Keto Pills Advanced Weight Loss BHB Salt – Natural Ketosis Fat Burner Using Ketone & Ketogenic Diet, Boost Energy While Burning Fat, Fast & Effective Perfect for Men Women, 60 Capsules, Lux Supplement

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  • ★Why Keto BHB? – This keto (beta hydroxybutyrate) supplement is the best choice for people who have started or are planning to start a keto diet as it helps the body achieve ketosis fast and helps burn fat for energy instead of carbs. Our ingredients were carefully put together for better performance to help with appetite, enhancing focus, and improving energy. Let the power of exogenous BHB ketones to work inside the body and watch the results.
  • ★Maximum result – The effective and new way to start weight loss diet is with taking keto supplements. It allows the body to begin converting into a state of nutritional ketosis. Featuring a special blend of ingredients, Keto BHB is a safe and simple way to achieve ketosis without the negative side effects of a typical ketogenic diet. Every bottle comes with 60 capsules, so you have enough supply to start your keto diet
  • ★Natural Keto BHB Supplement – Keto Supplements are the popular complement to support the weight management diet so you can get better result towards your weight goal. We offer the best solution in our keto supplements to bring the best quality to our customers. Our finest keto BHB Salt supplement is made with natural ingredients
  • ★FDA Registered Facility – Our products are manufactured and formulated in USA at an FDA Registered facility. Our Supplements are manufactured under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) badge and we deliver the highest quality supplement to our customers. The formula and solutions have been made and verified base on scientific research to assure you get the best Result
  • ★Customer Satisfaction – Since we trust in our quality supplement, it is returnable with no question asked so you can shop with confidence. Customer satisfaction is our top priority so simply contact us if you have any issues or concerns

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Keto Pills Advanced Weight Loss BHB Salt - Natural Ketosis Fat Burner Using Ketone & Ketogenic Diet, Boost Energy While Burning Fat, Fast & Effective Perfect for Men Women, 60 Capsules, Lux Supplement

Keto Pills Advanced Weight Loss BHB Salt - Natural Ketosis Fat Burner Using Ketone & Ketogenic Diet, Boost Energy While Burning Fat, Fast & Effective Perfect for Men Women, 60 Capsules, Lux Supplement

Keto Pills Advanced Weight Loss BHB Salt - Natural Ketosis Fat Burner Using Ketone & Ketogenic Diet, Boost Energy While Burning Fat, Fast & Effective Perfect for Men Women, 60 Capsules, Lux Supplement

Keto Pills Advanced Weight Loss BHB Salt - Natural Ketosis Fat Burner Using Ketone & Ketogenic Diet, Boost Energy While Burning Fat, Fast & Effective Perfect for Men Women, 60 Capsules, Lux Supplement

Keto Pills Advanced Weight Loss BHB Salt - Natural Ketosis Fat Burner Using Ketone & Ketogenic Diet, Boost Energy While Burning Fat, Fast & Effective Perfect for Men Women, 60 Capsules, Lux Supplement

Keto Pills Advanced Weight Loss BHB Salt - Natural Ketosis Fat Burner Using Ketone & Ketogenic Diet, Boost Energy While Burning Fat, Fast & Effective Perfect for Men Women, 60 Capsules, Lux Supplement

Keto Pills Advanced Weight Loss BHB Salt - Natural Ketosis Fat Burner Using Ketone & Ketogenic Diet, Boost Energy While Burning Fat, Fast & Effective Perfect for Men Women, 60 Capsules, Lux Supplement

Product description

toplux supplement keto bhb
toplux supplement keto bhb ketones ketosis


Keto BHB (Beta-hydroxybutyrate) is a naturally occurring salt found in the body during ketosis, an optimal state of metabolizing fat. BHB provides the critical fuel needed during a keto diet. Fat-burning ketosis can be extremely difficult to achieve through diet alone.


Replacing carbs with fat as a source of energy has numerous benefits. Our proprietary blend helps improve your natural ketosis generation, priming you for weight management, stable blood sugar, and improved sleep. Whether you find the diet difficult or have become lethargic, reaching a state of ketosis is easy, even on the toughest days. Our product is formulated with natural ingredients in the USA.


Your body can shift into or return to a state of ketosis over time, but you don’t have to wait for that with the aid of exogenous BHB ketones that can both induce and keep your body in its ideal state! From reducing sugar cravings and curbing appetite to enhancing energy and mental focus, it’s never been easier to feel your best!

keto bhb go salt ketosis ketogenic toplux supplement

Keto BHB ketosis toplux supplement

Manages cravings toplux supplement ketosis

Energy toplux supplement ketones keto bhb

toplux supplement keto bhb ketosis

You don’t have to wait for the perfect diet to shift into ketosis. Start burning stubborn fat for energy instead of carbs with a powerful BHB (Beta-hydroxybutyrate) blend of Ketone Salts.

When your body is burning fat for energy instead of carbs, you may just find that sugar isn’t sounding so sweet, even when you have a momentary dietary lapse, so you can stay on track!

Send away the “keto flu”, the nickname for how the diet can make you feel (especially at first!), with this natural energy promoter, making it an ideal option for keto pills for men and women alike.

Keep up with your regular workouts, remove the fog from your mind and experience a mental clarity with your body’s newfound energy source and get more done with a focused mind!

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Supports Skin, Hair & Nails

Helps with Weight Management

Helps with Sleep, Bones and Muscles

Supports Weight Management

Immune System Support

Supports Glucose Metabolism

Natural Ingredients

Formulated in USA

Good Manufacturing Practice


To get the expected result from your keto supplement, it should be taken with a proper diet combined with regular workout and exercise. Solely relying on taking the supplement may not give you the expected result. These keto supplements are designed to support keto diet.*

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  1. Avatar

    Amazing you can say energy!! Yes boost up my energy. I’ve taking lots of since found this one. I have been on it for two weeks but down 3 pounds so far and have great feeling. There is no side effects. The results was beyond my expectations.

  2. Avatar

    The first day I took Keto weight loss pills 30 mins before eating and to my surprise, I felt full before I finished my plate. I just started my Keto plan. I can tell that I’m losing around my stomach and I can’t wait until I’m a month in with my weight loos journey. I am very happy and excited with this purchase

  3. Avatar

    My husband & I have been trying different keto supplements for a while now and none of them were high quality bnb except this one. Unlike other keto products with cheap quality, this keto advanced weight loss is highly effective and we are feeling the results. We use this keto BHB to boost up energy as well as losing wight. It helps our diet to progress faster. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for high quality Keto.

  4. Avatar

    It’s only been 4 days, but I can totally tell a difference in my appetite. I’ve lost 3 pounds, which I’m sure is water/sodium. With the appetite control I have, I can’t wait to see what the future brings in my clothes fitting better and the scale doing down! I’m so grateful I started this during the holiday season!

  5. Avatar

    I just started about 3 weeks ago so far I feel some change it doesn’t makes me feel like I’m having any side affects like others do. Update 12/14/18 I’ve notice more changes once I completed my bottle in one month I lost 5lbs that’s with exercise it works better then some of the other things I’ve taken think I’ll keep trying this one for now.

  6. Avatar

    I have been on a keto diet for about 5 months. I have 20lbs left to go and struggling to get there. I ordered the keto pill hoping that it may help. I lost 3lbs in the first week! I’m back on track

  7. Avatar

    Been using for a month and have dropped 5 pounds without dieting

  8. Avatar

    I really like the Keto pills! They give me energy to get through the day and I have lost weight and I have lost my belly which I have had a hard time doing even with exercise! I recommend them to anyone having trouble losing weight!

  9. Avatar

    I’ve been talking this for a month and I’ve noticed a significant change in my sugar cravings. It’s something that happened very quickly, and I noticed it within the first week. I’ve experienced a little bit of weight loss and I feel more motivated throughout the day rather than sluggish. If you’re struggling with sugar Cravings, I would recommend trying this product and see if it works for you.

  10. Avatar

    I just started this product and already my cravings for snacking all day have subsided and I have no jittery feelings. I look forward to seeing my results in a month from now.

  11. Avatar

    I have Used the Keto Pills Advanced Weight Loss BHB Salt (for about one week) and so far a reduction in bloat is evident and decrease in waist size by yet another inch. This was just the boost I needed to my Keto routine, especially after the holiday season, strong recommendation from this Keto enthusiast.

  12. Avatar

    I’ve been taking the Keto Advanced Weight Loss BHB Salt supplement for about 10 days. Along with following the Keto diet, I’ve already lost 14 pounds!! Taking the supplement in the morning helps my body fight cravings upon waking up- I usually woke up starving and went for something chocolate or salty. Now, I take these, drink a full glass of water, and start my day. It also helps me last throughout the day feeling full and satiated.

  13. Avatar

    I have fight with weight all my-life. And I have did diet after diet. But I believe I found my answer. I love what I begin to see. I going to do this for myself and I am encouraging others to join this journey. I am satisfied, I just wish I would have found this earlier. Keep me satisfied with the results. Thanks

  14. Avatar

    I just started using this product and already noticed a difference in how i feel and how much more energized i was. Ive been keto for 9 months and i have tried a couple of products so far this one outshines the rest. Will give full report after i finish the bottle like i stated ive just started this product and so far its amazing loving my energy and my keto flu i started to get from over indulgences on the holidays started to go away asap…will buy again.

  15. Avatar

    I try different weight loss supplement.So far Keto gives me better result..No more binge eating and I get satisfied with kids portion meal😂

  16. Avatar

    What I like about this product I that it do what it says it is not a fake I started on keto and in two weeks I lost 10 pounds .but I only eight meat, vegetables, and berries and the best thing about keto I didn’t get hungry I had extreme amount of energy and I felt physically well.

  17. Avatar

    I really loved this product because I lost 7 lbs in one week! I noticed a boost of energy and my cravings were nonexistent! While drinking these supplements I was also following the Keto Diet and regularly exercising. It’s important to remain hydrated! I really recommend these! I’m motivated and determined to reach my fitness and weight loss goals with the help of these supplements.. along with putting my part and staying consistent 🙌🏻

  18. Avatar

    I’ve been taking KETO supplements for a few months now, I purchased this bottle because I was interested in the “Advanced Weight Loss” slogan. I like the product because my appetite has changed, I’m not as hungry, I feel my belly getting smaller and I feel good. Note: I also take Red Ginseng, I have a physical job and I try to take care of myself. I eat as 3 to 4 meals a day, I don’t drink alcohol or do drugs, and I drink baking soda a water every morning (flush), so I have a lot of contributors regarding my belly getting smaller, but the main difference is I’m not as hungry.

  19. Avatar

    I just started using this product for two weeks now and I immediately showed results! I lost inches and almost 2 lbs! It’s definitely a worth if trying along with your Keto/Low Carb diet. I’m happy to see more results in the upcoming weeks!

  20. Avatar

    I’ve heard so many great things about this product and I can’t wait to get started. I’ve been doing Keto for a little over a month and have lost 10 plus pounds…looking forward to really jumpstarting the weight loss. Thanks….

  21. Avatar

    I’ve been taking Keto pills for about 2 weeks. To be honest, my bathroom scale’s batteries died a couple of months ago….I haven’t replaced them because I REALLY didn’t want to see my weight! So, I can’t comment on how many pounds I have lost BUT I can certainly tell you that my clothes already fit better. The first thing I noticed about 5 days into taking Keto was that the waistband of my jeans no longer rolled down whenever I sat down. That was enough to make an impact! Talk about motivating!! I started to cut down on carbs a little bit at this point and went back to moderately exercising in the morning. I’m not near reaching my goal, but think I just might go out to purchase some batteries for my scale this week!

  22. Avatar

    I was looking for a product that would help me get back into ketosis when i get knocked out for whatever reason. i tried this and it actually works!!! very satistied! it does what it says!

  23. Avatar

    My husband has been taking Keto Advanced Weight Loss pills for about 2-1/2 weeks, he has lost inches to where he can pull his blue jeans off without unfastening them. I started to take them but stopped because of medication, but started back on them today and I am excited to see if my results will be like my husbands! We will update you with our progress!

  24. Avatar

    If you are anything like me, struggling with weight that refuses to come off despite careful planning, regular attendance at the gym, hiring a personal trainer, and working with a dietician, then this is the perfect product for you.What it doesn’t do: Make you lose fat. Make no mistake, loss of fat is brutal in its simplicity, ruthless in its absolute refusal to make exceptions. The math is stark: 3500 calories is one pound of fat, you have to eat less, or burn more, or both, to make that fat go away. Fast weight loss is almost always water weight, either that, or the even worse loss of muscle mass. And that water weight always comes right back on.Here is what this product does do: It controls your hunger. What that meant for me is that it is actually hard to eat enough. You have to have the discipline to plan your food, so that you don’t eat too little and get your body into starvation mode. That would be 1000 calories a day for ladies, 1200 for gents.In combination with a food plan and regular exercise this product is a miracle worker. I have been taking it for the last 4 weeks and have lost 6 lbs. You can scoff at that, not the miracle 10 lbs in a week some people claim. However that 6 lbs was all fat loss, not water weight, I have lost over an inch on my waistline. Now this was in coordination with regular exercise and a careful food plan, so these pills are not miracle pills you can take and just loose weight. However, I have fallen off over a dozen diets because of one thing: “Hunger!” You get so hungry on a daily caloric deficit that eventually you have to stop, you just can’t continue. This product KETO BHB controls those hunger cravings with a vengeance. Sometimes that is the last little bit you need to succeed.

  25. Avatar

    Love this. Have tried other similar products with varying results. Take 30 minutes before breakfast and it really helps to curb your appetite all day. Been on keto since June 2018. These have helped me get over those annoying plateaus. 60 lbs gone and counting

  26. Avatar

    This product truly works by suppressing your appetite and giving you more energy to get through your day. It takes about 5-7 days of taking the pills to get your body to change it’s appetite so don’t freak out at first if you feel as if your its not working right from the start.

  27. Avatar

    Did the job. I’ve been doing a Keto diet for a few months. It helps stay in ketosis. It won’t work if you eat carbs an sugar all the time. But it does accelerate things while eating a normal Keto diet. And helps with fasting too. I even notice a difference if I skip one day then I do the next. Great product👍

  28. Avatar

    Been taking these for a month. Easy to swallow and only 2 pills for the day . No bad side effects so far . Curbs my late night munchies Because of my arthritis I’m not able to exercise on my “ bad” days . I’m not on a full Keto diet because of my digestive disorder , but am still losing weight . Slow and steady , the healthy way . I’ve purchased a 2 nd months worth . Happy customer MB

  29. Avatar

    I have tried so many pills similar to this one and I have never experienced such quick results. I have been taking for a few weeks now and have dropped 12lbs. This pill is easy to swallow, no after taste, and IT WORKS!! I only wish there were more pills in the bottle. The directions say take 2 pills 3 times a day but there is only 60 pills in the bottle. Would be great to get enough pills in one bottle for an entire month (30 days) so they can be as instructed. And would be even better if they were the same price. I have told so many coworkers and family members about this product. I will definitely be purchasing this again!!

  30. Avatar

    I have been on KETO BHB supplement along with following the Keto Hight portion, low carb diet plan for a little over a week now and am so impressed with the shifts I am experiencing not only in my physical body but in my sustained energy levels throughout the day as well as feeling full longer after a meal. Also my belly is shrinking before my eyes and I am already slimming down around the back side of my hips and upper thighs as well. I am very impressed with this product and how fast it works!!

  31. Avatar

    Currently in the ER due to these pills. Do not take them, just work out and eat healthier. Don’t put this crap in your body I guarantee it will do more damage than what it’s worth. Shortness of breath, hear racing a mile a minute, having trouble swallowing, weird numbness. Don’t do it

  32. Avatar

    I am pleased so far. I just started taking this supplement so not sure of the results concerning weight loss. This supplement actually cuts down on my cravings so I am anxious to see how my body will react to this.

  33. Avatar

    I have been using this product for weight loss initially for about 3 months. I am 73 and weight loss is hard for me. I have lost a few pounds, but the most important thing is that I have more energy for exercise. I have joined some exercise classes at the gym and my energy definitely lets me participate, so my excess fat has become muscle.

  34. Avatar

    just follow the directions take it three times a day,and watch the weight come off I lost about 6lbs in the first week just by doing moderate exercise and not changing my dietary habits. I say try it you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  35. Avatar

    I’ve completed one bottle. I haven’t had large weight loss on this but all other keto supplements I’ve taken made me moody. This hasn’t and made me moody and I do feel like I have more energy. Waiting on my second bottle to come in the mail to start it.

  36. Avatar

    This product is amazing. I feel great and it has helped reduce my belly fat and it makes me eat less. I’m diabetic and my A1C has been significantly reduced. Shipping was fast and easy. Will continue to order from this seller. Thanks!!

  37. Avatar

     This stuff shocked me and has helped me trim up a lot thank you so much!!

  38. Avatar

    Like! Haven’t been able to work out with them due to a physical injury but I still take them daily. I do think they suppress appetite!

  39. Avatar

    This product gave me energy within 2 days and has decreased my hunger. My weightloss is almost double my normal.

  40. Avatar

    I was skeptical about purchasing this. I changed my way of eating to keto over a year ago and had great results without any supplements. However, I fell off the wagon hard and found it challenging to get back on track. Not only did this product help with that I could tell the difference it made when I would take it about 20-30 minutes before eating a meal that may not have been the best option. The price is also great compared to similar products. I have only needed to take it at most 2x a day but typically just before lunch. I get a nice afternoon boost too which helps me get through the day.

  41. Avatar

    I’ve lost 4 pounds in the first week of using them. I have more energy, but it is not jittery. My food cravings have decreased and I feel fuller faster. They are smaller than a vitamin but are able to be take with or without food. Very convenient when you’re on the go constantly. Recommend taking in the morning due to increase in energy.

  42. Avatar

    I’ve been taking the Keto Advanced Weight Loss BHB Salt supplement for about 3 weeks now. Along with following the Keto diet, I’ve already lost 9 pounds!While I have not tried any other pills for comparison, I find that this does what it says and works. I like that they have the affiliated labels of where they are made and how, that helps me feel comfortable purchasing from them.I take 2 pills in the morning when I wake up a half hour before breakfast. Then I take another 2 pills around 2pm in the afternoon to help me thru the rest of the day. I find that this works for me and with no side effects. About an hour after I take them, it is like I can feel them burning the fat away!I always get the pills on time with no back log worries and when ‘talking’ with customer support (via email) they have always been quick to get back to me and are very friendly. I am very happy and excited with this purchase and the results I have been getting and will continue to do so. Thank you!

  43. Avatar

    Just started today. Took two just before dinner. So i had to wait 30-35 minutes before eating. When i looked up at the clock, i honestly had no desire to eat. However i had a little something just before 7 o’clock. It’s almost like the acids that trigger the desire to eat had been shut down. That is huge. Most of the time we eat eat based on habit, the more we eat the more we are triggerd to eat. 90% of time we eat out of habit , not hunger. Not this time, no more triggers AWESOME. If this is any indication of what this product can do, mission accomplished my day one. My best days are ahead . HALALULIAH 🙂

  44. Avatar

    Ok I am a 50 yrs old and going through menopause. I have gained about 15 pounds over this last year. I work out at least 5 times a week and I watch what I eat and I’ve not been able to lose those 15ld. I was very skeptical when I bought this product. Even though I read all the reviews, still skeptical. About a week ago I started taking the keto supplement. Did not change my eating habits nor that I change my workout routine. 5 days later I found that I have dropped 5 lb. I am pleasantly surprised oh, what a great product. I would recommend anyone try it. Thank you so much great product!

  45. Avatar

    HOLY CANNOLI.I was strict keto for about 6 months, losing about 50lb. The longer I was enjoying the keto lifestyle, the lazier I got. I am about 11 months in and have recommitted myself to a more strict/no cheating keto lifestyle (for the time being). I bought this product because of the reviews and ingredients, but I wasn’t expecting these results.I took two capsules for the FIRST TIME today with lunch at about 12:45pm. I tested using urine strips 15 minutes prior and had barely any trace ketones. 1.5 hrs after taking my first two capsules (ever), I retested with the urine strips. The strip took about 2 seconds (literally) to go from original color to the second to darkest color when compared on the test strip bottle. I actually exclaimed “holy cr*p!” because I was completely shocked at how quickly this product worked. This result was totally unexpected for me. I bought them in the hopes they would work, but I wasn’t expecting much at all, especially after my very first dose. I am still in awe.The only negative is how expensive this product is. 2 capsules 3x/day means this is pretty darn expensive for a 10 day supply.BOTTOM LINE:Do they work really well, really quickly? YES.Is it worth the expense for just 10 days? I’m not sure.

  46. Avatar

    I have tried several different keto products accompanied with the Keto diet but have had to stop and restart several times because I couldn’t find a good supplement, until now. This helps to supplement the BHB keto salts which helped provide electrolytes and I was able to completely avoid the keto flu! This product also helps give you energy which I have always been lacking. I was also able to get into ketosis in just 36 hours with this supplement this time it is the best I will continue to take it as long as I’m eating keto!

  47. Avatar

    I’ve tried a Keto diet before and I was miserable because I felt pretty low on energy all the time. This time I decided to get Keto pills to aid me while on my diet. I’ve been taking these pillls for 10 days and I’ve already lost 10 lbs. These pills have helped me not be so miserable while on this Keto diet. They have helped curb my appetite and I got some energy. I believe I found the right aid to keep me in this diet.

  48. Avatar

    I love that these getting me through work with out snaking all day. They really do suppress my appetite. I believe most of my unwanted calories are between meals while doing desk work, after I started taking Keto bhb I have stopped feeling the need to snack. I think I finally found the help I need to stay on my diet without being hungry at work.

  49. Avatar

    Easy to swallow no smells. I feel more energized at my retail job .i’m recommend to any people do workout .I also taking fish oils , multi vitamin pill and whey 25g protein shake as one meal a day . (dinner or lunch . )My body fat lost little faster with all combinations.

  50. Avatar

    I haven’t seen weight loss results yet. If I have definitely noticed more energy! Also helps with hunger control. I will continue my weight loss journey with these keto pills. As with most good supplements, it is a little pricy. Taking 2 pills 3x/day…. but so far I think it’s worth it

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