Jarrow Formulas HCActive Garcinia Cambogia, Supports Appetite Control and Weight Management, 90 Veggie Caps - 180 Veggie Caps

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  • Jarrow Formulas HC-active is a 70% concentrate of hydroxycitric acid (HCA) stabilized as a potassium-magnesium salt extracted from the fruit of garcinia cambogia
  • HC-active was tested at Georgetown university and found to be highly absorbed and more bioavailable than a leading HCA potassium-calcium salt
  • HC-active supports appetite control and weight management
  • Patent-protected concentrate of HCA
  • HCActive is a trademark belonging to Glykon Technologies Group, LLC. It is protected by US Patents 6,207,714; 6,441,041; 6,447,807; 6,476,071; 6,482,858; 7,015,250; 7,189,416; 8,394,856; 8,367,864.

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Jarrow Formulas HCActive Garcinia Cambogia, Supports Appetite Control and Weight Management, 90 Veggie Caps

Jarrow Formulas HCActive Garcinia Cambogia, Supports Appetite Control and Weight Management, 90 Veggie Caps

Product description

Size:90 Veggie Caps

Jarrow Formulas HCActive is a 70% concentrate of hydroxycitric acid (HCA) stabilized as a potassium-magnesium salt extracted from the fruit of Garcinia cambogia. HCActivewas tested at Georgetown University and found to be highly absorbed and more bioavailable than a leading HCA potassium-calcium salt. HCActive supports appetite control and weight management.* HCActive is protected by 9 U.S. patents. HCActive is a trademark belonging to Glykon Technologies Group, LLC. It is protected by US Patents 6,207,714; 6,441,041; 6,447,807; 6,476,071; 6,482,858; 7,015,250; 7,189,416; 8,394,856; 8,367,864. Suitable for vegetarians/vegans. DO NOT refrigerate. Keep out of the reach of children.


90 Veggie Caps, 180 Veggie Caps

  1. I have to say this is prob the best garcinia product I have tried. I went to Whole Foods to purchase NOW Super Citrimax and decided to try this instead because I noticed it was new. My appetite has def decreased and my cravings have disappeared. Highly recommend.

  2. I had been taking this product for 2 months, noticed a big difference within a week, and that’s following the recommended dosage. After the 2nd month I ran out. I originally bought it from Wholefoods in which they ran out. I bought another brand, similar to this however it only had 65% HCA, and it only said exact however I didn’t notice anything. I took that new brand for a month and realized nothing happened, I had gained the 10 pounds that I had lost. I will say this, that you do not realize that you have lost weight. I didn’t notice it until my smaller t-shirts began to feel more comfortable. Probably the worst thing about this is when I got off of it it took less time to gain the weight back. I recommend this product and definitely the Jarrow brand.

  3. Excellent product for weight control.

  4. these really work for weight loss and the price here is half what it is in the health food store!

  5. This really helps with weight loss! Lost 9 lbs in 2 weeks!

  6. This product used together withGenesis Nutrition Genesis Today Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract, is amazing! I lost 10 pounds within the first 30 days & I’ve managed to keep the weight off without even dieting. I’ve used a lot of different diet pills in the past, but this combination works for me, that are a bit pricey, but very effective!

  7. I like this product. The only thing I wish is you would get more pills in the bottle. I think this is only a 30 day supply if you take them the way you should. Didn’t see to much change in weight loss.

  8. I had been taking this product for about 2 months already, I don’t see any different on the scale but I do notice a different on my clothes. I put a pair of pants that did not fit me and they do now. I also follow a strict diet and exercise, I would recommend that. You can’t just take the pills and wait for a miracle to happen. I tried different Garcinia Cambogia pills and this one is the one that works for me. Every body is different, but I do recommend the product.

  9. This product is the best. I had tried some of the other Garcinia products but this one is the real deal.

  10. I trust the JARROW brand name, having used several of their supplements. The supplement GARCINIA CAMBOGIA, which contains Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) in an effective Potassium – Magnesium salt, helped dieter lose 400% MORE FAT, than dieters who didn’t use the supplement. (I found the study on BODYBUILDING.com, conducted by Dr. Preuss of Georgetown University.) Of course, for this supplement to work, you MUST take it as directed. To lose weight, do fat burning exercise 5 times a week, and take 3 pills, two to three times a day, 30-60 minutes before your meal, on an empty stomach.HOW DOES IT WORK?The HCA blocks Citrate Lyase, which turns sugars and carbohydrates into fat. So you are more likely to use your carbs and sugars for energy. Also, HCA elevates Serotonin levels, which is the neurotransmitter that makes us feel happy, and sated. (Antidepressants work thru manipulating this neurotransmitter.) I noticed that my hunger levels decreased, after taking 3 pills, about 40 minutes before dinner. Other studies support claims, that HCA helps lower LDL– bad cholesterol, while raising HDL — good cholesterol. Other information states that HCA helps the body hold glycogen. So for endurance athletes, this is good news, since glycogen loading is such an important factor in long distance runners or bikers, so they don’t “hit the wall” before they cross the finish line.IS THIS PRODUCT SAFE?A few years ago, “Hydroxycut” products were removed from the marketplace by the FDA. This wasn’t done because of the HCA in that product, but the other things that company added along with the HCA. Since this product can lower your triglycerides, you might consider telling your doctor about trying HCActive, if you take any statin drugs for high cholesterol. If you take diabetic medicine, you might need to lower that as well, because this drug changes the way Insulin works in your body. HCA interacts in strange ways, with Asthma medicines like Accolate and Singulair, and with Warfarin, a blood thinner. WebMD suggests you check out interactions with HCA, if you take certain anti psychotic meds, pain meds, statins, and iron supplements. Some studies say HCA can be hard on the liver, but other studies don’t achieve this finding. I think that you get different results, depending on whether or not you use HCA in the proper way. No studies that I’m aware of, say anything negative about HCA that is in the potassium-magnesium salt base, as this product is. In fact, this potassium – magnesium salt base, is what makes Jarrow’s HCActive so bioavailable.CONCLUSSIONSYou receive a 90 capsule supply, which is good for 15 days if you use 6 a day, or 10 days if you use 9 a day. Don’t even bother buying this, if you think taking one pill, every other day will get you any results. If you think you’ll lose weight without changing your diet and exercise routine, dream on. You need to follow the dosing instructions, if you want HCActive to work. I found no upset stomach, using this product as directed. If you want to lose fat, and want a little help, Jarrow’s HCA active formula for Garcinia Cambogia will help you achieve your goals.

  11. working well with weight loss diet…

  12. This stuff gives me energy and doesn’t upset my stomach. I would repurchase this. Note: I received this product for a discounted price for an honest review.

  13. Out of all products this on by far has been the best for appetite suppresant loved it

  14. This product is amazing it is my third purchase at this time I not give a 5 stars because the delivery tools too much time

  15. I have mixed feelings about this product. Prior to using this, I’ve tried three other brands of Garcinia Cambogia. I am not really using Garcinia Cambogia to lose weight. Rather, I was hoping that this ingredient can help me maintain weight loss by suppressing my appetite, which seemed to get out of control after losing 20+ pounds through dieting and exercise. In terms of maintaining weight, Jarrow is more effective than any of the three other brands I’ve tried. I recently underwent a hip surgery in my home country and therefore was bed resting a lot without any exercise during the 6 weeks of my stay there. I pretty much ate what I wanted there and only gained 3 pounds over 6 very inactive weeks, which is remarkable considering I usually gained like 10 pounds within 2 weeks whenever I visited my home country despite lots of walking. On the down side, this always made me feel very bloated after meals, sometimes to an unbearable level. And I never had this problem with other brands which unfortunately don’t seem to do much with suppressing appetite.

  16. This supplement has really helped with jump starting a healthier lifestyle as I reduce my sugar intake.I’m a sugar addict, not ready to give it up but very ready to limit the sweets.While not a miracle, I couldn’t have come this far without this product.It does not kill your appetite, but it makes it easier to make better choices. For me, that can be eating a few cookies instead of the box! Cravings are diminishing.I have a bit more energy, and my spouse commented that I seem happier and in a better mood.As far as weight loss, it feels like pants are getting a little loose, but I try to focus more on health than the pounds, so cutting the cravings is a biggie.Each person is unique and will have a different result, I can only tell you how it’s been working for me, and it’s only been a few weeks.This isn’t my first go around with garcinia cambogia. Before I ‘got wise’, I received a sample bottle of a garcinia cabogia supplement from an off brand company, and had some pretty bad side effects.Because of the big hype, many companies that sell garcinia cambogia, and even if they say ‘made in the USA, are filled with anything from rice powder to mouse droppings. Sadly, many of these products are right here on Amazon, many are highly rated. As a reviewer with my contact information on my profile, these companies contact me all the time, in hopes that I’ll write a good review for their ‘free sample bottle’.Some even offer reviewers money and/or a discount code for a good review. So even if a product is rated well, with a lot of ‘testimonials’, please look carefully at those reviews. Ethical reviewers always disclose that an item was received for the sake of a review, a few do not. Supplements, especially ‘hot’ ones, are often suspect, despite the great reviews.

  17. I use this for weight control. It provides added energy and aids in speeding up metabolism. If you combo this product with a green tea extract which flushes the body of toxins, it does a good job in promoting weight loss, boosting energy, and flushing one’s body of collected toxins and other unwanted garbage.The biggest benefit is that I feel less sluggish and far more energetic. The weight loss is gradual but in the long run makes a consistent change.

  18. Per the manufacturer description this product is helpful in slowing the absorption of carbohydrates and it is comprised of “70% concentrate of hydroxycitric acid (HCA) stabilized as a potassium-magnesium salt extracted from the fruit of Garcinia cambogia” which makes it all natural and I love that it is also gluten free. I took two tablets in the morning before breakfast and one before lunch each day and I like that they don’t upset my stomach and it helps curb my appetite. I haven’t lost weight but I have maintained my weight while eating pasta and rice and maintaining my exercise routine.

  19. Garcinia Cambogia is very controversial. Also, as with most supplements, it is very difficult to know exactly if they work or not as there is no true and accurate gauge for most.Per Webmd: “Garcinia is a small to medium-sized tree that grows in India and Southeast Asia. The fruit rind contains the chemical hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and is used to make medicine. How does it work? Garcinia contains the chemical hydroxycitric acid (HCA). Developing research suggests that HCA might prevent fat storage, control appetite, and increase exercise endurance…”I’ve read that at least 60% needs to be HCA or it is ineffective. Although wouldn’t the mg of the pill factor into that equation? As I stated earlier, it is a controversial supplement like many others. I don’t get too blogged down in the built up or hysteria of products. If something interest me, I try it and if I “feel” or “think” it may be helping, then I may continue to use it.I am not really overweight and overall I do get some moderate exercise. But, sometimes I get so busy I don’t exercise and eat as well as I would like. That is mostly why I take and try supplements in the first place.Overall Conclusion: After trying this product I did feel that it did help control or suppress my appetite. Which of course for me was the intended goal. Therefore, I think it helps. Is it the cure all for being overweight and should it be used for an exercise substitution? NO

  20. The Jarrow Formulas Hcactive Garcinia Cambogia seems to be working for me. I am experiencing some suppression of my appetite and no negative reactions to these pills. The pills are easy to swallow and leave no aftertaste. I have only been taking these for under two weeks and will update on weight loss.

  21. There has been a lot of hype about Garcinia Cambogia in the recent years as a appetite suppressant and weight management supplement.Jarrow offers a 70% concentrate of hydroxy citric acid which is a potassium-magnesium salt extracted from the fruit of garcinia cambogia. The Jarrow formulation is more bioavailable than a leading HCA potassium-calcium salt.I have been using various Jarrow supplements for an extended period (years) and I feel they are all high quality.Unfortunately, I had a negative experience with this supplement.After taking for a period of 3 weeks, (3 capsules before breakfast and 3 capsules before dinner), I started to notice my socks would leave an impression on my ankles for 2-3 hours after I removed them. Note I do drink 8+ glasses of water per day. This progressed such that I had noticeable swelling in my ankles. I mentioned it to my primary care physician and in addition to some testing, his advise was to discontinue this supplement and see if the condition improved. After discontinuing, I noticed an almost immediate improvement in the swelling I was noticing. Was it related? I strongly believe it was.In addition to this scare, I actually gained a few pounds, perhaps due to the water retention. After discontinuing this supplement I lost 5 lbs.On the positive side, I had a noticeable improvement in appetite while using HCActive. It really did reduce my hunger for 2-3 hours after taking.In conclusion, I like the Jarrow brand but all supplements are not for all people.

  22. I have been taking this supplement for a couple of weeks now. I have noticed absolutely no adverse reactions of effects. I have lost about 5 lbs in the last couple of weeks and this is the only thing I have changed so I’m going to have to say that this really does work with very little effort from me. The size of them are nice and they are easy to swallow. Contains 80mg of Calcium, 80mg of Potassium and 1600mg of Garcinia Cambogia with 60% HCA. It also includes vegetable cellulose. This is a great natural way to try to lose some weight for the summer. I’m going to be telling my family and friends about it.

  23. I have been using Garcinia for awhile. It’s a great way for more to get rid of midnight cravings. I am on a diet, but I have been using this to co trip my appetite. I use these pills four times a day. I eat right as well as exercise. I have lost a few pounds. I have been using this for over twenty days and it works very well. No shakes or fast heartbeats. Good quality product.

  24. Works well. They are easy to take and seemednto make a difference.

  25. Excellent !

  26. Really has helped curve my appitite while dieting

  27. My husband has been taking this for some time now after using another brand that was at 60% HCA and he was ready for a bump up. He has changed his diet for the better as well and is working a more strenuous workout at the gym.

  28. Jarrow Formulas has been a gisn’t in the supplement industry, and for good reason. This is the best Garcinia on the market! I could really tell the difference when switching to this brand. Helps with appetite suppression and well, weight-loss. Would have given it 5 stars if the price was a bit lower!

  29. There are many brands of Garcinia out there. I have found this brand to be the best, and most effective. My belly did flatten in about 3 months and during that time and continues to help my digestive system. Don’t be fooled by the high priced Garcinia’s out there. This stuff works. I have the my 88 year old Mother using it and my 25 year old twin girls using it. We are all happy with the results. Ladies (or guys) The price is the absolute best . I have seen 90 count tablets in health food stores at $50.00 . You can get double the amount here for less than that. Trust me I would only use the very best. Do yourself and your body a favor get this Jarrow Garciania Cambogia!!

  30. GREAT

  31. Great price and product!

  32. Starting my 3rd month on the product. I researched the best delivery system for Carcinia Cambogia & learned you have to follow the directions to a T for it to work. The bonding process & potency are also very important & Jarrow met all the specs. It definitely helps curb my appetite & for the first couple weeks I had to remind myself at times to eat.

  33. Seems to work well if I take it regularly.

  34. Was referred to this product at my local nutrition store. Works perfect used as directed. You can’t do your own thing and expect it to work. Use it as directed and plan to get a lot more done during the time you normally spend snacking! Down almost a pound a day first 2 weeks!!

  35. I don’t know if these are supposed to help with mental clarity but they do. I have adult ADHD and I’m amazed at the fact that when I take these I don’t need my ADHD medicine. I now taking only have of my dosage.

  36. Combined with apple, lemon juices and apple cider vinegar drink has been good appetite control.


  38. There are a lot of appetite suppressants out there but, when taken as suggested, this one really works.

  39. Good

  40. Love it

  41. One of the only brands out there with hca ina completely absorbable and usable form. Most bands bind their hca to calcium which makes it so your body can’t absorb it. This is one of the ONLY ones to have it bound in a manner your body can fully utilize. There are no miracle pills to make you lose weight, but i noticed a distinct increase in mine while on this (i do not diet, but have a pretty substantial work out regimen every week) so far i dropped about 30 lbs over the 6 months while using this, where i only dropped about 10 in the 6 prior to adding it. I won’t say it’s entirely responsible for that drop, but it definitely seemed to help

  42. High quality with 70% HCA. Taken on an empty stomach, It would not completely eliminate the feeling of hunger though does minimize appetite.

  43. you must have patiences with this product and def need to watch what you eat (sweets and carbs) for this to really work. I am 3 months in and learning that i had to cut the “crap” for it to really see results.. otherwise, the sugar (sweets and drinks) carbs and dairy you willl still put on weight (slowly). This product def works though when done right. Take 45 – 1 hour prior to eating, drink lots of water … and yes, you dont eat as much and sometimes you do forget your even hurgry. For even better results bare min. walk for 30 min. almost every day.

  44. The most effective garcinia I’ve used.

  45. really works. Love it.

  46. Jarrow Formulas Garcinia Cambogia really works to surpress my appetite and cravings for sugar and bad carbs. But, not so much that I don’t know when to eat healthy meals. Other brands I’ve tried don’t work like this one. It does what it’s supposed to. Again, there’s no magic pill so you have to eat sensibly, exercise and eat certain foods in moderation. This product helps me to think about what I’m putting into my mouth.I’m going to try the Jarrow Green Tea Extact supplement also. Can’t remember to drink tea everyday. And, one pill does the job.If you see negative reviews on this product it’s becaue the person most likely hasn’t changed their eating habits and incorporated 30 minutes of daily exercise. Do your part and it will work. I stopped taking them for a few days and the cravings came rushing back. Taking them again as directed. No digestive or stomach issues either.Hope this helps!

  47. Amazing product. One capsule keeps me full and lessens my sugar cravings

  48. Product works

  49. Did not seem to get the results as expected. Better results using just Apple Cider pills alone.

  50. Helps with appetite suppression and weight loss.

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