Mega Green Tea Extract Decaf. 100 VegiCaps (Pack of 2)

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  • 2 bottles of "Mega Green Tea Extract (decaffeinated) 100 vegetarian capsules" (2X100)
  • Powerful antioxidant, supports cell membrane integrity
  • Boosts liver detoxification, enhances immune function
  • Supports healthy cholesterol levels already within normal range and lipid profiles
  • Supports healthy cell growth, possibly promotes weight loss

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Mega Green Tea Extract Decaf. 100 VegiCaps (Pack of 2)

Mega Green Tea Extract Decaf. 100 VegiCaps (Pack of 2)

Mega Green Tea Extract Decaf. 100 VegiCaps (Pack of 2)

Mega Green Tea Extract Decaf. 100 VegiCaps (Pack of 2)

Product description

Mega Green Tea Extract Decaf. 100 VegiCaps (Pack of 2)

  1. Great stuff..potent

  2. My husband has CLL and this product was of a type recommended by a Mayo Clinic study. His test results have improved and his doctor is very pleased with the results. He has been taking this for about 2 years.

  3. It is hard to know if this is doing anything because there are not noticeable results you can feel but according to lots of research it is a super antioxidant stoping free radical damage, boosts immune function, and protects brain function. So I am trusting the research which could be wrong and I trust Life Extension to at least put in what the label claims, some supplements lie and have none of the active ingredients.

  4. I have heard excellent reviews for this product from my friends. Now I’m trying it as well.Works for me!

  5. All the anti-aging, anti-cancer benefits of green tea without the caffeine!

  6. ordered for my son! thanks

  7. Item was as described. Shipping on time. Will buy again.

  8. Great product!

  9. Great product and my environmental medical doctor recommends this brand

  10. Excellent Product

  11. This helps me sleep like nothing else and it’s healthy for you! Take 1-3 1 hr before bed. LOVE IT! Make sure it’s Decaffeinated if you’re using it for sleep because they have “lightly caffeinated” too.

  12. as always great

  13. Love it! Great for the price… I also don’t do well with caffeine and even sometimes non caffeine products. I have nooooo side effects. I realllly love Life extension products. Great company full of quality products!

  14. great product

  15. Good quality

  16. This product meets the stringent analysis of the health supplement watchdog: (…)

  17. Taking blood test soon-if I get the chance I’ll tell you how well it works-the jury’s out

  18. Arrived on time and everything as it should be.

  19. This purchase was actually for my dog and your brand/product was recommended by the veterinarian specialist who is going to be removing a tumor from my boy. I can only base the review on I’m trusting them to make my dog healthy so I trust their recomendation on what supplements he should take.

  20. My oncology nurse encouraged me to take these because green tea is beneficial, but I can’t drink many cups of it per day. I like it that it’s decaf and I know Life Extension is a very good brand.

  21. I have been taking the Mega Green and some other antioxidants for two months and my PSA score went down by 8 percent.My friend is taking the same supplements and his PSA score went down by 25percent. It is hard to pinpoint if one or a combination is working but up to now the results are positive and I will take it.

  22. Product was as described. Secure shipping.

  23. Good item

  24. From a responsible and trusted supplier (Life Extension); I, as a certifiable Supplement “Freak” (daily arsenal of 30 of them) use this product exclusively because it is the only one I can find that is clearly identified as decaffeinated. I am somewhat allergic to caffeine and therefore avoid all supplements that contain it. Also, many of the over-hyped “miracle” (ha-ha) supplements attempt to fool the consumer by simply adding caffeine for a “false” energy boost. Use this product for all the real advantages of Green Tea and for a more accurate assessment of how your supplement menu is actually performing for you.

  25. One of the better extracts. I’ve been using for several years now. Price is as good or better than buying direct from LEF.

  26. Have been taking for years, good product!

  27. Alway good & fast delivery

  28. Great Product. Hard to find without caffeine. You get a lot in one big pill. Was taking 3 twice a day of another product, now 1 twice a day

  29. Okay. Prices can be lowered. Green tea doesn’t seem to help with weight loss.

  30. Excellent product.

  31. just started using. arrived as promised and so far so good

  32. good

  33. Helped lower my bad cholesterol and improve good cholesterol levels.

  34. love this brand, been using these for a while now, works great

  35. A great product!

  36. My cancer coach recommended this. Will continue.

  37. Has no flavor, easy to swallow as they not very big. Take them daily and they do what they’re supposed to.

  38. I just think this is a good brand for the price .Seems to work as it states .

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