Organic Matcha Capsules – Powerful Antioxidant Energy Booster that Aids Focus – 150 Easy-to-swallow Vegan Green Tea Pills – High in EGCG – Organic Matcha – Not from Extract

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  1. Big matcha fan here, first time using the capsule.Pros:- These are great when you are the road, or when you don’t have time to make a matcha flavored drink.- Lots of health benefits.- Surprisingly tasty.- Cost effective.- Organic, and high quality ingredients.- Convenient packaging.- Made in Japan which is where good quality matcha should come from.- Contains potent antioxidants.Cons:- None, at the moment.Summary: High quality match in convenient packaging!Disclaimer: This product was discounted in exchange of my honest and unbiased opinion. This in no way affected my review.

  2. Very High Quality

  3. I have been trying to drink less coffee and more tea. That is when I found matcha green tea. I read about all the benefits of it. I enjoy drinking it but it’s not for everyone. It tastes very… green. A lot like wheat grass. I really love it, but if you don’t like the taste of grass, these are for you. They are a good way to start my day, they give me a boost without jitters of a lot of coffee. Matcha helps with my focus as well. I don’t know that I have had any weight loss benefits, but I really like the calm energy I get from taking these in the morning. It is also much easier and faster than making a cup of tea. I have not had any adverse reactions, like upset stomach from them. The only thing I don’t like is I have to take 5 of these. Don’t expect the energy to be like coffee, it is as I said before, a calm energy. These are my second favorite brand, but for the price the are definitely comparable and cost less.

  4. Antioxidants are always beneficial. Looking forward to any added benefits for heart health.

  5. Was surprised that i felt the energy with the first couple days. Came in mail quick and so far so good. Will update in a couple days

  6. After only one week, with one pill a day, I have noticed I have more energy. Will write another review after week three.

  7. just a good as the powered tea. if you don’t have the time to make a cup of powered tea.

  8. Excellent product, great for a day when I don’t make a smoothly!

  9. Excellent

  10. High Quality Product, immediate effects, I def recommend this product for those looking for quality matcha tea in pill form. This company has got the A+ quality for sure.

  11. I love these pills so far! Better than taking matcha green tea in powder form! I noticed faster weight loss and a nice calm energy boost from taking these. And the effects happened immediately! Also very fast shipping as well! Very pleased with this product!!

  12. Great!!!!

  13. So much better than drinking the tea. I’m not really a tea person so just taking a capsule is great. Capsules slide right down unlike tablets that can feel like they are sticking half a down your throat.

  14. Excellent quality product.

  15. Amazing! !!!!

  16. I know that matcha green tea has purported benefits of weight loss but I never really took that claim seriously. I was using this to help with a low grade infection and lo I started losing weight. No tons but probably about 3 pounds in the last three weeks. I’ve been low fat vegan for the past year and some months but I thought I had stopped losing weight with that about 8 months ago. Now the weight loss has resumed. I’m not sure how these pills would work if you’re on a standard American diet but they make a nice accompaniment to low fat veganism. What is nice too is that the makers never claim you’ll lose weight so it’s like they under-promised and over-delivered. Would and will buy again.

  17. Greatest and best pills ever, when i feel down i take 2 pills as opposed to the recommended dosage (5) and feel good and ready to finished my shift (grave shift).

  18. I drink Matcha every day but am still acquiring a taste for it, and so when I saw that my go-to brand had capsules, I decided to give them a try. One of the reasons I drink Matcha is that I see immediate effects on my energy level and digestion. The capsules, however, did not have any of those effects. I’m sure they’re benefiting my body in some way, but I don’t feel the same way as when I drink the powder. Perhaps the capsules just take longer to get absorbed, or if I’d need a higher dosage when taking in capsule form, but I’ll stick with my KissMeOrganics Vita Matcha, which is my favorite. I gave these capsules to my husband and he’s been taking them daily. He likes them, but like me, he had no tangible results from using them.

  19. everything os perfect feel more energetic

  20. UPDATE: Because I was not satisfied with this product, the seller contacted me with options to make me happy. The capsules may taste odd but the customer service is OUTSTANDING!!!I have been taking a different brand of matcha green tea supplements but I decided to try these because of the difference in mgs per dose. I’m sure these are probably ok and I am taking them but they taste like I would expect grass clippings might taste. It goes away as soon as you swallow it. You don’t burp it later, but for those few seconds they’re in your mouth, they taste weird.

  21. This stuff is awesome!Really helps with inflammation due to arthritis!

  22. I love love love these Matcha capsules. I had originally bought Matcha powder and would make tea. In my opinion Matcha isn’t the best tasting but I would love the way it made me feel. I wouldn’t get a typical crash with in my workday like coffee. I originally looked for capsules not only because I wasn’t crazy about the taste of Matcha but because of staining on my teeth from coffee and teas. These capsules eliminates taste and staining five stars from me!

  23. Although I have only been taking the Matcha capsules for a week, I can really see a difference in my energy level. The directions say 5 capsules per day, but I started with 1 in the morning and 1 around lunch time. I don’t think I’ll need to take 5 a day as I already drink a lot of green tea on a daily basis. I’ve noticed around lunch time, if I haven’t taken one, I feel a little sluggish………..(probably because of heat and humidity here in the south).. I would definitely recommend this product

  24. I drink Matcha soy milk latte daily for energy and focus. These capsules are convenient for traveling and when I don’t have time in the morning to prepare the latte.

  25. Pretty amazing, they give you energy and focus, and the energy is not the type that makes you shake, I love them, one is enough for me

  26. So far I see a difference. I take 6 a day. My stomach is flattening out, energy is up, and I don’t putter out as early.

  27. Product delivered was just what I ordered and expected.

  28. Love these capsules! Great steady energy plus bonus on clearer skin for me.

  29. I love it very much 😍😍😍 thank you so much

  30. Just received this product – will give further reviews as time goes on

  31. I have been using this product for three weeks and i have to say it’s a sensational product. One of the best products I’ve ever used. I have great energy all day long and along with my diet I have dropped 15 pounds. It works well to help you get lean as long as you take it correctly and diet and exercise. Before when i was just dieting and exercising it would have taken over a month to lose 15 pounds so this stuff is really helping. I will definitely purchase it again. Plus it has great benefits for your heart and cardiovascular system.

  32. It seemed to give me a little more energy.

  33. A quality supplement from a reputable company. Two capsules in the morning give me plenty of energy from a natural source. I use auto ship for these! I don’t like green tea, so I get the benefits from these capsules.

  34. I incorporated this supplement in the mix I give my husband, a 10 year NH Lymphoma survivor. I am always looking for something to add to his regime so Big C never visits again. Matcha green tea is reportedly a highly potent anti cancer food. He will never drink green tea but finds this capsule easy to swallow. Will be a permanent brick in his defensive wall. A little pricey ..but he’s worth it!

  35. It seems to work well as an appetite suppressant. The extra energy is nice to have as well. Overall great product! Good job!

  36. Okay so I bought this for energy and focus and not for weight loss and found it worked so well I actually stopped my prescription of Adderall because it worked even better. A+ to Natural

  37. This product has given me energy without the jitters and i am not wound up at night when i go to bed. I take 3 capsules every morning and i feel great all day

  38. I have been drinking Matcha Tea-ceremonial grade for several years. This year I purchased this product. I must give it a 10 rating as it helps my energy level remain higher during the work day. I love the hot tea that I add sweetner and almond milk for a Latte- My Grandchildren love it too and all reported higher energy-they are teenagers. pure Matcha are I’m adding these to my subscribe and save orders.!

  39. i got them to give me a more natural energy boost. I think they do give me energy, but they taste disgusting and smell awful!!!!

  40. Great way to get additional green tea without drinking it.

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