair in the shower and had a small bald spot on the back of my head. In about three months I stopped losing hair and it thickened. I owe it all to this product as I had not been taking any other vitamins.

  18. Excellent

  19. Beautiful pendant. You can wear it empty or full of your perfume for when you just need to freshen up and can’t carry actual bottle with you. It’s a tad on the bulky side but you get used to it quickly

  20. This was recommended by another patient at VA with CLL, I have been drinking it for 4 months, white count has come down.

  21. I have been taking this IVL Green tea elixer for going on ten years now. I swear by it. Have never gotten a cold or the flu and I work with the public daily by the thousands. My immune system is to brag about. I am 63. (My energy level is to be jealous of.) One of my best ever purchases for my health.

  22. it works well for me……I like because it is a clam uplift energy……refreshing other great benefits. I would have gave 5 stars – but, cost is little to high. You probably be more prosper in this business cost was cut…..I gave a bottle to my brother he is on budget income…only disability. I’m on budget also social security. I cut other things i need to get the tea…..some don’t have that option, this is my 3rd time buying 6 bottles. in between 1st time and second time….I had to wait about 3 months after run out to purchased more. thanks for allow me to share…..I really like the tea. I can’t do auto pay….due to my budget.

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