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5 Great reasons to buy from us:

  1. Has reduce my sugary sweet and junk food cravings by so much.

  2. It has a vanilla minty taste. It’s very short, not long like other vapes. Your cravings for sweets will go away. I will purchase it again.

  3. I like the cape, it really does what it’s suppose to. I will definitely pay more.

  4. These are a really good substitution for the oral fixation if you’re trying to quit smoking.I tried all of those and they do give you the little boost that is advertised.The energy one – has a fresh taste plus some caffeine so it will def give you a little pep in your step.The nutrition one – does subside the appetite a little but its not a diet pill so don’t approach it that way. Its really good for kind of eliminate the cravings you get between lunch and dinner.The Relax one – takes the edge off. You can start thinking clearly

  5. So after a couple of times using this of during breakfast, Lunch, and dinner when I was hungry it dose what is described to do. I am very happy with this product and will be buying more.

  6. I like the most about Nutrovape diet is it does curb my appetite and the taste is fine. The least about it, it makes your mouth dry.

  7. I have ordered multiple sticks now, the diet stick, the caffeine stick and the relax and sleep sticks.They all work and will continue to buy!

  8. Works ok

  9. I’ve been using this diet vape for about a month. I’ve lost 12 lbs in 30 days. But I’ve also removed carbs from my diet. I do not exercise at all. Apparently this vape works. I’m not hungry all day. I have to force myself to eat a snack just to put something in my stomach. I just ordered 3 more diet vapes today. When I get closer to my goal weight I’ll start exercising. I’d lose more weight faster if I gave up wine but that’s not happening, so cutting out carbs is they key for my weight loss.

  10. I have other vapes for cbd & like those too! I’m not to using a vape regularly so I’m trying to use this a couple times a day. I might try the one for sleep with the cbd at night. I’m going thru a heck of an insomnia bout.

  11. It actually works, which I was a bit unsure at first. Also, I know it says 5 inhales but I need at least 7 for it to work. At the moment I was really tempted to eat a candy bar and break my diet and I drank a bottle of water and took 7 long puffs and bam, no more cravings. However I’m a bit nauseous at all the water I drank, much too quickly, I might at. But otherwise, it’s good.

  12. COMPLETELY beats vape pens! And amazing alternative for smoking pr if you’re like me and smoke flowers(jasmine, chamomile,etc) this is a great addition thats hassle free!! Only con is that you can get addicted to how good they taste and they dissolve quite quickly.

  13. It has a nice citrus flavor and I noticed it does control hunger. I find myself not thinking about eating at all and I find smaller portions easily satisfy me when I do eat.

  14. I love this inhaler. Cravings no longer. Nutrovape has awesome inhaling products which work. The have a good customer in me. I definitely support their products.

  15. Tastes great and does curb my appetite.

  16. Ar first i was skeptical, but after trying, it really works. No stomach upset and it does curb your appetite. My daughter now wants to try it. Great inventive!!!!

  17. Great product and customer service! Had an issue with the one that was sent and contacted nutrovape about it. They sent me over a few of their new and improved nutriair devices, and I’ve got to say they are a lot better.

  18. Really helps ease hunger

  19. with a few small inhailes at work it hwld my appitite for 3 hours not to mention it tastes AMAZING

  20. it can make me not hungry at all. But don’t use it so often.

  21. It actually does help with cravings and appetite control. Very impressed. Nice flavor, too.

  22. I was shocked how well this works for my sweet cravings. I will definitely buy more. I’m a happy customer.

  23. Very nice scent and taste easy to use

  24. They say it takes seven minutes for a craving to go away… For people like me that is simply untrue. This helps it go away within about 15 minutes. Good product.

  25. Bought for a friend she said it stops her from over eating all the time

  26. I have been using this since Dec. 5th, I have between 7-15 puffs a night and it is still working, although the flavor seems to be fading. It has a really pleasant vanilla based flavor. Sometimes you get a lot of vapor, sometimes very little. But it is satisfying, especially if you are looking for it to replace a cigarette. It does seem to curb my appetite and sweet tooth for a short time. I am interested in trying the other flavors they have, but want to see how long this one lasts and if the flavor keeps fading or not. As far as comments about the cap, yes there is a tiny little rubber cap at the end, it is not difficult to see or remove and no, it won’t work if you leave it on. I just wish the flavor and amount of vapor was consistent. It does make my throat a little dry, but just drink plenty of water, but that is the only side effect I have noticed and I am very sensitive. Overall I would recommend this.

  27. I found after using this product before, and a week of testing it lasts about 7 days. This isn’t a vape that you hit over and over at a party or something, this for me was a substitute for a snack craving. If you find that you are always craving a snack between meals than this might be for you.

  28. Worked for me

  29. Great for appetite suppersion

  30. Amazing!

  31. Tastes like a white tictac and it seems like it does make me eat less if I puff on it before meals.

  32. seems to curb my appetite but haven’t done it long enough to tell completely, will add more in a month

  33. πŸ‘Œ

  34. Small and powerful to me. I purchase the relax and it has help me sleep at night, when I been having issue with sleeping

  35. Loved the flavor, will need to get more to truly see if it helps with eight loss.

  36. I like this vape. It’s smooth and light. Maybe it will suppress appetite, but that would only be a side benefit. Wish I’d ordered more than one.

  37. I liked it very well, but it didn’t last long it was gone in 2 days

  38. I liked that it doesn’t contain nicotine and has good flavor

  39. Great taste

  40. ❀️❀️❀️

  41. if you use it as instructed it really works !

  42. I would suck on these for days instead of eating. It just makes you taste kinda sweet taste.

  43. Tastes good and definitely works, but In 30 minutes I’m hungry again, so it doesn’t last long. Key point is that it does work though

  44. It’s amazing. It’s really worth it. And if you are trying to quit smoking this is really helpful because is no nicotine and you do the same movements as smoking

  45. Helps with appetite suppression.

  46. I have tried Several if the inhalers I think they not only work great but have a great delivery to your system making them more efficient.

  47. So good someone stole mine

  48. Perfect, it does carve your appetite without you really notice it’s doing it.

  49. got them on tuesday sept 3rd and next day i had a horrible sore throat. woke up this morning sept 5th and it’s getting worse. i loved these things but i really don’t love what they did to my throat.

  50. Great product, great taste, really does seem to decrease my appetite.

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