Life Extension Optimized Saffron with Satiereal, 60 Vegetarian Capsules

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Life Extension Optimized Saffron with Satiereal, 60 Vegetarian Capsules

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    I purchased this exact brand from amazon in February/12, it works slow but I think it is working. Also, I paid $22.41 and notice the price increased significantly to $44.00 since then. I will continue to use to see what results I achieve.

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    A lot cheaper than before, the product does work, since taking it my appetite has shrunk. I also noticed that there was no side effects as well

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    9-25-13 Update. This stopped working for me after about 6 months. The cravings for sweets came back. I’m still losing weight, but with the due diligence of a good diet. It sure was nice while it lasted.I am a persistent snacker with a pretty strong sweet tooth. I had been slowly regaining a lot of the 100 lbs I lost a few years ago. I added this supplement to my diet a little over a month ago hoping it would stop this trend. Finally I realized I had to take a sterner hand with my diet and ordered the supplies for a high protein liquid diet. Well, I braced myself for the first day. I always seem to desperately crave all things I can’t have when I start a new diet. By the end of the day I was amazed. I was able to stick to the diet with little or no effort and that has never happened before. As of today I am 10 days into the diet and have not cheated once! And the scale proves that! I can only attribute this small miracle to the addition of the Life Extension Optimized Saffron with Satiereal Veg Cap. I take it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. I don’t feel any different, I just don’t crave the things that are bad for my diet. For me, that’s a major WOW!

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    I give Amazon 5 stars for offering this very expensive supplement for a great price. I buy from all the time and get 1/2 off as a reseller. Amazon’s price here beats that price.I know this supplement is one of best on market so the lack of results is not due to the brand. I watched Dr. Oz’s impressive graphics on how this supplement is supposed to work on sending serotonin and signals to brain of satisfaction and curing the cravings for sweets and between meal snacks. So I bought 3 bottles to take advantage of the great deal.Well, at end of day one and I noticed nothing. I even took a 3rd pill. I still felt absolutely nothing. Still wanted dessert (chocolate ice cream) and full meal. Took one in morning, another at lunch and another in evening.Its been about a week now so I’ve updated this review since I wrote I would “if anything changes and I notice any reduction in desires for desserts after my evening meal or between meal cravings.”I also originally wrote:”Just another weight loss promise by Dr. OZ which unfortunately wasted my money and did NOTHING.”Well I am changing that to now say that I feel Dr.Oz promotes too many products without enough science behind them or without issuing enough warnings of potential harmful side effects. (See below warnings from Web MD)Edited to add :DAY 7: Thought my appetite decreased just a bit the last couple of days in regards to between meal snacking and mainly my desire for sweets. I actually passed on offer for chocolate ice cream for dessert yesterday which is pretty impressive since chocolate is my weakness. I have therefore increased my rating to 2 stars for that reason.However, at times I’ve notice some nervousness or jitters. Someone wrote it caused them to have insomnia. I haven’t had that problem but have experienced nervousness, somewhat manic feelings at times so did more research and found this on WebMD regarding side effects:FROM WEBMD:Saffron seems safe for most people when used as a medicine for up to six weeks. Some possible side effects include dry mouth, anxiety, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, change in appetite, and headache. Allergic reactions can occur in some people.Taking large amounts of saffron is UNSAFE. High doses can cause poisoning, including yellow appearance of the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes; vomiting; dizziness; bloody diarrhea; bleeding from the nose, lips, and eyelids; numbness; and other serious side effects. Doses of 12-20 grams can cause death.Special Precautions & Warnings:Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Don’t take saffron in amounts larger than those normally found in food. Larger amounts of saffron can make the uterus contract and might cause a miscarriage.Not enough is known about the safety of using saffron during breast-feeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid use.Bipolar disorder: Saffron seems to be able to affect mood. There is a concern that it might trigger excitability and impulsive behavior (mania) in people with bipolar disorder. Don’t use saffron if you have this condition.Allergies to Lolium, Olea (includes olive), and Salsola plant species: People who are allergic to these plants might also be allergic to saffron.— end of report —-7/23/2013 Edit: Update to original review:I had stopped taking this for a while. I went back to it after reading another article about it. I’ve been taking it again for about a month or so. I still don’t see any changes in food cravings or appetite. I just have to control that as usual. But what I have noticed is this saffron really helps my mood a lot as well as my husband’s. We have both noticed that effect. I now have it with my morning coffee and when I don’t take I notice the difference. It also gives you extra energy though I’m not sure if that is a result of the improved mood or from a purely physical reason. But I would caution taking it late in the day or early evening as it can keep you awake if you take it too late, especially if you already have problems sleeping.

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    I’ve seen other reviews knocking this product,but it works great for me. It curbs my appetite without making me feel ‘hyper’. I’ve lost 20 pounds in 5 months.

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    I suffer from insomnia. Since I started taking this product I have been able to sleep much better. I even sleep all through the night several times a week. I don’t have any issues with food so I don’t know If this actually does decrease your appetite. I can say that it does help you get a good nights sleep. very satisfied.

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    I started my yearly diet and excised routine for summer with a juice cleanse. Day one I got sick because my appetite took over and made me nauseated. I tried these last summer and they suppressed my hunger by about half. I saw it on Dr. Oz so I know it works on the serotonin levels. For me it works. My friend tried it too and said the same. I take one first thing in the morning.

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    Have been using it for about 2 weeks and I’ve noticed a definite reduction in appetite, especially for high carb, sweet things. No unpleasant side effects either which is great. I take only one per day.It may be even more effective if you take the two per day recommended. I’ve lost about 4 lbs. in 2 weeks so I’m pleased so far. Note: I exercise a minimum of 1.5 hrs. per day and stick to a low calorie diet so I’m not saying the saffron is a miracle drug but it does help me to stick with the program.

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    This supplement really does help suppress appetite. First saw on Dr. Oz and decided to try it. Take it twice a day. Not a miracle but does take the edge off your hunger

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    My son was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Dr Oz said that saffron starved a tumor from blood supply. My son now goes to the dr once a year. They are saying now they think it is a lesion instead of cancer. He has been taking saffron ever since he was diagnosed, 3 plus years ago. I feel that this has saved his life, thanks to God and Dr Oz.

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    This is an excellent product from a company that I trust. I had difficulty losing weight prior to using this product. Now that my cravings are under control I’m concentrating on healthy eating and my weight loss is visible to others.

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    Great product. I have never purchased a product like this that ever work. This is a wonderful product and worth every penny

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    It seems to help my macular degeneration issues. No changes since taking saffron. That’s a good thing. I’ll keep taking it.

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    I had heard this helps for “emotional eating,” and it helped a little with this issue (rhodiola rosea works better for me in this respect). But after taking the Satiereal Saffron for a couple of days, I felt a bit “happier” (I had not realized I was slightly depressed). Yeah!!!

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    This is a great product I have used for several years after Dr. OZ endorsed it. This vendor had a great price.

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    This product works great to reduce my appetite. The shipping was quick. However; after I purchased this product I found another brand that was a much better deal. My suggestion is to look thoroughly in the category of product you are seeking. I also discovered that if you apply for an rewards VISA card and you are approved, you get a $30 gift card for Amazon purchases!!! Check it out.

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    Quality product and packaging. Seems to work as an appetite moderator for me. I can’t say for sure yet as it will probably take continued use.

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    There aren’t many Saffron products on the market that clearly indicate that the product contains “crocin” which is a chemical in Saffron that actively fights cancer–but this one clearly lists it! Use as a preventative if you are healthy, consult your physician if you are not healthy!

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    Finally – something that actually works to reduce the feeling of being hungry. I take one in the morning, and a second around 2 PM. I have little or no cravings during the day so it is easier to stay on my diet.

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    Since I’ve been taking this product (on the recommendation of a naturopath), my sweet cravings have definitely taken a plummet.I still want “just a little something” sweet after a meal, am now more content with just one of whatever I have. I’ve lost a little bit of weight as well (around 5 pounds), very slowly over the couple of months I’ve been using this product.

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    I just wish it was less expensive. Daily exercise and Saffron beats depression far better than pharmaceuticals did.

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    I have seasonal affective disorder and I take two of these tablets daily during the fall and winter and am fine because of it. I highly recommend this product.

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    I love this product! It really helps around with your mood when that time of the month comes for ladies.

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    Saffron is the sunshine spice and this is a really great way to get a consistent amount each day. I have SAD and was at the highest dose of St Johns Wort recommended so, my ND suggested this and it has been a miracle for me.

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    Helps with appetite suppressant !

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    Appears to be a good product, but realistically, how can you tell? Does cut appetite though, but beyond that, what can you say without exaggerating?

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    Took this as suppliment for vitality and to lower blood pressure, I read somewhere on the net that saffron was used for sexual enhancement. One commenter said he woke up with morning wood again. I thought I would try, feeling that now in my 50’s I’d lost some of that magic. Low and behold a less than a couple of weeks after taking this I had morning wood. My wife even commented on the size of my p… and was wondering what I was taking. Try this, like a viagra without a prescription! Highly recommended

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    Ordered Life Extension Optimized Saffron w/ Satiereal after reading about Saffron’s “mild” anti-depressant properties. I use it as a sleep aid.

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    For me this product has worked wonders for depression related to the loss of a loved one. Within two weeks of beginning 2X per day my mood started lifting noticeably and now after a bit more than one month I am in a very positive state, returning to my old self. This follows after 9 months of mourning a loss. I was quite skeptical about what it would do but it was recommended and provided to me by an excellent NYC based integrative MD. Based upon my experience I would highly recommend it to anyone experiencing depression. With no side effects (at least for me) there is little downside and much upside.

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    The verdict is still out, but I have noticed that the sugar cravings are gone and I sleep all night. I will give it another month and send a review again. 🙂

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    My wife likes it. She takes it for her vision. I can’t take it because it upsets my stomach

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    Have not been taking this product for long but in the short time my bp has come down by 5 points will see what happens after a month

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    This stuff does too work. All the negative reviews here are people whining because it didn’t make them loose weight. Come. On. This is not a weight loss supplement. (Want to loose weight? Eat less for gawdsakes.) This stuff IS a workable mood lifter. It works.

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    I don’t know about it really helping w/ food cravings but it has certainly turned out to be a benefit for restful sleep. Also, enables me to maintain a calmer state of mind.

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    After taking few days I am sleeping well and deeply.

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    Good productQuality ingredientsWill purchase again

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    I didn’t realize how much of a difference this made until I stopped taking it and had to go right back!

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    I have tried many brands & this is the ONLY one that works.

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    I sometimes get a little blue, and using saffron instead of a prescription is all I need to make myself better. Wonderful for those that only suffer short term blues.

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    Works well

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    I have been taking this saffron twice a day for a little over 2 weeks. I believe it takes a good 3 months with supplements to start feeling the full effects,but with this I can say I notice a difference already. my appetite is lessened which I can only contribute to this product. Also,I am much more relaxed during the busy holiday season. I think life extension has a excellent reputation and that is important to me. I am looking forward for the benefits of this amazing supplement to continue and see more results over the next few months. After carefully checking out various brands I decided to stick with this one. It is well worth the money and I have peace of mind knowing I am getting what I am paying for.

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    good for health

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    Weight loss

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    It has no flavor or after taste and easy to swallow. But most important this might actually work for mental focus and attention. I take one capsule in the morning and have a very fast paced mentally focused day. You might avoid evening doses as it is energizing

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    All good

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    I am a true skeptic when it comes to supplements. When my doctor suggested this product I really didn’t pay much attention to him. On my second visit he encouraged me again to try it. Since D-Mannose had worked so well for recurring bladder infections (I was desperate) I decided to give it a try. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I have more energy than I have had in over 20 years! I am 57 and since taking this I have almost no joint pain. At night I sleep continuously through the night. I also fall asleep much more easily! Hot flashes are a thing of the past. It also is great for anxiety. You just feel a steady calm. I am so impressed with this product I now have my husband taking it. You won’t regret purchasing this. I make sure I am never without it!

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    Luv it

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    I’ve been taking this for almost a month now and I’m only taking one a day. It’s been amazing for my menopause induced depression. Also is helping with my social anxiety. As far as the appetite suppressant I have been eating less at meals I fill up quicker but it’s also causes a lot of bloat and acid reflux which is why it makes me not want to eat a lot. I still haven’t lost any weight though I think due to the bloating it’s caused. I’m considering trying this twice a day as recommended to see if I can lose weight. I’m also going to take Prilosec with it to see if it helps with the acid reflux from it. I will update my review in a few weeks after doubling my dose for the weight loss. I do know I do not want to stop taking this as it has made a tremendous difference in my depression, I was not getting out of bed or working and now I’m active again.Updated reviewAfter about month and half to two months my appetite has significantly decreased dangerously decreased though. I’ve lost 7 lbs in two weeks. I sometimes have to force myself to eat something. I bought protein shakes for meals that I just can’t get myself to eat. It’s strange because your hungry you just don’t want to eat. I’ll take it because I’m overweight by 40 lbs

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    I usually order straight from Life Extention but no more or less here so added with last order.

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    I started a diet recently, and to help me along bought several supplements to help me along – chromium picolinate, green coffee extract, and this one. The saffron is the only one that has the intended effect of actually blunting my appetite. It’s not a miracle cure – there are still some occasional cravings going on, and low-carb dieting is always going to have an element of suck it up, buttercup to it. But this supplement is definitely making it easier. As an added benefit, my mood seems better (albeit perhaps because my carb cravings are not making me want to punch random strangers…).

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