Nuun Immunity: Immune Support Hydration Supplement, Electrolytes, Antioxidants, Vitamin C, Zinc, Turmeric, Elderberry, Ginger, Echinacea – Blueberry Tangerine + Orange Citrus – 2 Tubes (20 Servings)

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  • Box contains one tube of each flavor: Blueberry Tangerine and Orange Citrus. Two tubes and 20 servings total
  • Nuun Immunity's proprietary botanical blend is packed full of hydration-boosting Electrolytes, free-radical fighting Antioxidants, and internal recovery Anti-inflammatories. Includes zinc, turmeric, elderberry, ginger & Echinacea. 10 servings per tube.
  • Immune health supporting drink tablets are best used during: your workday, while traveling, and for ongoing immune system support.
  • The crisp, refreshing Blueberry Tangerine & Orange Citrus drink flavors make it easy to create the habit of regular immune support. Keep a tube from this 2-pack in your car, purse, carry-on luggage or anywhere you'll want a healthy, restorative drink.
  • Athletes love Nuun Immunity for its post-workout recovery benefits. The positive stress from workouts can increase vulnerability to cold and flu symptoms, and Nuun Immunity provides an athlete's system with the support it needs to stay healthy and perform.
  • The baseline of a healthy immune system is HYDRATION, and that is the foundation of Nuun Immunity. Each serving (tablet) mixes into 16oz. of water to provide your body with a botanical boost and the H2O it needs for ongoing immune health.

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Nuun Immunity: Antioxidant Immune Support Hydration Supplement with Vitamin C, Zinc, Turmeric, Elderberry, Ginger, Echinacea, and Electrolytes. Blueberry Tangerine+Orange Citrus, 2 tubes (20 servings)

Nuun Immunity: Antioxidant Immune Support Hydration Supplement with Vitamin C, Zinc, Turmeric, Elderberry, Ginger, Echinacea, and Electrolytes. Blueberry Tangerine+Orange Citrus, 2 tubes (20 servings)

Nuun Immunity: Antioxidant Immune Support Hydration Supplement with Vitamin C, Zinc, Turmeric, Elderberry, Ginger, Echinacea, and Electrolytes. Blueberry Tangerine+Orange Citrus, 2 tubes (20 servings)

Nuun Immunity: Antioxidant Immune Support Hydration Supplement with Vitamin C, Zinc, Turmeric, Elderberry, Ginger, Echinacea, and Electrolytes. Blueberry Tangerine+Orange Citrus, 2 tubes (20 servings)

Nuun Immunity: Antioxidant Immune Support Hydration Supplement with Vitamin C, Zinc, Turmeric, Elderberry, Ginger, Echinacea, and Electrolytes. Blueberry Tangerine+Orange Citrus, 2 tubes (20 servings)

Nuun Immunity: Antioxidant Immune Support Hydration Supplement with Vitamin C, Zinc, Turmeric, Elderberry, Ginger, Echinacea, and Electrolytes. Blueberry Tangerine+Orange Citrus, 2 tubes (20 servings)

Product description

Flavor:Mixed Flavors


Size:Box of 2 Tubes

“Whether you’re on-the-go, or stressing your body through high intensity workouts, Nuun Immunity’s propriety mix of botanicals and electrolytes supports a healthy immune system. With a balance of anti-inflammatories (including Turmeric & Ginger), free-radical fighting antioxidants (such as Elderberry & Echinacea), and our hydration-optimized blendof electrolytes, Nuun Immunity packs a triple punch in supporting immune health.

Try Nuun Immunity when traveling, or whenever you need a hydrating boost. Hydrate & RESTORE with pure, clean ingredients that aid in everyday immune health. Nuun Immunity contains 4 key vitamins + 5 essential electrolytes + a botanical blend of Echinacea, Elderberry, Turmeric & Ginger.

At Nuun, we’re on a mission to inspire a healthier, happier, more active lifestyle, and believe that our principles are as important as our product. Clean product, clean planet, and clean sport guide us in every decision that we make! Clean product: We choose clean ingredients that work with your body; with the nutrients you need to stay healthy and hydrated. We make our products with a plants-first mindset, and carefully select suppliers and ingredients that are backed by third party certifications. Clean planet: We source and package to minimize our carbon footprint (minimal waste and production energy), while sourcing sustainable ingredients.
We are partnered with positive change agents, including People For Bikes, the Nature Consortium, Conservation Alliance, and many more. Clean sport: Our products are Informed Choice certified, so our athletes can rest assured that their performance is the result of proper hydration and hard work.

Hydration is important, whether you’re running a marathon or a marathon of errands. A consistent intake of water throughout the day is the easiest way to start living a healthier lifestyle. Drinking more water everyday can lead to increased energy levels, support healthy body function, and increase the absorption of nutrients. Nuun makes a variety of products to keep you hydrated, no matter where your day or adventures take you!”

  1. Oh so TASTY and HEALTHY! I was drawn to these, as I like the other nuun product lines and wanted something that was supposed to boost my immune system. I try to get my turmeric, elderberry, and ginger in daily, but it becomes quite the chore. Not anymore! I just carry these around with me in my backpack and drink about 1-2 tablets a day

  2. The flavors are great, and the effects of using Nuun are great, too. I usually use a tablet before a workout or a night out. With workouts, I feel a lot less fatigue afterward, and with a night out I don’t deal with nearly as much of an after effect the next day (if at all). Can’t necessarily speak to the immunity portion, but these are the reasons I like Nuun! I’m enjoying these flavors, and just got the juicebox pack with grape, fruit punch, strawberry lemonade, and tropical, too. So much better than Gatorade, super easy, and super portable. Nuun rocks!

  3. I’m trying to drink more water and if there’s a powder or tablet you can put in there – I’ve tried it! Nuun has better taste, always has fresh new flavors, and the effervescent + immunity is a nice bonus! I can take easily take several days worth in my bag without having a bunch of packets floating around. Cool that company gives back to community as well! Keep up good work!

  4. I’ve been a fan of their hydration tablets for some time and was excited to see nuun launch a new product! I have been using it daily, in the morning and a couple hours after a run. Both flavors are good but orange citrus is my favorite.

  5. Three things I loved on this one: First, the anti-inflammatory benefit from Tumeric is exactly what I needed. Second, the taste is far better than I anticipated. Third, I received this next day which was amazing. This is a go-to for me on any given day now.

  6. I LOVE NUUN! Flavors taste great, packs the vitamin and hydration punch I need, and tablets dissolve quickly. Cost per serving is actually much lower than any gatorade / Emergen-C or other similar products.

  7. I have been a Nuun fan for many years now and when I heard about Immunity, I was eager to give it a try. I am happy to say… It did not disappoint! As a CrossFitter, I am constantly putting stress on my body and I feel like Immunity helps me recover after each workout so I can hit the gym the next day with my best effort. I use their Electrolytes intra-workout (especially in the summers when it is really hot) but I was feeling like I needed something more.I usually will sip on this at night before I go to bed which is when I take my Fish Oil too, so I feel like I am giving my body a bunch of good stuff to help me recover while I sleep.As an added bonus, like most Nuun products, this is very low in sugar and carbs. I’m pretty picky about what I put into my body. I count my macronutrients by weighing and measuring my food so knowing that I am hydrating and giving my body antioxidants with out a bunch of calories makes this product a no-brainer.

  8. I trust what Nuun makes in their other product lines and have been looking for a better alternative for a healthy Immune support option and this is it! Other Immune support products don’t take hydration into consideration and that seems to be at the core of what Nuun does.Like everything Nuun make;, it’s clean and light, but flavorful. As an athlete and someone who travels fairly often, it’s quickly become a go-to for morning hydration that really kicks off my day.

  9. Loving nuun’s newest product! The ingredients are POWERFUL! As an athlete, I love having a product that keeps my immune system healthy and strong, AND hydrates me. I had no idea that Emergen-C actually dehydrates you because of the electrolytes to water ratio. The turmeric is also a bonus for me because of it’s anti-inflammatory properties. Really helps with muscle recovery from a workout or long run. I’m also excited to have this product while traveling! Easy to pack a bunch of servings in a small space. SO important. The flavors are both great, but I personally like the Blueberry Tangerine best 🙂 Thank you Nuun for creating yet ANOTHER awesome product!!

  10. I love taking an Immunity tube with me while traveling. It saves me from purchasing an over-priced drink in the terminal, AND gives me the immune support I need when being exposed to everyone’s germs. I can’t afford to be sick when I get to my destination. Nuun Immunity is now an essential piece of travel gear for me.I would say there are two product benefits that I’ve noticed from Emergen-C, which is my previous go-to. First, it tastes great! I love not having to choke it down like I did with Emergen-C. Second, Nuun Immunity is non-GMO. Better ingredients and better taste made switching over to Nuun Immunity a no-brainer for me.

  11. I’ve been looking for something to keep me hydrated and boost my immune system while traveling and I’ve finally found the solution. Electrolytes, Anti-Inflammatories and Antioxidants, it’s like Nuun read my mind. I’ve just been throwing a tube of this stuff in my travel bag and add one or two to my water bottle during a day of travel to fight back against dehydration and sickness. These things are fast dissolving and taste great…needless to say this has become a mainstay on my packing list.

  12. Wow! I’m seriously impressed. As an athlete, I feel like every time my training amps up – my immune system gets beat down. And then right before the big race, I get sick. This product is so tasty and convenient, taking it daily to keep me well, hydrated, and feeling great is so easy. Really excited to add these tabs into my daily nutrition plan.

  13. I was super excited when I heard about this product being available on Amazon! I have been using nuun for training and racing for a couple years now and I was very excited to hear that they came out with what seems like basically a clean version of airborne. I have been popping one of these every morning since I got them to keep my immune system in shape. I love how they have turmeric in them, which is great for my joints too!

  14. So excited that there is an immune formula that doesn’t have artificial ingredients and tons of sugar like Emergen-C! Honestly, I can’t decide which flavor I like better between the Orange Citrus and the Blueberry Tangerine because they are both light, refreshing and natural tasting. Also, discovering this product couldn’t have been timed any better. I travelled recently and felt like my immune system was on the verge of caving in. Over the course of the day after my return flight, I took a few servings of Immunity and never ended up getting sick at all. I give Immunity two thumbs up and highly recommend to anyone looking to stay healthy!

  15. I was interested in these immunity nuun tablets. I’ve used nuun for a long time, but I don’t just love blueberry flavored things. That said I thought I’d give them a try. They’re great! The flavor doesn’t remind me of some stinky blueberry marker from my childhood, but tastes more like fruit and they do the job of keeping me hydrated. Awesome!

  16. Really enjoyed the flavors of these two immunity products, Orange Citrus being my favorite. Tablets are really convenient for travel, and if they spill out aren’t all over my bag like a powder would be.I like this product over emergen-c because of the tumeric and ginger. Any sort of anti-inflammatory I get get in my system, I LOVE.

  17. I tried this because I’ve used Nuun Electrolytes before for my workouts, and had been drinking Emergen-C for travel or when I started to feel run down. I’m now a convert to Nuun – this product tastes GREAT (especially the orange one), way better than Emergen-C. I also love that it’s all natural and non-GMO. I’ve started to drink one of these every day because they taste so good – a great mid afternoon pick me up that sometimes even distracts me from my 4pm sugar craving!

  18. I travel a good amount for work and like to make sure I drink something to keep me clear of people’s cooties when I am on the germ tube. This was perfect. I liked that it was small enough to toss in my carry on and had multiple servings. The taste is so clean and the citrus is super bright. I also liked that there were good ingredients without a bunch of sugar.

  19. I’m constantly moving, and I sweat like crazy. nuun electrolytes has saved me more times than I can remember. So it doesn’t take much to sell me on a new nuun product. Luckily, it’s delicious, and uses ingredients I often find myself using on their own. It’s just way easier to deal with. Instead of preparing ginger, turmeric, elderberry, etc separately, I can just plop a tab in my bottle and go.

  20. These are amazing. I’ve been struggling to kick some congestion associated with allergies for nearly 3 weeks and suddenly after taking these congestion gone. Definitely think the turmeric and extra vitamins aided in me finally recovering.

  21. The caffeinated tablets really don’t give me the energy that I expected, but the vitamins and minerals are always a great feel-good add-in. Taste is alright, little watery but you can always up the ratio.

  22. Just like the regular Nuun, but with added anti “everything” perfect for recuperation after surgery when you just can’t face 5 litres of tap water!

  23. Love the flavor and the convenience of the small tube. It’s great when I am out in the heat for hours.

  24. Bought these for my son living first year in the dorms. Within weeks a flu broke out and everyone in his hall were sick. He has been taking these Nunn Immunity and he said he could noticed his body recovering. Normally it would take him over a week to recover from any cold, but thanks to NUUN’s latest formula he was able to attend classes daily. I also noticed his face cleared up a bit fromacne, but not sure if it’s the anti inflammatories in the formula. I will continue to ship these to him.

  25. Love my nuun

  26. Awesome for cold and flu season, I start my day with these instead of Emergen-C.

  27. I swear by these now. I take this Immunity at the first sign of a sore throat and feel fine the next day! I also use the new formula of the hydration and the vitamin. All hreat for hydration!

  28. Taste is okay, prefer the orange/citrus flavor. Not sure about how good the benefits are. Nice change from drinking plain water but not sure of value. Could be placebo effect that mskes me feel good-.

  29. Not as great tasting, but they are natural and not made with food dye or modified poison. Love them and already reordered

  30. I love that it is gluten-free, NON GMO, & vegan.

  31. Make my pH balance up to a 7

  32. Huge fans of Nuun

  33. Nuun delivers extra energy to the drinker and comes in a variety of tasty flavors. My daughter and I think it tastes better than Airborne.

  34. I’m used to drinking the nuun energizers but I’m new the immunity line. I really love this stuff though. Flavors great and I really like the fact that I’m getting a great variety of vitamins too. I especially like to drink this when I feel like I’m coming down with something or at work. I work around a lot of people so it makes me feel like my immune system is just a little more protected. Would definitely recommend!

  35. Even my son enjoys sipping my water when I use these. These are helpful to keep my hydrated, and healthy especially when there is sickness in my house. I consider it a small vitamin boost…but the electrolytes are SUPER helpful as well.

  36. This is the 3rd time ordering these. Love, Love this. I have 1tab in my water when I feel like i have low enery and i have 3x in a day If i feel like im coming down with something and my symptoms go away within 24hrs. Its honestly the best ever! It works for me!

  37. They somehow make me feel calmer and reduce my muscle tension. I don’t have heart palpitations anymore

  38. Easy to use


  40. Works well 🙂

  41. Lots of good stuff in these and taste great. I like the fizzle too!

  42. Helps to avoid flu and viruses , when every body sick around

  43. I had not tried these before. The flavors are interesting. Taste was good but they didn’t dissolve completely in my water. Still…a thumbs up.

  44. Best for colds cuts them in half

  45. I love these Nuun tablets. I drink one every morning.

  46. Just what I expected.

  47. These tablets work very well for keeping my electrolytes up. I haven’t had a problem since I started taking them. Before I did, I was in the hospital twice for electrolyte problems.

  48. I have been suffering with migraine headaches for several years now. I tried these tablets and my headaches have completely gone away. I take one daily about midday. Citrus flavor is ok, I like the blueberry.

  49. Didn’t know what to expect with the flavor not ever having tried them. But my yoga studio recommended them; taste yummy actually. I am a fan. Purchased more since this original purchase.

  50. Loving this product. Other brands that make similar immune boosters use way too much sugar! This uses a tiny bit of stevia. Nice choice! I have used heavily (3 times daily for a week or so) on 3 separate occasions when I had sick co-workers and I managed to stay healthy. Otherwise I use once daily in the morning. Seems to be a health wise company.

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