MusclePharm Shred Sport Thermogenic Fat Burner Weight Loss Supplement, 60 Count

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5 Great reasons to buy from us:

  1. Work great

  2. Great stuff, constant high energy, no crash. Feel great. Will reorder. Better than most other products tried.

  3. This is my all time favorite ‘fat burner’. I love that it has a diuretic in it which makes me feel more comfortable. The nice little energy kick is nice as well. It gives enough of a boost without being overwhelming.

  4. Works great! Be sure to eat something before taking. In my experience if I take it on an empty stomach I get really bad stomach cramps for a couple hours about two or three hours after taking. Easily avoidable though and great product!

  5. Great inexpensive replacement.

  6. Worked great. Along with my workout and eating habits it helped me drop about 7 lbs in just a few weeks.

  7. great product.

  8. It works good.

  9. This is a great fat burner.I got shredded after taking this product!

  10. Good, clean energy, and focus. I do like the Matrix better.

  11. Love it lost ten pounds so far

  12. I take Shred Sport intermittently for cardio focused training weeks. I can say that the product works as advertised for an energy booster and appetite management. I’m unable to comment on the fat burning claims.*Avoid if you have a sensitivity to caffeine. There is 200mg of caffeine per serving (2 capsules) which is just north of 2 cups of coffee.

  13. Good product. Would recommend for others to stack with their vitamins

  14. Love this product… keeps me from getting hungry

  15. Good

  16. Energy boosting weight loss supplement to be combined with normal workouts for great results

  17. Definitely helped me cut some weight during my workout regimen. Over the course of a few months of training with this, I went from 210 to 190. I cut fat, while building lean muscle.

  18. A fairly large amount of caffeine. The appetite suppressant characteristics are why I purchased. Two in the morning during breakfast, snack at lunch, light snack in the afternoon. I am not distracted by a hungry tummy. Good buy, will buy again in a few months.

  19. I have been talking for about two weeks now and seems to be working well. one thing i like in particular is that i dont get shaky from it or a burning feeling in my stomach.

  20. great product hands down

  21. I’ve strayed from this product a few times in the past, but I always come back to it as I can never find anything that compares. Many will say it does nothing….which, that may be true. What people need to realize is that not all products work equally for all people. Body chemistry and routine play a huge role in weight loss. If you’ve never tried it, I’d definitely give ShredSport a look.

  22. Great Item! Shipped fast and arrived fast! Exactly what I wanted!! Works like no other and doesn’t give me a huge caffeine rush!

  23. Me llegΓ³ en muy buen estado y como dice la foto!

  24. Controls my appetite and cravings nicely. Doesn’t give an overly jittery feel, just extra energy.

  25. good

  26. Good fat burner

  27. Love this !!! Works immediately

  28. Talk about energy kick! The caffeine really picks me up without giving me jitters. I lost a couple pounds already. It’s safe to use and puts your metabolism in a higher gear.

  29. i’m shredded up bro.

  30. Eat with a FULL meal if not your stomach will cramp for 3-4 hours and you will become nauseated

  31. Hubby uses this and likes it a lot. Curbs his appetite.

  32. Love it really wakes my brain up and body to start my day physically and mentally. Keeps me burning

  33. Don’t take on an empty stomach otherwise you’ll have cramps.

  34. Excellent results whit this!

  35. I first started this pill a few months ago and I lost 20lbs. However I did exercise 5 days a week and ate healthy this pill helped me push through my workouts and helped me suppress my appetite I can only take one dose though not the two doses suggested or I get jittery but it’s def worth it!

  36. I’ve been using this for two weeks by now and there’s definitely been a noticeable difference in the fat around my stomach and upper body in general. Of course part of it is exercising and maintaining a healthy diet – I don’t expect this to magically burn fat while I eat burgers and cheetos all day – but even then, I’ve been doing this exercise/healthy diet thing for over five years and I haven’t been burning fat as much as I have while taking this Shred Sport thing. So, it definitely works, but you can’t expect it to do all the work by itself.It has 100mg of caffeine per serving (1 capsule), so it may or may not give you an energy boost depending on how much your typical caffeine intake is. There are other ingredients in it, too, to help you focus. I can say it’s worked fairly well for me in that regard, but I also take a little bit of pre-workout on top of this to give me a better boost of energy.

  37. This isn’t one of those take the magic pill and you feel skinny type pills. Its not a huge appetite suppressant. If you need something on the mild side they will still help you get results I recommend this product.

  38. While I feel a bit dizzy from this and I get stomach cramps. This things seems to burn a bit of fat around my stomach area even after a week of taking. Also I noticed I don’t fart as much and my chair is a lot dry. I don’t have to use a much toilet paper. As for curbing my appetite. It does that but then after a few hours you feel really nauseaus. Try to work with this gradually. don’t starve yourself in the first few days. I really like muscle pharm i”ve been taking their protein powder and preworkout. The preworkout does miracles when you are tired and want to push yourself.

  39. Product actually works

  40. Help me.a lot with the work out

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