Mental Refreshment: Essiac Tea 900 mg, 180 Capsules (1 Bottle)

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Mental Refreshment: Essiac Tea 900 mg, 180 Capsules (1 Bottle)

Mental Refreshment: Essiac Tea 900 mg, 180 Capsules (1 Bottle)

Mental Refreshment: Essiac Tea 900 mg, 180 Capsules (1 Bottle)

Mental Refreshment: Essiac Tea 900 mg, 180 Capsules (1 Bottle)

Mental Refreshment: Essiac Tea 900 mg, 180 Capsules (1 Bottle)

Mental Refreshment: Essiac Tea 900 mg, 180 Capsules (1 Bottle)

Mental Refreshment: Essiac Tea 900 mg, 180 Capsules (1 Bottle)

Product description

Mental Refreshment’s Essiac Tea is an All Natural Supplement with natural ingredients: Burdock Root 300mg, Aerial Sheep Sorrell 250mg, Slippery Elm Bark 200mg, and Turkish Rhubarb Root 150mg.

  1. Essiac, given the name by Rene Caisse consists of four main herbs that grow in the wilderness of Ontario, Canada. The original formula is believed to have its roots from the native Canadian Ojibway Indians.The four main herbs that make up Essiac are Burdock Root, Slippery Elm Inner Bark, Sheep Sorrel and Indian Rhubarb Root.Laboratory experiments have shown that these individual ingredients possess several important biochemical properties, such as antioxidant, immunostimulant, and anti-inflammatory effects.If you do not take any type of supplements whatsoever I strongly urge you to try this one. You can’t lose. I know they can’t make any type of claims of curing anything, but my sister-in-law’s husband started taking Essiac tea 11 years ago when he was diagnosed with stage four prostateCancer. He is still alive and still taking Essiac tea three times a day. Even if you don’t have cancer, it’s still the best supplement on the market to take. I highly recommend this to anyone who has any type of underlying health problems, I mean what could it hurt it’s a supplement that can do wonderful things for you. I receive this product free or at a discount for my unbiased opinion. Do I take it, yes I do. No I do not have cancer, but I have noticed that after being on Essiac tea for two months my psoriasis has cleared up.

  2. I have heard such wonderful stories of cancer fighting properties in essiac tea. I am happy it is made in the USA in a tested lab and I am using this as a preventative measure. I will update later as I finish the bottle as to any differences in my body. I was given a discount to try this product for an honest opinion.

  3. This has so many benefits, you can never go wrong with this product. Essiac tea is a versatile herbal supplement with many benefits. Essiac tea benefits include a boost to the immune system and detoxification of the body. Essiac tea is used by people all over the world for many different health problems as well as for general health and well-being. Essiac tea benefits the entire body in a holistic fashion. When the body is treated holistically, treatment occurs from the inside out. Because essiac tea addresses the root of the problem for many illnesses and diseases, long-term, permanent healing becomes possible. This is contrary to the action of most medicines, which simply mask symptoms. Many medicines are just a “band-aid” to cover up the symptom, but the underlying problem still exists. This is where the essiac tea benefits of full-body healing and detoxification really shine. Essiac tea’s primary actions are to remove heavy metals, detoxify the body, restore energy levels, and rebuild the immune system. After this occurs, the body is restored to a level to where it is able to better defeat an illness or disease state using it’s own resources. Everyone comes in contact with viruses and bacteria all the time, and everyone is susceptible to developing health problems. People only get sick because their body’s immune system FAILS to fight off the illness or infection. Therefore if the immune system is boosted, many illnesses and diseases can be irradicated WITH NO DRUGS. Essiac tea benefits the immune system more than any other substance we know of. I received this product for free or at a discount for my honest and unbiased review. My review is my own personal opinion and I have not been influenced by the manufacturer or any third party to leave a positive or dishonest review.

  4. I think it is helping I’m not quite sure but I have been feeling.better since taking t.

  5. Essiac Tea has many benefits and I like that these are quality as well as more reasonable then the product I was takening. I will know more in a month after taking them daily.

  6. This product is very good, and the seller care about the buyer and the buyer’s satisfaction. I do recommend.

  7. Just what the Doctor ordered

  8. I have a son that is battling cancer and,through my research I have learned that this is what he should be taking. We just started the bottle but I have confidence we are going to see a positive outcome.

  9. I ordered the Essiac Tea capsules when my dog Abby, was diagnosed with abdominal cancer. I did a lot of research and decided that it couldn’t hurt, and may in fact, slow the growth of the cancer. I decided the capsule form would be easiest to dispense, since I can just break open the capsules and put it on her food. She seems to like it. I received my order quickly and have received courtesy emails from the supplier in case I had any questions or concerns. I would purchase from them again.

  10. The pills are just perfect to take when you’re not at home to drink the tea. I take one pill a day when I’m at work. Wonderful things have happened to our health since the Essiac Tea and Essiac Tea Pills.

  11. This is an excellent product. This says Mental Refreshment, but it’s the same formula that Rene Caisse used those many years ago to prevent cancers and build the immune system. I’m 69, had ovarian cancer that didn’t (fortunately for me) spread, so after a hysterectomy and an omentectomy I use this product so I don’t have another issue. Rene Caisse products can be expensive and I find this to be of equal quality at a much, much better price. I also like the fact that the company sent me emails to see if I liked the product and if there was anything I needed…Smart business move. I take two capsules in the morning on an empty stomach with 20 oz. of water as maintenance. If you have cancer in “full bloom” you really need to take more than that.Don’t ever believe a doctor who tells you “You’re cured”. There’s no such thing so you either make the effort to help yourself with things like this, ozone therapy, DMSO etc. or suffer the consequences.

  12. None

  13. Although I don’t feel mentally refreshed, it does help my colon.

  14. Work great.

  15. best price on a great product!

  16. Deluxe – highly recommend.

  17. Very happy with essiac supplement great price

  18. An amazing product from God’s Medicine Cabinet! And, a repurchase.

  19. Thank you

  20. great!

  21. Love this product.

  22. I love these vitamins and the value is great!

  23. thank you

  24. came early and is exactly as ordered- will rebuy when necessary

  25. 🙂

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