NaturoBeauty Rose Bud Tea for Anti-Aging

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  • Naturally caffeine-free. High Quality – Clean – Fresh – Whole Flower – No Loose Petals

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NaturoBeauty Rose Bud Tea for Anti-Aging

NaturoBeauty Rose Bud Tea for Anti-Aging

NaturoBeauty Rose Bud Tea for Anti-Aging

NaturoBeauty Rose Bud Tea for Anti-Aging

NaturoBeauty Rose Bud Tea for Anti-Aging

NaturoBeauty Rose Bud Tea for Anti-Aging

Product description

To make the perfect cup of rosebud tea:

1.Use 2 TBS of dried rosebuds.
2.Add boiling water and seep for 20 minutes – the longer the steep, the more beneficial the effects of the tea.
3Flavor with organic raw honey and enjoy.

  1. Smell so good! Love it

  2. Whole flower buds and very few loose petals. Smells wonderful and tastes delicious!

  3. This product is exactly what I want! It is good for girls. I used to drink rose bud tea a lot. And I just found out I could order from amazon. This is so convenient. This rose bud tea tastes good. I will drink everyday to make me more healthier.

  4. Love it! The tea really taste like rose. I like to use some milk to mix with the tea that’s how I make my special rose milk;) try it.

  5. High quality rose bud. Whenever I drink this tea I feel like I’m in the rose garden. Absolutely love it.

  6. A tea for all the senses! The first thing you see are beautiful and bright rose buds. Then you’re greeted by such a sweet and lovely aroma of rose. The taste, if steeped properly as instructed is delicious! Tastes even better when complimented with a few cubes of sugar. I will deffinitely be purchasing these again

  7. Very nice tea.

  8. Bought this for my wife through recommendations from friends. My wife drinks a lot of tea and picky on the teas she drinks, switching from different types during the day. This tea is easy to drink throughout the day however my wife prefers to drink this tea in the afternoon and evenings. My wife enjoys the rose flavor and color, I can smell the rose aroma while we sitting together enjoying our quiet time alone. This tea leans to the mild side so it is easy to drink and there is no bitter aftertaste or harshness making it easy to drink. I will have to buy more as my wife loves this tea and is now one of her favorite beverages. So happy wife-happy life! Recommended to those women looking for a soothing tea with a great aroma!

  9. Great product, great quality. Thank you.

  10. excellent quality

  11. Oh my…. This Tea is bomb.. worth yhe price I bought 2 of these.. I make Rose Tea that tastes better than H20 rosetea… Rose buds, organic apples, saffron n stevia.. Yum!!

  12. Pretty little buds and nice, mild flavor.

  13. Delightful & delicious! Make a cup of tea or put it in your bath, love it..

  14. Love it

  15. I wanted to try the rose alone with just water first, it definatly taste like a rose, but i think i may like it better with a little honey or maybe with a mix of another tea such as lavender. very floral!

  16. good stuff

  17. I love this tea. Just got it in yesterday and I have drank 2 cups. Smells like roses and has a nice rose flavor. Not bitter at all. I do not add anything to my tea. Will purchase again.

  18. Love this tea. Read it helps with the aging process. I am 46.

  19. If you like taste of roses, that is it, very strong To some it could seem you are drinking perfume.

  20. This is one of my fav rose tea brands! Very high quality, and I’m picky! I seep about 2 tablespoonfuls in a mesh teabag for 10 mins, wonderful. You can also make nice mist for your face with these buds.

  21. After my friend removed a cyst from her uterus, her doctor recommended use rose-related products which regulates hormones. So I sent her a can of Rose tea, and she loved it. I love to drink the fragrant tea myself to help with menstrual cramp.

  22. Looks beautiful, tastes great too

  23. These roses make a wonderful tea. The quality is good. They are fragrant and taste very rosy. The heads are a good size in good condition and the color is vibrant. I have ordered 5 of this product in the last 6 months to add to other teas and the rose flavor really stands out. Best quality for the price that I have tried.

  24. This tea has a sweet pleasent taste. I love it! The roses are fresh and have a good “rosie” flavor.

  25. An expert in tea told me I have “hot” skin and recommended rosebud tea. Think deep, cystic, angry zits that never come to a head. I did it for a bit, but forgot about it until this fall when all heck broke loose on my cheeks. It was a months long wait to the dermatologist, so I ordered some tea. My skin cleared up within a month and I swear it glows! I drink it everyday and you can use the buds twice. Just let them dry out overnight. 🙂

  26. I am happy with my purchase. I thought the aroma was excellent, and the tea very refreshing. I use around 80c degree to brew the tea, and the aroma and taste came out nicely. Will buy again.

  27. It was a gift for mother’s day and my mother absolutely loves it. Our only complaint is that the container is a bit small, of course when she finishes it I’ll either just order a new one or a larger container .

  28. Smells so good and so many benefits to this tea. I love it already. I’m so happy with my purchase.

  29. Tasted good.

  30. This rose tea taste really good. And good for anti-aging. I’m buying this again.

  31. Nice flavor, enjoyable tea.

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