Joy-Filled | 100% Plant-Based Supplement for Anxiety & Depression Relief | Helps Relax The Mind, Boosts Mood, Relieve Stress | Contains 7 Powerful Herbs, Non-GMO, 60 Vegan Capsules

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  • 100 PERCENT PLANT-BASED: Completely plant-based anxiety supplement and depression supplements that provides total mood support. Your brain and body may need a little extra nutritional support to help with anxiety, depression, and stress. We at Happy Healthy Hippie have found that absorbing very specific nutrients can be the key in getting your mind and body the relief that it needs, which is why we have created Joy-Filled.
  • CONSISTS OF 7 POWERFUL HERBS: These 7 healing herbs have been used for centuries and are considered to be a mood enhancer that provides natural anxiety relief and act as a natural antidepressant. The dosage of each herb included has been scientifically proven to be effective. We do not believe in the concept of "fairy dusting", which is when a tiny amount of a herb or nutrient is included in a product, even though the dose is too small to be effective.
  • ANXIETY RELIEF AND STRESS RELIEF: The herbs included help to increase the production of GABA, a key neurotransmitter that works to reduce restlessness and promote an overall calming effect. Other herbs such as Rhodiola Rosea and Gingko Biloba supports a healthy response to stress by decreasing the cortisol levels in your body and by calming the sympathetic nervous system.
  • RELIEVES DEPRESSION AND BOOSTS MOOD: The collection of herbs works harmoniously together to act as an anti depressant and help you maintain a stable and positive mood. St Johns Wort works to increase the availability of the chemicals serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine in the brain, which are crucial components in maintaining a positive state of mind.
  • CUSTOMER FRIENDLY: We truly appreciate each of you and are grateful to have you as customers. If our product doesn't meet your needs in the way you had hoped, we have a 60-day easy return policy. Our product is formulated and created in a FDA registered US facility that is certified under strict Good Manufacturing Practice standards by two certifying agencies.

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Joy-Filled | 100% Plant-Based Supplement for Anxiety & Depression Relief | Helps Relax The Mind, Boosts Mood, Relieve Stress | Contains 7 Powerful Herbs, Non-GMO, 60 Vegan Capsules

Joy-Filled | 100% Plant-Based Supplement for Anxiety & Depression Relief | Helps Relax The Mind, Boosts Mood, Relieve Stress | Contains 7 Powerful Herbs, Non-GMO, 60 Vegan Capsules

Joy-Filled | 100% Plant-Based Supplement for Anxiety & Depression Relief | Helps Relax The Mind, Boosts Mood, Relieve Stress | Contains 7 Powerful Herbs, Non-GMO, 60 Vegan Capsules

Joy-Filled | 100% Plant-Based Supplement for Anxiety & Depression Relief | Helps Relax The Mind, Boosts Mood, Relieve Stress | Contains 7 Powerful Herbs, Non-GMO, 60 Vegan Capsules

Joy-Filled | 100% Plant-Based Supplement for Anxiety & Depression Relief | Helps Relax The Mind, Boosts Mood, Relieve Stress | Contains 7 Powerful Herbs, Non-GMO, 60 Vegan Capsules

Joy-Filled | 100% Plant-Based Supplement for Anxiety & Depression Relief | Helps Relax The Mind, Boosts Mood, Relieve Stress | Contains 7 Powerful Herbs, Non-GMO, 60 Vegan Capsules

Joy-Filled | 100% Plant-Based Supplement for Anxiety & Depression Relief | Helps Relax The Mind, Boosts Mood, Relieve Stress | Contains 7 Powerful Herbs, Non-GMO, 60 Vegan Capsules

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How we got our start?

Happy Healthy Hippie was born out of our passion for living intentionally, healthily, and soaking up the simple wonders of this world. This includes the gifts of nutrient filled plants that the Earth provides us with!

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Our products are simple, natural, and curated with intentionality. As a company, we are rooted in the ancient philosophy of herbal healing and we take pride in providing our customers with wellness from the Earth.

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We believe that happiness is a result of a life well lived and that a crucial component of a life well lived is our health. We are passionate about being a part of our customer’s journey to wellness, both mentally and physically. Reading reviews and hearing personal stories is our absolute favorite!

  1. So far I am really enjoying these vitamins. This is my second month taking them and Ibcan honestly say I went from being in a place of blah to a place of peace & motivation. I recommend this product.

  2. Never thought I’d mention the product like this, but Joy-Filled has significantly reduced my chest tightness from anxiety if and when it happens and I am less depressed, more energized, relaxed and sleep is more possible due to the fact anxiety is significantly reduced. I know if I took a Pharmaceutical product for what I have going on, there’s no way in my opinion it could give me the kind of results like Joy-Filled is doing. I have confidence in Joy-Filled because I am actually noticing changes in my mood, emotional control, ability to read more, less anxiety and if anything, I’d say almost none.

  3. I purchased this to help with depression because of the Ginseng in it. I have used Siberian Ginseng for years for this. Since it was to replace another product I really can’t speak to how it works for depression. I can say that having switched to this product the depression has not come back, so I am good with that! However, because of my age my memory has not been what I thought it should, but I was surprised that 3 weeks into my 1st bottle, my memory showed a marked improvement. I have been taking this for 4 months now and have no intention of stopping this anywhere in the near future. Also, I seem to notice having more energy, maybe this is in response to this also!

  4. This stuff is absolutely amazing! I take it every morning and am on my 3rd month! I no longer take my anxiety meds. I feel like this product does more than the prescription medication from the doctor! I don’t feel foggy like I’m floating through my day, withdrawn, drugged, jittery or tired or like a zombie. I feel naturally happy and at ease with situations and am finding I have more of a “go with the flow” demeanor.I have suggested this to some of my friends and 2 of them have also been taking this for a couple of months and have been able to eliminate prescription meds out of their lives as well.Thank you, Happy Healthy Hippie 🙂

  5. I only write a review after trying the product long enough to have some result. I am happy to say that after the 3rd day I have consistently had improved mood and attitude. I’ve struggled with depression and irritability due to menopause. I tried it for 2 days as directed. I feel happy and upbeat with energy. Late in the afternoon, on the 2nd day, I had a root canal done that may have interfered with my experience. I had taken pain medication and antibiotics along with the Joy-Filled capsules. I did feel consistently happy but felt emotionally drained at the end of the day I think from the pain medication. So, I would just like to say that when beginning to take this, start off in the morning with only 1 and not take anything else for the first week so that you can notice the difference and without any other medicines interfering with its effect. This is good stuff. But depending on a persons depression and how long they have been down, or sensitivity to medicines, it is always better to start slowly.My son just started it today and so after a week, I will post an updated review.Update: My son who struggles with anxiety issues and depression is reluctant​ at taking anything but he has noticed such a big improvement that he asks me for these Happy Pills(Joy-Filled). Good stuff!!

  6. I’m a super skeptic about almost everything, but I swear to God this supplement has changed my life. I’m still totally surprised by the results, but the results are real. I have struggled with bad, totally random depression episodes every few weeks, for years. I do not have health insurance and am not super interested in taking antidepressants, so I researched a few natural antidepressant supplements. I decided to give this one a try, and I haven’t had a crazy depressive episode since. I didn’t think for a second this would work as well as it does, but it absolutely works!! I will continue taking joy- filled day after day. If you are depressed, and are looking for a natural way to get out of those horrible bad ways your mind gets in to, try this. At least try it.

  7. This product is awesome. I started finding myself really moody once I hit 25, everything either annoyed me to stressed me out. I decided to try these and the difference was amazing. Things that would annoy me I found myself cool as a freaking cucumber. My mom even commented that she would buy the next bottle my mood had improved so much lol. I totally reccomend. Also, I only take one per day even though the bottle says two. That being said I’m pretty small lol

  8. I am not one for writing reviews….however this product definitely deserves recognition!!! I have been dealing with severe depression for several years and I have tried all the medications out there along with other natural supplements and nothing worked. I was becoming extremely frustrated and was in a really dark place, so this was going to be my last attempt at obtaining some type of relief. I am glad that I did!!! This is the best product out there without all the horrible side effects! I will definitely continue to use this supplement and would highly recommend this to everyone!!!

  9. I have bipolar disorder and was reacting terribly to all the meds I tried. Not taking anything put my life in a rollar coaster. I’m so grateful I came across this great product! I still need to do other things to be at the top of my game- exercise, do something creative, meditate, and study but now I feel happy, I have more physical energy but the energy in my mind is calmer and so I am so much more productive and able to focus. I sleep better. I just went to a Naturopath and he loved it. He recommended taking 1 capsule in the am and one in the pm. I now have told a bunch of friends and family about it. It might not be a cure all for everyone but definitely worth a shot, it has helped me so much!

  10. This stuff is amazing!!! Iv struggled for the past 3 years with being super tense and feeling anxious and like im “on” allll the time most likely from adrenal issues, taking this makes me have a calm feeling I haven’t had in forever! I feel like my adrenals can now heal since they arent always pumping our cortisol! So thankful!😊

  11. I was having terrible anxiety causing my heart rate to rise throughout the day for no reason, joy-filled has helped me tremendously! My heart rate is pretty consistent through out the day and I do not feel anxious like I previously was. I take it few hours before bed because it was making me very sleepy! I would definitely recommend joy-filled 🙂

  12. This is an amazing product, for last couple of years I am searching for a supplement to help my anxiety, and other symptoms which comes with it like dizziness since I am totally against medication with awful side effects which do nothing …… I am taking this supplement for almost a week, and I am so happy for the huge improvements…. i am more calm, lots of energy and kind of I got my life back…. happy to find joy-filled and I will continue taking it and I recommend to anyone who didn’t get results with other supplement to try it and you will be happy you did…. thank you


  14. I have been diagnosed with acute anxiety and have been weaned off of benzos. I have found that your product helps tremendously with resulting panic attacks. My psychiatrist approved your product as well. Thank you!

  15. The combination of these herbs together seem to help me better than a couple of the ingredients as singular supplements. I have bipolar 2. This certainly doesn’t alleviate all my symptoms, but it does genuinely help. I take both this and “Go With the Flow” from this brand to help balance my hormones and cycles. The combination seems to help as I’ve noticed less hormone-induced depression episode triggers. I highly recommend!

  16. I started using Joy-Filled in place of St-Johns wort and I absolutely love it. I’ve re-ordered it 3 times now. I love the fact that it has ashwaganda and St. John’s wort in the ingredients because they both offer amazing benefits in mood balancing. I am definitely more level-headed during stress when I take this.

  17. I’ve been taking this product for over a week because of reviews and I figured I don’t have anything to lose. I have to say I’ve definitely noticed a difference. I wouldn’t call it a complete 180° transformation but I’m not just laying in bed anymore wishing that I won’t wake up, calling into work because I can’t find any motivation to do anything, or when I make myself go to work I’m not counting down the minutes to go scream in my car or fighting back tears of just random frustration, or the trip to my car wishing it would just run me over. I’m definitely more social with my co workers and people around me and more hopeful for the future so thank you guys. This product is definitely worth a try.

  18. I had been told to get my teen on anti depressants and I just could not fathom putting her on medication. I searched for alternatives and thought I would try this. Even after the first day she was nicer to be around and able to handle things. Not as anxious and mean. She asked for her happy pills this morning! When even SHE says it makes her feel better I am all about it! I am glad it has lifted the dark cloud and is ALL natural.

  19. I’ve been struggling with depression for so long that I don’t remember when it started. After a month of taking this it’s been much easier for me to handle my depressive episodes and my anxiety. Honestly, I couldn’t care less if it’s a placebo effect I’m just happy that I found something that makes me feel better without requiring me to take an SSRI.

  20. This has by far been my best purchase on Amazon. I took time to read through reviews before purchasing this, and there was just SO MANY wonderful reviews. I struggle with anxiety tremendously, and felt my brain just constantly going at 100 mph (list making, worrying about things that need not be worried about, etc.). I recently started to struggle more with depression. Lately, my outbursts and anger were to the point of being uncontrollable. My boyfriend and I were constantly arguing. All I wanted to do was sleep, and I mean SLEEP, like 13-14 hours a day. I was just incredibly mentally exhausted. I was thinking of seeing a doctor for anti-depressants, but wanted to take a more natural approach, if possible. I came across these, and decided to give them a try. I wouldn’t say that I wake up with a “go get ’em” attitude, just super happy to conquer the day, because let’s be honest, I hate work. LOL. I HAVE, however, been able to see a tremendous change in my attitude. I no longer just REACT to things that people say with angry outbursts. I am much more calm and collected. My boyfriend will say something that would have normally turned into an argument, and I just let it roll off my shoulders and continue with my day. My anxiety has decreased a lot as well. I am not longer stressing about everything. My list making has gone away, and I’m more “go with the flow”/”live in the moment.” AND, I can tell a difference in my energy as well! I would highly recommend these to anyone (I ALREADY HAVE!) because they have made a huge difference for me.

  21. I bought this for my boyfriend for his depression and anxiety. He hates anti depressants and didn’t want to start them again. So, I did some research and came across this product. After reading the reviews I decided to order it for him and give it a try. He’s been taking it for a little while now (a few days) and I already notice a difference in him. He’s much more motivated, calm, and things that would normally cause a depressive episode fall off his back and he treats them more as a minor inconvenience now. He’s so much happier and excited, and at the same time he’s much calmer and less worried about everything. It seems to be helping him so much. I will definitely continue to get him this product as he needs it.UPDATE: he has been taking these for about 10 days now and I see an extreme improvement. He hasn’t had a depressive episode in almost 3 weeks now. He’s excited, motivated and more alert and active. He was feeling worse before we came across these because we have been stuck in California playing a waiting game and it was taking a toll on him. I knew he needed something and he refuses to take chemical medications and I completely support that. We subscribed to get these monthly because THEY WORK. If anyone has depression and anxiety, I highly recommend this product.

  22. From daily stress or extreme life changes, this stuff really ‘takes the edge’ off and adds a little sundhine. It took about a week for me to notice full effects and from there I could take 1-2 pills daily to maintain. After I ran out, I ordered just Ashwaganda root capsules and it’s not quite the same. The only other supplement I’ve found to give the kind of boost is Ashwaganda root tea – which makes sense because it’s a freshly brewed liquid. I’ll def be a regular customer. This is an amazing alternative to antidepressants

  23. Hi. I severe depression and anxiety and have been on Lexapro for 10 months. I felt like it helped but I wanted to get off due to too many side effect problems. So I started to reduce my dosage from 20mg to 10mg and then I came across these pills. I’m officially off Lexapro a week now. I’ve been taking these pills for a week now. I have had less episodes and I am not as emotional. It is helping me focus more and I feel much better. I’m still getting withdrawals from Lexapro but not as severe as others. This pill is helping me and honestly I feel better on this then Lexapro.

  24. Just received my order yesterday, and last night I slept 12 hours strate. I’m dealing with dibilating chronic anxiety and adrenal issues. I know that if I could just get my anxiety under control my adrenals would heal very rapidly as I am on a very healthy diet. Today I feel a sense of calmness. I’ve tried many other supplements this past year and nothing has worked. My doctor wanted to put me on anti anxiety mediations and I knew that wasn’t the route to take. I’m really praying that this supplement will help my dig myself out of this hole that I am in along with prayer, mediation, healthy diet, and rest. I will update every few weeks.

  25. I’ve tried several supplements for my troubles with PMS. Ever since I had my last baby, my mood has been really unstable and depressed before I start my cycle. L-Theanine has helped along with Chasteberry, but this has really helped me feel more ‘light’ after I take it in the morning. I have used it for 2 months now and am very pleased with the results and the high quality ingredients. I still get the lows before my cycle, but this I feel has helped substantially. True to its name, I feel more “Joy Filled.”

  26. I don’t know how many mood enhancing supplements I’ve taken – and I rarely re-order. Not only do I re-order Joy-filled monthly, but I recommend it to everyone I talk to.The ingredients in Joy-filled aren’t anything all that unique. However, whatever they did with this blend and the proportions of the herbs in it is nothing short of magic. It’s made a massive difference in my life and I’m thankful we found it.

  27. It’s been about a week now for me using this product. I am not using it as recommended, taking it in the morning or evening, because that did not work for me. I noticed I would fall asleep about 20 minutes after taking it in the afternoon and feel groggy for the rest of the day.. so, since my anxiety is primarily a nighttime thing accompanied by insomnia, I decided to take one capsule before bed and the second one when I wake up in the wee small hours and can’t get back to sleep. That works. I actually found myself laughing for the first time in weeks? Months? Last night before bed. I am on the spectrum, asperger’s, and find my meltdowns are melting away. Used to have several a day. Haven’t had a real one in over 24 hours now. This is the only thing that I have changed so it has to be these capsules.

  28. I was looking for gentle natural remedies to help support me through a very stressful time in my life and some particularly difficult days where I struggled to overcome feelings of depression. I’m a Mother of 2 children under 3, it was important to me that I could get back on top of my emotions without taking harmful substances (I’m breastfeeding) or taking something that is very addictive. I started taking 2 capsules daily with food and within 2 weeks noticed a huge difference in my calmness levels. These capsules, along with some deep inner work, have brought me a palpable sense of ease, Calm and yes, even joy in this difficult time. I feel less reactive and irritated. I feel better able to stay present, and respond to my children’s needs with love and patience. It kind of feels like it’s been soothing my nervous system which felt like it was on overdrive. I continue to take these daily as I know how gentle, yet effective these are. I recognise the herbs used to assist in sorts bodily processes and general feelings of wellbeing. I’m very appreciative that this product was created with love by a family. They obviously saw a need for this kind of support. The packaging was beautiful and it also inspired me to give this product a try.

  29. Disclaimers:1.) I bought this with my own money and did not get paid to write this review.2.) I am not a doctor so please don’t take this as medical advice. I am simply sharing my experience.3.) I’ve started taking this 3 weeks ago.Background Info:I was in a very dark place in my life before I started this. To begin with, I am already an anxious person. Additionally, I work in a very high-stress environment (healthcare), am in school, and am raising a 2-year-old. On top of that, I’ve been very moody lately. Every other weekend, I would have bouts of suicidal ideation. I knew that I needed help but there just simply wasn’t enough time. Being a mom in school really meant no other time to do anything else.So I searched for the lowest hanging fruit and began reading up on how to handle my emotions, anxiety, and depression. While the books gave me the tools I needed, it simply wasn’t enough to handle my high-stress life. That’s when I remembered over-the-counter meds. I chose Joy-filled because of the reviews and the list of ingredients.My Experience:The first day I took Joy-Filled, I only took one pill – and it was actually too much. I felt like a zombie had taken over. I felt like I couldn’t process any emotion. My coworkers were the first to notice. They said I looked “a lot happier” while other’s said “you look depressed… are you okay?” Either way, I just felt really off.I decided to try again, this time, just half a pill. I poured half of the capsule out onto yoghurt and ate it that way.It worked BEAUTIFULLY. I was literally in anxiety-inducing situations and it felt like my body refused to be anxious. With that said, I was able to think about the situation and analyze it – all without worrying about it. I felt like I was living in a whole different world.After 3 weeks, there were also some unexpected benefits.I’ve had the urge to clean a lot more. I’ve cleaned my car for the first time in YEARS. I can also now see my bedroom countertops – something I have never seen since living there. I also regularly work out at least once a week now since I have the energy and motivation.Overall, I’ve had a really great experience using this. Please don’t ever stop making this and please DO NOT CHANGE the formula!!! Thanks!

  30. I am in love with this product. I had taken ashwagandha extract for a while and was looking to add to my herbal regimen. I have anxiety that manifests in rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, lack of sleep, and fidgeting. Currently, I am going through a hard time at work, and it would typically spin my anxiety out of control, this product has helped keep me calm, smiling, and my symptoms have been kept to a minimal, and manageable level. I don’t know what I would do with out this product!!! Thank you!!!

  31. I don’t often write reviews for products, but I wanted to for this product in the chance that it helps someone else. I’ve experienced depression and anxiety all my life, but this past year has been particularly bad. I have always been weary of taking medication as I tend to be quite allergic or have bad side effects from pharmaceuticals, but I was getting to the point where I really needed to consider it. I decided to try this first and low and behold, daylight. I started taking these about 3 weeks ago and I have felt a significant increase in managing day-to-day. In fact, there was only one night I forgot to take it, and the following day I realized about halfway through that there was this veil of melancholy again. Took it that night and felt better the next morning. This also seems particularly helpful for people who may have hormonal issues related to their depression, like me. My therapist was shocked by how much my depression/ anxiety scales had improved in just 2 weeks. Hope it helps you too.

  32. On April 2017 I had my 1st panic attack. My life changed that day. I went down hill quick. Unable to work and function as I used to. Life became extremely difficult and depressing. On November 2018 I begged the Almighty to please take my life, I no longer wanted to live with horrible Panic Disorder. I had tried prescribed medication and it only made me feel worse. I also tried other natural supplements but didn’t help me much. It wasn’t until I came across Joy-Filled in late November 2018. I read the reviews and they were just as good as the other “great” supplements- heck I had nothing to loose. Within a week I noticed an improvement. And 3 months after I felt 80% back to my old self. I will continue taking it. JOY-FILLED changed my life! I beg whoever is reading this to please give yourself an opportunity to try this product. It wont “cure” an anxiety or panic disorder but it will definitely improve your condition significantly.

  33. I got the pills yesterday and took 2. I took 2 more this morning and I’m already noticing a major difference.I haven’t been diagnosed but I have stress n anger issues. Daily situations trigger these attacks where my face gets hot n my chest gets tight n then I lose control n start yelling at my kids or I get real quiet cuz I can barely breathe or I start contemplating suicide in my head or thinking other negative things.Anyway the difference is…i felt my face get hot n my chest get tight…but then the feeling just faded. Immediately. Literally like someone cut the wire on a timebomb. It just stopped!To me, that’s amazing! N I think my family will really appreciate the difference too.I will be taking this supplement daily from now on.

  34. I had an interesting experience with this product. After a season of loss and chronic stress, I found myself an exhausted, depressed, anxiety-ridden mom. I was also breaking out and having mild panic attacks. I went to 3 different doctors for opinions, and they all prescribed different pharmaceutical anti-anxiety and anti-depressants. I was willing, but I just didn’t have peace about it. After seeking the Lord more, I decided to look into natural remedies, which led me to a path of realizing I had adrenal fatigue. There’s several products out there, but this one had the highest dosage of Ashwaghanda and Rhidiola, so I went with it.The first day, it knocked me out. I took a B12 and caffeine supplement that I reserve for emergency pick-ups, and it did nothing- that’s how strong Joy-Filled was. I decided to give it about 4-5 more days. Unfortunately, I continued to feel very tired. Being an already exhausted stay-at-home mom, I just couldn’t justify staying on it, so I took it back…However the next day when I didn’t take it, I realized that my tiredness was blinding me to all the benefits I had experienced in just a short time. In that last week, I had not experienced any anxiety or heart palpitations, and I had just begun to feel like my old self again. I was motivated to do things that my depression was keeping me from doing. My husband even cheerfully said, “Honey, your countenance is different- you seem well!” And my face had also started clearing up.I feel awful for doing this, but I had to reorder another bottle because I notice I’m going back to that place of anxiety without it.I am not knocking any stars off because I felt tired after taking it. I believe it is a high-quality product that works and may just have mildly varying effects from person to person. This is not their fault, it’s just the effect of an herb. I also don’t believe I stuck it out long enough. I’ve reordered this, along with a B-complex vitamin and am hopeful this is my path to healing the issues stress has had on my body.

  35. This is so great! Taking 2 was too much for me…made me tired. But taking just one is perfect! Calms me right down and I swear I am a nicer mom if I take it right before the kids get home from school! What does that say about me?!? Gah! But I love it!

  36. I have struggled with anxiety my whole life and refuse to take prescription medication. I have tried exercise and other natural remedies with short lived relief. This supplement has definitely reduced anxiety and actually has improved my mood. It’s interesting, but I can say that I feel a sedative-like effect throughout the day after taking them and I fall asleep more easily at night. The one thing I will note, is that it does cause some drowsiness. I know the supplement isn’t supposed to cause drowsiness, but for me, it’s definitely a real side effect. It’s not overwhelming though and doesn’t prevent normal daily activities. The sedative effect isn’t disruptive either- it’s actually a welcomed effect given that I’m normally very uptight, anxious, worried and have racing thoughts. I like Joy-filled and as long as I have no adverse effects and they prove to be safe, I’ll keep taking them.

  37. I was extremely skeptical when I bought this but wanted something to help balance my moods. I made the decision to slowly taper down my antidepressants to half my usual dose and, naturally, some irritation accompanied that choice. I wasn’t more depressed but I felt my temper was shorter. After some research, I decided to try these. I have to say, I LOVE them. They help me feel a little bit more joyful and far less irritated. Plus they seem to give me a little boost of energy, which is nice. I usually take them with breakfast and noticed they gave me a little bit of an upset stomach when I took them without food one day. No one is more surprised than I am that this actually works for me – it’s so easy to throw money at supplements and herbs that have no impact (except on your wallet). I will purchase again for sure.

  38. I have found this product to be effective at enhancing my mood. It has reduced my irritability a lot but not completely. I don’t have anxiety, so I can’t speak to its ability where that is concerned, but I haven’t had any of those really deep, dark sad days since I’ve begun taking it. I’m almost finished with my second bottle and will begin the subscription program when I’m ready to order the third. Like some others, the first day, I did notice a bit of increased anxiety which was weird, but that went away, and I’ve never experienced it again.

  39. Is this bottled happiness? Ehh… I still have my moments of impending doom, but the majority of the time, my mood gravitates toward rainbows and unicorns. On a serious note, I’ve been walking with my depression on and off for almost a decade now, but 2018 was an especially awful. To be frank, my depression was kicking my ass. I was getting a little too worried about myself, so I was considering using antidepressants, but the side effects and the dependency freaked me out. Coincidentally, I stumbled upon this and just decided to try it. I’ve been using it for a month and I have never been this chill. I don’t cry as much and I don’t take everything personally. If I take my capsules and eat something healthy, I feel like dancing. However, the greatest thing for me is the stability. Even when I’ve had a series of unfortunate events, I still feel good. Bad moments just stay bad moments rather than evolving into bad days.I, also, dream some trippy ass dreams, but I think it’s dope, so I bought another bottle.Side note (due to my recent exploration): If you have really bad anxiety or your depression makes your motivation feel like a stagnant puddle of water in an alley way, I suggest pairing with Triple H’s Ashwagandha because bruh… I’m ready to break out into song, Amy Adams Enchanted style… and I’m at work…

  40. I’m 50, perimenopausal, just lost my beloved dad, work like a maniac (self-employed), deal with employee and financial stresses almost constantly, have a reckless teenage daughter at home, a son in college, a meddling mother in law, I could go on…life is a challenging. The grief over my dad did push me over the top. I am in great shape (exercise regularly, obsess over nutrition) but was falling apart on the inside. I am a yogi (so, very mindful) and I had tried adrenal supplements (here n there), various adaptogens (not taken consistently) and CBD oil (also not too consistently). I was desperate to find something in addition to yoga and deep breathing to help. I refuse to turn to prescriptions without trying every possible biohack! This stuff works. I take two capsules in the morning. I don’t remember feeling any side effects, and I’ve been taking it for a little over two weeks every day. I do also take a separate Ashwagandha in the early/mid afternoon: 600 mg depending on how stressful the day is. I plan to continue taking both. The effect is this: when I would otherwise feel like I was going to implode or have a crying fit, now I am much more leveled and matter of fact. Instead of flying off the handle or falling apart, my attitude seems more like ‘it is what it is, now what can we do about it?’ I am a huge fan of adaptogens. Get some of this today if your story is anything like mine.

  41. I very rarely write reviews. This. Supplement. Works. I’ve been suffering with depression, fatigue, lethargy, and a horrific brain fog for MONTHS. I thought it was work burn out. I thought it was other things. Nope. Depression all along. I received this supplement on Monday night. Out of severe desperation for some relief I took it as soon as I got it and started noticing a difference within an hour of taking it (for a bit of a forewarning, I recommend taking it in the morning instead. That first night I was WIRED until 1 am lol). This product has 0 caffeine and I never realized how bad my depression symptoms were until I started taking this product and started getting relief. I have my energy back and then some. The brain fog is GONE. I finally have some relief! If you are like me and have a hypersensitive system to medications (get the extremely negative side effects, etc), try this product. It really really helps!

  42. I just received my order in the mail today for the first time. I have struggle tremendously with severe depression, anxiety, depersonalization & derealization for toooo long. I finally had to throw in the towel & start taking Zoloft because it was getting REALLY BAD. Zoloft didn’t help do anything but numb the emotions. I went off of it as I came across Joy-filled & had to try it out. I’m kidding you not….. I never thought I’d say that I feel normal ever again! Today was the first time taking it & I already feel improvement. My brain fog isn’t so bad and I actually feel real… I’m looking finally looking forward to a brighter future rather then a fearful one. Thank you Joy filled!!

  43. When I tell you this stuff is life changing, I mean that. I’ve been in a relationship for a little over a year now and the start was ROUGH. No matter how much he showed me he loved me there was always a “voice” in the back of my head saying otherwise. I have struggled with severe anxiety my whole life, and recurring depression the last 7 years of my life. I was to the point where I didn’t know what to do. I had finally found the love of my life and I couldn’t figure out how to accept that. I began having suicidal thoughts and that’s when I knew something had to give. I am very against prescription drugs and therapists. My last and only resort was the internet, and the first thing that popped up was Happy Healthy Hippie supplements. I loved the fact that it was all organic and i could easily have it delivered to me once a month without any hastle and the best part is, I am the only one that has to know I am taking it! Besides, it’s all natural so the worst it can do is just give me some extra herbs right? The first month was very confusing. While it was in my system I seemed somewhat better, but I immediately knew when it wore off because my mind started humbling and I felt just as I did before. I was getting discouraged because I really wanted this to work for me, but I didn’t give up. I’m half way through my second bottle and y’all. I have never in my whole 20 years of existence been completely and fully happy and content with my life. Yes I still stress over certain things, but now I can think about them without losing control and having a melt down. Even when it has worn off for the day. My boyfriend and I have figured out what we want to do in our future together, where we want to live once we’re married. I am moving to a new college and living with my best friend of 14 years. I can be by myself for an extended period of time and not feel alone, not feel unwanted, and I never question that I am loved. I would recommend this product 100%, 5,000 times a day, without any hesitation. I am so so thankful for Happy Healthy Hippie and I plan to use this product for the rest of my life! P. S. They taste pretty bad, but sweet tea hides the flavor 🙂

  44. I am absolutely floored by the way this changed my mood almost immediately after taking it. By immediately, I mean the very next day. It says to either take 2 capsules in the morning OR at bedtime so I elected to take this for the first time around 6pm (right after opening the package from the mail). I slept like a baby that night, and I woke up feeling refreshed early the next morning (which never happens). Then, that morning I took two capsules with the multivitamins I regularly take. That day I was in a GREAT mood, and I was extremely productive and my anxiety about leaving the house was hardly noticeable. I have now been taking it every morning for 5 days straight, and I have energy I haven’t had in 2 years since falling into deep depression (I quit my job it was so debilitating). I even WENT TO THE GYM, grocery store, cooked lasagne, and dessert, and had energy left over to clean the kitchen and do 2 loads of laundry, in between binge watching Netflix of course, all in one day without feeling exhausted. I feel more like myself now. I called my friends to hang out, I called my parents just to chat, I applied for jobs, and I have showered, put makeup on, and left the house at least once, every day since taking this. I am amazed. I have had a smile for days and I physically feel the motivation to do the things I want, and even the things I don’t want to do. I have hope that my future is getting brighter. If anyone is thinking about seriously getting out of your funk naturally, THIS will help kick your rear into gear! If you don’t believe me, go ahead and google the benefits of all the ingredients in this and see for yourself. I have a second interview for my dream job next week, and I am literally vibrating with excitement. I still have work to do to get better, but I am convinced that this supplement is the answer. My negative thoughts are easier to ignore. I hope this lasts! I am still me, only better!

  45. All I can say is that this product has changed my life. I have PMDD and I felt like I could not control my negative thoughts. It affected my family/work/love relationships. I was getting to the point where I felt like giving up on life. My anxiety was through the roof. I couldn’t handle everyday task. I was always exhausted and just wanted to sleep the day away. I withdrew from grad school on the first day because I could handle the pressure and had a severe anxiety attack. Most days I felt like I was hanging by a thread. I would cry at the drop of the dime. I couldn’t have a normal conversation without tears and I didn’t understand why I couldn’t hold my emotions in order. I was Constantly creating to do list because I couldn’t remember what needed to get done and I thought it would help with the anxiety. I couldn’t sleep through the night and I would always wake up with my shoulders tense. I didn’t want to get on prescription medication but I knew I needed help before it was to late. After taking this the first day my boss at work mentioned that I was happy. It’s only gotten better from there. Everyone around me seems to be responding to my cheerful disposition. I have tons of energy and my glass is now have full instead of half empty. I feel like a new person! I thought I had lost that person I once was but she is back and better than ever. I feel so grateful that I am allowing myself to start a new chapter in my life. My tears of pain have now become tears of joy. I sleep through the night. I’m recreating healthy relationships and explaining to the people in my life what was going on inside of me before because I was embarrassed to tell them what I was going through. They have only accepted me with open arms wishing I would’ve told them before. I have reapplied to grad school and I feel i can conquer this goal with new insight and clarity. I have been telling others to please try this product because I just want Everyone that was dealing with what I was to feel better. No one should have to feel severe anxiety to the point of no return. I’ve been on this product for a month now and I don’t intend on stopping. Forget getting on prescription medication! GOD BLESS THE MAKERS OF THIS PRODUCT!!!!

  46. I do not easily buy supplements like these. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to buy supplements that actually work, but I do not just haphazardly buy things like this, ever. I research deeply, often spending hours reading articles and studies, and I read several product reviews on several different brands, etc, before deciding to put my money into something.But in this case, when I purchased these, I was in a rare mood where I was just desperate for something to help me come off my gabapentin RX more gently and easily.However, its an expensive supplement, and I was highly skeptical. Sorta regretted my impulse decision after I purchased these. But I waited for my order to arrive and decided to give it a go.I have years long experience taking some of these ingredients, such as eleuthero and ashawaganda. With those, I never really took notice of how or IF they helped my mental states, because my focus at that time was on accentuating overall physical health, energy and immunity. I did stay very healthy all the years I took eleuthero, and I would recommend that supplement to ANYONE. Its excellent for energy, overall health, immunity and physical endurance.I don’t have much experience with St Johns Wort. Id tried taking it several times in the past but noticed absolutely no effect from it. None. But trials were far and few between when I actually tried it out. I never tried it longer than a week or so.Well, I took my first Happy Healthy Hippy pills about 1 hour ago. I didn’t expect much and was already very cynical about these. Expected nothing to happen.But I was VERY tired today and suffering from a gastrointestinal malaise all day (which is what was making me feel sluggish). I took the pills and then layed down for a little while, just feeling very sleepy.All of the sudden my sinuses, which I didn’t even realise were congested in the first place… CLEARED dramatically. I felt the membrane walls of my inner nose SHRINK and flatten! I actually FELT it happen. Good clean big inhalations of air flowed into me as I breathed. This is similar to how a dose of Sudafed feels. But no dryness.I wasn’t planning on writing a review AN HOUR AFTER receiving these, but I wanted to make sure I don’t forget to take note of this very marked effect.I suspect this effect is from the eleuthero, because its a vaguely familiar feeling to me … but I cant say for sure.Anyway, so far I do feel more alert than I did an hour ago.I have a feeling, though, that this company put much care and thought into making a product worthy of the price tag. I would like to think they have chosen their herbs with care. They are a family owned business, and the cute labelling shows that they love their product and want others to love it too. If the same labelling was slapped on a product made by a large corporation … I would be less optimistic about the intentions behind it.All I know is that these pills, so far, DO have an effect on ones system. Time will tell if they truly improve my mood and my well being levels.I will update in a couple weeks.Update: I am on the 5th day of taking this, 2 in the morning after breakfast. Unfortunately I still am not noticing my mood changing at all. However this seems to be healing my sinuses and ear infection (I’ve had a mysterious clogging on my ears for a year now, and the doctor couldn’t figure out what was wrong, so I just learned to live with it, but it was very depressing. I felt like I had a cotton swap stuck in my ear and there was fluid in there for sure, because I could feel moving it when I leaned over)…. Eleuthera root is one if the ingredients, and I know it greatly strengthens immunity and immune system. So this could be why I am experiencing a healing. What’s happening is that i have a constant runny nose! Ever since that initial dose I described above where I felt my sinuses suddenly clear… I’ve had a runny nose and less congestion.Interesting and unexpected.Update: it’s my tenth day of being on these, taking 2 every morning with food.I do feel that it’s helping me come off gabapentin. But it’s not like I feel really great emotionally. I feel okay, though, which might be saying something, as the gaba has now left my system and I am not experiencing anxiety or total depression like I have in the past when I stopped taking it.I am not JOY FULL…. though.I do believe, however, that this may have helped my physical endurance and energy levels. I’ve been quite active, swimming every day and walking quite a lot more than I usually do… in the intense summer heat. I am 45 years old, and am very pleased with being more physically active lately. This supplement could be the reason I am not pooping out as early as I expect myself to.

  47. Replaced taking Sertraline (Zoloft) with this product. Despite years on my Rx and even having it DOUBLED, I was not truly happy, lacked drive, was failing at adulting and riddled with guilt for my lack of functionality on the daily despite my efforts. Not to mention, battling my weight hardcore despite the food and exercise (dang you mid 30s metabolism!!). Something had to give. I started by splitting my Rx dosage in half the 1st week and started taking it without my medication on week 2. JoyFilled seems to be counteracting the negative side effects of quitting Rx meds. I am excited to see what more time and continued use will do! And as an added bonus, I lost 8 lbs in 2 weeks making the med swap! Uhhhh yes please, I will take some more of THAT kind of side effects!! 🙂 Starting to feel human again and like I can be a better mama than the anxious irritable monster I was becoming! THANK YOU HAPPY HEALTHY HIPPIE!

  48. I suffer from clinical depression and anxiety but SSRIs don’t work for me. They leave me tired and feeling out of it. I was searching for something that would help my symptoms – crying for no reason, worrying about literally everything, not being able to get out of bed, etc.. I found Joy-Filled and it has helped so much!! My anxiety has gone way down and I’m no longer crying for no reason. I’m more productive than I was and I just feel less fuzzy in my head if that makes any sense. It started working almost immediately. I take two capsules right before bed. I’ve had no side effects and I’ve been taking it for roughly two months now. I also take topirimate for my migraines and it has not interfered at all.

  49. Purchased this product based on Amazon reviews. Someone said it “motivated” to get out of bed. I tried it and am now on my 5th bottle! I’m very pleased to have found something natural which works for me. Now I am “motivated” to: get out of bed, clean, unpack boxes from the last 20 years (yes I said 20 years!!!!!), and my personal style is coming back. Basically, I’m coming back to the person I used to be. Sometimes I forget to take Joy Filled and wonder why I feel…blah. Then I remember and I’m back to feeling MOTIVATED! Sincerest thanks!

  50. I have always struggled with having a regular cycle and pmdd, even though I’ve found ways to regulate my cycle naturally, the emotions and irritability around ovulation and my period was just really taking a toll on me and my family. I’ve been struggling off and on with anxiety and depression since my son was born (my second child), but nothing really helped, including prescription medication. I was skeptical this would work, but I determined to finish a whole bottle. I didn’t see much improvement right away, but around the end of week two, I seemed to be feeling more emotionally stable. I take it at night before bed. I’m going to try another bottle and am hoping this will be just enough to help me get myself back. 🙂

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