Natural Factors, Anti-V Formula, Echinacea Supplement for Immune and Wellness Support, Organic, Non-GMO, 60 softgels (60 Servings)

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  • PROTECT YOUR WELLNESS: Harness the power of organic echinacea to help reinforce your immune defenses with a twice daily softgel
  • FEEL PREPARED: Stay prepared with immune-modulating ingredients like reishi, astragalus, licorice root and lomatium; Crafted with clinically studied ingredients and research-backed amounts
  • GROWN ON FACTORS FARMS: Cultivated from non-GMO seeds, thoughtfully selected and handpicked for exceptional echinacea
  • ONE SOFTGEL: Take twice daily; Delivered with whole herb echinacea; Organic and dairy free
  • THIRD-PARTY CERTIFIED: Independently tested for GMOs and over 700 contaminants, including glyphosates, using advanced technology such as mass spectrometry to ensure purity and potency

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Natural Factors, Anti-V Formula, Echinacea Supplement for Immune and Wellness Support, Organic, Non-GMO, 60 softgels (60 Servings)

Natural Factors, Anti-V Formula, Echinacea Supplement for Immune and Wellness Support, Organic, Non-GMO, 60 softgels (60 Servings)

Natural Factors, Anti-V Formula, Echinacea Supplement for Immune and Wellness Support, Organic, Non-GMO, 60 softgels (60 Servings)

Natural Factors, Anti-V Formula, Echinacea Supplement for Immune and Wellness Support, Organic, Non-GMO, 60 softgels (60 Servings)

Natural Factors, Anti-V Formula, Echinacea Supplement for Immune and Wellness Support, Organic, Non-GMO, 60 softgels (60 Servings)

Natural Factors, Anti-V Formula, Echinacea Supplement for Immune and Wellness Support, Organic, Non-GMO, 60 softgels (60 Servings)

Natural Factors, Anti-V Formula, Echinacea Supplement for Immune and Wellness Support, Organic, Non-GMO, 60 softgels (60 Servings)

Natural Factors, Anti-V Formula, Echinacea Supplement for Immune and Wellness Support, Organic, Non-GMO, 60 softgels (60 Servings)

Natural Factors, Anti-V Formula, Echinacea Supplement for Immune and Wellness Support, Organic, Non-GMO, 60 softgels (60 Servings)

Product description

Natural Factors

Harness the power of echinacea with Anti-V Formula. Crafted with clinically proven ratios of Echinamide, reishi and astragalus for potent immune support you can rely on. Keep your immune system strong with help from our twice daily formula or take every 2-3 hours for acute support. This immune promoting blend also includes lomatium, astragalus, reishi and licorice root. Support your wellness all year long with Anti-V Formula.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Natural Immune Support; Harness the power of echinacea, reishi, astragalus, licorice root and more
Foster good health; Grown on Factors Farms; From non-hybrid seeds; Cultivated with care
Natural Factors; Over 55 Years of Unwavering Commitment
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  1. I’ve been using this product for several years and can’t imagine not having it available! I take it daily as a support to my immune system but the most wonderful aspect of it is when I feel my body in the first stages of trying to fight off whatever crud is going around, if I start taking it every few hours, 95% of the time it stops whatever is attacking my body in its tracks! Even with young kids who are always bringing something home, I am rarely sick. I couldn’t say that before I found this great product! I highly recommend it! Just remember to start loading up on it as soon as you feel something coming on. If you’re already sick, it won’t “make it go away”, but it will help you recover faster. Here’s to good health!

  2. I have been using this during the winter months for at least three years now, and I attribute to it my relatively disease-free season. I teach in a high school, and am exposed to EVERYTHING. Before a salesperson told me about this, I’d have at least two or three bad colds / flu a year. Now, when I start to feel something developing, I just take a couple of these every couple of hours, and it knocks it out. My two twenty-something kids take it too, works for them as well.

  3. We have used the drops for years and while they work great they taste aweful. So glad to find they have capsule’s. Much easier to transport and no bad taste. So far they seem to give us the same immune protection that we got from the drops.

  4. I have been using this product for several years with great results. I don’t take it as a daily supplement. I use it at the very first signs of ill health whether a cold or sore throat, etc., or even if I’ve been in close contact with other sick people, my husband or kids (who I care for while they are sick). I have had fantastic success with this product.I will say that unless you begin taking it at the very first signs of illness it does not work as well. I guess once the illness has gotten a foot hold, it probably just has to run its course. I’ve heard some people say it can reduce the number of days you are sick and that’s hard to gauge.I always take it with me when I travel since you never know what new germs and illnesses you could find on an airplane or during travel.There have been numerous times when I really thought I was coming down with something, began taking these (one every three hours or so) and within 24 hours I’ve been amazed that I felt almost as if I never was sick at all. My teenage kids have had great success with it also, and they most definitely are exposed to all kinds of viruses, etc. I do find that I need to keep taking it for a day or two after I am feeling well again just to keep whatever it was from coming back.Most recently my 80 year old mother began to get sick and I gave this to her. Within a day she was almost completely well! And, so much for the placebo effect, because she didn’t even know what I was giving her. Even she was amazed at how quickly she began to feel better.I am not a medical doctor, and it should be stated that before taking any kind of supplement you should make sure it is medically appropriate for you and your specific health needs. But otherwise I highly recommend this product for help with boosting the immune system and fighting off illness.

  5. I am very pleased with my purchase of the Immune Support. I had been VERY sick for five weeks, had been on two rounds of antibiotics & was not getting better. After starting this product, I felt better in three days. I’ll use it again.

  6. I have used this, along with Vitamin C, A and zinc at the onset of a cold and experienced great results. I find the recommended dosage to be quite conservative unless you intend to use it once daily. I have had good results using two of these capsules every 2 hours with a double pack of Emergen-C. Doing this for a couple of days does wonders to restrict the advancement of a cold.

  7. This is the best thing ever. At the first sign of a cold, you take 2 capsules, and then maintain 1 capsule twice a day until all the signs of the cold have disappeared. It helps a lot.

  8. I rate this product 10 stars. always try to have this in the house. if you can catch your illness coming on, you’ll save yourself many days of sick time. if you didn’t catch it at the beginning, you still will shorten the life of the illness. I am always on the lookout for immune boosting vitamins,herbs, etc….I have stopped the search when I found these. I also buy them for my parent’s (in their 70’s) & they love how they feel better almost immediately after taking them. I call them my “miracle” formula. As for the company, it took way, way too much time to get these to me. so, if you are wanting them soon, order elsewhere.

  9. Possibly the best anti-viral supplement out there and certainly the best I’ve found! Whether you are just at the first hint of sickness coming on you to right smack in the middle of a miserable cold or flu or whatever, this stuff is a life saver! I learned the hard way to NEVER travel without it (especially with kids, who used to manage to get sick every time we’re on a plane) as it works wonderfully as a pre-emptive strike against whatever crud you may be exposed to. And while it isn’t some “magic pill” that you can take and instantly be well, it will sure quicken your healing time and allow you to feel better MUCH quicker than with anything else I’ve ever tried (which is saying quite a bit!). Because of some chronic health issues I deal with, I have an immune system that is compromisedto the point of (according to my very blunt doc!) someone who is suffering from AIDS. So I obviously have a huge desire and need to have something handy to support my immunity when the need arises…which can be often…and this is it! I can’t say enough good things about it! Thank you Natural Factors!

  10. Love this product and keep it on hands everywhere to prevent illness

  11. With my family of four out of five are in school. We all get sick soon after school starts. This year when my girl developed a fever I started using it. I felt a little off like I was getting sick but it never happened. The last five years I was miserably sick at this time. Will order more and maybe I can talk the kids into taking it next time.

  12. clears sinus congestion effectively

  13. This will knock out a virus in a matter of a couple of days with no ill side effects. I constantly have it on hand especially during cold and flu season, been using it for several years now. If you want to protect yourself this is a must have in your pantry.

  14. Outstanding and valuable product!

  15. Want to get over a cold fast? Use this stuff. It’s amazing.

  16. Excellent product. Always effective and at a reasonable price.

  17. I have been using this product for years. I take it when I feel like I might be getting a cold or virus. 3 days & whatever it is, is gone!

  18. Completely satisfied

  19. It has several of the right ingredients together in it and my immune system is working well.

  20. Very powerful! You must follow the instructions and take every 2 to 3 hours though. I have been fighting a virus that my son shared with me, ( hand, foot and mouth virus) and so far this is the only thing that is helping me. The doctors say there is nothing to do but take Zyrtech and Ibuprofen and wait it out. It is extremely painful for adults and you feel like your hands and feet are on fire. I started taking this yesterday and am starting to feel better and the rash has started clearing up. I am updating my review because I have an interesting side effect from taking this product….weight loss. I am very surprised and guess whatever my body has been fighting is clearing up. Taking one tablet with each meal. Down 7 lbs in a week and a half!

  21. My nurse practitioner recommended this. She takes it so I wanted to try it. Great product. I take it to stay healthy.

  22. How does a distraught Mom take care of a sick ‘boy’ who is 2 hours away? Well when the boy has been sick for 10 days with a virus, high fever, throwing up & has lost 8 pounds (and he’s 41 years old!) Momma just needs to go to Amazon, find a great product & a great seller with next day delivery and by night my ‘boy’ (per his wife) was already feeling better! Kudos on the product and the vendor!

  23. I purchase this product every year at the end of summer to prepare my immune system for the fall and winter weather.Excellent product, thanks.

  24. Great for warding off colds. Wouldn’t be without this in my medicine cabinet.

  25. Order these every winter. Do think they help.

  26. Thank you.

  27. It helps me to stay well over the years

  28. Take two as soon as I start feeling like a cold is coming and I started feeling better after an hour of taking it. My whole family takes it and have been able to keep colds away

  29. We both use this all winter. Great brand, decent price.

  30. I started taking these capsules during fall and it was the first winter I didn’t get sick AT ALL. Not once! Not fall, not winter, and currently it’s springtime in April and still nada. I’m usually the first to get sick. I work in a salon and I’m in contact with 200 people per week. That’s a lot of potential diseases that can be spread and guys will get their haircut no matter what.The years prior, everytime I came in contact with a sick person, I ended up sick myself three days later. It never failed. My immune system isn’t that great.This past flu season, everyone in the shop caught the flu except me! The flu was rampant this season in San Diego. There were record high deaths! If I felt something coming on, I doubled up the dosage and felt my normal self in 24 hrs! The recommended dose is higher than what I take because I’m so petite. I only take one pill every morning for prevention. It’s worth it!

  31. Love it!

  32. When I am sick or stressed, I get painful ulcers in my mouth and cold sores around my chin/mouth area. I recently had two ulcers on my tongue, which were very painful. I took 2 soft gels at night, and the pain and ulcers were gone in the morning. I was amazed. I am taking this regularly now, and it has kept my cold sores at bay.

  33. My sons varsity football team all came down with hand foot and moth this season. The absolute worst I have ever seen. This product cane highly recommend by a friend. Both my husband and I purchased and used as directed. Both of us escaped this viral infection and we continued to use. Thanks for making a great product.!!!

  34. Hope to replace the flu shot, hate that u get a sore arm after the shot. Will tell later if it worked

  35. keeps me from picking up office bugs

  36. My Naturopathic doctor introduced the supplement to me 5 years ago , because eI used to get flu and cold all the time , she told me to not take it all the time , except when i don feel good , I have been taking it since then anytime I feel just tired , not energetic , fatigue , or i feel I am getting cold or feeling not really well , it’s been so many times that I started having sore throat in the middle of night , or body ache , an dI knew that I was getting sick , so I took 2 of them in the same time and repeat every 4 hours , the cold was gone , I didn’t even get sick . so please take it before you get sick , otherwise it doesn’t work , I always hav this in my bag , at home and work .great choice

  37. i hope it works

  38. My family, we swear by this! If you have a cold or flu, take it every 2 hours you are awake. on several occasions it shortened the illness to about 3 days, with no missed work or school. My daughter had puss sacks on her tonsils once and was feeling much better in 3 days, no anti-biotics! We have found it to be the most effective natural product on the market. It doesn’t seem to keep us from catching virus’ but it definitely shortens them!

  39. Recommended

  40. Like this in the gel tab format. Recommended by a friend. Delivery was quick.

  41. Easy to swallow


  43. I start taking it at the first sign of a cold and I rarely get sick

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