Lobelia Leaf Cut & Sifted Indian Wildcrafted – Lobelia inflata, 4 Oz,(Starwest Botanicals)

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Lobelia Leaf Cut & Sifted Indian Wildcrafted - Lobelia inflata, 4 Oz,(Starwest Botanicals)

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The Lobelia inflata or Lobelia herb is named after the botanist Matthias de Lobel, and is an erect annual or biennial herb, growing one to two feet high. The stalks of the lower leaves and flower are pale violet-blue in color and tinted pale yellow within. Several species of the Lobelia inflata, or Lobelia herb, are grown throughout English gardens for the splendor of its flowers, coming in every shade of scarlet, purple, and blue. Origin: India Common Names: Lobella, asthma weed, Indian pink, Indian tobacco, pukeweed, vomit weed Botanical Name: Lobelia inflata Lobelia herb is a yellowish green, with an irritating odor. The taste of the herb is very similar to that of tobacco, sharing almost identical burning and acrid qualities. Lobelia Herb Powder has a greenish color, even though the seeds are brown, and is available in the following forms: dried Lobelia herb and powder, Lobelia Herb liquid extract and tinctures. Lobelia Herb is sometimes referred to as Indian tobacco, and was commonly prescribed by early North American doctors for a variety of complaints.

  1. good

  2. Good lobelia inflatable! aka: puke weed. This herb is not tobacco( it does NOT contain nicotine)It contains lobeline( the word lobeline comes from the last name of an herbalist)Samuel Thompson,19th cent herbalist, pioneered its use and was criticized much by the medical establishment.Nonetheless there is solid is solid evidence of Lobelia’s efficacy as a medicine. Use cautiously as you can infer from the name “puke weed” it does have ill effects if used in unnecessary dosesThe alchemist Paracelsus states” Paracelsus — ‘All things are poisons, for there is nothing without poisonous qualities. It is only the dose which makes a thing poison.’Michael Savage recommended dosage-Guide to herb medicine:Dose: the tincture used in asthma was given in doses of 0.9 mm every hour.The fluid extract, used as an antispasmodic , was given in doses of 0.13-0.5 grams.- the FDA or any other of the obfuscatory establishments may disagree with these claims.- seek out a responsible physician/herbalist to asters medical needs- be wary of you intend to to use these herbs exclusive of a physician.- if you have asthma look into salt water steaming and breathing exercises.make haste slowly….The 4 stars instead of 5 is given because the herb was stored in aluminum-plastic bag. aluminum disrupts biological processes and pollutes the Earth Planet.

  3. Maybe you should tell the truth. And write God a letter.

  4. great product

  5. 🙂

  6. Highly recommend! Do your research though…Great Product. Thank you so much!

  7. Great tasting plain. Discourages smoking cigarettes.

  8. part of lung tea

  9. Quit the death sticks with this. I recommend mixing with other blends you can find on this site

  10. Called puke weed for a reason. Have some caution when smoking it. It does re leave the craving for nicotine but mix with tobacco or mullin if new to it. Good comapny to buy from.

  11. Great quality.

  12. I had smoked ciggarettes for many years before I switched to vaping and off and on had breathing problems…I smoked on ciggarette of this and my breathing felt so clear!!

  13. I use this for upset stomach and it works! It gets the kids off to school much quicker.

  14. I use lobelia as part of a poultice. I use them on myself and my dogs for healing. I liked the quality and consistency of your herbs!

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