Muscletech Garcinia 4X SX-7, 80 Caplets

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  • Garcinia Cambogia is a tropical plant known as the malabar tamarind used in weight loss supplements
  • Garcinia Atroviridis is a fruit used in fat burners that reduces body weight and burn belly fat
  • Garcinia Indica weight loss supplement optimizes digestion and boost the immune system
  • SX-7 Garcinia QUAD Source by MuscleTech delivers 1,666mg of premium Garcinia

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Muscletech Garcinia 4X SX-7, 80 Caplets

Muscletech Garcinia 4X SX-7, 80 Caplets

Muscletech Garcinia 4X SX-7, 80 Caplets

Muscletech Garcinia 4X SX-7, 80 Caplets

Muscletech Garcinia 4X SX-7, 80 Caplets

Muscletech Garcinia 4X SX-7, 80 Caplets

Muscletech Garcinia 4X SX-7, 80 Caplets

Muscletech Garcinia 4X SX-7, 80 Caplets

Muscletech Garcinia 4X SX-7, 80 Caplets

Product description

SX-7 Garcinia 4X is the first all natural supplement of its kind that combines four sources of Garcinia (Garcinia Cambogia, Garcinia Indica, Garcinia Atroviridis). It is also the first supplement supplying 70% hydroxycitric acid.This product is perfect people that are serious about accomplishing their fitness goals.

  1. I tried this product about a month ago and it works. I am experiencing results already – the fat burning and appetite control claims are true. I maintain my exercise regimen while using this product for maximum results.

  2. I just purchased this product after reading everything in GNC. From the reading and the reviews it seems to be a good product. I will be using this with a workout with a personal trainer. I was also looking for something that I didn’t have to take two pills 3 times a day that’s too much for me. I will do ahead and give this five stars but when I’m finish with the bottle I will updated and let everyone know how it works with proper diet and working out.

  3. I was a bit skeptical while looking at this at GNC. I figured that it would be the same as any other “magical pill” that guaranteed weight loss. But the man at GNC was very knowledgeable about this and so he urged to try it. And that was about a month ago. I did change my diet a bit. I have been eating smaller portions and have been staying away from really greasy foods. Since then, I have lost 20 lbs. and I feel fantastic. I am going to stay on this until I reach my goal and then my husband is going to try it. I have more energy, I sleep better and the results are just absolutely amazing. I recommend this to anyone that is looking to lose weight.

  4. Very good product. I read some of the negative reviews and i think most people are looki g to use this product as a replacement to diet and exercise. These types of products assist your diet not replace it. Drop the junk food and get off the couch, then this will help with your efforts

  5. I’ve used this product for six-months and I love it. It keeps me from getting hungry between meals which has aided me in losing weight. I take 2-3 pills in the morning with breakfast. Kills my hunger the rest of the day. Easy to swallow. Effective product for those seeking appetite control.

  6. This stuff works. You just have to take ritually every day and then order your 2nd bottle where all the true results kick in. Amen

  7. I was very disappointed looking through these reviews… I work at GNC and so far I’ve seen multiple people calling us liars for selling it to them. For the record I take this and it is an amazing appetite suppressant … Are you going to look good after a month of taking it no probably not. But most of you were expecting a miracle pill and that is not what this is this is for people who are actually serious about reaching their goals and need help not people who sit on the couch and bitch about their weight k thanks

  8. Good product, would order it again.

  9. My son had me order this prodcut and he said it worked, so I guess it was a good product…

  10. So far so good, good appetite suppressant.

  11. Didn’t feel any different

  12. 5 Stars, it actually works. I got mine from GNC for $50 even after reading all the mixed reviews and after spending a week contemplating which Garcinia I should buy, I went to my local GNC. The guy at my GNC told me to get this one, and I wasn’t happy that it cost $50, but I still got it. I started taking two pills when I got home from work everyday because that’s my weakest time, in other words I tend to snack a lot when I’m at home. After about three days of taking Garcinia 4X, I notice that after taking two pills, my cravings for food would completely vanish. It vanished to the point that I can eat, and finally feel contented and not have any interest to keep on eating. I don’t know all the effects Garcinia has, but eliminating my cravings has been biggest and only effect it has on me. I would recommend that if you take this, to only take it during the times you usually lose control of your cravings. As far as weight loss, I’ve lost around 15 lbs in two weeks. Again, it doesn’t happen after your first day, for me it took about three days. After three days my cravings slowly started going away after taking two pills, then I started losing weight.

  13. All these people saying you still have to calorie count and diet! Well duh with any product you have to diet and calorie count and workout hard.. Do you think sitting around and eating not so healthy works? Be real

  14. I feel that these pills work for me honestly every person body works differently with these pills and a good flaxseed oil you can loose weight but key thing is diet your not going to loose weight but just taking these pills and sitting on your fat ass all day exercise is needed to loose weight and a proper diet. I bulk in the winter use these to shred for summer season. to many people make excuses to why they cant go to the gym and solely rely on magic pills. Don’t rely on people at gnc i work there and yet you guys think we have all the answers we just point you in the direction of what your trying to achieve. Its up to you to achieve your goal. If these dont work for you try a thermogenic some people who have never taking anything dont have a high tolerance and people who take pills have a higher tolerance rate. You know what they say train insane or remain the same up to you guys to work out your own problems the only people that can fox them are yourselves

  15. This product is amazing. I’ve used plenty of other versions of Garcinia and I have no had results like I have had with this product. I have been stuck at a solid healthy weight for about a month and after just recently losing 25 lbs (my goal is to lose another 20lbs). In the first 4 days I dropped 5 lbs and feel amazing! I eat more than I did before (I still eat very clean) and still exercise regularly. I do take these pills religiously every morning with a big glass of water. Consistency is key as in any weight loss journey, eat clean (cheat sometimes; balance) and get your heart rate up a few times a week and I guarantee you will start to see your desired results.

  16. I love these pills, they work wonders!

  17. I found this product at my local GNC it was a bit expensive.. But in my opinion totally worth it.. I have only been taking this product a few days and no longer feel hungry during the day and even at night when I’d tend to snack more!!

  18. I started at 288 lbs. and have been trying to lose weight for over a year. This is NOT a miracle drug…it will, however, get your metabolism going and suppress your appetite. I have been taking this for 2 months and have lost 20 lbs. and am now at 268 lbs. ….and have gone down one dress size! That may not seem like much to some people, but to somebody who couldn’t seem to lose an inch even with exercising, this is AMAZING. I do count calories and I do exercise at least four times a week with 30 minute light walking, 30 minute light bike riding, 30 minute swimming or 30 minute stationary bicycle at the gym. I have tried other garcinia products (have spent a lot of $$$$$) but I am happy with this product. I also take CLA 4X SX07 right along with this product.

  19. Love the pills. They did help, but some people are looking for a miracle pill without the work you have to put in.. 2 times a day at the time you would snack, in the afternoon for me, helped with snacking at bedtime..

  20. I got this from GMC when I entered the store I asked for an appetite suppressant and something to keep me away from overeating. This product was recommended by the staff and when I started taking it I thought it wasn’t doing its job since I work in a restaurant and needed to avoid putting everything in my mouth. I didn’t weight myself since I didn’t want to get obsessed with that but, I started noticing a reduction of my stored fat and I was pleased with that, I continued taking them. I started my second bottle a couple days ago and for my surprise, the appetite suppressant just kicked in. It was a late effect, but my circumference is smaller even though I have no idea of how many pounds I’ve shred.

  21. I take 2 a night and it helps to stop my gravings for junk food. I eat breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and workout. With this product I’ve loss 10lbs in just a few weeks.

  22. Good stuff if you stack with apple cider vinegar or or raspberry. By itself it just isn’t enough. The Garcinia is not enough of a an appetite suppressor.

  23. I have tried so my thing through out my life… This is a pretty good product. It dose not do magic but it works. After taking for about 1 week I could see some difference in my appetite. I did not have any side effects. Love the packaging

  24. Product was great!!!!

  25. Almost $20.00 cheaper here than at GNC. Very effective for booting generalized metabolism. As you have more energy and do more the weight comes off.Not for those that have to avoid stimulants though. The 60+ year old with A-Fib should probably not take this product or any other like it…This is… SUPER!!! Garcinia…

  26. works great

  27. Not based on facts but from what I’ve noticed. The garcinia has worked for me and I’ve lost almost 40lbs. I am a male so I feel it only works on guys. My aunts have tried it with no results but a family friend he has lost 30lbs. I think it’s a generic thing

  28. Lost 60lbs. This helped!

  29. This worked in combination of the apple cider vinegar and 2 pills of this garcinia in the morning as soon I wake up. Noticed the change of my appetite, decreased my cravings, decreased my weight and most of all decreased my belly size!People need to still watch what you eat! Just because you are talking this supplement does not mean you can eat anything! Of course you need to exercise as well. Many people doesn’t realize that the food you eat is what makes you fat! Watch the sugar, carbohydrates and fat content of the food you eat before putting in your mouth!

  30. Good deal for purchase

  31. These are pretty ok. Does a decent job with appetite suppressant.

  32. I’m still using this product.

  33. Came as described! Love this stuff. It works!


  35. really decreases appetite

  36. I have taken for 30 days and down 7lbs. I have not worked out or changed my eating habits. This helps me to feel full so I’m not eating as much as I normally would. It has also helped to curb my stress eating as well. I love it!!

  37. This garcinia really works for appetite control and energy!! Lost 17 pounds with the use of this😀

  38. Garcinia works great, but you have to buy this kind. Other ones from Walmart and such don’t work! This one does.


  40. I just bought these yesterday and I have to say I didn’t munch or snack lastnight like normal . I took it at 11 when i got out of the gym right before I ate lunch and I was good to go . It’s very soon but I definitely have no complaints. Now for the people saying it doesn’t give them energy duh it’s not for that I specifically wanted a appitite suppressant without jitters that’s why I got this . I think people are confused because energy comes from being healthy and active and eating right so when u start to lose weight you will experience that naturally. Not with this pill

  41. My husband used this & had great results from it.

  42. Excellent

  43. So I’ve been taking this for a few days. To give you a gauge on how exhausted I am, Im a stay at home mom and I babysit 4 kids (that include a 15 and 10 mo. Old) m-f. I recently went vegan and started going to the gym. I figured I try a supplement for the first time ever. I took ONE with lunch. That night I went to the gym ran 3.52 miles in under 40 minutes, did 130 crunches and folded laundry until 1 am.. zer desire to eat 8n between meals. ( im a HUGE snacker) sooo I will be taking half until my body is used to it. This stuff is the real deal. I love it. Amazing price.

  44. I’d reorder this item.

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