MAX Absorption, Vitamin D3 + K2 (MK-7) Liquid Drops with MCT Oil, Peppermint Flavor, Helps Support Strong Bones and Healthy Heart

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5 Great reasons to buy from us:

  1. Being the hermit I am, I don’t get much sun. Even my doctor told me I need to go outside! 😆. But this is an easy way to get that vitamin D, with the oh so healthy mct oil to boot! The subliminal drops are great, and quickly absorbed.

  2. I have terrible environmental allergies and this year has been another bad one, so I stay indoors a good deal of the time. I know I’m not getting enough sunshine for my body to generate enough Vitamin D, so I got these drops to supplement. They couldn’t be easier to take, just one drop under the tongue does the trick. There is no awful taste or anything! In fact, there is a mild minty taste to it, but since you only take one drop, it’s not overwhelming. I’m hoping this will also help me battle the winter blues I get on all those dark, cloudy days. Each bottle has well over a thousand doses, so it will be lasting me a very long time!

  3. So every morning I mix a Vitamin C plus powder pack, a dropper of liqid Vitamin B and 2 drops of this new Vitamin D liquid in half a bottle of water. The amount of Vitamin D to get my RDA is so small, I can barely taste it in my “morning concotion.” This bottle will probably last quite a long time because of that. Most women my age (45) are Vitamin D and Calcium deficient, and I have found that my body totally tolerates liquid vitamins so much better than pills, which often make me nauseous.

  4. We love things like this that can add extra nutrients to our diet with little effort. We add this to smoothies, morning protein shakes, and sometimes I add it to their ice cream or anything minty and they have no idea! The small bottle doesn’t take up space and is easy to reach for when needed. The serving size is only a drop so this bottle will last us a very long time. The liquid has a slight minty flavor that is unobtrusive and blends well with chocolate drinks, tea, or foods that are already mint based. I have had no complaints in this house,

  5. I have fibromyalgia and alot of joint pain and muscle cramps and my doc recommended a few different vitamins to take, D being one of them! I love this because I hate taking pills and it has a slight minty taste thanks to the peppermint oil! Definitely recommend this!

  6. Love that I can just put a drop in a glass of water or anything really, and know that I’m getting what I need. I live int he PNW and sun is sometimes hard to come by. This is a easy way to get vitamin D. It does have a slight minty flavor, but in a whole glass of water I can’t taste it.

  7. I was so happy to finally get some vitamin D that was in drop form and these ones don’t have that flavor their kind of minty makes it easy for the kids to take as well as the husband

  8. This is the way to get vitamin D! There are 1000 doses in every bottle. It is really simple to add it to my water or just drop it in my mouth. It has a slight peppermint taste, not overpowering at all. It also leaves your breathe smelling good.

  9. Because I live in the AV desert, It’s hot by 7am during the summer. I stay inside enjoying my AC most days but according to my doctor, that isn’t good. I need vitamin D-3 to make up for lack of sunlight. Taking pills is fairly easy for me BUT you need water to down them. Never knew I cpuld take it in drop form so gave this a try. I never forget getting my dose anymore. One drop by mouth is all it takes. The taste is minty. The bottle is fairly small to carry in backpacks or purse BUT it is glass so gotta be careful. 1080 servings for bottl…That’s nearly 3 years worth of this vitamin. I’m extremely happy with this product.

  10. The taste is a hint of mint. The dropper works perfectly. It takes no extra time to add to daily routine. I feel much better overall and my energy level has increased with each day. And it’s just one drop a day! Just remember to shake the bottle before use!

  11. This product just made supplementing for Vitamin D very easy. Since it doesn’t have any after taste or added flavoring, it can be added to almost any liquid even oatmeal or cereal without being detected.Perfect for kids or even grown ups like me who are not fans of pills or capsules.The price is really affordable too.

  12. In the winter I rarely go outside because of the freezing temperatures! I bought these drops to make sure I was getting enough vitamin D! I was a little skeptical since they are drops and not pills. To my pleasant surprise these taste really good and you only need one drop! They taste like peppermint. Yummmm! If you don’t like the taste you can add it to water or juice. The one thing that took me awhile to get used to was the oily feel it leaves in your mouth( Olive oil is an ingredient). But don’t worry it only lasts a few minutes.

  13. I am a huge fan of any D3 vitamin that is easy for my children to take. Here in New England, we have to make sure we get plenty of D3 in the winter months and I’m so happy I found this one. I like the fact too that it also has Vit K2 which helps with the absorption of calcium!

  14. Have not got my Vit D levels tested since taking this product but I feel it is working and I have been on it for over a month now. The taste under the tongue isn’t noticeable or overwhelming. Tastes like peppermint more than anything. I would recommend trying it over a pill supplement.

  15. Impossible to know if this Vit D3+K2 suspension is working to supplement these vital nutrients, but this bottle has too many positive features to ignore. Pleasant taste, easy to administer, well priced product. Very hopeful it is helping restore Vit D3!

  16. I have had very low Vitamin D levels when my blood work is done. No pill-form supplements have helped. I may have trouble absorbing Vitamin D from my diet, so I decided to try this drop formula, and it has brought excellent results. My doctor was amazed at how high my Vitamin D levels have risen.

  17. This product helped with my menopause. It calmed my hot flashes and that no joke.

  18. Arrived quickly and as expected. One drop of peppermint flavored liquid is easy to take. Good quantity and price.

  19. I love this product. I can feel the positive impact in my body. I also swish it around my mouth because vitamin D is good for healthy teeth.

  20. Do you take a dropper full or just one drop?

  21. My son’s D3 levels were at 33. I was using a brand of drops w/o the K2 added, his levels were exactly at 33 when we tested again 6 months later. At that point I switched to this brand. After 6 months of 4 drops a day (5 days a week) his levels are at 54. He does not get sick as often! These drops have a slight minty taste to them. He is stubborn and will not take them under the tounge like my daughter and myself. I mix it into his peanut butter toast and he has no idea. I would recommend these drops.

  22. I suffer from extreme cluster headaches I get them about 3 times a week. They complete disable me when they come on. I vaguely read in reddit (not the most reliable source of information) that high doses of vitamin D can relieve cluster headaches. I am unable to take the painkillers since I am a stay at home mom and they would knock me out, I thought I would give this a go.Let me start by saying I am so happy it worked!! I started using it almost 2 months ago. It was almost instant. In two months I have only had 2 cluster headaches compared to the 12 I would normally have. I have had no side effects from using this and I believe it us helping me sleep better at night and I have a bit more energy. I would recommend this to everyone! Like everyone. Vitamin D is so essential to our bodies and I had no idea.It tastes great and is easy to use. I would give it a million stars!

  23. It seems that vit D, and the dangers of deficiency, is in the news more and more . Now it’s even been directly linked to the development of schizophrenia – from the womb. As someone who has had chronically very low levels that responded so so to other D3 supplements, I decided to try this one. My vit D levels rose, in a matter of months, from around 12 to over 40. My doctor wants them between 50 and 70, so I’m taking this again.I like the taste, and, imho, the quality is high.

  24. I’ve been using this during surgery recovery on recommendation from my surgeon to up my vitamin D intake. This is very easy to use and does the job. It’s fairly tasteless.

  25. Great value for the money, allows you to take high dosages of vitamin D3/k2 easily

  26. Love love love this product works really well would recommend to anyone with low vitamin d. In 3 months I went from a 19 to a 70. At first was only taking mega dose on pills witch took me 7 months to go from a 5 to a 19 than tried oil and bam got it where it needs to be.

  27. I am surprised but pleased to report that I have more energy with an upbeat attitude; and it seems to be from this product since it’s the only new product I’ve introduced to my regimen lately . I’ve been taking MTC (pure C8) in bulletproof coffee for a good while so I don’t think it’s from that. So I’m happy with this product and hoping it helps improve my immune system over time.

  28. My family and I live in Washington. We definitely needed some vitamin d. I have a three year old, 18 month and myself and my husband. This should last for awhile with all of us using it. Great taste! I can just drop it in my mouth without having to mix. Love the price as well.

  29. This stuff is obviously great because it’s D3 and K in an all natural olive oil with a refreshing taste of peppermint, however, it’s not enough MCT oil to make any difference in your life whatsoever. It’s nice that it has MCT oil, but you need 1-2 tablespoons of MCT oil a day to make a difference in your brain function or metabolism. I just want to clear that up because it’s misleading. One drop will do nothing.

  30. I like these for absorbability and convenience. I ve only just got them. Sooo I still have to wait and see with a blood test.

  31. I was vitamin D deficient 7.5 and within a month, maybe 2 my levels were up to 33. You use 1 drop a day, I used more but have cut back since levels between 30-100 are normal. 1 drop a day now. The flavor is mint but almost not detectable. I will buy again

  32. I have MS and struggle to maintain an adequate vitamin D level. However since last August I’ve been taking this product and it has been a lifesaver!! My vitamin D went from 37 to 86! It’s the only Vitamin D I have found to work for me.

  33. This stuff is awesome! It delivers the right amount of vitamin D3 and K2 that your body needs. It have helped my immune system stay healthier this winter and that means less colds. I will be ordering this again. It last for a long time too.

  34. This is the best vitamin D I have ever taken. 16 years out from gastric by pass this is the first vitamin I can actually feel it at work. With the vitamin suspended in coconut oil make it very easy for the vitamin to be broken down and released into the bloodstream. I highly recommend this especially if you have any digestion or absorption issues.

  35. My finger nails grow out to only tear and split like paper I rub this on my finger nails and I now polish and manicure I’ve never had my own nails. I originally purchased because I had extremely low vitamin d and it works great for my fingernails i didn’t expect that

  36. My Vitamin D levels were not being brought up through normal tablets, etc. Although I have not had my levels checked since using this product, I can definitively state that I feel a difference that I never felt with other products. I feel less tired on a daily basis and plan to keep using it.

  37. This product works!!!! I started taking in February, 2019 because I was desperate. My vitamin D levels have been low for a decade. My doctor recommended various pill supplements non worked. Well the last visit in January I knew I was desperate. My vitamin D level although low was starting to drop again. This cause my doctor to suggest I go see a specialist. Well I happen to be on internet and was researching vitamins again. This time I found an article regarding liquid vitamins and the absorption was better. I decided I might as well. Well I selected this product based on reviews. I am happy that I did. I decided to take the product for three – four months and ask my doctor for lab work. I’m happy to say I received my lab results and for the first time in a decade my vitamin D level is normal!!!! Thank you for making a product that works. Now I’m switching all my supplements to liquid!!!! I’ve attached lab results. This stuff works.

  38. I ordered this for myself because I had been experiencing symptoms of vitamin d deficiency. I purchased this item with no real expectations. You need a supplement? You bug it take it the end. Not for these drops, my occasional bouts of depression have lessened tremendously even when only on one drop a day. My doctor says I can take five drops a day. I absolutely love this, why doesn’t to government add vitamin d to the water instead of fluoride? Would make the world a happier place.

  39. The peppermint taste is not extreme at all as I expected from some reviews. It’s not a biting peppermint that fills up your mouth and nose. Just a mild hint of peppermint in oil. If you hate peppermint, then you might have an issue. But if you don’t HATE peppermint, you won’t have ANY issues with this taste. I love how little you have to take for the benefit. So economical. I also love how you don’t have to use a separate dosing utensil to dispense it. Anything to make mornings faster and easier. Seems like a small thing, but small things are the differences in actually taking a supplement daily or thinking, “meh” and skipping it.

  40. Nice product, easy to use and taste good. I only wish it had better instructions on use. For example, best time to take, place under tongue, take with food or empty stomach, etc. I only give it 3 stars on absorbency because I don’t know how well it absorbs.

  41. Not crazy about the flavor because the mint can irritate GERD. But yes this product works well. My levels used to be deficient for years and now they’re in the normal range because of this product.

  42. My digestion is poor, and I don’t feel that tablet or capsule supplements work for me. I just had my vitamin D tested the last week of June, and my vitamin D was the highest it’s ever been–75!! I have taken about 2/3 of the bottle during the months of April, May, and June–it was still too cold to get sun where I live. My energy has increased, and I’ve lost 15 pounds since that time. I also try to eat healthy most of the time, walk 2 miles a day, and do 1/2 hour of yoga.

  43. Great supplement! Highly bioavailable!

  44. Well worth it! Had blood test done after using this product for a few months and vitamin D levels are now good and its also, among other supplements helped eliminate anemia

  45. If you’ve been a daily user of Vitamin D3/K (MK7) supplements and have been taking pills… just stop.This is so convenient to take, it has 1000 doses (if you use 5000iu D3 daily, then ~200 doses), and no nonsense binders or fillers as is the case with vitamin pills. Price is worth it, its convenient to take, the taste is a nice peppermint taste, the carrier oil is MCT oil which is a plus, there are no fillers, and it comes in a tinted glass bottle with dropper.Need I say more? I will be getting blood testing to see how well this product is being absorbed but I don’t see why it wouldnt as long as you TAKE WITH FOOD and drink something after in case any droplets are left remaining in the mouth since this is a highly concentrated solution. Will update to see if the ingredients are in fact working though so stay tuned.

  46. I am currently taking a plethora of supplements. It is a welcome change to use these drops, rather than have to swallow yet another capsule. The addition of the mint oil makes the drops more palatable.

  47. It’s pretty good. It’s a strong mint taste, which I am not the biggest fan of. So I found I am better at taking it consistently if I do it after brushing my teeth when my mouth is already minty. Otherwise I have a hard time with being consistent. I haven’t had my level tasted since starting it, so I can’t speak to whether or not the absorption is great or not.

  48. We all need vitamin D for our heart and our bones. I take liquid supplements when I can to cut down on pill form. Taste fine. I use this especially in colder and cloudier days. Shake well and I do use 3 drops to get maximum D.

  49. These drops have cured my 7 long year Vitamin D Deficiency!! I’ve had numerous prescriptions of 50.000 units of Vit.D followed by 5000 daily and always low! Today Dr office called with lab results: within just 1 month I’ve double my numbers and am in the normal range! Amazing!! These drops are such a blessing. I take 2 drops daily. Very pepperminty, i don’t mind the taste. Thank you so much!! No more pills ever again! I will be buying these for the rest of my life!

  50. Have used before and will continue to use…only product that gets my Vitamin D level into an acceptable range with my MD!

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